20 Weird Facts Every Nintendo Fan Forgets About Luigi

Luigi is the forgotten Mario brother, perpetually kept away from the spotlight if not for his own successful game, Luigi's Mansion, which recently received its third installment. However, when a Luigi's Mansion's game is not being released, few are those that care for Mario's counterpart– the brother that doesn't receive nearly as much attention as he does. Luigi is often forgotten, sometimes even when all of Nintendo's other characters are being promoted for new games.

That said, Luigi is one of the most interesting characters from the Super Mario Bros franchise, both smart and a master of disguise with an interesting personality. Today, we're uncovering 20 weird facts about Luigi that every Nintendo fan often forgets. We dare you to forget about Luigi once you're done reading this.

20 His Personality Keeps Changing

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Although his appearance changes quite often, Luigi's personality seems to change even more so. Ever since the Mario cartoons back in the 1980s, Luigi has been portrayed as a coward, scared of just about anything, which is a trait that carried on to the Luigi's Mansion games– but he is also at times arrogant, greedy, stoic, immature, and talkative. It's obvious that Luigi has a dysfunctional personality and it's probably one of the reasons why he doesn't form any strong attachments to any other character from the franchise. It's also likely why he never seems to reach happiness.

19 Luigi Was Dracula's Plumber

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Although Luigi is a coward when it comes to anything that goes bump in the night, he was actually a plumber for Dracula, as we found out in an Easter egg in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow — Mirror of Fate. The game offers players the opportunity to read a scroll left behind by Luigi, who laments that not even his brother, Mario, would be able to fix the state of the pipes in the castle. He wonders what would happen if he are one of the mushrooms that grow within the castle, and we're left to wonder as well: what happened to Luigi inside that castle?

18 He Was Named After A Pizza Place

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It's unconfirmed where exactly Luigi's name comes from, but it is often said that it comes from a pizza place in Redmond, Washington, named Mario & Luigi's, right in the city home to Nintendo of America at the time. However, Miyamoto (the creator of the Mario series) has also said that the word ruiji means "similar" in Japanese, which helps perpetuate the notion that he is living behind the shadow of his brother. Furthermore, his name is Luigi Mario, as we know Mario's last name is also Mario. Way to bring Luigi's confidence down even more.

17 Luigi Knows What's Under Shy Guy's Mask

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Luigi is the only one in the entire Mario franchise to have seen what's under a living Shy Guy's mask. Back in 2004, in Mario Power Tennis, during the Shy Guy victory ceremony cutscene, one of the minions is seen tripping on their way to the stage, right in front of Luigi, leading to Shy Guy's mask falling off and revealing what's underneath. Luigi is seen starring in horror at what he sees, leading us to believe that what's under Shy Guy's mask isn't a very pleasant sight. We're left wonder what horrors await those that see the real face of Shy Guy.

16 Luigi Wins By Doing Nothing

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It turns out Luigi is so powerful he can beat any character by doing absolutely nothing. No, he doesn't run away from his opponents or gets tactical about his movements... he actually doesn't move a muscle and still beats opponents in any fight. YouTube User Omega Tyrant showed us just that during a specific video where the premise was that Luigi was capable of standing still and winning against any possible level 9 opponent. The result: Luigi is just as skilled and talented as Mario.

15 He's A Master Of Disguise

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Luigi has proved to be a master of disguise again and again. In the cartoon series, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, Luigi disguised himself to woo Kootie Pie. He also disguised himself of Princess Peach quite a few times in the 1992 comic, Super Mario Adventures. Even in Super Paper Mario, Nastasia brainwashed him and he assumed a new identity, “Mr. L," and in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Luigi turns into a variety of useful objects, such as a clock and a drill.

14 His Only Wish Is To Be A Great Plumber

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Luigi may have been portrayed as arrogant and even immature, but one thing is for sure: we know that his biggest wish in life could not be more humble or sad. In Super Mario RPG, players will encounter a location called Star Hill, where they'll find Luigi's true and most honest wish in life. This location has all the star-based wishes people make, and one particular star holds Luigi's. The star simply states, "I wanna be a great plumber like my brother Mario." If that doesn't make you want to shed a tear, we don't know what will.

13 He Can Play The Violin

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In WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Luigi shows off one of his many hidden skills: he can actually play the violin. He shares his name with composer Luigi Boccherini, who gained fame due to his incredible abilities with the violin. It seems as though Luigi gained inspiration from this musical genius to show off his own skills in this game. Now we have one more thing to love about Luigi.

12 He Gave Bowser His Most Humiliating Defeat

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Mario has provided us with quite a few epic battles in the past, but none quite as epic as Luigi's fight against Bowser in the ending of the DOS version of Mario Is Missing! Although the game is widely disliked, we can't deny the ending is quite entertaining. Luigi removes Bowser's carapace, leaving him in polka-dotted briefs, too embarrassed to even fight Luigi. When Bowser comes crawling back, begging Luigi to give him his shell back, Luigi tells him he threw it off the balcony, leading Bowser to go look only for Luigi to throw him off the window. Pretty great, huh? Try and do that Mario. 

11 He Had His Own Game Way Before Luigi's Mansion

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Most fans probably thought it was only in the 2000s that we first saw Luigi star in his own game, Luigi's Mansion, but that couldn't have been more wrong. Back in 1993, Nintendo released an educational game titled Mario Is Missing! featuring Luigi as the main protagonist. However, this game was met with harsh criticism, with people finding the game boring, and lacking any sort of entertainment or difficulty. Perhaps it's best that fans believe Luigi's Mansion was the first game with Luigi as its main protagonist.

10 His Voice Actor Had Capgras Delusion

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Tony Rosato provided Luigi's voice in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, back in 1990. However, it was discovered that he suffered from a mental health issue called Capgras Delusion, that causes its victims to believe their loved ones are replaced by body doubles or duplicates. He believed this happened with his wife and daughter, leading to them leaving him.

He went to jail for two years, followed by two more years in a psychiatric facility. After seeking medical help, he was able to reunite with his family once again, but he passed away in 2017 from a heart attack, leaving the world missing one talented and beloved actor.

9 Him And Mario Are Fraternal Twins

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We already know Mario and Luigi are brothers, but we don't know much else. However, we've been given some clues over the years, such as Satoru Iwata announcing 2013 as the Year of Luigi, referring to Luigi as Mario's twin brother. This is confusing, because if they are twins, why don't they look similar?

Well, Mario and Luigi are actually fraternal twins, which show us that they don't have to look alike to have been born at the same time. This clashes with some information we've been fed over the years though, specifically that Luigi is actually Mario's younger brother. However, this could actually mean he is just younger by a few minutes, not necessarily months or years. We'll take Mr. Iwata's word for it.

8 Luigi Has Approximately 30 Nicknames

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No, we don't mean the nicknames tossed around by fans in the internet, but actual nicknames amassed from various NPCs and characters in the Mario universe. Some of the best ones are Plunger Puss (Mario Is Missing!), Mr. Eyeballs (Mario Power Tennis), Mr. Lime-Green (Luigi's Mansion), The Other Guy (Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga), The Eternal Understudy (Super Smash Bros.), and King of Second Bananas (Super Smash Bros. Brawl). Even Mr. Lean n' Green from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga has been thrown around by NPCs. Poor Luigi, he deserves better nicknames, doesn't he?

7 He's Incredibly Smart 

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Smart enough to build a robot, at least. In Super Paper Mario, Luigi finds himself hypnotized by a force that forces him to battle his own brother, attempting to stop Mario from succeeding in his quest. We seem him release his true imagination and intelligence to build a robot he likes to call "Brobot." This shows us that although he is not considered either the smartest or bravest of the two brothers, he has a lot of untapped potential and true intellect we have yet to see fully manifest.

6 He's Green For A Reason

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The only reason Luigi dresses green is merely because Nintendo couldn't fit an extra color into their palette, so they just colored him the same shade as a Shellcreeper. That's quite sad because we're not even sure he likes to wear the color green. If we take his Final Smash into consideration, Negative Zone, we see that he would actually like to wear red, just like his brother, possibly stemming from his Mario-related insecurities.

5 He Was Accused Of Promoting Lesbianism

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This one is a doozy. Back in 2003, during Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Luigi makes one particular pose with his hand creating an L-shaped gesture, marking a good shot. However innocent it may seem, it actually stirred controversy, albeit mild and short-lived. The pose was associated with the American Sign Language word for "lesbian." This is not what it was meant to mean, at all. It's assumed the "L" stands for Luigi, which makes a lot more sense than what some people decided to pin it on.

4 Fans Theorize He Perished In Luigi's Mansion

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When we first see Luigi enter his haunted house in Luigi's Mansion, a flash of lightning creates a disturbing shape on the wall, one that appears as if Luigi's body is hanging. Yes, that's right. This has lead to a whole community of fans to theorize that Luigi is, in fact, already dead. The theory even extends to as early as the late 90s, back to Super Mario 64, where we see The Eternal Star statue is surrounded by ghosts, with text that many fans interpreted as a reference to Luigi.

3 Luigi Can Turn Into A Kitsune

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Super Mario Bros. 3 introduced players to the Super Leaf, an item that could transform Mario and Luigi, giving them raccoon tail and ears. The release also featured a similar item, the Tanooki Suit, which granted the user a fur costume which also allowed players to turn into a statue.

There have been quite a few variations of these items, and Super Mario 3D Land benefitted Luigi in a rather unique way. While Mario still grows raccoon ears and tail, Luigi turns into Kitsune Luigi, or Fox Luigi. This was a special homage to the mythical Japanese Kitsune, which is said to possess magical abilities. Not too shabby for Luigi.

2 He Hasn't Always Worn Green

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You may not know this, but in 1984, in the game Wrecking Crew, Luigi is seen wearing red overalls and... well, not even a shirt, he's shirtless underneath. But even more bizarre, in the 1986 Japanese animated movie, Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen!, Luigi is seen wearing blue overalls and a yellow shirt with a blue hat. We've gotten used to green Luigi, but he doesn't look too bad in yellow & blue.

1 He Might Have A Doppelgänger

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Luigi initially appears as an NPC in Super Mario Galaxy, but if the player collects 120 stars, they are able to play the game again as Mario's brother. You'd expect that it would be turned around this time, meaning Luigi would become the main character and Mario the NPC in the game, but no. Luigi is seen rescuing and interacting with an NPC version of himself. The NPC Luigi is also different from the real Luigi, even in appearance. Rosalina also considers them as two different people. Luigi may have a real Doppelgänger. Creepy. 

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