20 Weird DIY Hair Tips We Can't Believe Actually Work

A lot of us lust after the kind of hair that we see in magazines and on television. You know the kind— shiny, glossy, luscious, and perfect. While we’ll never be able to achieve the kind of hair produced with photoshop, there are a number of ways to improve the health of our hair and get it looking much better. And the best part is many of these methods can be achieved from the comfort of your home with ingredients you probably already have!

Some of the following DIY hair tips may be a little weird and unconventional, but they do work. Sometimes you just have to have an open mind and be willing to try anything to get results! Read on to find out what hair tips you should know about.

20 Repair Your Hair With Aspirin

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Who knew aspirin could repair more than just a headache? That’s right, you can use aspirin to repair damaged hair. Just crush one up, mix into your regular shampoo, and wash as normal. This will also help to get rid of any dullness from your hair, as well as any build-up that the shampoo just can’t get rid of.

19 Make A Hair Mask With Avocado

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Just when you thought avocado couldn’t be any more amazing! There are a number of recipes for avocado hair masks making the rounds on the internet, all of them promising to leave your hair rejuvenated and shiny. Some people simply like to mash avocado, mix it with an essential oil such as peppermint, and apply it to the hair.

18 Condition Your Hair With Mayonnaise

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If you ever get tired of regular old conditioner, you could always try mayonnaise! Though this ingredient sounds better suited to the kitchen, it can actually leave your hair feeling ridiculously glossy. Simply massage mayonnaise onto your wet hair, focusing on the ends. Leave it for around 20 minutes and then wash as usual.

17 Use Cans To Add Volume

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Rather than using heat styling for volume, you can use objects that you probably have lying around the house. Namely cans, bananas, or even toilet paper rolls. Wet your hair and then roll it around the cylindrical object. Allow to dry, and voila! Volume and curls without any heat styling!

16 Remove Dandruff With Baking Soda

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Dandruff can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, but luckily, there are quite a few ways of dealing with it. One more unconventional way is with baking soda. Just mix baking soda and water to create a paste and then paint it onto your scalp. You only need to leave it for 10 minutes or so, but the results will be amazing!

15 Help Hair Grow With Coconut Oil

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Who doesn’t want longer hair? Though there are a lot of chemical-based products on the market that swear they’ll make your hair grow, you could also try the all-natural coconut oil. Make a mask with two warmed tablespoons of coconut oil, an egg, and two tablespoons of olive oil. Coat on your hair and rinse off after a few minutes.

14 Use A Toothbrush Instead Of A Comb


A comb may be your go-to hair tool, but you might also consider trying a toothbrush to deal with those annoying fly-a-ways. If you’re trying to get your baby hairs to lie flat against your head, coat the toothbrush in a little hairspray and then simply brush it over your hairline.

13 Add Sugar To Your Hair Color

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When you’re applying hair color at home, add a little sugar into the mix before lathering it on your hair. Why? When you do this, there is a small chemical reaction that stops the hair color from irritating your scalp. If you’ve struggled with an itchy scalp after coloring your hair, this tip if for you!

12 Repair Hair With Almond Oil

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Is your hair dry and damaged? It might be time to get the almond oil out! Some beauty gurus recommend heating up almond oil gently until it is warm and then applying it to the hair. After leaving it for half an hour, rinse it out and wash your hair as you normally would.

11 Wear Your Hair Down Every Now And Then

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A really simple trick you can do to achieve healthier hair is just leaving it down every now and then. It can be tricky if your job requires you to wear it up, but leaving it down as often as you can will stop the hair from pulling so much.

10 Moisturize Your Hair With Eggs

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Eggs really do seem like an ingredient that belong in the kitchen, but this just might be the best conditioner your hair has ever tasted. Apply half a cup of egg whites to clean, damp hair and then rinse off with cool water after leaving for 20 minutes. Then sit back and watch the shine!

9 Swap Teasing For Apple Cider Vinegar


Teasing can achieve a really nice bounce and a volume boost. But for an alternative that doesn’t leave you with so many knots, you could try apple cider vinegar. Apply a mixture of ACV and warm water to your hair and rinse off after five minutes or so. You should be left with a nice bounce!

8 Condition Your Hair Before You Swim


Planning on going for a swim? Just like you protect your skin with sunscreen, you should protect your hair with conditioner. This will help to guard your hair from chemicals that you find in chlorinated pools. Especially after a long summer of swimming, you’ll be thankful you followed this tip!

7 Get Rid Of Frizz With Hand Lotion


There are endless anti-frizz products on the market, but the answer to your frizz problems might be in your handbag. Try rubbing a small amount of hand lotion into the frizzy areas of your hair. This trick is only meant to be used every now and then since hand lotion isn’t really made for hair!

6 Lighten Your Hair Naturally

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Unfortunately, lightening your hair usually requires harsh bleach that can be really damaging. But there may be a natural alternative! Why not try honey, lemon, or chamomile tea? These natural lighteners can just be added to the water when you wash your hair. You’ll see that they will slightly and subtly lighten your hair.

5 Use Honey To Get Super Shiny Hair


Speaking of honey, the ingredient not only works to naturally lighten your hair but also to make it shine like it’s never shone before! Simply add around two or three tablespoons of honey to your wet hair and let it soak for half an hour. After that, you’ll find your hair is impossibly shiny.

4 Make Your Own Conditioner


Why buy conditioner when you can make your own? The internet is full of recipes for the perfect conditioner, so do some research and find one that suits your hair type. Many beauty gurus recommend using natural conditioner that’s made from eggs and yogurt, as it will be packed with protein that your hair will love.

3 Only Condition The Ends

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The top mistake that most people make when using conditioner is applying it to the whole head. Not only does this waste the product, but it also makes your hair unnecessarily oily. The only part of your hair that actually needs conditioner is the ends, which are the oldest part!

2 Check Your Products For Sulfates

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It might be a good idea to start reading the labels on the back of your hair-care products. Anything with sulfates in them might strip your hair of essential oils as well as give it a good clean. After long-term use, they could leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. If this becomes a problem, try going sulfate-free.

1 Stop Washing Your Hair Every Day

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This may be hard to hear if you have naturally oily hair, but washing it every day really isn’t advisable. Daily washes make your hair overproduce oil to compensate, which actually makes it greasier. Try to wash it every third day, or every second day at least, to keep that grease at bay.

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