Wedding Dress Fails: 16 Times Famous Stars Shocked All Of Us

Why should wedding dresses all look the same? Why should they all be white and puffy and ridiculously impractical? Just because something is "a tradition" doesn't mean that you have to follow it. Your wedding is your day to celebrate your love with your family and friends so why should your dress look like everyone else's? Why not wear something that captures your personality and aesthetic? Though more and more people are opting to wear non-traditional wedding dresses at the weddings, celebrities have been doing it for a long time. When it comes to celebrity weddings, almost everyone is trying to one-up everyone else by having the most unique ceremony, venue, and gown because People magazine has an exclusive and they want to make sure that they catch people's attention as they are checking out at the grocery store.

These are the most non-traditional, wacky, extravagant, ridiculous, and impractical wedding dresses in Hollywood that should inspire you to be true to yourself on your wedding day because it's your day and you should be true to yourself--even if you decide to wear a camouflage dress. These weddings dresses may have shocked the general public but they are, nevertheless, iconic for being so unique. Wearing a bikini as a wedding dress? Iconic. Wearing a cape? Iconic. Spending millions on one dress? Iconic. See for yourself which dresses you love and which ones you love to hate.

16 Oodles of Doodles

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were once one of Hollywood's most celebrated power couples since they first got together in 2005. However, it took nine years for them to finally tie-the-knot...and then were divorced only two years later. Their wedding was very understated and traditional with only 20 guests in attendance (about half of the guests were Jolie's children) but the bride's ensemble was definitely unconventional. Her custom made veil was covered in doodles that were drawn by her six children. Jolie has always been known for her eccentrics and for her love for her many children so this veil was definitely on brand for her and it truly is one of a kind. We only wish that Brangelina could have stayed together forever.

15 She's Still an Emo Girl At Heart

It may be 2017 but Avril Lavigne is never going to give up her skater/rock chick aesthetic so of course when she married Nickelback frontman, Chad Kroeger, in 2013, she wore a black dress. Their entire ceremony was gothic themed and it looked like an emo kid's dream come true. The ceremony took place in a reconstructed medieval castle in France after only a year of being together (they got engaged only a month after they started dating). The "Complicated" singer not only wore a black dress but also a black veil and carried black roses because apparently a black dress isn't edgy enough for Lavigne. While most of us have grown up and grown out of our emo/gothic phase, Lavigne is still very dedicated to her "edgy" persona. If it didn't make us cringe with second-hand embarrassment, we might actually find it impressive.

14 Inspired by Disney?

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This wedding dress that Katie Price wore for her first wedding in 2004 is one of the most horrific dresses ever created and even she hates it. The dress was said to be inspired by Disney princesses and it had a tulle skirt that measured about 16 feet wide with thousands of hand-sewn Swarovski crystals. It's no wonder that she considers this dress her biggest fashion faux pas because it is truly hideous. Though it is said to be Disney-inspired, it looks more like Disney threw up on it. If you don't know who Katie Price is, she can pretty much be summed up as a "professional celebrity" meaning that she has pretty much done anything and everything in order to stay famous by starting out as a model and then trying her hand at music, acting, writing, and fashion designing. While she isn't well-known in the U.S., she is very famous in Britain.

13 A Very Redneck Wedding

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There's a reason why there are so many weddings on reality shows and it's all about the numbers. Televised weddings bring in viewers and loads of sponsorship deals so, of course, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo had to get in on it. Mama June married her boyfriend Sugar Bear in an extremely redneck ceremony and the bride and groom both wore camouflage ensembles with orange accents. While the bridesmaids all got to wear pink, the groomsman had to wear matching camouflage suits with orange vests. Of course, this "reality" TV wedding was about as real as the rest of reality TV but it definitely shocked a lot of viewers. While we will never forget this dress, we're pretty sure that Mama June wants to forget it after she divorced Sugar Bear and had her own show From Not to Hot in which she slimmed down and found a new sense of confidence.

12 Get in Formation

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Solange has always had a daring fashion sense and we love her for it. She had her wedding in New Orleans and rode into the ceremony on a bike, wearing a jumpsuit. She then changed into a gorgeous white gown that included a long, flowing cape instead of the traditional veil. Another non-traditional aspect of her wedding was that the bridal party all wore white which was a great choice because they all look phenomenal. Solange had a total of six outfit changes which has become the norm for celebrity weddings because apparently one dress just isn't enough. All of her dresses were white and she matched her husband, Alan Ferguson, and son, Daniel Julez who also wore white. Beyonce calls the photo above "the dopest wedding photo of all time." We agree.

11 Pretty in Pink


Gwen Stefani's marriage to Gavin Rossdale may be ancient history but history will never forget her iconic dress. The top half of her ensemble may be traditional but the pink on the bottom is definitely unique. Considering that it is a custom Christian Dior dip-dyed and hand-painted gown, it is one of a kind. Stefani was one of the first celebrities to embrace the non-traditional wedding dress color and many have followed in her footsteps. The dress was such a hit that she actually wore it again for the couple's vow renewal ceremony. She eventually donated the dress to the Victoria & Albert museum because she believed that it was a “a piece of art” and it was exhibited in the museum's 2014 Wedding Dresses exhibition. If she and Blake Shelton get married, she's going to have a hard time trying to top this dress!

10 Heidi Klum's Circus

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If there is one thing that we know about Heidi Klum is that she loves to dress up. While the supermodel and Seal were still married, they renewed their vows every year and each ceremony was even more theatrical than the last. One ceremony was officiated by an Elvis Presley impersonator and Seal wore a mullet and Klum wore braids and in another ceremony, Klum wore an elaborate mask and Seal donned a pirate hat. After the two divorced, the singer revealed that the vow renewal ceremony was all Klum's idea and he wasn't very fond of it and likened it to a "circus." While it may seem a little impractical and eccentric, we're going to have to side with Klum on this one because it honestly looks like a lot of fun. Seal is definitely a buzzkill.

9 To Catch a Predator

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Though Courtney Stodden's wedding dress was indeed shocking, it was the marriage itself that shocked everyone. Stodden was only 16 when she married 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchinson after they had met through an online acting course that he taught. The event left his career (at least what was left of it) in shambles after his agent quit, his family disowned him, and no one in Hollywood would work with him. Stodden's wedding dress may be fairly traditional but what's not traditional is a 16-year-old getting married. Stodden may look older than she is but that doesn't mean that it's okay for her to be objectified and it definitely doesn't mean that she should be allowed to marry a man who is older than her father. After two and a half years, the two separated and we just hope that everyone stays as far away from Hutchinson as possible.

8 80s Fashion Strikes Again

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In 1989, British actors, Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh seemed like a match made in heaven...even if her wedding dress looks like it was hand-picked by the devil himself. Being the quirky, fun-loving, and eccentric person that she is, she opted for a borderline theatrical ensemble with mismatched patterns, bizarre sleeve detail, and cockamamy mini veil. Remember, this was the 80s and 80s fashion was a little less subtle than it is today but even this wacky look shocked the general public. This strange dress may not have aged well but it is definitely memorable and it suits the actress well--and its eccentricity is strangely endearing. There are a lot of celebrity wedding dresses out there but there are none that have this level of eccentricity...or that many mismatching patterns.

7 A Trashy Affair

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You'd think that after marrying someone after only 4 days of knowing them, you'd be a little hesitant to get back up on the horse, but after she divorced her first husband, Tommy Lee in 1998, she got engaged to Marcus Schenkenberg before breaking it off. She then got engaged to Kid Rock and the two were married in 2006. For the ceremony, Anderson wore a small white mini dress before she changed into an even more revealing white bikini and a sailor's hat to top it off. Her ensemble was unconventional, non-traditional, and very bizarre but it was very on brand for Anderson who has always enjoyed showing off her assets. As strange and shocking as the look is, the ensemble is iconic and will live forever in infamy.

6 That's Way Too Much Dress

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When Mariah Carey married Tommy Mottola in 1993, her gown was so big and so hideous that she had to hide it with a massive bouquet that is almost as big and just as ugly as the dress. The Vera Wang dress was $25,000 (can you believe that someone actually paid for that thing?) and it had a 27-foot-long train. That's a lot of fabric! The wedding took place in New York and cost roughly $500,000. The couple separated only four years afterwards. Though it was revealed this year that Carey burned her wedding dress that she planned on wearing in her wedding to her ex-fiancé, James Packer (which cost $250,000!), we hope that she burned this dress too because it needs to be thrown on the fire. The relationship between Carey and Mottola is ancient history but that wedding dress will be etched into our brains forever.

5 What is She Wearing?!

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And the award for the ugliest and most impractical wedding dress goes to.....Lady Mary Charteris. First of all, who is this woman? She is a model/ DJ/ singer, comes from British aristocracy, and has a lot of famous friends. Second question...why did she choose to wear such a ridiculous dress? Well, she decided to go with the designer Pam Hogg who is best known for dressing Lady Gaga. Now remember this was in 2012 so that was around the time that Lady Gaga was still wearing meat dresses and jackets covered in Kermit the Frog.  Charteris' ensemble was made up of a tulle skirt, a flower crown, a chunky necklace, sheer sleeves, and a bizarre cutaway details that showed off her figure. This is just a thought but maybe it isn't the best idea to wear a wedding dress that reveals your belly button.

4 A Bedazzled Beehive

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Now remember, this was the 90s and this ensemble is a product of its time. When Celine Dion married her manager Rene Angelil, she decided to wear a big, extravagant, and impractical gown that, despite being enormous, is fairly traditional. What isn't traditional is the bedazzled beehive on her head. Her tiara was made from 2,000 Austrian crystals, weighed about seven pounds, and had to have it sewn into her hair for it to stay on. We don't know exactly how much her entire ensemble cost but we do know that it is one of the most expensive in Hollywood history. The lace fabric alone cost $25,000! At the time of her wedding, Dion was already a huge star and the ceremony was such a big event that it was broadcast live on Canadian television.

3 Black or White?

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While Carrie Bradshaw wore a white Vivienne Westwood dress in her wedding to Mr. Big in Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker wore a a very different wedding dress in real life. The actress married Matthew Broderick in 1997 she opted for a black Morgane Le Fay dress that was chic and stylish...at least she thought it was at the time. Parker has since said in an interview with her old friend Andy Cohen that she only chose the black dress because she didn't want to spend a lot of time looking for a proper wedding dress (this is something that Carrie would never say) but if she were to do it all over again, she would "wear a beautiful, proper wedding dress, like I should have worn that day." Regardless, her black wedding dress is iconic and very 90s.

2 Eight Weddings, Eight Dresses

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Elizabeth Taylor was married eight different times which means that she got to wear many different dresses. Her first marriage was to Conrad "Nicky" Hilton (Paris Hilton's great uncle) and she wore a very traditional white dress and her dresses got more and more unique as the years went by. For her third marriage to Eddie Fisher, she wore a green dress and then just a few days after her divorce was finalized, she married Richard Burton and wore a yellow dress with a flower crown. Though she divorced Burton, they were remarried and she wore a hippie-inspired dress with flowing sleeves and a rainbow-like print. Her eighth marriage was to Larry Fortensky, a construction worker who she met while in rehab. For her final wedding, she wore a very extravagant and very yellow dress. While each of her non-traditional dresses were a shock to the general public, the fact that she was divorced and married so many times was what really shocked people.

1 I Love Lucy Meets The Munsters

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Considering that this was a wedding between Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese, it's easy to see why this ceremony is so...unique. The bride carried a bouquet of blood red roses and wore a corseted purple taffeta gown by Vivenne Westwood and it is as shocking, gorgeous, and unconventional as she is. The ceremony itself was described by Vogue as an "Edward Scissorhands landscape" and "I Love Lucy meets The Munsters" which weirdly makes sense. Marilyn Manson is known as a shocking and controversial rock star so it's no wonder why he'd have a weird wedding to match his persona. He and the burlesque queen seemed like a weird, gothic match made in heaven, they were divorced only a year after they were married. While the marriage itself didn't last long enough to make an impression, the wedding and the purple dress won't be forgotten anytime soon.

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