We Ranked The Zodiac Signs Who Are The Most-Manipulative (And Why) His And Hers

Have you ever been friends with a manipulative person? It’s the worst. At first, you’ll feel so happy to be hanging out with someone who really seems to understand you—and then after a while, you’ll see that it was all a complete lie! Maybe they will take advantage of your trust and spread secrets about you that you told them in confidence. Maybe they will feel competitive with you and slowly but surely start to undermine your self-esteem. Or maybe they abuse your kindness and over time, ask you to do more and more for them just because they know that you won’t say no to a request for help.

Dealing with people like this can result in a constant headache. It can also leave you with long-term trust issues. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see through the mask and figure out who is truly manipulative before you’re in too deep? We’ve got some good news for you—if you know someone’s zodiac sign, it can give you a clue as to how manipulative they are. We’ve ranked every guy and girl in the zodiac to warn you about which signs will take advantage of you!

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24 Most Manipulative: Gemini Guys

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Out of all the signs in the zodiac, Geminis definitely have earned a reputation for being manipulative. However, there is absolutely no question that Gemini men are more manipulative than Gemini women! What makes Gemini men so untrustworthy? Basically, they use women to get what they want. They have no real interest in relationships, but they will act as though they do just to get you hooked while seeing other girls on the side. Simply put, these guys always want to have their cake and eat it too! And here’s the really annoying part—they are so charming because they know exactly how to play the game. They can get you to trust them even if you feel like deep down, you should know better.

23 Most Manipulative: Scorpio Guys

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When it comes to being manipulative, Scorpio guys can be hit or miss. What’s the dividing line between a Scorpio guy that you can trust and a Scorpio guy that you can’t? Honestly, it’s simple—age. Scorpio is the most emotional sign in the zodiac, and when Scorpio men are young, they are discouraged from being sensitive or expressing their true feelings—just like all men in our society. But for a Scorpio guy, this means suppressing their true nature, whereas for other men, that may not be the case. Therefore, they will act out of line constantly because they are being forced to live a lie day after day. As they grow up, they will have the courage to express themselves, but when they are young, they will mistreat people because they are torn up inside.

22 Most Manipulative: Capricorn Girls

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Beware of Capricorn women! These girls can chew you up and spit you out. Basically, Capricorn girls are ruthless when it comes to getting what they want. Don’t underestimate them just because they are an earth signs. Yes, earth signs have a reputation for being very grounded and peaceful, but these qualities come more naturally to Taurus and Virgo rather than Capricorn. Capricorn girls are often looked down upon simply because they are women aiming to be successful, therefore, they feel like they have to make up for this in some way. This can mean adopting unorthodox methods in order to get ahead. Whether that means lying, cheating, or even on rare occasions, totally scamming people, they are bound to be manipulative during certain phases in their lives.

21 Most Manipulative: Libra Guys

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Wait, Libra guys are manipulative? Don’t they have a pretty good reputation? Well, yes, but every single sign has a hidden side that the rest of the world does not always get to see! This is definitely true of Libra guys. Libra guys put a nice face towards the world, and while they can make great friends and boyfriends, every sign definitely has its flaws. So, where do Libra guys go wrong? Just like Libra women, they can be very image conscious. They may hang out with certain people just to boost their own rep, and they are the kings of “networking”—they will often get to know people just because they think those people could get them ahead in their field. They are very concerned with labels and how others see them.

20 Most Manipulative: Gemini Girls

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Since we’ve already warned you that Gemini guys are some of the most manipulative people out there, it should come as no surprise that Gemini women have also earned a spot on the “most manipulative” section of this list! Gemini girls like to use their natural charm and attractive appearances to get ahead. This won’t be shocking to anyone who has been friends with a Gemini girl. Just like Gemini men use women to get what they want, Gemini girls will often use to men to get what they want. It goes both ways. For example, they might date a coworker just long enough to get a promotion at work, date a bouncer so they can always get into the club for free, or date a musician so everyone will think they’re cool and artsy.

19 Most Manipulative: Virgo Girls

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We’ve already warned you that some earth signs can actually be quite manipulative, and these traits are evident in Virgo women. Virgo girls are super practical, right? Yes, and that is actually what leads to their manipulative tendencies. For example, a Virgo girl who is a high school student may be super busy on the night before a big test. Will she stay up all night to study, or will she remember that the smartest kid in class sits next to her and peek over their shoulder instead? You guessed it, she’s going for option B. The sad thing is that Virgos actually are naturally very smart and hard-working, but sometimes, they will still feel like they need to take a shortcut in order to get ahead in life.

18 Most Manipulative: Leo Guys

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You probably already know that Leo guys can be manipulative because they tend to wear it on their sleeve! Honestly, Leo guys often try to hide their manipulative nature, but they don’t do a very good job of it. In fact, their true nature is typically quite obvious to the people around them. Like many other signs who can be manipulative, Leo men often act this way because they are highly concerned with “getting ahead” in life, which, to them, means making a lot of money and earning a fancy job title. Well, thankfully not everyone sees life this way! Leo man will use people to get ahead financially or career wise, but people often see through their game, and their efforts often backfire—but still, some never learn their lesson!

17 Most Manipulative: Sagittarius Guys

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Sagittarius guys may come off as fun-loving and free-spirited, but make no mistake, these guys have a manipulative side as well! Why do they act this way? Well, these guys often move from place to place, switch from job to job, and bounce from relationship to relationship without stopping to consider the consequences of their actions. Therefore, they often end up in sticky situations due to their laziness and lack of future planning. And then they need to rely on someone else to get out of that situation. For example, they might realize they’re out of cash to pay their bills and call up their nicest friend, promising they will pay their friend back soon enough—and then totally “forget” about the deal once their bills are paid.

16 Most Manipulative: Pisces Guys

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Yes, even sensitive, emotional Pisces guys can be manipulative when they want to be. This may come as a big disappointment to those of you who have fallen for these artsy guys—they definitely have a lot of appeal, but there are definitely a few things about Pisces guys that they need to be wary of. First of all, they have a tendency to place their own emotional needs over other peoples’—we all do this to an extent, but Pisces guys will often take advantage of someone else being kind to them and helping them out, and never returning the favor. These guys can turn into emotional vampires if you’re not careful—they’ll depend on you to help them feel better, and then disappear when you need a shoulder to cry on.

15 Most Manipulative: Libra Girls

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Since we’ve already established that Libra guys can often be manipulative, seeing that Libra girls share this quality will probably seem obvious. Just like Libra men, Libra woman are very focused on how they appear to others—actually, they are even more concerned about this than Libra guys. It’s a shame, because they end up spending a ton of time worrying about what other people think of them. This results in Libra women using the people around her to cultivate a certain image. She will do her best to hide her true motives, but certain people will pick it up eventually if they’re savvy enough. For example, they will befriend wealthy people just for the occasional freebies and crazy social life, they will straight up lie on social media, and they will ditch old friends for more popular people.

14 Most Manipulative: Capricorn Guys

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Remember how we told you that Capricorn women will stop at nothing in order to get what they want? Well, Capricorn men are the exact same way. This sign is a force to be reckoned with, so never underestimate a Capricorn—consider this your final warning! Capricorn guys will say almost anything to get ahead. They are very similar to Leo men in this regard. But while Leo men often unintentionally make their true motives obvious, Capricorn men are much better at hiding it. This can make them even more manipulative. A Capricorn guy could string you along for years, acting like he loves you, only for him to dump you when he realizes that you don’t have the connections he needs. These guys can be heartless when they want to be!

13 Most Manipulative: Scorpio Girls

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Yes, Scorpio girls can be extremely manipulative. This trait often rears its ugly head in the context of romantic relationships—they usually are actually pretty honest and straightforward with their friends and relatives. But boyfriends beware—Scorpio women can turn your world upside down in the worst possible way if you’re not careful. Basically, these girls will come into a relationship acting like they truly love and care about you, only to end up using you as their emotional punching bag. Anytime someone else is mean to them, they will take it out on you, and then apologize so sincerely after that you genuinely believe they wouldn’t do something like that again. But don’t be fooled—this can turn into a vicious cycle that continues for years.

12 Least Manipulative: Leo Girls

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Leo guys are super manipulative, so Leo girls must be manipulative too, right? Nope, actually, they are really not. Yes, they can show off sometimes, and they can be a bit bossy, but overall, Leo girls are much more straightforward than Leo guys and feel no need to manipulate in order to get what they want. This may be because women are taught to be kinder and more nurturing than men, or it could be because of someone secret hidden in the stars that we haven’t discovered. Who really knows why? But the point is that you don’t have to worry about Leo women manipulating you. These girls are far too honest for that. If they can’t achieve something based on hard work and merit, they don’t want it.

11 Least Manipulative: Pisces Girls

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Pisces guys may have a manipulative side, but Pisces women definitely don’t! It’s so funny how for some signs, neither the men nor women are manipulative at all, while for others, one of them is tricky and dishonest while the other is not at all. The stars are so mysterious, and we’re just doing our best to figure out why these different personalities traits occur. Basically, Pisces girls are extremely empathetic. This is why they do not mistreat people—when another person is upset, a Pisces woman will basically feel that emotion. Pisces women are also strong believers in karma. They understand that whatever you put out into the universe will come right back to you at some point, so they do their best to contribute only positive energy!

10 Least Manipulative: Aries Guys

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Aries guys can be flakey and hard to read sometimes, but truthfully, they are not trying to be dishonest or manipulate anyone. They just have a hard time figuring out what they want sometimes. These guys are definitely on the immature side, but don’s mistake their occasional clueless moments for purposeful manipulation. They may slip up and put their foot in their mouth, but it’s not because they’re actually trying to hurt you. Basically, Aries guys can be kind of like puppies. They mean well, they’re so cute, and you love spending time with them—but sometimes, they do something absolutely ridiculous and you find yourself shaking your head. Rest assured that an Aries guy doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, he just makes silly mistakes sometimes!

9 Least Manipulative: Cancer Guys

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Cancer guys are an obvious choice for the “least manipulative” half of this list! Yes, they’re only human, so they do screw up sometimes just like the rest of us, but at the end of the day, they are some of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Cancer guys just don’t care about making themselves look better than others, having more money than anyone else, or securing an impressive job title. Therefore, they don’t feel the need to take advantage of other people in order to get ahead. They simply do their own thing, spend time with people they care about, and try to make the world a better place while they’re at it. For a Cancer guy, that’s really what life is all about—we can all take a lesson from them!

8 Least Manipulative: Sagittarius Girls

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Sagittarius girls literally have no interest in manipulating anyone—it’s just not in their nature. Yes, they can drop plans at the drop of a hat, they move around pretty frequently, and they’re not the best at committing to anything, but they don’t do it out of malice. They are just born free spirits and don’t like to be constrained by rules. And that’s the great thing about Sagittarius girls—they just love to go with the flow. They don’t try to control anyone else. If someone wants to be in their life, they will happily hold space for them, but if someone doesn’t want to be, they will let them go and wish them nothing but joy—they won’t try to trick them into sticking around.

7 Least Manipulative: Aries Girls

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Just like Aries guys, Aries girls are here to enjoy life and do their own thing. Simply put, they don’t have any interest in trying to control anyone else. They are actually very similar to Sagittarius girls—these two signs have so much in common, and they often understand each other on a deeper level. Basically, Aries girls are so fixated on their own goals and doing what they want that they just don’t spend a lot of time worrying about other people. This is partially why this sign gets a reputation as being selfish sometimes—but it if means you’re keeping your nose our of everyone else’s business and leaving them alone, is being selfish really such a bad thing? We’re going to go with no!

6 Least Manipulative: Taurus Guys

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Taurus guys simply don’t have time for manipulation. These guys have their priorities straight. One of the core Taurus traits that make their personalities so distinctive is their focus on mindfulness. This means they spend a lot of time meditating, doing yoga, and going out into nature to be by themselves. This can make Taurus seem like a rather mysterious sign—after all, most people do not prioritize these activities. But this is what makes Taurus so special, and it explains why Taurus guys avoid manipulating people. They have a strong grasp on what is truly important in life because they dedicate so much time to developing mindfulness. Therefore, they know that trying to manipulate other people is a waste of time, and it’s some seriously bad karma as well.

5 Least Manipulative: Virgo Guys

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While Virgo girls can be quite manipulative at times, Virgo guys do not really share this quality. This is a big difference between Virgo girls and Virgo guys. Virgo guys can see that manipulating people is a cheap and easy way to get what they want, while Virgo girls often focus on short-term goals over long-term progress and respect. But Virgo guys are definitely more in tune with figuring out their long game. they don’t just see where they want to be in six months or one year—they see where they want to be in two, five, even ten years, and they know exactly how much hard work it will take to get there. They understand that manipulation could take them far in the short term, but will fail them in the long term.

4 Least Manipulative: Aquarius Girls

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Aquarius girls know that manipulation is never worth it. This is because from a very young age, an Aquarius girl knows that she is different, and she knows that she does not want to play by society’s rules. It simply is not worth it to her. Therefore, why would she bother trying to manipulate other people to help her get ahead? Frankly, she doesn’t care too much about getting ahead. She just wants to follow her own passions and enjoy life. Aquarius girls know that manipulating other people will never bring them true happiness or satisfaction. They understand that happiness has to come from inside, not from the actions of others. Because of this mindset, they don’t bother with being dishonest or playing games with anyone.

3 Least Manipulative: Cancer Girls

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You already know that Cancer guys don’t bother with trying to manipulate people, and neither do Cancer girls. Both Cancer guys and girls have similar personalities and philosophies on life. Cancer girls are simply some of the sweetest people you will ever meet. In fact, they purposefully avoid manipulative behavior because they know what it feels like to be mistreated and taken advantage of. Because of their naturally kind disposition, many people think that Cancer girls are total pushovers and that they can treat them however they want. However, this is not true—it may take some time, but Cancer women do learn how to stand up for themselves. They learn that manipulating people will only end up bringing bad energy your way, so they make it a point never to act in this manner.

2 Least Manipulative: Aquarius Guys

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Just like Aquarius girls, Aquarius guys are doing their own thing. Honestly, Aquarius guys lead the most laid-back, drama free lives. If you’re looking for someone to chill with, someone who will always be honest with you, someone who has zero interest in gossip about other people—go make friends with a couple Aquarius guys. They will be like a breath of fresh air compared to the way that many other people act! Aquarius guys know that manipulating other people does not actually feel that great, and it won’t get you to where you want to be. They don’t like to be around dramatic or toxic people, so they often keep to themselves and have a small circle of friends rather than a crazy social life.

1 Least Manipulative: Taurus Girls

Source: Favim

Taurus guys and Taurus girls have both earned their place on the “least manipulative” half of this list! Taurus girls are also very mindful. It may come as a surprise to some, but Taurus girls are often super spiritual as well. They spend a lot of time reading about the nature of the universe and learning about different religions and philosophies. One common theme throughout all religions and spiritual practices comes back to “the golden rule”: treat others the way that you would like to be treated. Taurus women make a strong effort to follow this rule in all areas of their lives, and they hold their principles close to their hearts. Manipulating someone is simply out of the question for a Taurus girl—it goes against everything they believe in.

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