We're Pulling Out Our Credit Cards For These 21 Sneakers RN

Ladies, we have got some serious breaking news. Sneakers are back as a massive fashion statement and they're not just for runners. It seems that 2019 will the year of the comfortable track shoe and one that's built from real leather, flashy details, and a bit of retro flair, to say the least. Sneaker trends are on the rise and this is one statement that no woman wants to be caught without while leaving the house.

It doesn't matter whether it's grocery day, a walk around the block, or going out with the girls—the shoe makes the difference. There's no better option when it comes to comfort combined with style, especially for the brave and the bold. Paired with a skater skirt, floral sundress, some skinny jeans, or cutoffs, any of these would surely be the punctuation at the end of a seemingly simple look.

While the price tag on these might soar, so will a woman's confidence the second she straps these babies up... Or velcros them, in some cases. For all looks from flirty to casual to totally punk, we've got your insoles covered. Go ahead and check out these 21 adorable pairs of footwear and find something that really stands apart from the crowd!

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21 Adidas Are Making A Comeback: Continental 80, $80


One of the more affordable sneakers on this list, Adidas has always been a household name in footwear. What's even more, is that they are—without a doubt—always comfortable. In 2019, we're looking for much more than that, though. We need shoes that will scream, "hi I'm cute, but I also want to stand out with my throwbacks"... And Adidas heard us.

The Continental 80 is a pair of sneakers that will get you where you're going and do it in a way that's not over the top but still screams that you love a well-made pair of kicks. The firey stripe on the side says that you like a bold statement yet something that's still practical.

20 Converse High-Tops Never Went Out Of Style: All-Star, $65


For the ultimate in bad-kid punky style, look no further than Converse for the goods. There's no mistaking that the classic "All Star" logo on the heel of the All-Star sneakers as it's one that has transcended generations of rebellious teens.

For adults, however, the look takes on a different persona. The shoes become a fun, unique twist to any outfit and truly never go out of style. They add a bold touch to dresses and a comfortable detail when combined with a pair of ripped skinny jeans. High-tops will always make an entrance that much better and these are definitely on the affordable end.

19 Pure White Nikes Are Everyone's Favorite Kicks: Classic Cortez, $70


The great thing about sneakers is that (most of them) don't come with an expansive price tag attached. Nike is one of the top brands when it comes to shoe-making and while they're known for activewear, they also produce some pretty rockin' kicks as well.

The Classic Cortez line comes with a variety of detailed looks to suit anyone's personality, with the wearer knowing full-well they're going to last. Comfort is also guaranteed with these and they'd look absolutely adorable paired with some boyfriend jeans or capri pants. We're totally here for it and we're thinking that you probably should be, too.

18 Platform Sneakers Are Shorty's Best Friend: Superga Platform Sneakers, $99


There was a brief period of time in the early 2000s when everyone needed platform shoes. The obsession was so real that even flip-flops fell victim to the heightened trend and honestly, we were happy to watch it fizzle out. The only shoes that should ever have an extra two inches added to them are these Superga Platform Sneakers.

They take the idea of traditional tennis shoes (or tennies, for those well-versed in kicks) and elevate them—literally—with the most unique sole ever. Braided and stacked, these shoes scream "unique" without being too bold. They'd pair with literally anything, making them well worth their weight.

17 Vans Are Still The Most Comfortable Skaters: Old Skool Platform Sneakers, $65


Okay, so we may have lied just a bit when it comes to the only shoes that should ever see a platform. Who could blame us, though, when put face to face with a pair of checkered Vans? That unmistakeable scroll detail and those flawless white checkerboards make for a geometrically pleasing look for anyone who chooses these as their favorite sneakers.

The pop of red under the tongue of the shoe is just enough to say, "I crave comfort, but I also don't want to be forgettable." It's a bold statement but one that has survived decades side-by-side with a skateboard and some bruised knees.

16 In My Air Force Ones But This Time... Sage Textured-Leather Sneakers, $100


These might not be shoes that you'd want to run the track with, but to put sneakers into such a small box would be crazy... Unless they have a lot of laces, that is. These Sage-Textured beauties from Nike don't even look like most of the shoes in their line and fall more on the side of appearance than sporty activewear.

These embody a bit of the '90s, an avant-garde fabric choice, and style all in one unique pair of shoes. We can't think of an outfit they wouldn't look great with and that says a lot. Move aside, we're pulling out the charge card as we speak.

15 Kickin' It Old-School With Reebok: Club C Vintage Sneakers, $75


Reebok was once considered the original sneaker and even once embodied the term "dad sneaker." This basically means that it went out of style with the evolution of footwear and had no means of coming back for some time. All of that changed when this pair of chic shoes got a makeover and now, Reebok is cool again.

They're modern, sophisticated, and make a great pair of basic kicks for literally any outing. The solid white color looks clean and fresh while the classic Reebok logo is visible but not obnoxious. A pair of colored laces would amp these up a level if you're about that life. Alright, Reebok, we see you.

14 Still The Choice Of Punk-Rockers Everywhere: Converse One Star OX, $60-$75


It's a well-known fact: there is no upstaging the Converse One Star sneakers. These come in an array of styles with numerous details so there's no shortage of choices for those who crave breaking tradition. The overall look is still the same and one that many remember as teenagers but they have been updated to look a bit more modern and sophisticated.

The price is still within an affordable range depending on what you're looking for, whether it's serious punk-rock vibes or something a bit more subtle. There's just no going wrong with a pair of shoes that look awesome at a concert and equally adorable with a skater skirt.

13 Simple But Classic: Common Projects Original Achilles, $410


We've officially entered an entirely new price bracket with the Common Projects Original Achilles. That's in no means saying they're not worth it, though—if you're someone who values quality, appearance, and a well-made pair of shoes that's going to last, these are the kind of sneakers you go for.

The attention to detail is more than obvious in each stitch, the choice of solid leather, and the perfection that lies between each loophole. They'll match literally any outfit you could come up with and provide comfort that, quite frankly, exceeds anything you've likely experienced before. Think pillows, but for your feet.

12 Pricey But Solid Comfort: Balenciaga Women's Speed Knit Sneakers, $770


No, that's not a typo and yes, these futuristic sneakers do actually exist. Several brands have come out with similar styles but none of them are quite up to the same standard that Balenciaga's version is. While it seems that shoes of this nature would be a bit impractical and bottom-heavy, that's not the case at all.

Rather, these shoes are intended to meld to the shape of the wearer's foot, allowing motion between feet and shoe to become seamless. It's worth it for those who are highly active and practically live in their running shoes. Plus, these are so comfortable that you could probably sleep in them, too.

11 For Crazy Concerts Or Heading To Class: Checkerboard Slip-On, $50


They're cute when paired with a pair of ripped jeans, as pictured, or with just about any other outfit you could think of. Vans Slip-Ons are the original in comfort and ease and play up any outfit with the least amount of effort possible. That's why they became so popular!

But don't worry, your trick is safe with us—we all know you used to color in the white squares on your first pair. These Vans have been modernized and updated and now sport a variety of styles, each more flawlessly punk-rock than the next. Any shoes that take less than 30 seconds to slip on automatically earn our vote.

10 A Little Glitz And Glam With Vans: Sk8-Hi Reissue Glitter Sneakers, $70


Speaking of updating, 2018 saw its fair share of shoe trends, with the Sk8-Hi Glitter Reissue being one of them. We'll likely see just as many this year as these high-tops continue to get makeovers and updates.

Now, Vans high-tops come in just about any style you could wish for. The brand has really succeeded in catering to a wide demographic and is doing its best to create shoes in a number of different flavors. We're hooked on this glitter revamp but if it's not your thing, they're also available in metallic and suede as well. As we said, there's something for everyone!

9 Rebellious Yet Subtly Cute: Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers, $530


It's a bit crazy to realize that there is no end to the number of trends we've seen in sneakers over the years. These Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers give us the retro feel of a throwback but present enough of a modern look that they're still totally relevant in today's fashion trends.

The star on the side, complete with matching silver laces, is just enough detail to make them stand out, but not make them entirely boring. They're cute yet casual and are super versatile for any girl's style. You'll also notice the lack of a traditional bow at the top because sometimes minimalism has its place in fashion, too.

8 A Brand To Turn Heads: Gucci New Ace Sneaker, $620


These sneakers start at $620 without the floral embroidery on the sides so the choice to jazz them up is all your own. These kicks are so clean and fresh that we can almost smell the new leather and soft laces through the screen and we have to be honest, we're here for it.

Gucci is known for high-end, occasionally ostentatious fashion trends, but these sneakers are truly a masterpiece. They kept the flash to a minimum and have opted for dark, bold colors, but nothing that would interfere too much with any given outfit. They're unmistakeable for the brand and the option for customization is truly Gucci.

7 For Running Or At Least Giving That Impression: Nike Air Max 270 Sneakers, $150


This goes out to all the girls who love the idea of running but would rather go to yoga class (we don't blame you). These sneakers would be great if you do decide to go for a jog but are also sporty and comfortable when you're just on your way to yoga class. The Air Max line is well-known for its comfort but also for giving a great performance.

The key to everything from good posture to proper arches all starts with one thing: a pair of great shoes. Comfort and sporty style join forces to create the one sneaker to rule them all in everything from casual walking to running marathons.

6 A Work Of Summer-Ready Art: CLONE Moonstone Sneakers, $195


Not everyone will be totally jazzed about a pair of sneakers that come with a slingback but assuredly, some will fall in love with this open-lace design. The CLONE Moonstone Sneakers are just as intriguing as they sound and you won't realize how much you love them until you see yourself wearing them.

The pop of color is just enough to be bold when it's set against the pure white of the rest of this sneaker. Oversized eyelets stand as a bold statement against laces which are entirely optional with the addition of an elastic slingback on the heel. The design is pure genius and the style is brilliant, and that's all we have to say about these works of art.

5 Peekaboo: Comme Des Garçons PLAY x Converse Chuck Taylor Hidden Heart Low Top Sneaker, $135


For those who love traditional high-tops but are seeking something a bit 'more,' the Hidden Heart edition is for you. This collab features a tiny heart with an innocent expression that casually peeks out from the rubber sole of the shoe.

It's one of those shoe designs that causes most people to do a double-take as they try to figure out if you designed it yourself or if it came that way. The white exterior serves as the perfect background to make this design really pop, accompanied with a single black stripe down the back, reminiscent of earlier Converse styles.

4 No Patience For Laces: Sperry Crest Velcro Creeper Sneakers, $60


Boat-style shoes aren't desirable for everyone and we totally get that. We do urge you to take a closer look at these sneakers by Sperry, though, because the same brand that's known for some of the best boat shoes out there is now kicking butt in sneaker style.

The velcro adds to the ease of comfort and wear of these shoes and fits with the theme that all Sperrys have. Top-sider shoes are some of the most comfortable out there and provide support that goes above and beyond for those who are highly active on their feet. Simply put, these sneakers are cute, simple, and classy.

3 The Cool "Dad" Sneaker: Jeffrey Campbell Lo Fi Sneakers, $145


It seems like no shoe that's nicknamed the "dad shoe" should be appealing but alas, Jeffrey Campbell is breaking the mold with these. They're futuristic with their metallic appearance but superbly comfortable with slightly elevated arches and a fully form-fitting insole. With proper arch support, unique matching laces, and minimal texture detail, these are sure to turn heads.

They're perfect when running from the gym to a work meeting and are sure to outlast the competition with a smooth exterior and pillowy interior. They're also great if you plan on UFO watching... The metallic shimmer is great for signaling to extraterrestrial life.

2 Just Plain Cute: Tretorn Nylite Fly Sneakers, $100


The thing that's so catchy about these sneakers is the flash of color on the side which comes in a decent variety. The streamlined exterior is perfect for those who don't enjoy a lot of bling but it's still a bit more dressed up than your typical plain white shoe. They're the modern version of tennies and serve as an excellent summer shoe or even great for a gym sesh.

The price throws them into a medium range, making them appealing in more ways than one. This classic brand has remained true to what they know and their most modern sneaker is a work of both comfort as well as a sleek and chic style that we're totally here for.

1 Make Sure To Wear Matching Socks: OFF-White x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, $250-$1,200


Is it true that we saved the best for last? Possibly. These OFF-White Converse are set at such a dramatic price range because they were limited, to begin with. However, we're seeing the emergence of them once again as fans are now selling their kicks for a steep price point.

This shoe was part of Converse's "GHOSTING" line, which was obviously successful enough that fans are still seeking out the clear sneakers. With the words "VULCANIZED" scrawled across the bottom, the official All Star logo on the side, and the tag mark, it's easy to see why everyone wants a pair of these. If you can find them, expect to pay a pretty penny for your see-through delights.

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