We Ranked The Zodiac Signs With The Lowest Self-Esteem (And Why), His & Hers

Confidence is kind of an ever-changing thing. You can be confident in some scenarios and not in others. On the other hand, you might be one of those very lucky people who have all the confidence in the world, or you might be one of those unlucky people who have major self-esteem issues. That honestly mostly depends on how you grew up and where you are in life, rather than your zodiac sign. While some people believe that astrology can even determine that, we think that the stars are less likely to predict your future and more likely to provide an overview of who you are as a person. That being said, your zodiac sign might have a lot more to do with your confidence levels than you think.

While everyone's confidence and self-esteem varies, some zodiac signs definitely have more natural self-confidence than others. Some signs have just about as much self-confidence as you'd expect, while others might surprise you. Either way, all the zodiac signs fall on a spectrum somewhere. This list holds up whether you're a man or a woman.

Going in order from least to most confident, here are the signs ranked by their level of self-esteem.

Make sure to check out your moon sign as well because that can actually change your perspective and help explain why you might feel like your sign should be higher or lower on the list!

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24 Cancer Man: Super Sensitive And Takes Criticism Personally

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The Cancer man has the least amount of self-esteem out of all the men of the zodiac by far. Sorry, Cancers, but your self-esteem tends to suffer hugely because you're the type to be a bit more anxious than the average guy, and by a little, I mean a lot. Cancer guys really can't take criticism and will wilt in the face of it, to the point that some people feel like Cancer guys literally cannot be reasoned with. Full disclosure: one of my best friends is a Cancer man and will tell you himself that he has very little self-esteem. However, as a Cancer, he's fiercely protective of the people he loves and will go to bat for them even when they won't go to bat for themselves. Cancers might not prioritize themselves all that highly, but they certainly love the people around them.

23 Cancer Woman: Cries In The Face Of The Truth

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The Cancer woman has the least self-esteem out of all the women of the zodiac. Again, sorry, Cancers, but it's true. Cancer women are moody and emotional and they'll often cry if they're criticized. They won't do this because they feel like they're being attacked, they'll do it because they feel like they deserve all that criticism and more. That being said, Cancer women are incredible friends when they want to be and loyal like few other signs of the zodiac are. The Cancer woman will make sure you take care of yourself because she knows what it feels like to feel small. Sometimes she'll remember to take her own advice. The only thing Cancer women feel really confident about is their intuition: they generally know when someone is a good person or not. Their intuition is definitely not infallible, though.

22 Virgo Man: Thinks Others Judge Him As Harshly As He Does

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Virgo men hold themselves to the highest possible standard, so when they inevitably don't live up to that standard, they beat themselves up about it. Virgo men live by certain moral ideals, like fairness and humility. That's why even if a Virgo man has good self-esteem, he might not look like he does because he's always trying to be more humble than he has to be. This is the kind of guy who feels like he needs to be Superman in order to deserve anything. The only reason the Virgo guy doesn't have the lowest self-esteem in the zodiac is that in his mind, he doesn't really have time for all that. He just has too much to do to wallow in all the things he can't do. The Virgo man's self-esteem directly correlates to his achievements: if he feels like he's falling short, his self-esteem will plummet.

21 Virgo Woman: She Is Her Own Biggest Critic


The Virgo woman is the queen of discernment: she prides herself on getting to the bottom of any situation and seeing the solution before everyone else. The Virgo woman doesn't rely on her emotions much: she prefers to make decisions based on cold, hard evidence, using her logic to make sense of things. That's all well and good, but when the Virgo woman starts being affected by her emotions, she feels like she's doing something wrong. She's her own biggest critic in this way: Virgo women often gravitate to more emotional signs of the zodiac when they're making friends and they value the emotionality of their friends, but they personally can't operate emotionally that way. To the Virgo woman, making emotional decisions leads to chaos, and if they feel like they're the source of chaos, they're really going to get themselves down about it.

20 Libra Man: Will Disappear Into His Relationships


Libra men know their worth, but they only really know it when they're single. When they don't have anyone else to worry about, a Libra man is decisive and strong. When they're in relationships, however, they tend to do whatever they can to make their other half happy, and no matter how wrong that other half is, the Libra man will see them as their better half. He will disappear into his relationships and become the thing he thinks the other person needs. Libras value harmony, regardless of gender, and the Libra man tries to maintain harmony by leaving every decision to the other person. He doesn't need to assert his own needs: all he thinks he needs is to see the people in his life happy. Because that's not really how life works, the Libra man will get frustrated and his self-image will take several hits.

19 Libra Woman: Doesn't Allow Herself To Have Needs Of Her Own

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Libra women are queens in the most simplistic sense of the word. On some instinctual level, the Libra woman knows this, but to be honest, she will forget that because she's so busy trying to see everyone's point of view. She will literally forget that she has needs and wants on her own. Many people think Libras can't make decisions, and yeah, Libra women can be real agony aunts when they want to be. However, that's a major point of contention for them: they hate this quality about themselves and would get rid of it if they could. The Libra woman is often so attentive to the people in her life, especially when it comes to romantic relationships, that she turns herself into a total doormat. Libras tend to assimilate into their relationships in a weird way, but unlike the Libra man, the Libra woman doesn't take as long to learn this lesson.

18 Pisces Man: Kind Of A Doormat Because He Thinks That's What People Want

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The Pisces man will gladly turn himself into a welcome mat because he thinks that's what people want from him. That being said, the Pisces guy won't make this as much of a habit as other signs with lower self-esteem than him. For the Pisces guy, the whole pushover thing isn't a way of life, it's kind of a defense mechanism. He'll roll over and give someone what they want because he wants to keep them around. However, unlike the other signs that tend to doormat themselves, the Pisces guy has two natures: he's both cute goldfish and terrifying shark when he wants to be. Pisces guys will do whatever it takes to keep you happy, but take advantage of that at your peril, because you will lose him if he feels like you don't respect him. The Pisces guy might have some issues with self-esteem, but he doesn't want to be disrespected.

17 Pisces Woman: Puts On A Confident Face But Is Very Insecure Deep Down

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The Pisces woman is more confident than her male counterpart, but to be honest, that's not really saying very much in comparison to the rest of her fellow women of the zodiac. The Pisces woman is the dreamer of the zodiac, so she's a very gentle and spiritually minded person at heart. However, because she doesn't have an aggressive personality like some other women she knows with other zodiac signs, other people feel like they can steamroll over her, which does do a number on her self-esteem. The Pisces woman will put on a confident face so people don't see her turmoil deep down: despite not being a very competitive person, she does hold herself to very high standards and she never feels like she meets them. The Pisces woman is also aware that she can be really naive and it really bothers her when that naivete gets her into trouble.

16 Capricorn Man: Takes Pride In His Work, Not In Himself

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The Capricorn man appears confident because he can be extremely confident. He's very capable of putting off that vibe. He knows he's a workaholic, and he knows he won't stop until he gets the job done, and that's a description of himself that he's okay with. However, Capricorn men are only really confident in their element, which tends to be a more work-based on. When it comes to aspects of life that he doesn't have experience in and that he can't rely on his skills, he tends to freeze, even choke. This is why some Capricorn men can command the conference room, but tell them to talk to that girl across the room and they just wilt. Capricorn men just forget that they're still the same man in their less confident situations than they are in their more confident ones. Once the Capricorn man learns that, he's unstoppable.

15 Capricorn Woman: Can Be Very Confident, Except With People

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Capricorn women are extremely confident in their element, but much like Capricorn men, they tend to freeze up when they're in a situation they don't know how to deal with. Capricorn women are incredibly stubborn, especially for a sign that isn't Fixed, but that just means that when they make a decision, they're confident in it. It's their self-image that suffers when their self-esteem does. Capricorn women feel like they aren't seen as fun by others, so they feel like their friends kind of see them as boring. Capricorn women aren't boring at all, they're just very serious about what they want and hate leaving things up to the universe like some more confident signs do. Capricorn women need to have control over their lives and circumstances, and they can do that in their element. Capricorn women can also be very uncomfortable around new people because of those reasons, leaving it up to the other person to break the ice.

14 Gemini Man: Seems Confident In Public But Really Isn't Inside

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Gemini men are masters of communication, so for those around them, it stands to reason that they have no self-esteem issues. After all, look at how confident they seem in situations where other signs, even signs known for being more confident signs, might freak out. This confidence is deceptive: Gemini men have self-esteem that oscillates with every new thing. Gemini men tend to play both sides of any issue they're talking about, so they also tend to argue both sides, even with themselves. This leads to the Gemini man essentially arguing with himself for everything and casting doubt on everything he says for himself. Gemini men love to have conversations, especially intellectual ones, but appeal to his emotional side and he'll kind of freeze up. He seems really confident, but deep down he's not.

13 Gemini Woman: Her Self Esteem Plummets And Soars With Her Mood, Secretly A Hot Mess

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The Gemini woman is actually very hard to place when it comes to her self-esteem because it really depends on the day. You might meet a Gemini woman one day who thinks she's the best thing since sliced bread, making decisions based on her confidence levels and being the boss woman she knows she is, at least at that moment. That's not fake confidence or a front she's putting up: she's genuinely that confident in that moment.  The next day, she thinks she's the worst woman to walk the earth and beats herself up for things that literally don't matter in the slightest. On a good day, the Gemini woman can be more confident than most other signs of the zodiac, but on a bad day, she's worse than even the least confident sign. Gemini women are essentially two women rolled into one, and this is just another example of that. Some Gemini women are aware of this duality and have taken steps to address it, but others, to put it kindly, are hot messes.

12 Taurus Man: Doesn't Believe In Himself Much, But Will Stand Up For Himself

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The Taurus man doesn't necessarily believe in himself in the same way that other signs do, but unlike the other signs we've talked about so far, a Taurus man will stand up for himself and others. Taurus men are by far the most stubborn in the zodiac and they see this as a strength that allows them to take on any challenge or decision head-on. The Taurus man might not think all that much of himself, but he thinks very highly of his life philosophy and his decision making. The Taurus man's confidence will increase if he feels like he's fulfilling his purpose in some way. If he feels like he's being a provider or working towards one of his major goals, he'll put himself through anything to get there. Taurus men also have relatively short tempers compared to the rest of the zodiac. Some people think he's just moody, but in reality, he knows his worth.

11 Taurus Woman: Can Lose Confidence If Things Aren't Going Right, But Normally She's Fine

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The Taurus woman doesn't really have subtlety in the same way other zodiac signs do. She means well, but you're just not going to get that from her, and she's honestly okay with that. The Taurus woman is generally really sweet and a lot better at boosting other people's confidence because of her direct, straightforward nature. She doesn't wilt in the face of adversity, she charges into most situations and keeps charging until it works. Sometimes, she might have a crisis of identity if her methods don't work as well as she's used to, leading to a drop in confidence and self-esteem. However, this is generally temporary: the Taurus woman will bounce back when her efforts are yielding positive results again. The Taurus woman might not be much for subtlety, but she's tenacious and has persistence in spades. The Taurus woman doesn't wish she had other skills that other signs have, she knows hers are effective and she believes in her abilities because they are hers.

10 Aquarius Man: Confident Or Detached? Why Not Both?

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The Aquarius man seems confident, but honestly, you're never going to know whether he is confident or not because he's so detached from everything. The Aquarius man really doesn't have time to think about his confidence levels because his thoughts are filled with more important things in his mind, even if those things are only important to him. He doesn't really have space in his mind to focus on self-esteem. Sometimes the Aquarius man might get hit with the knowledge that he's not really all that confident, but that realization is generally brief and leaves his head as soon as he starts thinking about something else. The Aquarius man operates intellectually in every way, so he comes off like he doesn't care about anything to more emotional signs. In reality, he's both: his detachment informs his low-key confidence, and his confidence in himself allows him to be detached.

9 Aquarius Woman: Tends To Not Notice Haters Because She's So Focused On What She's Doing

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The Aquarius woman's self-esteem can oscillate at times, but generally, she skews more confident on a given day. The Aquarius woman knows she's incomprehensible to some and seen as a weirdo to others, but she loves it that way. She's an independent thinker who will do what she wants and not give a single care to what anyone else thinks of her. She might actually not even notice that she has haters. Full disclosure: I'm an Aquarius woman, and there have been times that I've just been so focused on what I'm doing that I don't realize that there's somebody in my vicinity judging me or being outright mean. The people trying to get me down had to work really hard in order to get me to even notice that they had bad feelings towards me, let alone realize that they were trying to get me down in the first place. Aquarius women, once they figure that out, have no problem cutting out haters quickly when they realize the haters are there, so cross an Aquarian at your own risk.

8 Scorpio Man: Looks At His Weaknesses And Calls Them "Uniquenesses"

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The Scorpio man is aware of his reputation for being really intense, ridiculously stubborn, and even a little scary. He knows he's not a person that should be handled with kid gloves. He even knows that he doesn't understand shades of gray, seeing the world in black and white even when it doesn't make sense to. The difference between the Scorpio and other signs that have less confidence than him is that the Scorpio is aware of all this and counts those perceived weaknesses as something that makes him unique. The Scorpio man knows how cagey he can be, but for him, this is just part of what makes him great. If you like him and his idiosyncrasies, well more power to you, but if you don't, that's fine too, because the people in his life like him and that's what matters. The Scorpio man can't be tamed and he likes himself that way.

7 Scorpio Woman: Honest With Herself, Aware Of Her Weaknesses And Strengths

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The Scorpio woman should never be taken lightly, and she knows it. She's honest with herself and knows her flaws, and while she might not go out of her way to fix all of them, she'll do enough soul-searching for those around her to say she's always growing. There are things about herself, like her more self-destructive and controlling qualities, that she doesn't see as flaws because she thinks it's those things that make her fearless and unyielding in the face of adversity. The Scorpio woman is driven to succeed, making her a wonderful companion for the more ambitious signs of the zodiac, like the much less confident Capricorn woman, for example. The Scorpio woman is discerning and never flaky, and she loves that about herself. However, she also has enough self-esteem to keep challenging herself to be a better person.

6 Aries Man: Most Comfortable Being A Leader

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The Aries man is generally up before the sun, juggling all sorts of different projects just because he can. The Aries man is the first to try his hand at a new situation because he's fearless, plain and simple. He's a man who is full of energy and knows he's a force of nature. He also likes that about himself, showing his more charismatic side to everyone around him. Unlike other signs, who have charisma thanks to their conversation skills, their intellect, or anything else, the Aries man (and the Aries in general) has charisma thanks to the force and strength of his personality. He's a guy who will have the last word on most topics and he's also the most likely out of all the signs to be seen as a bad boy. The Aries man lives and breathes confidence and takes on the world with no other weapon than his winning smile. Now that's confidence.

5 Aries Woman: Knows Who She Is And Her Worth

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Much like the Aries man, the Aries woman is the leader of the pack out of all the women in the zodiac. For the Aries woman, every day is exciting, even those days that aren't so exciting. She barrels into every situation she comes across, guns blazing, and she knows people love that about her. She doesn't see the point in doing anything without being passionate about it, so she'll find reasons to make mundane things more interesting to her so she can go and get those things done. The Aries woman is so confident in her abilities that she'll end up taking on too much. This would stress most other women out, but not the Aries woman: she's the type to take on too much and still manage to get things done. She knows people admire her, and she also knows that no one will be able to keep up with her. She knows who she is and knows how valuable she is.

4 Sagittarius Man: Can Laugh At Himself And Others Who Try Laughing At Him

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The Sagittarius man is an eternal wanderer and a lot of fun to be around. He doesn't take life too seriously and can laugh at himself, which is something a lot of other signs really can't do. This is actually an ability that's pretty unique to Fire signs, which is why the top three most confident signs are all Fire signs. The Sagittarius man is a truth-seeker above all else: he's not going to waste time with idle gossip when The Truth is out there for him to find. That's part of what drives his self-esteem, actually. The Sagittarius man is never going to be the person to bring someone else down to bring himself up because his confidence isn't related to how other people around him feel. Rather, he's the kind of guy to feel great bringing people up instead of down. This is why the Sagittarius man has such a wide social circle: people see his good heart and can't help but like him.

3 Sagittarius Woman: Low-Key The Most Social Woman Of The Zodiac

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The Sagittarius woman literally doesn't know a taboo is. She's incredibly versatile and charming, so it's really hard not to like her right away. She's confident enough to kind of go through life without a plan, something other signs panic at the thought of doing. This is the type of woman who has no problem dropping all of her plans (which weren't all that set in stone, to begin with) to go do something that no one else would consider doing. The Sagittarius woman knows what she wants and seeks adventure in everything she does, to the point where she can actually get bored pretty easily. The Sagittarius woman, because of her ability to talk about anything and everything is actually the most social woman of the zodiac. Other signs get the credit for being the most social, but that crown actually belongs to the Sagittarius woman and she knows it.

2 Leo Man: So Confident, He Doesn't Even Notice It

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The Leo man is literally so confident that he doesn't notice it. For him, his self-esteem and confidence is just a fact of life. The sky is blue, water is wet, and he is awesome. He's an outgoing and energetic guy who lives life like he's on top of the world. That's kind of because he is. For him, the world is a stage and he is meant to be the starring player on that stage. He makes decisions resolutely and doesn't really change his mind unless there's a good reason to. He isn't really prone to self-doubt, but he's open to learning and admitting when he's wrong, which is just another facet of his self-esteem. He's not the kind of guy who's afraid of being wrong. The Leo man knows how powerful he can be and makes sure that the people he associates with are going to bring him up and that he also has something to offer them. He lives boldly and doesn't really know how to not be bold. For him, he's not being bold, he's being himself.

1 Leo Woman: Wants To Be Front And Center, Even If She's Introverted

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The Leo woman is impossible to miss in a crowd: she's the one with the brightest smile and the most confidence out of all the women in the room. The Leo woman loves attention and she's going to get it more often than not. She lives life passionately: everything she does, she will do 100% or else it's just not worth doing. Even if you're a Leo woman who's more on the introverted side, there's still a part of you that wants to be in the spotlight, to be the light that others crowd around for inspiration. The Leo woman can be more than a little dramatic, but the Leo woman won't bother with people who think her passion is a character flaw. The Leo woman always looks good, even when she's not trying because her confidence and self-esteem are always on display whether she's wearing sweats and sneakers or if she's dressed to the nines.

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