Wet N Wild Launches Limited Edition 'Game of Thrones' Collection

If you’ve been dealing with total withdrawal from Game of Thrones, fear not. wet n wild just came out with the perfect makeup collection to tide you over until the final season launches next year. The wet n wild Fire Dragon vs. Ice Dragon collection is already available in drugstores, but it was finally released online on August 9th. These new shades and beauty tools are all based on characters and themes from Game of Thrones.

wet n wild has launched several awesome collections recently: their Zodiac collection got plenty of positive buzz, and their Festival collection is full of vibrant, long-lasting products that are perfect for the summer festival season. The Fire Dragon vs. Ice Dragon collection is sure to be a hit.

So, what’s included in this creative new limited edition collection? There are several new products that GOT fans will want to get their hands on. The collection is divided into two color stories: one with warm bronze shades to represent fire, and the other with cool silvery and blue shades to represent ice. They both include lipstick, lipgloss, highlighting powder, single eyeshadows, an eyeshadow quad, and bronzer. It’s enough to create a whole new look. To top it all off, all of these shades have unique names, like “Icing on the Wall,” “You’re Dragon Me Down,” and “Mythicool Creatures.”

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If you’re a mega fan who wants to stock your vanity with all of these new shades, you’re in luck: you can also buy the entire Fire & Ice Collection Box online and save money! When you purchase products by wet n wild, it’s always affordable and cruelty-free — just another reason to pick up this new collection while it’s available!

wet n wild also released a new GOT themed Proline Highlighting Brush. While this brush does not come included with Fire Dragon vs. Ice Dragon Box collection, it’s the perfect complement to the new themed set. The end of the brush handle is shaped to look like dragon scales, and to stick with the fire and ice theme, you can choose between a blue or red brush.

If you’re patiently waiting for the final season of Game of Thrones, the Fire Dragon vs. Ice Dragon collection will keep you entertained in the meantime. But remember, all of these funky new shades are only available while supplies last, so now is the time to treat yourself!

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