We Ranked The Zodiacs From Most To Least Forgiving

No one likes to be hurt, betrayed, or disrespected. In fact, it's safe to say that we all dislike feeling those certain emotions. However, some people are notorious for forgiving others quickly and painlessly while others live with grudges their entire lives. Whether a guy can't forgive his sister for keeping a family secret from him for decades or a girl forgives her boyfriend for cheating on her, there are a wide array of reasons why we all act differently around how forgiving we tend to be. Many people can hold grudges for a lifetime, which may serve them well, while others chose to forgive and forget. As a result, it is evident to see that we all have different approaches towards accepting forgiveness and giving people a break when they make a mistake or hurt us in some way.

But now, we've decided to turn our attention to the mystical stars. Astrology can shed some light on who are the most forgiving people and who are the ones that are notorious for holding grudges. Take a peek into the unique world of the zodiacs and see how you fair when it comes to forgiving someone for something they may have done.

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24 Every Pisces Guy Will Hand Out A Million Chances To The Ones That They Adore


A Pisces guy will give out a million opportunities, one freedom after another, after being hurt. In fact, it doesn't matter how many fights or arguments they've endured with someone, they are guys that tend to get attached quickly with the people that they genuinely care about. As a result, they just refuse to let go of the people that they hold dear. They avoid having to lose anyone that means a significant amount to them. A Pisces guy who rarely if ever is fully capable of letting anyone go. Therefore, a Pisces guy is surely going to give their partner or anyone for that matter the benefit of the doubt after being betrayed or hurt by this individual. Even if you've proven to be distrustful, a Pisces guy will never be able to let you out of their lives completely.

23 Every Pisces Women Can Become Easily Attached To Someone And Is Quick To Forgive


Just like a Pisces guy, Pisces women tend to take things very personally. In fact, they are sensitive creatures who are capable of feeling things on a whole other level. As a result, they tend to have the ability to forgive others with incredible ease. Being so in tune with their emotions doesn't provide them an opportunity to hold grudges. Being so fast to forgive is an excellent character trait of the Pisces lady. However, she will never completely forget the hurt or betrayal that someone else caused her. In the end, she will always be surrounded by friends who she trusts and will always have their backs, no matter what has happened in the past. Therefore, if you are looking for a best friend, a Pisces female is definitely someone who makes a quality girlfriend.

22 An Aquarius Man Will Always Go Back To Their Lover Even If They Hurt Them


An Aquarius man can often cause friendship troubles because his friends get upset that he continues to go back to someone who has repeatedly hurt them in the past. In fact, an Aquarius gentleman is notorious for ending up in an almost relationships. Never quite being able to seal the deal with anyone, but getting very close. Being a hopeless romantic, an Aquarius guy will try anything and everything to make a possible relationship work out in his favor. However, his efforts are often not met with the same enthusiasm by the other person involved. As a result, the Aquarius guy is usually the one who gives it their all in any romantic relationship, even if that means putting in more work than their partners. They just can't help themselves.

21 An Aquarius Female Will Constantly Find Herself In An On-Again-Off-Again Romantic Relationship


Are you an Aquarius lady who can't seem to find a stable romantic relationship? Are you a man who happens to be in love with an Aquarius woman but worried about the future? The Aquarius lady is incredibly bold, fierce, and independent. In fact, the Aquarius woman is often the one who exudes stability and thinks of things from a logical perspective. She always finds herself in on-again-off-again romantic relationships. Although she claims to have a good head on her shoulder, she has a tough time making a real relationship work. Being drawn to passionate people who may not be good for her emotional nature, she is usually the one getting hurt in relationships because of her trusting nature. In the end, an Aquarius woman is someone who loves and cares deeply for those closest to her. Therefore, she forgives easily where she thinks forgiveness is deserved.

20 Break A Cancer Guys Heart, He Will Still Come Crawling Back


You can break a Cancer guy's heart in two, and they will still come running back for more. In fact, Cancer men are a sign that is very easy when it comes to forgiveness. They are not ones to hold grudges, especially towards people that they hold dear in their lives. A Cancer guy really doesn't need much regarding justification or a willingness to change the behavior that hurt him to forgive. As a result, Cancer men are often taken advantage of by a partner who doesn't respect their gentle nature. Cancer guys are welcoming creatures who will open their arms when you are ready to come back into their lives. Being so kind and positive can sometimes be their downfall when it comes to romantic relationships.

19 A Cancer Woman Doesn't Need A Proper Apology To Forgive


Cancer women love the idea of love. In fact, all they want to come home to every single day is someone who is there to bring love into their lives. All a Cancer woman wants is your attention. That is why no matter how badly you hurt her, she will always end up forgiving you. It may take some time, but she will happily let bygones be bygones and welcome you into her heart with open arms. As a result, the Cancer female is someone who is incredibly kind but ambitious at the same time. Therefore, she has a passionate nature that makes her attractive to a lot of different guys. In the end, it can be tough for a Cancer woman to figure out what guys are good for her and what guys will end up hurting her. Trusting her intuition is something a Cancer female should work hard to listen to so that she can avoid heartbreak on the regular.

18 A Virgo Man Wishes He Could Stay Mad For Longer


Are you in a romantic relationship with a Virgo guy? If so, you may have found one of the greatest guys out of the entire zodiac. A Virgo man wants to be able to stay mad at the person who hurt them, but they simply don't have it in them. In fact, your Virgo guy will probably hear an apology and instantly forgive you for whatever you may have done. One of their biggest weaknesses is their ability to forgive, without a moments notice. As a result, these confident guys are big softies with hearts of gold that need to be tended to. In the end, a Virgo guy just wants someone who can have someone in their life to adore without feeling guilty for being able to forgive them quickly.

17 A Virgo Female Is Simply Unable To Hold A Grudge, No Matter How Hard She Tries


The Virgo girl can easily get lost in her own thoughts, daydreaming the day away. In fact, love is something she craves on the regular. However, she also is unable to hold a grudge, regardless of the amount of effort she puts in with the attempt at staying mad. As a result, a Virgo female is often the one who can come off as extremely vulnerable in the eyes of her partner which may make him take advantage of her kind nature. In the end, it is best for a Virgo female to find someone who is incapable of hurting her or at least not preying on her vulnerability. While the Virgo woman can be quite difficult to read, once you have her to yourself, you can rest assured that she is all yours, and no one else's.

16 Get A Sagittarius Man Angry, And He Will Blow Up In Your Face Immediately


Be wary of an angry Sagittarius man. If you ever betray him, he will make you know it. In fact, blowing up in your face is classic Sagittarius male behavior. However, this is just their way of coping with the hurt or injustice they feel. Because as soon as they spew all the annoying or hurtful things that they feel towards you, they will be clear of the pain and able to forgive. Being friends with a Sagittarius guy is often very easy because of their incredible ability to forgive after a few expletives have been thrown out. In the end, being understanding of how the Sagittarius man deals with a hurt or betrayal is the best way to approach him when it comes to being forgiven by a Sagittarius guy.

15 The Sagittarius Woman Is Notorious For Saying Things She Can Never Take Back


Are you a Sagittarius women who can't help but spew profanities at the person that hurt you? In love with the adventure-seeking Sagittarius woman? Be wary of hurting or betraying her unless you are ready for some insults to come your way. The Sagittarius woman is fearless. In fact, she can often be found in an argument spewing words that cut through your core. However, she has a carefree vibe about her, being adventurous and fun-loving. As a result, balancing these two parts of herself can be a struggle. Sagittarius women will always follow their heart, no matter what. Wherever her heart, leads the Sagittarius female has no choice but to follow it. In the end, all a Sagittarius girl wants is a man to love who can provide her with the adventure that she searches for in life.

14 A Libra Man Will Forgive Only After He's Said His Peace


Libra men are unafraid of confrontation. In fact, they will make sure to let you know how they feel after a betrayal has occurred. However, if they truly have feelings for you, they will move mountains to ensure that they are able to forgive you for what you may have done to hurt or betray them. The one thing a Libra man hates is feeling awkward when in a romantic relationship. As a result, they will make sure that they don't say anything hurtful to you but just state how they feel to be able to move on from the betrayal. Being the bigger person is necessary for the Libra man to feel like he is keeping his masculinity intact. Being strong helps the Libra man move forward without holding a grudge.

13 A Libra Woman Wants To Make Things Right With Someone She Has To See Regularly


Fallen in love with a Libra lady? As one of the more self-aware signs in the entire zodiac, a Libra woman is known for trying to make things right with anyone who has hurt or betrayed her. In fact, a Libra woman knows what she wants and is unafraid to go out there and grab it. Being so logical and balanced allows the Libra woman to see things from a different perspective. This incredible talent allows the Libra women to forgive fairly easily, especially with someone that she must see on the regular, be it a boss, family member, or lover. Libra women are naturally talented communicators which makes getting into an argument with a Libra women, not the worst thing you could put yourself through.

12 A Leo Man Will Struggle To Forgive Someone Who Has Done Him Wrong


Are you in love with a Leo man but don't know how he'll react to a betrayal that you or someone else may have caused? When it comes to a Leo man, knowing whether or not he is capable of holding a grudge really depends on the type of betrayal that he has endured. Having a family member betray or hurt the Leo man is something he can get over fairly quickly. However, if it's someone he has no attachment or emotion towards, he may find himself keeping a grudge against this person who has hurt or betrayed him. Losing people they love is super hard for any Leo man to comprehend. In the end, all a Leo man wants in life is to have people he can count on close to him.

11 A Leo Female Is Unable To Forgive Someone Whose She Known For A Short-Period Of Time


When it comes to the Leo woman, she will proudly act as if she doesn't care about your betrayal. But in reality, she cares very much. In fact, she is able to bury things under the rug, especially when it involves someone she adores, like her partner, because she too understands the desire to cheat. However, if for some reason her partner is unapologetic about his infidelity or other behaviors causing her to be left hurt, she will act swiftly and aggressively leaving him in the dust. Holding a grudge is not terribly difficult for a Leo woman who has been hurt by someone who doesn't care about how that pain made her feel. In the end, a Leo woman needs people in her life who respect her feelings and wouldn't go out of their way to purposefully hurt her in any way.

10 A Gemini Guy Will Forgive, But He Will Never Forget


Find yourself in a romantic relationship with a Gemini guy, but you've somehow done something to hurt or betray him? Bringing something up out of nowhere is something Gemini guys are known for. In fact, whenever they undergo a hurt or betrayal they are bound to never forget it. As a result, being in a romantic relationship with a Gemini guy after you have hurt or betrayed him can be difficult if you are unprepared. Using the past hurt to subsequently destroy you is a way for the Gemini guy to cope with his emotions and feelings. Even if it seems like they have completely forgiven you for what you have done, they are most likely harboring pent-up feelings that will eventually come back to haunt the relationship in the end.

9 Beware Of A Gemini Female Who Will Re-Hash Something Out Of The Blue


Have you gone and done a Gemini woman wrong by cheating on her or otherwise betraying her trust? A Gemini woman is not someone who is likely to stay around long enough to listen to a contrite apology, she has better things to do. However, if she really has feelings for you she may move forward, appear to have forgiven you completely, only to bring up the situation randomly and throw it back in your face when she finds it convenient. This type of relationship can be harmful to both people involved. However, If you ever think of cheating on a Gemini lady, be prepared for the end of the relationship, dramatically nonetheless. The Gemini woman does not have time to play games with a romantic partner.

8 If You Ever Hurt An Aries Guy, He Will Never Forgive You


While an Aries guy is known to fake his smiles with someone who has broken his trust, he will never be able to truly forgive this individual. In fact, the Aries man will work really hard to maintain peace amongst the two of you, but deep down he will always remember all the hurt and pain that you caused him. Once you lose the deep trust of an Aries guy, it is gone forever, never to be restored to its original glory. From now on, their guard will always be up for anyone who hurts or betrays them, it's something that they can never really let go of completely. In the end, the Aries man is not somehow who forgives easily and will maintain his grudge for a lifetime.

7 An Aries Female May Pretend Like Everything Is Okay, But Really She Has Not Been Able To Forgive You For What You've Done


Typically, an Aries woman will react with rage if she finds out that someone she trusted and loved has betrayed her or caused her pain in any way at all. In fact, while she may put up a good game face, an Aries woman does not like emotional games when it comes to romantic relationships. Regarding her heart, she will guard it against this person and even take on revenge-like qualities depending on how deep the hurt or betrayal is. Depending on her feelings towards this person and the type of deception they have done, she may resolve to accept this person back into her life, after some time apart. Giving the Aries woman her space is vital if you ever want to make things right.

6 Every Taurus Guy Has An Impeccable Memory Making It Seemingly Impossible For Them To Forgive


A Taurus guy has an impeccable memory which makes it incredibly difficult for him to be able to forgive someone for causing him pain. In fact, they remember everyone from their past which has created some semblance of pain in their lives. From their very first heartbreak to the bully from their high school years, a Taurus man is not someone who is capable of forgiving others quickly. As a result, being in a relationship with a Taurus guy can be extremely difficult if you are prone to breaking people's hearts. Holding a grudge is incredibly easy for a Taurus man who is happy to live his life hating your guts. In the end, a Taurus guy is not someone who you want to hurt, because they will remember it for a lifetime.

5 A Taurus Woman Will Remember Every Hurt You've Caused Her


Just like an elephant, a Taurus woman is not someone who can easily forget the hurt or pain that you have caused her. In fact, she is notorious for holding onto grudges like her life depended on it. Breaching her trust is something she simply cannot forget. However, she may save face and make it appear a though she is okay with the situation and claim to have forgiven you for hurting her. But the reality is that she will not hesitate to bring that stuff up at a later, random date in an attempt to destroy you. In the end, breaking a Taurus woman's trust is not something you ever want to do if you care about your romantic relationship. There is no coming back from that betrayal.

4 A Capricorn Guy Has No Shame Cutting People Out If They Have Hurt Him


Capricorn guys do not have difficulty cutting people out of their lives and just completely forgetting that they even exist. In fact, if you ever betray or hurt a Capricorn man, be prepared to no longer be in a romantic relationship with him again. Getting rid of any remnant that you were ever part of their lives is something that Capricorn men are masters of. They will delete you from social media and unfollow you in a heartbeat. If you ever hurt a Capricorn guy, they are unafraid of throwing away all your belongings and burning any memories that the two of you ever shared. In the end, a Capricorn man does not handle betrayal well, they do not feel guilty about their behavior because they believe trust is the vital component of a healthy romantic relationship.

3 A Capricorn Female Is Not Above Deleting Your Number From Her Phone


The Capricorn woman scorned will not go away softly. In fact, she will make a scene if you ever break the news to her in a public space. She wants everyone to know what you've done to her and how much hurt and pain you've caused her to endure. As a result, a Capricorn woman is simply unable to forget any betrayal that you have done. She is not someone who can go away peacefully licking her wounds. She will do anything and everything to cut you out of her life for good. Once you lose a Capricorn woman's trust, it is completely gone for good. In the end, if you do have to break the news of a betrayal to a Capricorn woman, it's probably best to avoid any public spaces when doing so.

2 A Scorpio Guy Is Sure To Get Mad And Stay Mad


A Scorpio man who has been hurt or betrayed is not someone you want to mess with. In fact, they will go out of their way to get others involved in all your messy and dirty drama. Scorpio gents are notorious for sending screenshots of intimate conversations with their friends. In an attempt to get everyone on the side of the Scorpio guy, he will tell his story from his perspective only and make himself out to be the victim in the whole thing. As a result, the woman or the other person in the scenario is depicted as a villain who then is hated by all his friends and loved ones as well. In the end, a Scorpio man struggles to deal with getting hurt or being betrayed.

1 A Scorpio Female Will Even Get Her Friends To Also Hate Your Guts


Every guy out there should beware of the Scorpio woman who has ever been hurt or betrayed by a lover or anyone for that matter. In fact, a Scorpio woman scorned is someone who needs to get her friends and loved ones involved in her relationship drama. There is nothing more a Scorpio woman needs than for her friends to comfort her after being betrayed by conspiring to hate whoever hurt her together. In hate, they bond. Although a Scorpio lady may claim that all is forgiven, revenge is something she knows all too well and will deliver it with grace. In the end, a Scorpio woman will not be satisfied until the person who hurt her undergoes the same pain that was placed on her.

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