We Tried It: A Review Of CoverGirl's 'Flourish By Lash Blast' Mascara

Typically speaking, women tend to fall into two main groups when it comes to mascara. Some mascara users are really into their mascara and have tried it all. They have their absolute favorites, their backup favorites and a long list of "will do in a pinch mascaras" for when they are traveling. Then there are those who don't care much (or at all) about this lash makeup. As long as it works decently at enhancing their eyeballs, they are good to go, preferring to put all of their focus, energy, and makeup funds into all other products for the face.

No matter which side of the fence that you fall on, this review for CoverGirl's new mascara, "Flourish by Lash Blast" is a must-read. We'll let the mascara-obsessed know if this one is worth adding to their overflowing collection or not, and we'll also be able to inform the "Who Cares About Mascara?" club if this is a good one to stash away in their makeup bags for moments that require some extra lash-love.

Flourish by Lash Blast comes with a large and slightly curved wand applicator.

We'll get right to it. The verdict? Excellent! I started by choosing a color. The choices include brown, brown/black, black and very black. Since I have hazel eyes, I have always been told that brown/black is a better color for my mascara to highlight my eyes. Typically, I tend to go with the black or very black colors but I decided to heed the advice of the internet and ultimately chose brown/black. If you have not looked up your eye color to see which shade of mascara will look best on you, please do! This really made all the difference in making my eyes pop with the help of this product.

Personally, I lean more towards the mascara-obsessed end of the spectrum, but I'm closer to the middle. I have my favorite brands and enjoy wearing mascara but I'm not too nuts about it and have not tried everything out there.

That being said, I have used a pretty wide variety of both high and low-end mascara brands over the years. The first thing that I noticed is that the mascara is in a very cool shape. It seems to be ergonomic so that it is easily found at the bottom of a bag and it is easy to grasp as well. The applicator wand is slightly curved and the formula (we think this is the best part!) is super light and applies like a dream.

CoverGirl's new mascara, Flourish by Lash Blast, is officially here!


Quickly, the applicator wand delivered a light but an effective coat of color and bit of plump to my lashes. I tend to be the kind of person who uses many coats. Not needed here! I applied it twice, went to apply it a third time but I stopped when I saw that my lashes were well-coated.

One huge positive to this mascara is that it isn't clumpy AT ALL. Zero clumpage. No separating of the lashes necessary with this one. It truly looks natural, and because it's from CoverGirl, another positive is the price. I purchased this mascara for $9 at the drugstore.

The slightly curved wand allows for a super clean application every time. If you are like me and appreciate a clean mascara wand with every dip, you will not be disappointed by Flourish.

If you are the type who happens to love natural makeup, homemade ingredients and things like essential oils, you will be pleased to know that Flourish by Lash Blast contains coconut oil, avocado oil, and papaya oil. That being said, this tropical-sounding mascara actually smells quite lovely. After finding out that this beauty product had been infused with so much yummy fruity goodness, I had to give it the scent test!

About their own product, CoverGirl says, "Treat your lashes to lush ingredients, including coconut oil, avocado oil, and papaya oil." The company goes on to insist that their newest mascara has a "creamy formula" which "coats lashes from root to tip for lash definition and length without the clumps."

This mascara is perfect for everyday wear and would even work well on nights out on the town. Flourish by Lash Blast seems to fit the bill perfectly for someone like myself who wants their lashes to stand out a bit more but does not want to go overboard and have the tell-tale evidence of mascara-use such as clumps or small dots of dried mascara "goo" shedding throughout the day.

Overall, I give this mascara a 9/10. It just may become my new go-t0 lash product, minus one point for only having four colors. Although Flourish's four are pretty much the standard, I would have liked to see a navy option. At under ten bucks a pop, it won't hurt your wallet to try this new mascara out the next time you run out.

If you are in the mood for a tropical getaway this summer but an actual vacation does not seem to be in the cards, take a chance on brand new Flourish by Lash Blast in the CoverGirl section.

Happy lashing!


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