• We Ranked The Zodiac Signs Who Get Over A Break Up Quickly To Those Who Can't Forget Their Ex (His And Hers)

    Life will bring you a lot of incredible things over time. You'll know the unconditional love of a parent. You will grow to make friends and understand companionship. When you are old enough, you will have your first crush and eventually even fall in love. You'll graduate high school and maybe even college and know the joy of finding your passion and being successful. With all of these wonderful things, some hardships, too. You may lose friends over time. You may find disappointment in a missed job opportunity. Plus, there is the hardship that we are all familiar with — heartbreak.

    Below, we rank the zodiac signs, both his and hers, in order of who can get over a breakup quickly and who just cannot seem to forget about their ex no matter how much time has passed. Some may surprise you, like the grounded Taurus man who ranks at the bottom or the Scorpio guy who you'll see toward the top. Others, however, will not surprise you, like most of the water signs ranking low due to their sensitive natures or the Sagittarius guy and girl hitting the top of the list due to that carefree, go-with-the-flow attitude.

    Read on to see where you rank!

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  • 24 / 24
    Gemini Girl: Gets Over It In A Heartbeat

    Gemini girls are at the top of our list because they don't really delve into their feelings that much, so it isn't any surprise that they get over their ex pretty quickly. Gemini girls, while in a relationship, will be fun, flirty, and charismatic with her significant other... but it's possible she'll be that way with others, too. It's hard to tie down this air sign because she is intelligent and also very light on her feet. What we mean by this, of course, is that she has an air about her that allows for her to be openly social and extroverted. She is herself with few inhibitions.

    However, when she is tied down, she is still very loyal despite this rich and open charisma.

    Her ex will quite possibly be someone that misses her and is much lower on our list, but she will move on rather quickly. She enjoys friendliness so will always be in a social setting, so it's easier for her to meet someone new. Don't expect her to be thinking of you, calling you, or texting you. Even if she wants to, she will not let herself go there. That lightness she has — has strength, too.

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  • 23 / 24
    Virgo Guy: Rational Thinker Knows That It Is Time To Move On

    A Virgo guy is a very patient and loving boyfriend when he decides to commit to someone. He loves his significant other and pampers her — he does it happily, too. He won't highlight your flaws or make you feel bad about them, although he can be overly critical at times (like most Earth signs). However, if it doesn't work out between the two of you, do not expect a Virgo guy to have trouble moving on. In fact, he's almost at the top of our list because he won't have any trouble at all.

    This is because, on top of his patience, the Virgo guy is also sensible and rational. He is so practical that his emotions will never make a decision for him. If he has reasons for breaking up with you, then those reasons are enough for him to move on just as well. He is very grounded in his choices every day, so he won't doubt himself either. He may not move on right away with another person because Virgo men really don't have to do that in order to lead happy lives, but he will move on and truly be over you as he knows he should.

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  • 22 / 24
    Sagittarius Girl: Carefree And Feeling Fine

    Our Sagittarius girl is one of the most fun out of the whole bunch, so you won't see her crying over spilled milk much less anything else, especially not her ex. Sag girls are naturally charismatic, as they are the most extroverted and confident out of all the fire signs. She knows what she wants, is grounded in what she likes, and is very comfortable with who she is. When it comes to relationships, the Sag girl will never show you a side of her that will surprise you. You will know it all.

    She is very social and open, so don't expect her to be by your side for too long at an event or a party.

    On the flip side, a Sag girl is very careless and can be reckless if she isn't careful. She gets bored easily and does not like to stay in one place for too long. This is the main reason she won't be worrying about her ex for too long. She easily moves on because she doesn't let things get to her too much. She is one of many on our list that won't let things get to her, so don't waste your time letting her get to you.

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  • 21 / 24
    Sagittarius Guy: Casual Cool

    Similar to his female counterpart, our Sag guy won't let too much get to him either. He is great in a relationship: very easygoing and confident, allowing his girl to lean on him. This is very similar to how he his in his daily life, too. Further, anyone with a Sagittarius man feels like she can trust him with her whole heart — and for the most part, she can. He can be a little flirty at times due to that charisma and honest openness, but his loyalty is pretty grounded and strong. That is, until he knows things are over for good.

    Once you break up, however, do not expect texts, flowers, calls, or 'I miss you's. You won't be getting them. Sag guys are so open but also very much intelligent, so chances are they know exactly why the relationship needs to end and they fully believe in that.

    Sag guys are high on this list for that reason. They will be moved on quite soon as they are so outgoing, they are sure to find someone else soon if they want to. They don't have to or need to, either. Love will find him when needed — and he knows that.

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  • 20 / 24
    Gemini Guy: Will Get Over It Quick

    Gemini men are intelligent, similar to their female counterparts. They are interesting and other people are attracted to them easily. They have that aura around them that makes for fun adventure and a social ease. Their charisma is incredible to be around and their optimism is something that latches on to you and stays there, like a butterfly gently resting on your shoulder. In short, Gemini men are people you want to be around. That's why they are great to be in a relationship with, too.

    They're clever, loyal, and very balanced, as they are the twin sign after all.

    When it comes to forgetting or holding on to their ex, the Gemini guy won't take too long taking time to get over her. He will rationalize why it was supposed to happen thanks to that intelligence he has. His sensibility will help, too. He will appreciate the time that had together, but his heart will be free to love once again, as soon as he wants or needs. On the flip side, the Gemini guy is a little moody and can be devious, so wronging him is no way to end a relationship either. That will make it much easier for him to move on, too.

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    Scorpio Guy: Hides His Emotion And On To The Next

    The Scorpio guy is a water sign, which means that he is very emotional and in tune with those emotions. He is very sensitive, too, and loves to show his passion in a relationship. Think of a thoughtful guy that you start talking to and is overly loving, overly flirty, and overly mushy. Some women get turned off by this, but the good girls know these are the good men. The Scorpio guy will be the boyfriend that buys you flowers and three necklaces for Valentine's Day and he'll become the husband that brings you candy home when you tell him you got your period and you're cranky. However, when it comes to a breakup, a Scorpio guy becomes a different guy.

    The Scorpio guy will avoid his feelings because he will be so hurt. Do you know the way he'll get over it? He will try to meet someone else or start talking to someone else. His emotion of loss will be hidden until he finds someone else to love and to give his compassion. It may not be the right way to do things, but it's how he gets the job done. That's why he will move on pretty quickly, whether he admits his true feelings or not.

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  • 18 / 24
    Leo Guy: Knows There Is Another Out There

    Leo men are extremely bold and confident. Like their female counterparts, they know what they bring to the table when it comes to virtually any situation and any circumstance, whether it is a job, a friendship, or a night out. Professionally, the Leo man will move up the ranks, but he also is very aware that if a career or job no longer serves him, there is probably one out there that will better serve him. This is very similar to the way he looks at relationships.

    Leo men are so intertwined in their thoughts of being successful and being present that they have no problem moving on if you aren't the right person for them.

    Leo men rank high on our list for that reason. They are very aware that other women are out there. In fact, sometimes this can be a negative thing, as he may leave a relationship too soon if one little thing goes wrong. If he is left, however, he will harp on it for a while. He will blame himself and figure out what he did wrong (even if it was nothing) so he can try not to do the same thing next time. No failure is a good failure, in his eyes.

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  • 17 / 24
    Virgo Girl: Sad But Sensible

    Our Virgo girl doesn't handle a breakup all that well, actually. She has a hard time feeling the emotions and really letting herself go through the motions of them. She might be looking for a reason, something rational or logical that explains why the relationship ended. If there isn't one, at least in her mind, she'll continue to search for it in a confused and dazed state until she finds some way to explain it. In this sense, it is hard for a Virgo girl to get over her ex.

    However, on the other hand, if she knows why it had to end or understands the reasons behind the end of the relationship, the Virgo girl's rational and sensible side will show through. She won't have to question it as she as her explanation; she has her answers. She won't take very long to move on if this is the case. But, don't expect her to jump right on to the next suitor. Virgo girls aren't like that. They are introverted and will still take a long time to open up to another person again. She has patience, too, so she will be okay with being single and being alone until the right person that next comes along.

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  • 16 / 24
    Taurus Girl: Will Find The Next One Soon

    A Taurus girl actually has a rather hard time getting over an ex. She attaches to people in a way that can be unhealthy, as she is very grounded in her rationale, but not when it comes to her emotion. Similar to her earth sign, Virgo, she will want to make sense of it. But, dissimilar to her fellow Virgo girl, she may never find the reasons and explanations she needs to properly move on.

    That's why her way of moving on is often just moving on to the next person. She'll somewhat rationalize to her closest friends as to why the relationship didn't work and wouldn't work in the long run ("I crave routine and he just never cared about doing things with me in a timely manner"; "He loved going to the races and that is just not my thing anyway").

    Then, before you know it, there will be a new guy she is talking to and crushing on.

    She'll go on dates with him and find a ton of reasons as to why he is so much better for her than the last guy she was with. So, in reality, Taurus is really higher on this list because she somewhat avoids those feelings and uses others to move on, but she will, with time, be fine getting over her ex.

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  • 15 / 24
    Cancer Guy: Fickle Man Will Shrug It Off

    Both Cancer men and women are incredibly sensitive and fickle. They will have a hard time making a choice doing anything, so they usually decide based off several other factors. We all know that is usually not a good idea, as we should, or maybe sometimes should make decisions off of our own volition. In turn, this just perpetuates the fickle and indecisive quality that they possess. When it comes to relationships, Cancer men are very fickle. They have that mentality of 'on to the next one' if they can't decide on another date with someone or if their current fling is being too much of something... too extra, too clingy, too blasé... he will find a reason to let it be what it is and move on.

    However, if he is broken up with, the Cancer man will have a bit harder of a time getting over his ex.

    He'll shrug it off in the same way as if it was his fickle choice, but inside he'll be concerned. He will question his own insecurities and he will emotionally be unavailable for awhile. He isn't low on our list, though, because he won't take much time getting over his ex either way.

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  • 14 / 24
    Libra Girl: Confusing Heart And Head Will Force Closure

    The fun-loving and easygoing Libra girl is very friendly and open to forming new relationships and nurturing her already established relationships. She enjoys everyone getting along and bonding over something as big as a wedding or as small as a favorite television show. When it comes to relationships, the Libra girl has her head in the clouds. This can be a good thing as it makes her more positive, but often times, it is not. She is an air sign so she usually has confusion easily when it comes to making decisions and how to react to certain situations.

    Essentially, her head and her heart are often confused.

    Because of this, though, during a breakup, a Libra girl will usually propel herself into finding closure. She will do almost anything to avoid that confusion that she often feels; it eats her up inside. She may jump to the next guy, she may take time to herself, or she may soak up time with her family and friends to really find the proper closure she needs. This is why she doesn't lower on our list because she will find closure; it may just take her a little while longer than most.

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  • 13 / 24
    Aquarius Guy: Reserved Man Takes Some Time

    The Aquarius guy is very reserved, but also an air sign. What does that mean? That means there is easy confusion that infiltrates his daily life, too. The Aquarius guy doesn't show much emotion when it comes to any parts of his life. Even professionally, he'll do his work all fine and good, but he'll do it quietly and efficiently. He enjoys time to himself or time with his loved ones. He is a natural introvert. In friendships, he connects well with people when he feels like being more open. Otherwise, his friends are still loyal to him when he isn't feeling so honest and open.

    In relationships, an Aquarius guy is also loyal, so once he connects to you, he will be in it for the long haul.

    However, when it comes to a breakup, an Aquarius guy has a hard time fully recovering. If he is broken up with, the Aquarius guy will really take some time to himself to fully recover. Otherwise, if he breaks up with his significant other, it won't take him as long. He still will take some time to himself, but that's just him being an Aquarius — reserved, introverted, and very much kept to himself throughout his daily routine.

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  • 12 / 24
    Aries Guy: Fiery Stubborn Ways Will Brood Under The Surface

    An impulsive and brooding Aries guy is a fire sign, which means that he is very much a fiery and bold personality. He'll tell you exactly how he feels whenever he feels it. It may not come out angrily, but it could if he's feeling frustrated. Further, an Aries man is stubborn, so you'll get a lot of harsh feedback because of that, too. In a relationship, he is still all of these things, however, he can also be thoughtful and romantically honest when he is feeling it. He will brood under the surface until things blow up. He could be mad at what you said three days ago, but you won't hear about it until two weeks from now when you accidentally leave your towel on the floor in the bathroom.

    When it comes to breaking up, an Aries guy will have a relatively hard time really getting over his ex. Those stubborn and fierce feelings that percolate under the surface will stay there. Most fire signs have a hard time dealing with emotion — and he is no different. He won't know how to handle them or move on from them, so you'll find he is difficult to be around until he finds closure.

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  • 11 / 24
    Capricorn Guy: Will Take The Proper Time To Heal

    Capricorn men are so patient and down-to-earth. They love their routines and love anything in their lives that is predictable. Adventures have to be planned for our Cap guys! We have a hard time believing anyone would break up with them, too! Their patience knows no bounds and you'll see that every day within your relationship with them.

    However, we know that some relationships just aren't meant to be, so if a Capricorn guy is broken up with, it will take him a significant amount of time to really heal through those wounds.

    He loves simply and dedicates himself to one person, so when they leave, his routine will be changed. he won't like that, either. That will be the hardest thing for him. Further, if he is the one that decides to break up with his significant other, he will still properly take the right amount of time to heal, whatever that may mean for him. Cap guys are so loving and patient really all they want to do is show love and be loved. That is one reason why he is lower on our list — he has a hard time wanting to start that process all over again.

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  • 10 / 24
    Libra Guy: Too Confused To Let It Go

    Similar to his female counterpart, a Libra guy gets easily confused when having to — or forced to — make decisions. This could be in any parts of his life, really. His head will tell him one thing while his heart tells him the complete opposite. He will wrestle with these choices for a long time until his hand is forced even. In a relationship, the Libra guy is kind, gentle, and friendly. He enjoys bringing his significant other around his friends and he loves meeting his/her friends, too.

    When it comes to a breakup, the Libra guy is no different than his Libra counterpart. He'll be confused about what to do, where to go next, and how to feel about it all. This is why he is lower on our list. He won't get over the break-up quickly and he will struggle to find closure. He may chase after it, too, but it will take him a significant amount of time to truly feel moved on, especially if he acclimated into his significant other's life so well — and vice versa. Libra men actually have a slightly harder time getting over something than their female counterparts, as women are simply more in touch with their emotions-- in a general sense.

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  • 9 / 24
    Capricorn Girl: Will Hate Losing Routine

    The Capricorn girl is similar to her male counterpart in the sense that she is very grounded and very patient. She craves the daily grind of her routine... and it will take her a long time to allow someone into her life and that routine so well. She will not do it for just anyone. This could be because she is picky or because she is critical, which she is both of these things. In her daily life, she is overly judgmental of the people in it and many things they do.

    That is one thing that is sometimes negative about a Capricorn girl; however, usually the right significant other will change that and allow her to think before speaking and think through those negative thoughts.

    When it comes to a breakup, our Cap girl will have a hard time losing the new routine she created with that special person. She will have to acclimate back to her old routine — or start a new one all over again. This will stress her out and make her have even a more difficult time moving on from that person. In general, she has her emotions in check, but it may still take her awhile to acclimate to the new single way of living once again.

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  • 8 / 24
    Aquarius Girl: Reserved And Insecure Girl Will Have A Hard Time

    The Aquarius girl is much lower on our list compared to her male counterpart. This is because her insecurities are slightly more prominent and there are more of them to deal and grapple with. She is reserved and insecure all at the same time so that introverted disposition she has is somewhat two-fold. In a relationship, the Aquarius girl will attach to her significant other in a very positive way. She will look up to them, confide in them, and really depend on them to be there for her no matter what.

    This is why, when it comes to a breakup, the Aquarius girl will have a hard time getting over her ex. She'll blame herself and ask herself so many questions as to why it didn't work out for her. She may even compare her 'fate' to that of other people in her life, asking why it worked out for them but not for her. This is where those insecurities come into play in a big way. It will take her that much longer to get closure. Therefore, it will take her that much longer to truly move on and find someone else to open up to in the same way.

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  • 7 / 24
    Taurus Guy: Anger And Avoidance

    The responsible yet fun Taurus guy is very grounded, great with organization, and good at keeping track of his finances. He will be a pillar of strength for most of his significant others, if not all. Further, he'll be that pillar of strength for most people in his life! People rely on him for anything and everything and he always delivers. Sometimes, however, all those people relying on you can be really debilitating and exhausting. This is where the Taurus guy bottles things up. His judgmental side is always present, too, so this combined with that bottling up of emotions leads to a very dangerous angry side.

    He'll avoid the feelings that come with a breakup, blaming someone else — often the other person involved.

    Just like his female counterpart, the Taurus guy will rationalize in some way to find closure, but that anger, shame, and resentment will always be deep down. It will come out at the worst times, too. It could be toward his friends or at work, but that anger and avoidance of the breakup will seep through every corner of his life. Eventually, he will find someone else to love, but those hurt feelings will always be there. (Taurus men and women can hold grudges! Can't you tell?)

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  • 6 / 24
    Pisces Girl: Will Still Think About Her Ex

    A Pisces girl is so in her head, it can be very negative for her at times. For example, when she meets a new friend, a Pisces girl is all about fantasizing about all the memories they will make, all the selfies they will take, and all the places they'll go together. And, further, if these things do not happen, she will be that much more upset. You can see how this translates to a relationship yes? A Pisces girl will fantasize in her head about the start of a new relationship and where all those feelings could lead. She will, not purposefully, project that on to her significant other, even though he or she may not be ready for that romanticized idea that the Pisces girl is dreaming up.

    This could turn into a breakup, which is never good for a Pisces. Her world is often shattered by it. It will actually take her a very long time to get over her ex. Actually, it may take her a longer time to just get over those ideals and expectations in her head that she wanted so badly. It may not be about the ex at all! This is why she is so low on our list.

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  • 5 / 24
    Leo Girl: Will Keep Asking Herself What She Did Wrong

    A Leo girl is an interesting one, to say the least. As a fire sign, she is impulsive in her words and actions, bold in her dispositions and confidence, and very much someone that enjoys control in all parts of her life. She can't let it go no matter what the situation is. This can affect her relationships, however, if she finds the right person. That guy should accept her for all that she does and he probably will.

    However, there are times things don't work out. It happens from time to time. The Leo girl will not understand this, though.

    She will blame herself and ask herself what she did wrong.

    She will try to move on with other people, but she will still text her girlfriends asking why he isn't texting or talking to her anymore. She may even text him and ask him. Then, she will sit anxiously waiting for a response that she may never get. This will upset and confuse her even more, perpetuating and elongating the time it takes her to truly get over that special someone she thought was right for her. It will be difficult, but eventually, she will find some sort of closure.

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  • 4 / 24
    Aries Girl: Too Stubborn To Let The Ex Go

    An Aries girl is the type that goes back to the same person again and again, no matter how much he has hurt her or how much they have broken up. Do you know one of these girls? Chances are that you do. It is ironic because, in a relationship, there are times that she really becomes detached emotionally. She can lash out with her impulsive words or do something bold that may hurt her significant other.

    There are times she may even grow sick of him, but she'll keep staying and/or keep going back to him. It is that fire sign mentality of wanting control but trying to be happy, too. This is why, if a breakup ever truly occurred, it would be very hard for her to let him go in a positive and healthy way. How do you let something go that you go back to again and again, anyway? Aries girls have a hard time finding that right person that is truly right, but that doesn't mean the one you can't properly let go is the right one for you.

    Out of all the signs, Aries girls have one of the most difficult times really and truly getting over an ex.

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  • 3 / 24
    Cancer Girl: Thinks About Her Ex And Sometimes Will Even Contact Him

    The Cancer girl is confident in different ways. She is very much at ease and comfortable in a social setting. In her friendships, she is very loving and supportive of those close to her. In turn, she feels comforted by those special friends, too. When it comes to work, the Cancer girl is confident and cool, easily getting promotions and kudos with little or big tasks.

    However, can you guess the place where she completely falls apart? That's right — it is in relationships.

    She holds friendship close to her heart as much as a relationship and depends on her girls to keep her going when a relationship goes south.

    The Cancer girl just cannot get it together. In fact, she completely falls apart. She becomes insecure, manipulative, and very much in her head. This creates major problems in the relationships itself. Then, when there is a breakup, she still feels heartbroken, even if it is someone she is just casually dating. She blames herself, questions herself, and continues to harp on why someone can't love her the way she sees other people love.

    This is why she is at the bottom of our list. There are times she'll even attempt a reconciliation because she has such a hard time letting go.

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  • 2 / 24
    Pisces Guy: Sensitivity Is His Downfall

    When you picture a true vision of a man going through heartbreak, a Pisces guy is probably what comes to mind. That is because he is so sensitive and emotional, he truly cannot self-soothe his emotions and find a proper way to move on. In a relationship, he completely showers and adores the person that he is with.

    He really cannot get enough of her. He will give her flowers, buy her candy just because, and take her out for a nice dinner in the city to celebrate anniversaries — even the monthly ones! All Pisces love having someone to pamper because they, in turn, need that adoration in some sense. Love makes them stronger, more confident, and bolder in all areas of their lives. If they don't have it, they are a lesser person, but not in a bad way. Love makes them better and braver!

    That is why you can truly imagine it takes them an awfully long time to let someone go after a breakup, especially a bad one. This is why they are way down at the bottom of our list. Of course, it isn't wrong to love so hard, but hurting hard can be detrimental to our lives, too.

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  • 1 / 24
    Scorpio Girl: Just Cannot Forget

    The Scorpio girl is the most passionate out of all of our signs. She gives so much love and affection to that person she is with. Similar to her water sign counterparts (Pisces and Cancer), she can't give or get enough attention and love! A happy Scorpio can even be affected in other areas of life because she is so happy in love. She'll be more distracted at work, less attentive to friends, and only want to spend time loving on her significant other.

    This is exactly why a Scorpio girl cannot get over her ex — she will always think about him, no matter what the case.

    No matter how much time goes by, she still cannot get that person out of her head. Further, a Scorpio is very capable of jealousy and possessiveness, so when they find out their ex may have moved on before them, they obsess over it. It almost hurts them even worse than the actual breakup. Somehow it feels like a betrayal. This is why she is all the way down at the bottom of our list. We know you love fully and so hard, Scorpio, but there has to be a way to get over that ex!

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