20 Weird Facts About Spider-Man And Venom’s Relationship

Ever since Venom officially made his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #299, the character has been one of the most popular personalities to appear alongside Spider-Man. Venom has very much grown into his own character and he’s been having his own adventures independent of Peter Parker for years now, whether it’s in comics or his more recent feature film. That being said, Venom’s origins are largely tied to Spider-Man and it’s easy to associate these two together.

Venom is still considered to be one of Spider-Man’s most formidable foes and marks an exciting time during the run of his comics. Venom’s time together with Spider-Man marked an important period for both of them, but their bond is much more complex than it appears. Accordingly, Here Are 20 Weird Facts About Spider-Man And Venom’s Relationship.

20 In One Universe They Never Separated

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Spider-Man's Spider-Verse multiversal experiment was so popular with audiences that a few years later Marvel turned out Venomverse, it's Venom-centered equivalent. Many Venoms from different universes need to unite to take down the threat of a symbiote race known as the Poisons. One of these other Venoms is a version of Spider-Man who never parted ways with his symbiote. He's the biggest opposition to Eddie Brock's Venom joining their team and doesn't last too long into this war.

19 Spider-Man Is Responsible For Venom Developing Emotions

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The Spider-Man comics explicitly state that back on the symbiote homeworld of Klyntar that Venom was a being that was emotionless and never felt anything. However, it also states that Parker is responsible for him gaining such feelings like compassion and empathy for the first time. This takes place in Web Of Spider-Man #1 when a sonic onslaught from a church bell threatens both Venom and Spider-Man, but the symbiote returns, despite the pain, to help Peter.

18 The Venom Symbiote Can't Get Over Spider-Man

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It's pretty significant that the Klyntar symbiote race are able to resemble whatever they want, but Venom continues to sport his Spider-Man inspired appearance long after they're together (as well as working webbing into his regular repertoire). Furthermore, it's also a little suspicious that all of Venom's subsequent hosts are people that share a connection to Peter Parker. Maybe he just wants to be around the guy.

17 They Recently Had A Rebound Fling...To Defeat Norman Osborn

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Amazing Spider-Man #800 decided to deliver a celebration of Venom just as much as it praised Spider-Man. The issue revolves around Red Goblin (a Carnage-bonded Norman Osborn) attacking Mary Jane and Aunt May. When the going gets tough and it looks like victory is impossible, Eddie Brock allows Parker the use of the symbiote. Reluctantly, Peter eventually agrees and it features a glorious reunion that hasn't happened since 1985.

16 They Share Telepathy With Each Other

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When Venom bonds with a host, there's a genetic imprinting that takes place that makes this connection even stronger. A major component of this is that a telepathic link is made between the two of them. Parker is able to have full conversations with Venom that take place entirely in his head. Apparently, the longer Venom shares a bond with his host, the greater this connection becomes and it's on a whole other level with Eddie Brock.

15 Spider-Man Is Not Venom’s Favorite Host

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There’s no denying that Venom’s time bonded together with Spider-Man was a pivotal period for both of them. Their time together was deeply memorable, but in retrospect, Parker is not Venom’s favorite when it comes to his various human hosts. Venom seems to almost fear Parker when he thinks back on their relationship. However, on the other hand, Venom views Flash Thompson as his favorite union and that their bond reflected a true partnership.

14 He Forced Peter To Do Things That He Doesn’t Want To Do

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In the comics, the Venom symbiote actually takes control of Parker’s body while he’s asleep and goes out to fight more crime and goes overboard in the superhero department. All of this is completely against Peter’s will and he has no idea why he continues to wake up exhausted. Even in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, Venom’s symbiote is shown to affect Peter himself, as he starts to act more aggressive and cocksure.

13 In One Reality Venom Rapidly Ages Parker To A Premature Death

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Marvel's What If? series are usually fun deviations that explore alternate history if major events had played out differently. What If? #4 looks at if Peter Parker's relationship with Venom played out differently. Here Venom gets bored of Parker as a host rather quickly and sucks up his life force before leaving him for the Hulk (and then later Thor). In doing so, Peter is aged into an old man, who passes away shortly after.

12 He’s Not The Only Symbiote That’s Been Attached To Spider-Man

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Peter Parker’s experience with the Venom symbiote was enough to sour him on the experience of any future symbiote bonding sessions, but that doesn’t mean that some don’t still happen. S.W.O.R.D. took it upon themselves to bond Parker with an unnamed corrupted symbiote and the Poison Punisher also aggressively exposes Parker to another symbiote that doesn't get named. Venom makes the most impact, but these other examples are still important.

11 Venom Allows Spider-Man To Use His Suit As A Projectile

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Venom's symbiote offers Peter with a number of new abilities and advantages, but a major one is the fact that since he's in what's a living suit, it can also extend itself to reach and attack enemies. Granted, Parker doesn't use this ability very often and it's more Eddie Brock's style, but the power is still there.

10 Venom Also Has A Fiery Relationship With Earth-1610's Spider-Man

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Miles Morales first comes across his Earth's version of Venom in the "Venom War" storyline. Venom takes Dr. Markus as his host and the fallout results in the death of Miles' mom and nearly the same happening to his father. When the events of Secret Wars bring Morales over to Earth-616, it's not surprising that he's worked up when he encounters their Venom.

9 Venom Chooses Spider-Man Over His Own Family

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As Venom's run in comics has gone on, there have been a steady increase in symbiotes that have entered the scene. Carnage has been around since the '90s, but half a dozen more major symbiotes have been introduced and the Klyntar planet has even been visited. However, when push comes to shove, Venom always aligns himself with Spider-Man and against his symbiote family. They'd be an easy excuse for him to turn back to the dark side, but it doesn't happen.

8 They First Met On Another Planet

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Marvel’s Battleworld mini-series was a fun comic event that pulled many popular heroes from out of their comfort zones and launched them into a Gladiator-like battle for their lives. Battleworld is a lot of fun for all of the heroes that it pits together and the fresh location that it provides. Battleworld is also the place where the Venom symbiote first shows up, only for Parker to bring it back to Earth with him.

7 Carnage Is The One Who Forces Them Together As Allies

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Spider-Man and Venom shared a complicated relationship when the symbiote was actively attached to Peter, but once it leaves him for Eddie Brock it occupies a healthy life as one of Spider-Man's fiercest foes. It's not until 1993's Maximum Carnage that Spider-Man and Venom first team up and fight together in order to take down a larger threat. From that point on, they comfortably remain as reluctant allies when the time calls for it.

6 Spider-Man Seriously Prolongs His Initial Investigation Into Venom

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Peter Parker's first encounter with the Venom symbiote is during the Secret Wars miniseries on Battleworld. Parker returns to Earth, but he enjoys the perks of the symbiote and avoids confrontation on the subject. It's not until Amazing Spider-Man #258 that he actually consults the Fantastic Four to investigate his intergalactic companion. This could be Parker being blissfully ignorant on the subject, or the symbiote could actually be affecting his mental state and judgment.

5 They Both Have A Spider-Sense Of Sorts

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One of Spider-Man's most useful abilities is his intuitive spider-sense that alerts him to imminent danger. It's revealed that Venom has a similar ability, although it's not the same as a spider-sense. Venom is able to sense harm and the danger it's coming from. This level of ESP combined with Parker's spider-sense becomes even stronger.

4 Their Bond Makes Spider-Man Susceptible To Loud Noises

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Web of Spider-Man #1 proves that the Klyntar species are particularly weak when it comes to loud noises. This is used to render the symbiote useless via the incessant ringing of a giant church bell. This approach works and forces Venom to retreat, but it also knocks Peter out cold. He’s just as weak to loud frequencies as Venom is due to his exposure to him. This proved to be such a powerful scene that it’d also be used effectively in Spider-Man 3.

3 Peter Isn’t Venom’s First Human Host

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Peter Park is the person responsible for bringing Venom’s symbiote back to Earth, but he’s actually not the first hero that got possessed by the entity back on Battleworld. There’s a brief period during this saga where the symbiote first attaches itself to Deadpool. However, he’s deemed to be too insane, so Venom jumps ship and then Peter encounters him shortly after.

2 Venom Can Transfer Himself And His Host Into The Internet

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In one of the more insane talents of the Venom symbiote, he's somehow able to digitally immerse himself into the Internet on a molecular level. Venom utilizes this skill in a fight against Carnage wherein he hops across computers through Ethernet cables to outsmart the villainous symbiote. It’s an ability that’s not used often, but offers up a major advantage.

1 Due To His Bond With Spider-Man, He Secretes His Own Natural Webbing

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When Peter Parker acquires his fancy new symbiote suit, it boasts an updated look, but it offers a number of benefits that go far beyond a heightened fashion sense. The union of Parker and the Venom symbiote allows him to be able to secrete his own natural, which is a serious advantage. The symbiote compliments his natural abilities. It also comes with handy camouflage capabilities that also aid Parker.

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