20 Weird Rules Disney Used To Make Miley Cyrus Follow

Many people might not know that being a Disney star means having an employer that's been known to suppress, dictate, coach, and manipulate their stars in order to fit the image the House of Mouse wants. This actually happens to this day, and it might be one of the reasons many child stars end up "going a bit crazy" when they grow up.

Miley Cyrus is one said child star who got her start on the Disney Channel, on Hannah Montana to be more exact. Miley Cyrus is widely considered one of the most successful former child stars today, but Disney didn't make getting there easy for her. Here are 20 weird rules Disney made her follow.

20 She Was Told What To Wear

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Imagine having your clothes and hair chosen for you not only during the filming of the show but also on tour! Playing a character during certain hours and being required to dress the part is understandable, but Miley was expected to don the blonde "Hannah" wig and attire on tour too. Can a girl get a breather?

19 She Was Pressured To Compete With Co-Stars

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Disney practically made Hannah Montana co-stars Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment hate each other the first few seasons by making them compete against each other. There is a constant pressure to be great, so Disney often makes rivals out of their talent. Especially at the beginning of a show. Luckily, the girls became better friends around the time of the movie.

18 She Took Mandatory "Imaging" Classes

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Seeing as Disney has its actors’ image as a first priority, they try to maintain their innocence through marketing and exposure. However, the company is known to require its stars, such as Miley, to attend classes that educate them on how to keep their image “wholesome.” She would have to sign contracts with morality clauses, making sure she actually attended the classes.

17 Her Name Became Their Property

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Miley Cyrus already had a famous dad, and her family was more than happy to use her real name when she was offered a show on Disney Channel. What they didn't realize was that Disney would take all of the rights to use her name. Fortunately, Miley's mother was clever enough to hire a lawyer from that point forward. Who knows where her career would be if she didn't?

16 Keep Nails Plain And Short

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Being told what to wear on set is the norm and is very much expected because you have to fit the par. Being told what to wear when trying to live your regular life is an infringement of your rights. With Disney, Miley was expected to keep her nails plain and simple— she could not experiment with different colors and designs to see what suits her.

15 Always Stay In Character

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Like most Disney stars, Miley played a lovably wholesome character on Hannah Montana.While most of us enjoyed watching the show, it could get tiresome for the star who was expected to stay in character at all times. It's like having your onscreen persona take over your life, it's got to be pretty hard for anyone— let alone an 11-year-old girl.

14 A Non-Negotiable Salary


Miley has stated that she had a pretty normal childhood, which would mean the glitz and glamor ended when the cameras stopped rolling— her father was already a famous country singer though. The star has stated that she was probably the least paid on the show— the network leaves very little room for salary negotiations in their contracts.

13 Squeaky Clean Lyrics

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Disney is known for encouraging its stars to write their own lyrics... cool, right? Only if they are squeaky clean, though, void of any suggestive language. Now what this means is that music leans towards generic pop which can be rather boring. Miley did not really have free reign when it came to making music.

12 The "Morality" Clause

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Disney's viewership consists mainly of young children and it's extremely important for their actors to maintain a squeaky clean image– this is enforced by including a strict morality clause in all of their contracts. This "morality" clause extends to their lives outside of Disney. It had to be difficult for the free-spirited Cyrus to live such a controlled life.

11 She Had To Be A Role Model


Like most Disney stars, Miley was expected to be a good influence on audiences, especially the younger viewers. While it may seem like a positive thing, it put the star on a pedestal by denying her the freedom to live freely and express herself. It's such a huge responsibility to put on a kid.

10 She Was Always Supposed To Be "Pretty"

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Miley stated, "I was told for so long what a girl is supposed to be from being on that show, I was made to look like someone that I wasn't, which probably caused some body dysmorphia because I had been made pretty every day for so long, and then when I wasn't on that show, it was like, who the ---- am I?"

9 Avoid Tough Questions In Interviews

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Ever watched a Miley Cyrus interview and wondered why she seemed extremely simple-minded? Miley and many other Disney stars are trained to avoid seemingly tough questions by playing dumb. Their opinions on certain issues are never to be expressed. Divert the focus on more agreeable topics like their pet or their mom.

8 Encouraged To Date Other Disney Stars

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It's creepy when Disney plays matchmaker by encouraging its stars to date each other. It gives "keeping it in the family" a whole new meaning. It is not forced but rather implied, and it explains lots of cute Disney romances that are oftentimes short-lived— like Miley and Nick Jonas.

7 Autograph Training


While this is not quite as extreme as the other ridiculous rules Disney made Miley Cyrus follow, autograph training is still a way for the network to control their image. Their input is heavily embedded in a lot of autographs from their stars. Since leaving the network, there has been a drastic change in Miley's autographs— free at last!

6 Working Long Hours Was A Requirement

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Miley Cyrus was in the studio so often, sometimes filming 12 hour days, that she actually had a low Vitamin D count. It was so stressful that she developed anxiety attacks and nausea. The long hours are why Disney often uses people who are older than the characters they play on TV.

5 Cover It Up

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Disney is a family company and is oftentimes extremely conservative when it comes to the girls on its shows. Showing too much skin is not acceptable in the Disney realm. It's understandable when on set, they have values they want to uphold, but dictating how the girls dress independent of Disney is unacceptable.

4 A Very Profitable Insurance Policy

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Disney would benefit if Miley should pass away. It might sound horrible, but it does actually make sense. If something were to happen to Miley, Disney would get an insurance payout meant for the studio to recoup any losses in case she would be unable to fulfill her contract— and of course, death would be a very good reason why she couldn't do just that.

3 Smoking Was Forbidden

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Disney wants their stars to portray a squeaky clean image, which means no tobacco or any other substances that people would judge them for. Of course, smoking is bad for your health, but sheltering kids might not always have the desired effect as they might feel a larger urge to experiment when they grow older.

2 Staying In Good Shape Was Fundamental

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The pressure to have a "perfect" body can have adverse effects on how a person views themselves. When you're a young girl in the public eye, it becomes even worse. Being made to don a wig and makeup could pose a decline in your self-confidence when not dressed the "part."

1 Social Media Screening

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There are a variety of reasons why Disney’s stars' social media posts are censored. It could be to prevent revealing details about upcoming projects, videos from behind the scenes, or things that wouldn't be flattering to either the stars or Disney. Miley would have to get permission before posting on social media, as Disney includes a social media clause in its detailed contract.

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