We Ranked The Zodiac Signs Who Are The Most High-Maintenance To Easy-Going (His And Hers)

Do you consider yourself an easy-going person? You would probably say yes... and your best friend, boyfriend, and mom would probably say no. Hey, it's not your fault that you have to try on ten outfits before you go out on a Friday night, and your hair has a life of its own. Some people are just a lot more chill and easy to get along with than others, and that's just the way that it goes. Even if you wish that you could act more easy-going most of the time, you honestly might not be able to -- it's tough to change your core nature and your personality. We tend to laugh about people who are really high-maintenance and call them total divas, which is a common character trope in movies and on television shows. But some people really are like that and they just can't help it.

Since so many facets of our lives and personalities can be attributed to our zodiac signs, we thought that it would be fun to look at which zodiac signs are high-maintenance and which ones are easy-going. Where do you fall on the list? What about your friends and boyfriend? Read on to find out our rankings!

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24 Leo (His): Super High-Maintenance

Both the male and female Leo signs are known for being very cocky and conceited. It's not really the greatest thing to say about someone, that's for sure. Leo men are going to be super high-maintenance since they really want things to go their way all the time.

This is the kind of guy who is honestly every girl's worst nightmare. He thinks that he's always right, he wants what he wants when he wants it, and he thinks that he knows everything. He'll be the kind of person who complains about everything all the time, even if nothing is honestly wrong. Maybe his friends and family are used to him and roll their eyes, but it's not really the best way to behave, and that's an understatement.

23 Leo (Hers): Super High-Maintenance

The female Leo is also very high-maintenance. If we think about any diva in a movie or TV show, she's probably a Leo because that's how she acts. Nothing will ever be good enough and she'll always want to be the center of attention.

The tough thing about being around a Leo is that she always thinks that she's right and it's basically her way or nothing. This kind of character is featured in a lot of movies and TV shows and is usually played for laughs. She's the comic relief and no one really takes her seriously. But if we've been around someone like this, we know how super annoying it is. It can definitely be hard to deal with. But these types of people are often very popular because they're also very charming.

22 Aries (His): Super High-Maintenance

The Aries man is prone to bad moods and definitely won't be an easy person to get along with most of the time. Someone who is moody by nature is always going to be high-maintenance and will never be able to just go with the flow.

If we think about spending time with someone like this, we know ASAP that it's not a good time. This is a guy who wants things to be his way and who won't take no for an answer. He'll complain a lot and won't be able to just chill out and have fun. If we're not like this at all, it's pretty hard to understand why someone would actually find it necessary to act like this. Unfortunately, a lot of people do.

21 Aries (Hers): Super High-Maintenance

She's high-maintenance for a different reason than her male zodiac counterpart: she likes to be in charge and in control of what's going on at all times.

This is the type of person who needs to know what the plan is before something happens. She'll make the phone calls and set things up. If we're an Aries woman, then we already know that we're the person in our friend group who makes the social plans all the time. We set up vacations and hotels and make restaurant reservations, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We just really like being in charge. What can we say?! While we're definitely high-maintenance, we're also pretty organized and useful. So we have both good and bad traits when we think about it.

20 Capricorn (His): Super High-Maintenance

When he wants something, he wants it for sure, and he's going to make sure that it happens. The Capricorn guy is the kind of person who has really amazing ideas about what he wants both his career and his personal life to look like.

He wants the big job and to get promotions and raises and all that jazz, but he also wants to find a girlfriend and then, later on, get married. Even though it's not awesome to be a high-maintenance person, for him it's not the worst thing ever because it means that he's got a great work ethic and high expectations and he wants a lot of success for himself. And that's something to admire, really... as long as he doesn't act like a total jerk, of course.

19 Virgo (His): High-Maintenance

Like the female Virgo, the male Virgo needs things to be a certain way. He's not going to make a mess ever and is definitely a neat freak, and he's also a very loyal guy. He won't rush into a romantic relationship and, instead, wants to make sure that he gets to know someone first. And that means that he might need conditions to be perfect since he's also a perfectionist.

If any of us are perfectionists, then we know that there's really no other way that we can be. Sure, people get mad at us and frustrated and think that we should chill, but we can't stop. We probably think the same way if we're dating a Virgo guy and have to deal with his perfectionist nature on a regular basis.

18 Taurus (His): High-Maintenance

Why is a guy who's a Taurus sign high-maintenance? It's all about how super stubborn he is.

Each zodiac sign is known for one main character trait. Virgos are said to be shy and quiet and usually bookworms. Leos are known for being a bit more conceited than the other zodiac signs (okay, so that's putting it lightly). You probably know at least one person who is so incredibly stubborn that it's almost impressive. It's definitely not fun to hang around them and it's definitely not fun to date someone like this. The worst part is that they honestly seem to have zero idea that they're really annoying and that people don't enjoy how stubborn they are. To them, it's just the way that they are, and they don't feel that they need to change.

17 Taurus (Hers): High-Maintenance

Just like the male Taurus, the female Taurus is going to be high-maintenance.

She'll always want things to go exactly the way that she wants them to, and if they don't, well, she'll refuse to accept it and deal with it. She's not going to stand for that. If this is your zodiac sign and your stubbornness has gotten in the way of your daily life, you probably know that it's not the best way to be. People must always tell you that you need to chill out and let go a little bit. You most likely hate hearing that, but hey, they do have a point. After all, what would you rather do: hold onto your stubborn nature or be someone that other people love to be around? Is it really a contest?

16 Libra (His): High-Maintenance

The Libra man wants one thing and one thing only: a serious girlfriend/wife. He's not that easy-going since he's going to stop at nothing until he gets this.

People might tell him to take things down a notch because being that intense and trying to date and meet someone isn't the best idea ever. If we've dated a guy like this, then we know that he's going to try to force the relationship to get a lot more serious than it should be. This is the kind of guy who might want to get married after only a few months and who might try to rush every relationship milestone. Sure, it's one thing to want to fall in love, but it's entirely another to be that single-minded about finding a life partner.

15 Scorpio (Hers): High-Maintenance

The Scorpio woman is going to be high-maintenance because she's such a jealous person.

She could honestly be someone's worst nightmare to date because she's definitely not the easiest person to be in a relationship with. Since she gets jealous so quickly, she might honestly jump to conclusions and not realize that there's literally nothing to be jealous of. We can all see how that wouldn't make for the most chill, calm relationship. If any of us are this zodiac sign, maybe we don't want to admit that we have such a green-eyed monster inside of us, but hopefully we've figured out how to not ruin our relationships before they've even truly begun. No one wants to date a jealous person. That's just the truth.

14 Scorpio (His): High-Maintenance

The male Scorpio is also going to be high-maintenance because he loves playing games when it comes to love.

When he likes someone, he's not going to make it obvious to them, and he's not going to make it easy for them to date him, either. He wouldn't dream of that. He wants to play games and have some fun (or what he considers fun -- of course, we wouldn't say that it's a good time). When a guy wants to be in control and wants to have the upper hand in a dating situation, he tends to be conceited, a know-it-all, and a total jerk. He also wants things to always go according to his plan, and since that's just not the way that life works, he'll be mad a lot of the time.

13 Aquarius (His): Somewhat High-Maintenance

The male Aquarius isn't the easiest person to get along with or be in a relationship with. It's very important that he feels free at all times.

That might make him sound like a jerk, but he's honestly not. He's got some good personality traits going for him: he's great at having conversations and actually hearing what other people have to say, he cares about a lot of things, and he's also very smart. Aquarius signs are known for being helpful. Sometimes they're on the silent side and want to just hang back and observe, but other times, they're in a better mood and want to be part of the fun. So even though this guy can be high-maintenance sometimes since he loves his freedom, he's still boyfriend material for sure.

12 Aquarius (Hers): Somewhat High-Maintenance

The female Aquarius is very friendly and a great person to be around, but at the same time, she really values having her sense of independence.

When someone wants to be alone a lot of the time and wants to do whatever they want, they can be a real drag to be around. They don't seem to ever understand why that's so frustrating, though, which makes people even more frustrated. If you're an Aquarius, this is just the way that you are and it's the personality that you've always had, so you don't get what all the fuss is about. And if we're friends with an Aquarius, then we're probably very familiar with how this zodiac sign acts. Sometimes she's totally fine and fun to hang out with, but other times, she's a bit much.

11 Sagittarius (Hers): Somewhat High-Maintenance

The Sagittarius woman has some spunk in her personality just like her male zodiac counterpart. She's different from him, though, because she's more high-maintenance than he is.

Why? Because she expects a lot from the people around her. She has really high expectations when it comes to finding a romantic partner, for one thing. She's the kind of person who is super picky and can find anything wrong with anyone. Her friends probably don't get why she says no to dates or turns down the opportunity to get to know someone better. She can't help it because she has a list of what she wants and doesn't want to change. If we're this person, then we know that we won't listen to anyone else. If this is our best friend, we totally get that she won't change her ways.

10 Cancer (His): In The Middle

The Cancer man isn't really, really high-maintenance like some of the other zodiac signs, but he's not particularly easy to get along with or be around, either. He really wants to find someone to share his life with and that's something that is a big goal and dream of his. He'll basically stop at nothing to do that, so sometimes he might seem like he's preoccupied with that goal.

While there's nothing wrong with wanting to make something happen in our lives, we definitely want to make sure that we're not being mean or rude in the process. And that might be happening with this guy. He might seem like he's in a bad mood if his dating life isn't going well, but hey, we've all been there for sure.

9 Cancer (Hers): In The Middle

The Cancer woman is also somewhere in the middle when it comes to being high-maintenance or easy-going. She doesn't want to have a casual thing with someone and wants to find a real love story. Like the kind that happens in the movies or romantic books.

But once she finds someone that she feels comfortable around and wants to be with, things are very different. She can be very chill and easy-going around him. So it really just depends on who she's with. And, really, we're all a little bit like that. We're totally ourselves around our best friends and boyfriends and immediate family, but maybe not so much around strangers or distant relatives. That seems pretty normal and it makes a lot of sense.

8 Virgo (Hers): In The Middle

Both the male and female Virgo are known for being shy and quiet, so they might seem pretty high-maintenance and even kind of stuck-up most of the time. People often think that others are being really conceited when they're honestly just on the shy side. It's kind of unfair and frustrating but it happens a lot.

There are going to be times when the female Virgo is easy-going and when she can be friendly and have a great conversation, and other times, she's going to need things to be a certain way. That's because she's got a great work ethic and cares a lot about whatever she's set her mind to. She's honestly just super organized and trying to do the best job that she can do.

7 Capricorn (Hers): In The Middle

The Capricorn woman has a great work ethic and wants to follow her dreams. Those traits can make her a bit tough to deal with sometimes and can make her seem like a little bit of a diva.

Otherwise, she's a great person and a really compassionate girlfriend. Well, she's a compassionate person once she finds someone that she can chill out with and really be herself around. That's not always easy for Capricorn women because they need to feel really comfy before they can agree to be with someone. Of course, that happens to all of us, and it's a really relatable thing. It's definitely something that we should all keep in mind if we want to find a partner. We have to make sure that someone is worth hanging around.

6 Pieces (Hers): Very Easy-Going

Pisces women are definitely among the most easy-going of the zodiac signs. They're also very friendly and sensitive. They love hanging out with other people and getting to know them and hearing their stories and life experiences. They're also very sensitive to other people's emotions and that doesn't freak them out at all -- instead, they love it.

If we're a Pisces, then we've probably heard that we're super easy to be around and get along with. We might have shrugged it off and thought that it was no big deal because, hey, we're just being ourselves. But, honestly, this is something to be proud of since not everyone can be that easy going. We can't always do what we want, so we should definitely all strive to be more go with the flow type people.

5 Pisces (His): Very Easy-Going

The Pisces man loves to have fun so he's definitely a very easy-going person.

He's also said to have an awesome sense of humor. He's the kind of person who will enjoy himself no matter where he is and no matter what's going on, which is more than a lot of people can say. When someone loves to have fun and laughter is a big part of their life, we definitely find it very attractive. This is the type of guy that we all want to date, basically, and if our boyfriend is a Pisces, we're super lucky. If we're single, then maybe we should start looking for a Pisces to date. We'll always have fun and we'll always have someone around who makes us laugh. Sounds like a good idea, right?!

4 Sagittarius (His): Very Easy-Going

The Sagittarius man is known for being a travel lover. He's also a really easy-going person.

When a guy just wants to travel and have fun and thinks of life as one big adventure, he's definitely not going to be picky about what's going on. He won't sweat the small stuff or complain about the restaurant that someone chose or anything like that. While we might think that this sounds like our dream guy, we should know that the Sagittarius guy isn't known for wanting a super serious relationship. Since traveling and having fun is so important to him, he's more into something casual, and love isn't on his list of things to find and experience. That really sucks since he otherwise sounds really perfect.

3 Gemini (His): Easy-Going

The Gemini guy is on the easy-going side of things. He has a lot of really positive personality traits.

He enjoys his life and wants to have fun and have adventures. He's not one to dwell on the small stuff. He also has a great sense of humor. It's basically impossible for someone who is funny and who considers humor to be an important part of life to be high-maintenance. Okay, maybe it's not completely impossible, but it would be kind of strange. We all love being around someone who loves having fun because it's pretty much always guaranteed to be a really good time with no drama or tension whatsoever. Or at least that's what we always hope. We never really know when the drama will rear its ugly head.

2 Gemini (Hers): Easy-Going

The Gemini woman is nothing if not easy-going, and is nothing like some of the other zodiac signs who couldn't possibly be more diva-like if they tried.

She always has a lot of fun no matter where she is. She also doesn't get nervous about meeting new people or trying new things. She's the kind of person who is up for pretty much anything. If this is us, we've probably always heard that other people are super envious of us because most people let their fear and nerves get the best of them about a lot of things. If this isn't us, we're probably jealous, just like those people. Maybe we can all be inspired by the Gemini woman and be more like her. We deserve to have fun and try new things, just like she does, right?

1 Libra (Hers): Easy-Going

The Libra woman is basically always the life of the party. She's friendly and very social, and that makes her an incredibly easy-going, go with the flow type of person.

Having a Libra as a best friend is great since she's going to make sure that there are a lot of social events and parties happening, so we'll never have a free, boring weekend again. And if we're a Libra, then we pride ourselves on being social butterflies and we like that we're so easy-going. We don't get people who always need things to be a certain way or who complain about little things that honestly don't matter at all. We just want to have fun and hang out with people and that's that. Life is too much fun to complain, don't we all agree?

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