This Weird Ingredient Is Helping Adults Get Baby-Soft Skin

There is a new moisturizer on the market, and it contains one slightly odd ingredient that is supposedly going to make adult skin feel as smooth as a baby's. Now, there are tonnes of face creams and moisturizers out there promising that their formula is specially designed for the smoothest skin, but this one has one particular ingredient that is something out of the ordinary.

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The cream is called 'Newborn Bio-Complex Moisturizing Cream', and the name is extremely suitable given what makes this moisturizer so special. What the laboratory behind the Newborn moisturizing cream has done, is to create a formula that resembles 'vernix caseosa', which they claim will make the skin as smooth as a baby. For those unfamiliar with what vernix caseosa is, it is the substance in which all babies are covered with at birth, and it is there to block water absorption, protect the baby, and ease the way through the birth canal. The scientists behind the Newborn cream believe that this substance would also carry benefits for adults, and found a way to replicate it in a laboratory.

Via: Allure.com

As reported by Allure, there are, however, some researchers and dermatologists who cannot see how the recreation of vernix caseosa would have any benefits for adults when it comes to skincare, pointing at the specific needs provided only in the actual moments of birth. Just because babies are covered in it when they are born, it doesn't automatically mean adults would get baby soft skin from using the cream.

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On the bright side, the Newborn moisturizer also contains several other ingredients that are known for their great effect on the skin, such as lipids and proteins. Overall, the Newborn cream promises to hydrate and moisture the skin while getting rid of the appearance of some fine lines. What the vernix caseosa actually can do for the skin is to block allergens and bacteria, and that has to account for something, right?

Whether or not the artificial vernix caseosa is the secret ingredient that does the trick to transform the dullest of skins to being plump and youthful, it is safe to say this moisturizing cream will do the job in terms of hydrating and moisturizing. It is advised to always talk to a dermatologist before changing up the skin care routine to find what works the best and what the needs are.

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