We're Dying Over These 15 Absolutely Gorgeous Wedding Trends For 2018

Experts in the industry like wedding planners can often pinpoint exactly when your wedding took place just by looking at the photos because many brides tend to get influenced by wedding trends. It isn't because they aren't original — it's just that when they're looking to Pinterest and various bridal magazines for inspiration, they keep saying the same trends over and over again, and eventually you're bound to find a few trends that peak your interest.

There's no doubt that the most important part of your wedding is when you exchange vows, but come on — many people dream of their wedding for years, so it only makes sense that they would want everything to look just as magical as they imagined it. So, they turn to the experts, who are concocting a fresh batch of trends for the year, to give them a bit of guidance.

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In the last few years, a lot of the same trends emerged — boho influences, plenty of blush, rustic accents including burlap everywhere. The wedding trend tides are changing for 2018 — and there are a lot of fun new trends replacing some of those ones we've seen a thousand times already.

Here are 15 absolutely gorgeous wedding trends for 2018 we can't wait to see in person.

15 Hair Combs As The Official "It" Accessory

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For a long time, bridal hair was all about boho chic. Women wore endless flower crowns and delicate headbands, all designed to give a bit of a bohemian vibe to your ensemble. The new hot hair accessory for 2018 brides is the hair comb. We know — you've probably seen a lot of awful examples that are cheaply made with faux jewels and just look tacky. However, many designers are really upping their game and crafting what are essentially works of art. The best thing about hair combs is that they can work regardless of how you wear your hair — boho brides who would have rocked their hair down can use it to hold their veil, and brides who went with an updo can participate in hair trends by incorporating the hair comb.

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14 Jenga Piece Guestbooks

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Let's be honest — guestbooks are one of the more boring aspects of your wedding decor. Most people continue to have them because they like the idea of getting some well-wishes or words of wisdom from their guests that they can cherish years later and look back on, but for many years the only option was to get a slightly nicer guestbook or nicer writing implements. That's no longer the case. People are getting increasingly creative with their guestbook set-ups, and one of the big trends for 2018 is the Jenga piece guest book. It's basically exactly as it sounds — guests are asked to write their message on a Jenga piece, and the bride and groom can read them all later, and incorporate them into game nights for years to come. It's a cute way to spruce up the guestbook concept but still receive all the messages and thoughts you would have if you'd gone with a plain old book.

13 Single Bouquets A.K.A. One Gorgeous Flower

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If you're looking to incorporate some floral trends into your bouquet, things just got a whole lot easier thanks to the single bouquet trend. Now, a single bouquet isn't just referring to one bouquet — it's referring to a bouquet that's made up of only one flower. Forget the expensive arrangements of a variety of flowers, carefully selected so they all coordinate but aren't too obnoxiously fragrant, etc. Brides can find one statement flower and just call it a day. There are a lot of trends that just make your wedding more work, but this one actually simplifies things for brides and bridal parties, which is always a plus. And, it allows you to go with flowers that you may not have considered because they were too hard to incorporate into a bouquet.

12 Fig Cakes (A Chic and Healthier Option)

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There aren't many brides who go with the classic white-iced, three-tier wedding cake anymore. They want their cake to make a statement. For a while, naked cakes — where there's no icing on the sides, only in between layers — were all the rage. For 2018, things are going in the direction of one particular fruit — the fig. Everyone who has ever cut into a fig knows that the insides are gorgeous — vibrant and studded with tiny seeds. Brides are forgetting all about the fussy decorations and just using halved figs as the eye-catching detail on their cakes — and it totally works! Plus, the subtle flavor of figs works with a variety of cake flavors, so you can use them to decorate the sides of everything from chocolate to vanilla to red velvet.

11 Pretzel Bars As The New Donut Bars (All Carbs Are A Good Idea, Though)

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For a long time, when it came to food for your wedding, you essentially had two choices — a buffet or a classic plated, multi-course dinner. That has thankfully changed, and modern brides are finding all kinds of unique options, from going with a barbecue theme to having a food truck cater the whole affair. And, one popular thing to incorporate is some kind of treat bar — and one you may have seen a ton of in the past few years is the donut bar. Perhaps it's because everyone loves the carb-y sweet, perhaps it's because their holes make it a lot easier to manipulate them into an aesthetically pleasing display, but for a while, everyone was all about donuts. Now, the tides are changing, and people are getting more excited about crafting a pretzel bar for their big day. Added bonus — you can go sweet or savory with this one.

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10 High Necked Dresses (Strapless Is So 2017!)

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If you look at wedding dresses through the decades, you can see a lot of clear trends. For the modern bride, it's been all about strapless gowns for the past decade or more. Sure, you could find dresses with sleeves, but if you wanted something besides a strapless option it was a tough search. And, if you wanted a dress that was a bit more modest and showed off less of your curves, that was even tougher — you had even more limited options. That may all be changing because now it's all about high-necked dresses. Ladies who just don't love the strapless look can still feel gorgeous and get a bodice with all kinds of detailing, but they have the added benefit of straps to feel more secure, and some coverage to get a bit more modesty.

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9 Wedding Capes, Because When Else Can You Be A Little Extra?

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Okay, unless you're getting married in the winter and know you'll absolutely freeze in your gorgeous outdoor pictures if you don't have something appropriate to wear over your dress, chances are you haven't given outerwear much thought. After all, why would you want to hide the gorgeous dress you bought? Well, brides who love being a little bit extra will rejoice at this trend, because it allows you to add a little more oomph to your ensemble without covering up your dress. We're talking about the cape. Whether you go for a heavier version for a cool weather wedding or a light, almost sheer version for the summer, capes can add a little more style to your look and just elevate it to the next level — and what bride doesn't want that?

8 Living Bars, Taking Greenery To The Next Level

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Chances are, beyond thinking about what to serve to your guests (if you have the option to choose), you haven't given the bar decor much thought. After all, how much can you really spruce up the spot where all the guests go to get drinks? Well, if you want to be on trend, there's something you should be considering — the living bar. Apparently, you can totally transform your guests' bar experience by combining some fresh-cut green foliage with some kind of latticework or laser-cut wood. This would obviously be a trend more suited to warm weather weddings, but hey — maybe you can start a new trend with a winter living bar featuring succulents. The point is, you should be looking to incorporate some greenery into your bar area — and we're not just talking about the mint that's going to be going in the mojitos.

7 Moodier Colour Schemes (Forget Pastels!)

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For quite some time, wedding color schemes have been all about soft pastel tones, especially shades like blush, more natural colors. That's all changing for 2018 — the new hot shades are much moodier, and darker palettes are on trend. So if you've never really been a pastel kind of person, it's your lucky year — incorporate black and navy blue, deep burgundy and eggplant shades, rich forest greens rather than pastel mint greens, etc. Another benefit is that often darker shades make much of a stronger impact, so you may not need to use quite as much — a smaller bouquet of moody florals may be just as impactful as a huge, overflowing vase of pastel shades that all blend into one another. We can picture this looking absolutely gorgeous, especially for cold weather weddings.

6 Marble Dance Floors For A Truly Luxe Experience

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Okay, this one seems a little bit extra, but hey — why not go all out for your wedding day? Depending on the venue, many brides have to come up with some kind of a creative solution for the dance floor. And, in that situation, the trend fro 2018 is to go with marble. Yes, we're serious — stun all your guests by inviting them to bust a move on a flawless sheet of marble. The look will probably totally transform your wedding pictures, and guests will likely take endless selfies of their shoes on such a stunning backdrop. It seems like a really small detail, but if you truly want to transform your wedding and incorporate a variety of trends, even the smallest details might matter to you. Plus, how many people can say they've danced on marble?

5 Transparent And Translucent Decor Elements

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For a while, wedding decor was all about metallics and shades like that, and for 2018, we're seeing a move to transparent and translucent elements. A wedding planner and blogger from London Brides discusses the trend, saying that "Everything from the venues themselves — think glasshouses — or light, bright spaces with full windows to Perspex hanging seating plans, tablescapes featuring an abundance of glass details with printed goods on semi-transparent paper. Great for modern and minimalist couples who like clean lines and Scandi vibes." So, if you're a devoted minimalist decor lover, or someone who loves all things Scandinavian, this just might be the perfect trend for you to incorporate. Plus, if you've spent major dough on some other elements, it allows them to shine by not competing with them visually in your decor.

4 Potted Plants As Aisle Decor

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This trend is particularly fun for brides planning an outdoor wedding — especially brides that want a total English garden feel. Instead of studding the aisle with flowers hanging off the chairs or in some kind of complicated vase, make your entire aisle seem almost like a garden bed by going with potted plants. You can pick pots that blend right in or use a bit of fabric to hide the pots themselves so only the greenery will show. Plus, as an added bonus, potted plants don't die like cut plants do, which means you'll be able to repurpose all your gorgeous greenery and blooms and use them for decor around your home for months to come — it's a win-win! Plus, who doesn't want to walk down an aisle that basically feels like an enchanted summer garden?

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3 Textured Linens That Bring Haute Couture To Your Tablescape

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You may have thought about the texture of your wedding gown — lace, silk, ruffles, etc. — but have you given any thought to the texture of the linens you use? For 2018, textured linens are definitely trending — and we're not just talking about the scratchy burlap of weddings past. We're talking about linens in neutral shades with laser-cut details or accents, or just some kind of visual interest. It also allows you to combine trends effortlessly — while a bright, simple linen might distract from a moodier color palette, a neutral linen with a fun texture allows your other decor elements to shine, while standing out on its own. It may be tougher to find than simple linens, but then again, many retailers pick up on trends quickly, so you could be seeing nothing but textured linens in the months to come.

2 Dogwood Bouquets

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If the idea of a one-flower single bouquet is just a little bit too avant-garde for you, but you still want a bouquet that's trendy, fear not — there's another trend that bridal insiders have been keeping their eye on. We're talking about dogwood. The simple white bloom may seem a little bit underwhelming at first glance, but often the simplest things can make the biggest impacts. There are many brides who incorporate dogwood as a bit of a filler flower between their showier, colorful blooms, but it's majorly trendy this year to go for solely dogwood in your bouquet. It has a neutral palette that will go with the rest of your decor, it's lush and has a bit of a boho wildflower vibe to it, and it's not something with an overwhelming scent that will have you sick by the time you get to the end of the aisle.

1 Colorful Candles To Light Up Your Special Day

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When it comes to lighting, candles are straight up magical. They cast everything in a soft, romantic glow, which is exactly the vibe you want for a wedding. For a long time, couples opted to include candles upon candles in their wedding — as long as they were neutral shades that wouldn't compete with the rest of the decor. Well, for 2018, candles are taking center stage as insiders are swapping out the regular old white and ivory candles for candles that have a bit of color. You can pick the shades that fit in with your overall decor palette, and it gives a bit of an unexpected splash of color wherever you place them. Plus, you get all the same benefits of the gorgeous flickering light that a more neutral candle would have given.

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