We Tried It: A Review Of Benefit's 'Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation'

Hello, happy girl! That's what I said (in my head so I didn't look like a weirdo) after I looked in the mirror after having Benefit Cosmetics' new line of 'Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation' applied to my face at my local Benefit Cosmetics Boutique & Brow Bar. I have a fair amount of dark spots and other imperfections on my face and the dark spots are especially unfortunate because, as you can tell by the photo of my hands, I have a very fair complexion. To put things into context, I have been compared to Casper The Friendly Ghost on more than one occasion. So dark spots and any sort of little marks really stand out on my face.

Foundation is an easy answer to that sort of problem but I have always been one who is reluctant to try foundations because I don't like the idea of having heavy layers on my face all day. But in the name of reviews, I decided to take a trip to Benefit to see if their new range, 'Hello Happy', was a foundation that was worth writing about.

I had Benefit Cosmetics' new 'Hello Happy' foundation matched to my skin tone and applied to my hands to conceal red marks. It's not too hard to tell which hand had the foundation on, is it? Thank you, Benefit Cosmetics Boutique & Brow Bar!


The first thing that I noticed when I stepped inside Benefit Cosmetics Boutique & Brow Bar was that I felt like I had been shrunken down and placed inside a vintage Barbie dream house. Pink, chic, glamour... it's an attitude in this store. My mother was nice enough to come along with me for foundation support and she commented on how "princess-y" the boutique felt. I definitely felt at least a few extra levels of girly just for walking through the door. That's a pretty positive sign for a makeup boutique.

The makeup artist was extremely kind and not pushy whatsoever. She did a great job of explaining all of the products and their functions to me. She started by applying a serum to my skin which felt and smelled amazing thanks to the vitamin C and essential oils that it contained. While that was busy deliciously soaking into my skin, she applied the 'Hello Happy' foundation to one of my hands so that I could see the difference in the removal of red marks (on/near my knuckles on the backs of my hands). Wow! After just a minute or two, I noticed a huge change for the better. As you can see for yourself in the photo, one hand looks a bit worse for wear while the other looks smooth and blemish-free.

With 12 beautiful shades to choose from, you're bound to find your perfect match at Benefit!

The makeup artist confirmed that there are 12 lovely shades as of now in the new 'Hello Happy' foundation line. 12 shades may not seem like a huge range, but because 'Hello Happy' is intended to be a light-medium coverage foundation, each shade is intended to be able to fit a variety of skin tones, and according to the company, most will be able to find an excellent match. If you are interested in trying 'Hello Happy' but are nervous about Benefit not carrying your shade, pop into your local store and get matched in person for free, so that you won't have any issues in finding out what your true number is. Chances are, you'll find a match, but when it comes to makeup, trial-and-error can sometimes be the WORST.

Besides my hands, the makeup artist was kind enough to apply my shade of foundation to my face and she even fixed up my brows as well, since Benefit Cosmetics Boutique & Brow Bar is known for their eyebrow expertise (duh, look at their name!). After having a mini-makeover at Benefit, I have to say that I was very pleased with my "after look" and if any product was going to sway me into joining the foundation club, this just might be the one.

Since the closest Benefit Cosmetics Boutique & Brow Bar to me was about an hour away, I decided to make a day of the trip and ended up wearing the foundation for the entire time. After putting the foundation to the ultimate test, a hot summer day, I have to say that 'Hello Happy' feels very silky and comfortable. I experienced no issues whatsoever. This foundation has a beautiful finish and felt light on my skin.

The bottom line: If you are in the market for a new foundation anyway and happen to have a Benefit Cosmetics Boutique & Brow Bar near or somewhat near to you, stop in and get matched. You won't have much to lose, and while you're there, you can enjoy the adorable pink atmosphere!

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The makeup artist told me that their new line is made to compete with a brand of foundation from Clinique. She confessed that she used to wear Clinique's foundation but finds that 'Hello Happy' performs the same. There is one major difference that you should be aware of. Instead of carrying a hefty price tag, 'Hello Happy' foundation costs a little less than $30. For a higher-end makeup product, that is not bad at all!

At the end of the day, I found myself not wanting to wash my face off. Before I went to sleep, I did end up washing my face thoroughly but I didn't feel that I needed to, which often happens when I wear a full face of makeup. In fact, I forgot that I was wearing this foundation for a while! I am still not sure if I am ever going to wear foundation on a daily basis but I wouldn't mind wearing 'Hello Happy' again.

The product was light on the skin while also providing great coverage, the color matched excellently (which was a concern, as there are only 12 shades in the line -- and as we know, one shade does not fit all!), and the price is right. All in all, I'm giving the 'Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation' and the Benefit Boutique experience a 10/10!

Thank you, Benefit Cosmetics Boutique & Brow Bar!


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