20 Weirdest Things Celebrities Keep In Their Houses

Celebrities tend to lead very different lives than the rest of us do. They have enough money to be able to dive into their passions and feed into all their cravings or habits. It’s an interesting thing when people have more money than they will ever spend, because it leaves them open to exploring opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Celebs sometimes venture into buying some pretty strange things for the sake of their own self indulgence. The items they buy are really forms of self-expression… which sometimes make us wonder! Let’s take a look at 20 of the Weirdest Things Celebrities Keep In Their Houses.

20 Angelina Jolie: Knives

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It’s not too strange for us to imagine Angelina hoarding a knife collection in her home. After all, she is the lady that took a walk on the red carpet with a vile of blood around her neck as an accessory. Ok, we admit it, this isn’t just a weird shopping habit – it’s a scary one... she really does have a knife collection in her home, and Gemr reports that she started collecting them at a very young age.

19 Johnny Depp: Barbie Dolls

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Johnny Depp is a pretty cool guy – he’s an incredibly talented actor, has been linked to many gorgeous women, and has a very elaborate Barbie Doll collection. Wait… what? You heard it here first, folks. Johnny Depp proudly houses a collection of special edition Barbie Dolls, and told Ranker that he has “played with a lot of Barbies and Kens for his kids.” Most people play with toys alongside their children and opt not to start a personal collection.

18 Nicole Kidman: Ancient Coins

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Many people have a coin collection, but very few come close to matching the collection of coins that Nicole Kidman keeps in her home. She has a very rare collection of ancient coins, inclusive of rare ancient coins of Judea. It’s hard to imagine this gorgeous lady scouring for ancient coins, but apparently it’s one of her favorite hobbies.

17 Brad Pitt: Metal Furniture

Via NYTimes

Brad Pitt has an incredibly extensive collection of metal furniture in his home. While it’s not that strange to see a person who likes metal furniture compiling a collection in one of their rooms, this seems to be a widespread collection that spans all over his house. Metal furniture is his residential trademark, and he’s even gone as far as designing some of the pieces himself.

16 Demi Moore: Porcelain Dolls

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Many people have one or two porcelain dolls in their collection, but Demi Moore takes her obsession to the next level by owning thousands – yes, thousands of them. Ranker reports that this 56 year old just can’t get enough and continues to add to her collection regularly. Having that many porcelain dolls stored in one place seems downright spooky! There’s something eerie about them….

15 Penelope Cruz: Coat Hangers

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We’ve all heard of celebrities with massive walk-in closets full of designer clothes, but this is a first! Penelope Cruz is far less interested in the clothing than she is in the hangers. She reportedly has 500 non-metal hangers in her collection. That’s quite an accumulation – we wonder if she’ll be putting anything on them.

14 Tom Hanks: Typewriters

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Millennials may be confused by this one, but many years ago, before personal devices and this thing we call the “internet,” people used to type letters on big clunky objects called typewriters… and Tom Hanks still does. Ranker reports that he has over 50 old typewriters in his possession. While we think that’s pretty cool, we’re sure there’s a museum somewhere that would also appreciate having them.

13 Reese Witherspoon: Antique Linen

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Reese Witherspoon is as talented as she is beautiful. She could have anything her heart desires, and apparently, antique linens are the way to win her over! She has a vast collection of antique linens and reportedly loves old embroidered fabrics as well. This seems more like an older lady’s habit, but Reese takes a lot of pride in it.

12 Ben Stiller: Spock Ears

Via DailyNews

Very few people are as obsessed with Star Trek as Ben Stiller is. Of course, there are a significant number of people that are huge fans, but none can quite lay the same claims to the series that Ben can. He owns not one, but two pairs of Spock Ears. Gemr reports that they are authentic Spock ears, and are actually from the Original Series.

11 Rosie O’Donnell: Happy Meal Toys

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This is definitely weird. Rosie O’Donnell collects small toys, but not just any small toys, she prefer to collect Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s. We can’t imagine how many happy meals she would have had to have consumed in order to establish a collection as expansive as this one, nor are we really sure why she likes the quirky free toys.

10 Whoopi Goldberg: Colorful Shoes

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If you’ve paid any attention to Whoopi when she makes public appearances, or walks onto the stage on The View, you’ve likely noticed that she likes always wearing very “loud” shoes, consisting of odd designs and very bright colors. It’s not just a fashion statement, she happens to collect these colorful shoes. Her crazy footwear is one of her most prized possessions.

9 Quentin Tarantino: Board Games

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Quentin Tarantino is an eccentric man. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding his approach to his work, as he often comes up with some pretty wild ideas for his movies. The fact that he is an avid collector of pop culture board games caught us by surprise. This collection seems far more subdued than his personality is. Ranker reports that his favorites are the Dukes of Hazzard game and the Dawn of Dead game.

8 Janet Jackson: Pigs

Via SeniorCorrespondence

Yes, we’re serious. Janet Jackson collects pigs. Live ones. Smelly ones. The kind that live in the mud! When asked about her weird collection, she told ContactMusic that she had “always wanted a hobby.” so she just “decided to collect pigs.” She even went so far as to say she had no idea why she began this collection.

7 Shaquille O’Neal: Superman Stuff!

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If there’s a Superman logo on it, Shaquille O’Neal wants to buy it. The NBA superstar has an affinity for all things Superman, and has an entire collection of branded items to prove it. He shows no sign of slowing down and will seemingly buy anything at all that carries this logo. We’re not sure where he stores all this stuff, but we assume there’s a Superman room in his house that he goes to play in!

6 Amanda Seyfried: Taxidermy

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This collection is very, very bizarre and is not for the faint of heart. Amanda Seyfried collects taxidermy. This seems like a very strange thing to “collect.” Most of us have seen one dead animal stuffed and preserved on display – likely in a museum. However, having a collection of dead animals that still appear lifelike and stuffed for display is just a bit strange.

5 Claudia Schiffer: Insect Art

Via Artangels

This stunning supermodel has earned a fortune with her wildly successful career. When we think of Claudia Schiffer, we would assume she’d collect supercars or expensive jewelry. That’s not at all the case. This beauty collects insect-inspired art. That’s right, there are art pieces that display creepy crawlers…. all over her house!

4 Rod Stewart: Model Trains


Model trains are fun and many people collect them. Rod Stewart just happens to have taken his model train collection to the next level. He has a vast collection in his home, and according to Ranker, one of his model railroads “ features 100 buildings, built by the singer himself.” Rod says he pities those who don’t have a hobby like his, and describes his model train collection as “The most supreme relaxation.”

3 Flava Flav: Bronze Statue Of O.J.Simpson

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This is definitely a strange one. Flava Flav seems to have some sort of obsession with O.J. Simpson and at one point decided it would be a great idea to own a bronze statue of him. The NY Post reveals that radio host Mancow Muller bought the statue for $3,250 and gave it to Flav, who proudly cherishes it.

2 Mike Tyson: Bengali Tigers

Via NYPost

Mike Tyson can certainly afford to buy anything he wants, and what he wanted were 3 Bengali Tigers. That’s precisely what he got! USA Today tells the tale of how he purchased the tigers, and boasts about how awesome this is to him. This proved to be a very controversial purchase for Tyson, but we have to admit, it’s pretty neat to think of seeing a Bengali Tiger in his passenger seat!

1 Lady Gaga: Ghost Detectors

Via Youtube

Lady Gaga is reportedly super-spooked! She’s really afraid of co-habiting with angry spirits and has spent a lot of money on a number of ghost detectors. Not just any ones though, she’s spent her cash on state-of-the-art Electro Magnetic Field meters. Glamour says she has her hotel rooms and stages scanned for ghosts each time she travels somewhere.

Sources: Glamour, USA Today, NY Post, NME, Ranker

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