We Ranked The Zodiac Signs Who Are The Hardest To Fall In Love With (His And Hers)

Some people are so easy to fall in love with. Sometimes you could spend just a few minutes with a guy, and you’ll find yourself staring deeply into his eye, wondering what you should name your children one day. Yet sometimes, it may take you a year or two to realize that someone you had been friends with for a while might actually make a great boyfriend. Why is that? Well, as with many other aspects of our lives, their zodiac sign might have something to do with it.

Some signs have common personality traits that make them easygoing and extroverted—they instantly make you feel comfortable around them, and you might find yourself developing romantic feelings towards these people early on. But some signs can be more closed off and less flirty. Months down the line, you may start thinking of someone who was previously “just a friend” in a whole new way, but because they are more introverted and quiet, it just took you a while to really get to know them!

Each and every sign is different, so to make things a little easier for you, we’ve ranked which signs are hardest to fall in love with.

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24 Easy to Love: Leo Guys

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Leo guys are true heartbreakers. You’ve probably had a crush on one or two Leo guys in your life, because try as you might, this sign is just impossible to resist. Why are Leo guys so easy to fall in love with? For starters, they just exude confidence. They walk into any room like they own it, and they never display any signs of insecurity in public. This doesn’t mean they don’t have self-esteem issues from time to time—but you’d have to get pretty close to him if you want him to open up to you about anything super personal! What else makes Leo guys so attractive? They are often very successful, they have a large social circle, and they like to be the life of the party!

23 Easy to Love: Sagittarius Girls

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Sagittarius girls are so easy to fall for. If you’re a guy, you probably want to be with a Sagittarius girl. And if you’re a girl, you might want to BE a Sagittarius, if you weren’t born one! Seriously, these girls will always manage to put a smile on any guy’s face. What makes them so adorable? They’re super easy going, so you’ll never feel stressed out around a Sagittarius girl. They have a great sense of humor, so you can hang out talking about nothing and still end up laughing like crazy. They’re always down for an adventure, so if you’re looking for a girl who will drop everything and travel the world with you, look no further than this sign. Guys of every sign love Sagittarius girls!

22 Easy to Love: Aries Guys

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Aries guys present a challenge in the dating world: it’s tough to get them to settle down, especially when they’re young. But honestly, you just can’t help falling for them. They’re so adventurous, and they are always down for a road trip, a fun date in the city, or pulling an all-nighter and staying out until the sun comes out. They’ll have you feeling so alive. Yes, Aries guys are easy to fall in love with, but it’s hard to convince him to actually stay with you. If you can, you’re in for a wild ride! But if not, you probably have heartbreak on the horizon. When it comes to dating an Aries guys, the motto is basically: “Well, that was fun while it lasted!”

21 Easy to Love: Sagittarius Guys

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Like Sagittarius girls, Sagittarius guys are carefree, easygoing, and super easy to fall in love with. They’re the guys who always break out a guitar at a bonfire, and they actually know how to play songs besides Wonderwall. They’re the guys who have a surfboard strapped to the top of their car in the summer, and a snowboard ready to go in the winter. They love the outdoors, and if you’re more of a homebody, they’ll have you itching to take on the world with them. Sagittarius guys are simply irresistible. They’re very open minded, and they don’t mind talking about feelings and emotions—sure, they’re not as sensitive as Pisces guys, but they want you to feel comfortable telling them how you truly feel.

20 Easy to Love: Pisces Guys

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Well, speaking of Pisces guys, they also rank high on the list of signs who are easy to fall for! What makes a Pisces guy stand out? While many men are scared of talking about their emotions or admitting how they really feel about a girl, Pisces guys are very open about their sensitive side. When you sit down to ask him, “So, what are we?” he won’t shy away from the question like many other guys would. Instead, he’ll just be honest with you and tell you what he really wants from the relationship. And it doesn’t hurt that Pisces guys like to dress well, too! They tend to put a little extra effort into their appearance, and it definitely pays off—so ladies, take notice!

19 Easy to Love: Gemini Guys

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Yes, we all know that Gemini guys tend to be players—it’s just the nature of their sign. But they wouldn’t even have the opportunity to date so many women if they weren’t so easy to fall in love with! We know, we know, it’s frustrating to fall for a Gemini guy who decides he just can’t settle down, because they’re so fun to talk to and hang out with. These guys can engage you in a deep conversation on just about any topic, from spirituality to science to traveling. They tend to be well educated and like to step out of their comfort zones, which means lot of interesting dates to new cities, museums, restaurants with cuisine you’ve never tried, and more. Dating a Gemini guy is always an adventure!

18 Easy to Love: Cancer Girls

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Cancer girls are so sweet that guys simply can’t help crushing on them. It’s true that Cancer is probably the nicest sign in the entire zodiac, and when it comes to dating, that pays off. While other girls are playing hard to get, Cancer girls aren’t trying to hide their feelings—they go after the guys they want and treat them well. It’s not rocket science, but for some reason, many other signs don’t seem to understand how far being upfront will get you! It’s like Cancer’s secret weapon—but they would never refer to it that way because they’re too nice! Once a guy has been with a Cancer girl, it’s hard to forget, because she will treat you like no other girl can.

17 Easy to Love: Aquarius Girls

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Aquarius girls can be tough to actually date, but they are certainly easy to fall in love with. The qualities that make them so attractive are the same qualities that can make it difficult to actually “settle down” with them. Aquarius girls like to do their own thing, and when they say that they’re independent women who don’t need men, they actually mean it—they’re not just saying it! But being independent, self sufficient, and confident is super attractive to lots of men, so despite the fact that they are often not super interested in dating, they always have a number of prospects. However, good luck trying convince an Aquarius girl that you’re worth it unless you two are 100% on the same page—otherwise, she’ll just brush you off!

16 Easy to Love: Cancer Guys

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Just like Cancer girls, Cancer guys are sweet enough to give you a toothache. These guys will treat a girl like she’s an actual queen—no wonder every girl has had a crush on a Cancer guy at some point in her life! While the typical guys you meet might not know how to treat a girl well, you’ll never have that issue with a Cancer guy. This sign is truly one of a kind. Some girls overlook since they are more sensitive and quiet than other guys, but they are making a big mistake. Cancer guys truly make some of the best boyfriends, and once you get to know them, you’ll let your guard down and fall head over heels in no time at all.

15 Easy to Love: Leo Girls

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You already know that it’s simply impossible not to fall for a Leo guy—but what about Leo girls? Well, as it turns out, everyone born under this sign is pretty irresistible! Leo girls take a lot of pride in their appearance, so they are always quite well dressed. However, their beauty is not just skin deep. These girls are highly motivated, so they are always involved in a million different things at once. And chances are that they’re quite good at what they do, just like Leo guys—they always put their full effort into anything they do! For guys who are equally driven, this is super attractive, and lots of quality guys end up finding themselves with a Leo girl at some point in life.

14 Easy to Love: Virgo Girls

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Virgo girls aren’t super flirty, but that doesn’t mean guys won’t notice them. In fact, their low maintenance lifestyles and chill attitudes are what attracts so many guys. Virgo girls don’t stress over every little thing. They stay calm in tough situations, and they don’t freak out over things that don’t matter. After a guy has dated a few high maintenance girls, dating a Virgo girl sounds like a dream come true! That’s why so many guys love Virgo girls—they simply don’t play games, ever. They are straightforward, open, and honest, and they don’t feel the need to compete with anyone else. Therefore, they’re way more laid back while dating, which means way less stress and drama—what more could a guy really want?

13 Easy to Love: Pisces Girls

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We’ve probably all heard a guy say that a girl he’s dating “just isn’t like other girls”—and maybe we’ve rolled our eyes at this statement before! But a guy dating a Pisces girl has every right to say it, because she really isn’t like other girls. She’s a dreamer and a doer—she’s the crazy girl who chases the dream that she’s had since childhood, and she’ll inspire a guy to go after his goals, too. Because of this, guys are always intrigued by Pisces women. What is it about her that gives her such quiet confidence? Where does her creativity come from? Once they start wondering, they have to get to know her and find out. True to their symbol, the fish, Pisces women can easily get a guy hooked!

12 Hard to Love: Aries Girls

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While dating an Aries guy may seem like a great time, Aries girls can be tough to fall in love with. Why do so many women fall for Aries men, but guys tend to avoid Aries women—at least when they’re young? Well, it’s because Aries women tend to be a bit intimidating. If you take the time to truly get to know an Aries girl, falling in love with her can be an incredible experience. But the truth is that being with an Aries girl will never be a walk in the park. These girls are stubborn, they will hold you to your every promise, and they are fiercely protective—so don’t even try to flirt with another girl, because she’ll catch you every single time!

11 Hard to Love: Taurus Girls

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Taurus is represented by the symbol of the ram, and Taurus girls truly embody the spirit of this animal. What is it about Taurus girls that makes some men afraid to truly fall for them? These girls don’t let their guard down easily. They don’t open up to just anyone. Because of this, men often think they are giving them the cold shoulder, ignoring them, or just being plain rude! Guys might find themselves thinking that a certain Taurus girl is super attractive, but when she doesn’t respond to his advances right away, he might just give up early. Taurus girls demand a ton of effort, and honestly, not every guy is up to the challenge! She won’t settle for just anyone, so guys, step your game up!

10 Hard to Love: Gemini Girls

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Do guys find Gemini girls cute and funny? Absolutely. But do guys fall in love with Gemini girls easily? Nope. While many women fall for Gemini guys because they know exactly how to play the game, guys might be happy to hook up with Gemini women while also realizing that they should not expect anything serious. Geminis all like to play the field, but Gemini men have a different style than Gemini women. Gemini girls make it clear up front that they’re just having fun, and because of this, most men don’t get attached. They don’t hang around long enough to actually develop any real romantic feelings. Therefore, many Gemini girls end up wondering why plenty of guys will hit on them, but won’t take them out on a real date!

9 Hard to Love: Taurus Guys

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Like Taurus girls, Taurus guys don’t always come across as prime dating material. Poor Taurus—they have it hard out here on the dating scene! So, why do girls tend to overlook Taurus guys? Simply put, they aren’t always very forward about their emotions. If a Taurus guy likes you, you probably would never know it unless he has felt that way for a long time and can’t hold his feelings back anymore! Furthermore, Taurus guys are not very social. They’re definitely not anti-social, though—they have a good group of close friends, but they don’t really like going out to parties or hanging out with people they don’t know very well. Therefore, they don’t have a ton of opportunities to meet lots of single girls.

8 Hard to Love: Virgo Guys

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Are you seeing a pattern here? Yup, earth signs tend to have a little bit of trouble when it comes to finding love! But they’re certainly not doomed, so if you’re an earth sign, don’t despair, the one for you is out there! With that being said, let’s discuss why you may not catch yourself falling for a Virgo guy anytime in the near future. Virgo guys focus on practicality over all else—so most of the time, they are not interested in relationships at all when they’re young. And of you get a vibe that a guy isn’t into you right away, well, you’re more likely to pursue someone else instead! Virgo guys tend to find themselves on one side of this scenario very frequently.

7 Hard to Love: Libra Girls

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Here’s the funny thing about Libra girls: they absolutely love the idea of being in a relationship. In fact, they’re often happiest when they are dating someone for a long time. But they have certain behaviors that can be huge turn offs for guys, and this is something that causes them to struggle when it comes to dating. Libra girls can often come off as materialistic—hey, it’s not their fault that they have expensive taste!—and because of this, some guys will avoid them. After all, many guys are looking for more low-maintenance women. But fear not, Libra girls—as you get older, you may find it easier to tone down your high maintenance side, and you may not have this issue when it comes to dating anymore.

6 Hard to Love: Scorpio Girls

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It should come as no surprise that some guys just aren’t into Scorpio women. It may sound harsh, but their strong emotions can turn some men off. Only the strongest guys out there can truly handle a Scorpio woman! But that’s okay, Scorpio girls, because the weak will weed themselves out. Scorpio women will not hesitate to tell you if they’re upset, tired, hungry, or absolutely furious—actually, they won’t tell you, they’ll yell it at you, so you better be ready. They can come on very strong if they are into you, and this can definitely intimidate some guys, especially if they don’t feel the same way just yet! Scorpio women are definitely not easy to love, but if you find the right one, it’s worth the struggle.

5 Hard to Love: Capricorn Guys

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It’s easy to see why Capricorn guys might not get as much love as the other signs. They get so absorbed in their work and their passions that they literally get tunnel vision. They are typically not interested in casual dating, so girls who are just looking for something fun and temporary will simply never connect with a Capricorn guy. Furthermore, they can be very selective and picky about women. They may even be insulting towards women who don’t seem as ambitious as they are, which naturally would be a turn-off. Yup, Capricorn guys have it hard out there, but some of their dating struggles are totally self-inflicted—some of them will learn their lesson, and some won’t. It’s never that simple for a Capricorn guy!

4 Hard to Love: Libra Guys

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Moral of the story: dating is never easy for a Libra! Whether you’re a Libra guy or a Libra girl, people born under this sign will always run into roadblocks when it comes to romance. What is it about Libra guys that makes some girls look right past them? They often come across as though they are trying way too hard. Libra guys definitely put a lot of thought into their image, and when a girl picks up on this, it can kill all of her interest immediately. She may wonder if a Libra guy is just dating her to make himself look better in some way—and sometimes, her worst fear turns out to be true! Libra guys have a stereotype of being too obsessed with their own reputation.

3 Hard to Love: Scorpio Guys

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Just like Scorpio girls, Scorpio guys don’t always have the best of luck in the dating world! And they struggle for similar reasons. Scorpio guys come across as very emotional, and as you may already know, this is a prominent trait in all Scorpios. They simply cannot help it—it’s in their nature! But unfortunately for Scorpio guys, many girls are not into the idea of dating a guy who is more emotional than they are. And to be fair, Scorpio guys can take it way overboard when they get annoyed or angry! Many women simply do not want to deal with this kind of attitude, and we really can’t blame them—it might seem exciting at first, but it can definitely get old after a while!

2 Hard to Love: Capricorn Girls

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Many guys simply do not think of Capricorn girl as dating material. It may seem unfair, and it kind of is—but Capricorn girls do not do themselves any favors in this area. They often show no interest in guys that they’re dating, because dating is simply not a very high priority to them. They don’t really hang out with big groups of people—yes, they have some close friends who they make sure to spend quality time with, but they don’t enjoy going out to parties or other big social events very often. Therefore, they don’t spend a lot of time hanging out with single guys that they could potentially connect with. But they don’t mind too much—like we said, they often have other things higher on their list of priorities.

1 Hard to Love: Aquarius Guys

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So, why do guys fall head over heels for Aquarius girls, but girls tend to overlook Aquarius guys? Aquarius girls come off as independent and secure—and yes, a little bit intimidating, but not enough to scare off the guys! Aquarius guys, on the other hand, have the tendency to give off a vibe that’s more arrogant than confident. Some girls don’t mind this, and they’ll still go for it—but many other girls don’t really want to deal with that kind of attitude. There is a fine line between an arrogant mindset and a confident mindset, and Aquarius guys often cross that line, especially when they’re meeting girls. They think they need to brag to impress a girl, but that’s simply not the case.

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