21 Weird Phone Cases We Can’t Believe People Actually Spent Money On 

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to cell phone accessories, and phone cases are no exception. It’s rare to see anyone walking around without a case on their phones these days, so there is certainly a huge market for this product. Like any other industry, the high demand for cell phone cases has meant that the selection of design options is quite a vast one.

No matter what sort of case you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find it. You can purchase everything from the sleek and professional cases for the business users, to cute and fun ones that suit the younger generation. While some of these phone cases are actually pretty cool, there are more than a few that are…well…just sort of ridiculous. Let’s take a look at 21 phone cases we can’t believe people bought.

21 Bunny Ears

Via DHGate

This phone case gets points for cuteness. It would be hard to find someone that doesn’t like cute little soft bunnies…but this may be a bit of a stretch to use as a phone case though. It’s one of those purchases that would be cute and fun for all of ten minutes before functionality becomes an issue. The initial appeal would likely not last very long with this one.

20 Kim-K Case

Via Favocase

The first question we have here is, why? Of all the faces to put on a phone, Kim Kardashian is not the one we would have selected. It’s not just that though. .. take a look at the hat face. She seems clearly upset and that is not something we’d like to look at every time we reach for our phones. We’re not sure if anyone has actually purchased this, or why they ever would.

19 M&Ms Kids Case

Via EbaumsWorld

This phone case is cool and fun looking….if you’re 5 years old. We don’t know many five-year-olds with phones though. That’s an interesting mix of M&Ms and little toys and characters. It looks super-textured and likely isn’t going to fit into our pockets though. We wonder how long this would last before all the pieces start falling off.

18 Umm....?

Via BlazePress

This one is just plain confusing. This woman appears to be in a tub. Or is it a pool? We have no clear visibility of both her legs. Aside from all of this, the bigger question is what is the meaning behind this phone case design? It doesn’t seem to make any sense, and we’re not sure what the appeal is.

17 Just Weird

Via Turquoise

We have a lot of questions about this phone case, and not a single answer or valid guess to offer. If you know what this is supposed to be, please fill us in, because right now it just looks like a homemade burlap design that is essentially useless in preventing harm from happening to the phone it is dropped. That’s the idea behind a phone case, and they really seemed to miss the mark on this case design.

16 Nose-Pickers

Via BlazePress

Do you remember that time that you had the sensation to put your fingers into someone’s nose? We can’t either, which is precisely why we’re questioning this strange cell phone case. We’re all about trying new things, but this just seems like a gag gift. It’s one of those things that would be used as a great prank moment but it is likely not worth the investment of time or money for 5 minutes of laughs.

15 Creepy Cases

Via ABCPhiladelphia

These cases have taken creepy to the next level. The one-sided hand is weird and seems displaced. It’s also a bit unsettling that the hand holds itself up this way. We’re still trying to figure out how this case would be transported when not in the upright creepy-position. Those fingers look like they’d be in the way and it wouldn’t be easy to put this phone into a purse or pocket!

14 Toothy

Via BlazePress

We don’t know anyone that would actually buy this, aside from a dentist wanting to give tooth-brushing demonstrations while on the go! This highly unusual phone case is not very appealing on any level. We can’t imagine anyone wanting to stare at teeth every time they were to reach for their phone! Most of us wouldn’t want to be seen with this at any time other than Halloween!

13 Handy-ish

Via BusinessInsider

At first glance this case with built-in mini-tools seems like a really cool idea. It’s always wise to have a few handy gadgets available for easy-access. It just doesn’t seem very practical or useful though. Those are pretty ittie-bittie tools that really won’t be very helpful. They don’t look like they can’t be removed from the case, either. Using them may not be a simple task.

12 Yum!

Via Youtube

The reason we wouldn’t want to buy this case is simply due to the fact that we’d be unable to eat anything but ice cream sandwiches all day! This is way too tempting, and we don’t want to be teased this much! This case has a fun design, and we can see the initial appeal, but at the end of the day, it’s likely to be less fun and more of an annoyance after using it the first few times.

11 Squeaky-Cases

Via Youtube

We can only imagine the frequency of these annoying sounds. Most parents and dog-owners are sick of the squeaking sound those toys make within mere minutes of squishing them for the first time. Most of us grab for our phones way too frequently for this sound to ever be ok! Not to mention – it’s not the most attractive looking thing we’ve ever seen!

10 Childish Gels

Via Depop

Why would someone buy this when they could make it at home? This case appears to have been a DIY design by a very young girl. It’s pretty simply designed and doesn’t generate any excitement at all. A couple of wings and a heart with some glitter just don’t sound appealing when it comes to the design of a phone case.

9 Purse-Case

Via CultOfMac

It’s shocking to think that anyone would spend their hard-earned money on this phone case! It has that bonus purse-string attached to it, which seems like a functional feature, but the design of this case is just too niche. It would only appeal to a very specific market, and we feel this will stifle bulk ordering at every level. This design would be fun to see on display while window shopping

8 Lobster Tails

Via CultofMac

If a cell phone case is considered to be an artistic form of self-expression, does this imply that only fishermen or those working in seafood stores would want to own a pair of these? We’re not sure if there’s a meaning behind this or not, but we really hope there is. Otherwise, this is just a strange design not worth buying!

7 Fried Chicken Freaks

Via NewYorkPost

Well, if you love fried chicken, you can now boldly express your obsession with this very unique phone case. We’re not sure if there’s actually anyone out there that loves fried chicken enough to take this sort of visual-stand though. It’s also worth noting that you would always have to put this phone down onto its screen as the big ‘honkin chicken leg seems to be in the way of normal phone case usage!

6 Rubber Duckie

Via Pinterest

It would be challenging to find anyone that doesn’t like rubber duckies, but this cell phone case has taken the duck-thing to a whole other level. This is really only acceptable for young children, and even then, there are other patterns and designs out there that would be more versatile to use and display.

5 Flip-Flop-Phone

Via Amazon

It’s definitely cute at first glance. Then, it’s really not all that cute anymore. This case seems like it will get annoying really fast. We are pretty sure you’ll be frustrated by this case the moment you want to put your phone down. It won’t take long before you realize it has to be placed with the screen downwards at all times.

4 Soccer Freaks

Via Amazon

This grassy design is proudly brought to you by someone that loves to play soccer. That’s nice. We just wish they’d opted for a different way of sharing their passion. The ball that’s strangely mounted on the back of this case makes this essentially useless as it now becomes a phone that has to be placed screen-down, and has to be carefully handled at all times to ensure the case design isn’t at risk.

3 Night Glows

Via Pinterest

It’s tough to imagine why anyone would want or need a glow-in-the-dark phone case, but apparently someone thought this was cool, at some point. There are pros and cons to this one. Being able to easily find your phone at night, or when it’s lost within the deep pockets of a purse is definitely a bonus. However, we think this would get annoying pretty fast, not just to the poor person that bought it, but also to the people around them that will be exposed to this glow as well.

2 Furry Phones

Via DHGate

Ok well, we can’t argue that this looks very soft and would probably feel better in our hands than the cold, hard cases we are accustomed to. However, it would be really strange to pull this case out and use our phones in public without being ridiculed. This may be good for a teenage girl but even then it seems clunky and is likely not very practical.

1 Crazy Cats

Via Ebay

It’s hard to believe anyone would want to buy these cat-cases. They look kind of creepy! The bunny-themed one looked cute and cuddly but these cats just look like they’re watching us and it’s a bit freaky. We’re half – expecting these cats to pounce on us without warning!

Sources: Business Insider, New York Post

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