15 Best Sites For Keeping Up With The Latest Fashion Trends

For those that love to shop, blog, inspire, Insta, tweet, Pin, share, chat and read all about fashion, we’re divulging all the best websites for keeping up with the latest trends. It can be hard to sort through the mess of the Internet and as well as what and who is walking on the runways and showing up on the red carpet. Which is why we’ve dug and found the right spots to do the dirty work for you and your closet.

With these 15 websites, you’ll learn all about what’s hot, what’s in, what’s out and what looks good on your body with your style, know-how and means. Gather round, start clicking through and allow all of these fashionistas, stylists, bloggers, editors and the like to help you round out your closet, your wardrobe and polish up your personal style.

15 Atlantic Pacific

Over at Atlanta Pacific, you’ll find tons of daily outfit inspiration as well as what’s on trend and in the moment. Blair Eadie is the mind and body behind this personal style blog with a lot of NYC-flair infused in her posts, wardrobe and style. If you’re looking for ideas on what’s chic, then this is the gal that you’ll want to follow and learn from. Even the locations to her daily blogs are inspirational!

14 The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni started The Blonde Salad as a simple blog but it has grown into a self-proclaimed “source of inspiration and style for millions in Italy and around the world.” The fashionista behind it all collaborates with major Fashion Houses, graces the covers of magazines and uses the platform she’s created to sprinkle fashion and all of its ideas and trends around to all of her readers. Everyday is a day full of creative fashion at this popular spot.

13 The Style Line

The Style Line showcases bouts of personal style intertwined with stories to read. It’s similar to an online magazine but it comes fully packed with instant fashion inspiration. It’s a place that evolved into something so much more special than a simple Tumblr blog and it’s full of nooks and crannies where you can find trending ideas to pack your closet with.

12 Harper’s Bazaar

Just like the print magazine, Harper’s Bazaar online will too provide you with tons of fashion inspiration and give you the scoop on the latest trends for a variety of styles. Everything from fashion week 4-1-1’s to collection spreads that will blow your mind, they’ve got it all for the clothes-hungry gal who loves to experiment and update her wardrobe with something fresh.

11 Style

Style.com, also known as Vogue, is similar to Harper’s Bazaar in the fact that it’s a print gone viral. You’ll find ready-to-wear options at your beck-and-call, street style inspiration and runaway collections that will give you the lowdown on the latest in fashion and what’s inspiring seasons to come. You can even get the details on what’s happening around the world in fashion with the click of a button - whoever your heart or closet desires to look!

10 The Fashion Spot

The Fashion Spot has so much to love in terms of spotting trends in both the fashion world and the beauty world too! They’ll give you the immediate scoop on new ideas hitting the runway and how to dress and concoct new outfits for the upcoming seasons. More like an online community of fashion-lovers all around, it’s a forum for lots of talk about creativity and expressing yourself through your clothes.

9 Target Style

Where are all of the Target lovers at? It’s hard not to be led astray in all nooks and crannies of this red and white store that seems to have it all and at amazing prices. And thankfully, Target Style is a spot where you can get inspired by the creatives behind the goods and real-life people using this bull’s-eye of a store to empower their everyday looks.

8 Who What Wear

If you visit Who What Wear you’ll find the latest in not only fashion design but also celebrity fashion and trending pieces. You’ll see who is wearing what, how to wear it and what style suits you best. It’s a continuous burst of inspiration that you’ll be able to scour and get inspired by everyday for hours on end.

7 Lauren Conrad

LC from the Hills has really made a splash in the fashion world. She has ready-to-wear pieces at Kohls but she’s also created an online hub that inspires women all over in a lot of lifestyle nooks. Most importantly, she’s on top of the trends for the chicer, more sophisticated, romantic and prettier of styles. Check out Lauren Conrad for the most whimsical of fashion scoops.

6 Glamour

At Glamour readers will find real-life ladies and bloggers that are staying on top on the trends and also creating them. Be the first to know what’s in, what’s out and what’s happening by following every new post and outfit feature. You’ll also get your daily dose of celebrity-inspired fashion as well; which is great for those that are looking for a lot of different types of creativity.

5 Refinery 29

Refinery 29 has a lot of great material but their fashion niche is one of the best. From styling tips to college street looks, they’ve got it all ready for us to become inspired by. It’s the fastest growing independent fashion and style website in the U.S. right now and it’s ready to help develop some of the most stylish and creative women in the world.

4 Dailylook

If you’re more modern in your style than you may want to invest some time in Dailylook. You can shop, find the trendies of looks everyday and learn how to wear specific trends in the real-world all in one easy spot. They curate looks based on budgets, body shape and personal style, making it one of the most easy-to-use of sites on the list.

3 In Style

Here’s another print source that’s taken and made its mark online as well. In Style has always been a big player in letting women know, well, what’s “in style,” and the present day is no exception to that. They have what’s hot now, looks of the day, celeb information and style plus beauty ideas too! There’s even a nook of the site that’s all about red-carpet fashion for those that dream of walking it one day themselves.

2 Elle

If Elle magazine is your fav then make sure you’re stopping by the site too to grab the most recent scoop in the world of fashion. They have tons of beauty and fashion tips for everyday people to elevate their style, find accessories to compliment outfits and know what they need to keep their wardrobe up-to-date and timeless all at once.

1 Style Caster

It’s hard not to become inspired just by the homepage of Style Caster. They have a knack for introducing people to new retailers, featuring clever articles all about the fashion world and showcasing street style that will help everyone else stay on top of the latest trends. And don’t worry, they’re covering fashion weeks and runway shows on a consistent basis as well, so they’re not missing a cranny of this creative world either.

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