We Ranked The Zodiac Signs Who Are The Least Intuitive In A Relationship (His And Hers)

How intuitive are you? It might not be something that you think about on a regular basis. When it comes to your personality, you probably think more about how much of an introvert or extrovert you are, whether you have the hair that you want (the answer is always "no"), and whether you're actually as funny as you think that you are. Those are all important things to ponder, especially the hair thing, but knowing whether or not you're an intuitive person can also be helpful.

Do you follow your gut instincts no matter what, even if your friends tell you that you're being totally paranoid and that there's no reason to be so worried? Or do you get gut feelings about situations but ignore them, only to regret it later on? Can you tell when someone is really upset, or do you have no clue? How intuitive (or not) you are can be judged based on your zodiac sign, just like so many other things about your personality, and the results are totally fascinating. We're here to help and we figured it out! Here are the rankings of the most to least intuitive zodiac signs. Which one are you?!

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23 Virgo (His): Very Intuitive

Both male and female Virgo signs are loyal, logical, caring people, and are very cautious when they approach relationships. This makes them both very intuitive people, and if you've dated any Virgo guys in the past, you probably know that this is super true.

A Virgo guy is never going to rush into anything, whether he's thinking about what post-college career path to go on or if he wants to turn a friendship into something more. That means that he's always going to live according to his gut instincts and feel out the situation. If his girlfriend or wife is having a rough time, he's the person who is going to talk to them about their feelings and help them out. That's because he's a good listener, which is all based on intuition. Anyone is lucky to have a Virgo boyfriend or husband.

22 Virgo (Hers): Very Intuitive


Like the male Virgo, the female Virgo is a highly intuitive person. This comes in handy for her personal relationships, and makes things a lot easier since she can always sense what's going on in any given situation.

Is this you? Then you already know that this is a personality trait that helps you out a lot in your life. It's really awesome to be able to figure out how someone else is feeling about something. It's kind of like you're a mind reader, which is super awesome, and basically means that you have a superpower. That's what you should say if anyone ever acts like you're being too careful or too cautious. Your motto in life is definitely "better safe than sorry" and that's because of how much you live according to your gut and your intuition.

21 Pisces (His): Very Intuitive

Both male and female Pisces signs are sensitive and emotional, so they can really feel other people's emotions, too.

The male Pisces is the kind of person who would go up to a stranger on a bus or on the subway and ask what's going on with them. He can always tell if someone is upset or feeling some other strong, negative emotion. Sure, people might think that's kind of weird, and maybe it is a little bit strange, but that's only because not everyone is as intuitive as the Pisces guy. To him, it's normal to live life with a lot of emotions, and he thinks that other people should embrace their feelings as well. If your boyfriend is a Pisces, consider yourself lucky. He's going to help you through anything that you're struggling with and will often ask what's wrong before you've even realized that you're upset.

20 Pisces (Hers): Very Intuitive

The female Pisces is also a very sensitive, emotional, intuitive person.

If you're a girl and you're a Pisces, you've probably heard your entire life that you're too sensitive or too emotional. People have probably always considered those to be negative traits, and maybe you feel bad about the fact that you can cry at the drop of a hat and that it's hard for you to let things go. But, honestly, there's nothing for you to feel bad or guilty about. You're just more tuned into your emotions than other zodiac signs, and that's something that you should embrace instead of feeling bad about. It's not like you can change the core of your personality, anyway. While some people might not want to date you because they call you overemotional, the right person will appreciate you, and they'll like that you can anticipate their feelings ahead of time.

19 Aries (Hers): Very Intuitive

The Aries woman feels a lot and can get really jealous of the person that she's dating, and it doesn't sound like it takes much for that to happen. She can be intuitive about what's going on in her relationship, so if she's being cheated on, you can be sure that she'll find out.

If this is you, then you already know that you might jump to conclusions a bit too often and think that your boyfriend is hanging out with another girl behind your back. Sure, sometimes your instincts might be spot on and you can save yourself from a lot of heartaches. But other times, you're worrying for nothing and you might cause more problems than you mean to. As an Aries, you're very intuitive, so most of the time, you're picking up on things that really are a problem in the relationship.

18 Cancer (His): Very Intuitive

The Cancer guy is known for being very emotional, and he's also looking for a serious partner. He can be in bad moods sometimes and can see things from a negative perspective, and that means that if something is wrong, he'll find it hard to just shake it off and move on.

He's always going to be intuitive when he's in a relationship because he can feel what his partner is feeling. If you're having a bad day and your boyfriend is this zodiac sign, you might want to forget about it and move on, and you might figure that it's nothing that a glass of red wine and some pizza will fix. But he's so intuitive that he'll want you guys to chat about what's wrong, and soon you'll be spilling the beans.

17 Cancer (Hers): Very Intuitive

A female Cancer sign is also very intuitive because she can't just rush into anything romantic. She needs to feel really comfortable and feel out the whole situation.

If this is your zodiac sign, then you've probably heard from a lot of people, whether friends or family members or even potential romantic partners, that you take things way too slowly. No one will be able to understand where you're coming from, which is that you need to feel truly at home with the person that you're even thinking about dating. Relationships are huge deals to you. You can't just rush into a new romance. If someone has a problem with that, well, then they're not the right person for you, and you have to wait it out until you find someone who totally gets it.

16 Libra (Hers): Very Intuitive

The Libra woman is a super intuitive person when it comes to relationships. She wants to find someone that she can fall in love with and she wants someone to challenge her and what she wants out of life. She sounds like someone who feels things super strongly.

If this is you, then you're not the kind of person who could ever settle in a relationship. While that's ultimately a really good thing, it might be frustrating when you like someone but know that they're not the person that you should be dating or that you're meant to be with. When you fall for someone, you fall hard, and you feel it in every ounce of your being. It's a pretty amazing experience for sure.

15 Scorpio (His): Very Intuitive

The Scorpio man is an intuitive person, even though at first glance it might not seem like it. He won't date just anyone and he definitely won't fall in love with just anyone. That might make him seem kind of conceited and cold, but that's not really what's going on.

In fact, he wants to make sure that he emotionally connects with the person that he's doing. And that's the reason that he's an intuitive person. Once he meets the right girl, he'll feel very strongly that she's the one for him, and he'll know that he has to do whatever he can to keep her in his life. If you date a Scorpio guy and have a real, honest, emotional conversation with him, you'll be his forever.

14 Scorpio (Hers): Very Intuitive

The Scorpio woman is also very intuitive, just like her male zodiac counterpart, and it's all thanks to her friendly and extroverted nature.

She wants to find out everything that she can about people and about the world around her. She's not someone who finds people boring and could definitely be described as a "people person." Since she loves talking to other people, when she meets someone that she's romantically interested in, she'll basically talk his ear off. She'll want him to do the same thing, though, so she can really get to know him and get a feel for how much she likes him. And she'll be able to tell if he's the right person for her and if she thinks that he's someone that she should keep in her life.

13 Capricorn (Hers): Very Intuitive

The Capricorn woman is the opposite of the Capricorn man: while he's not intuitive, she absolutely is.

She waits to see if she likes someone enough to date them and likes to take things slow. She needs to feel things out, basically, and that's something that she's not going to budge on. It might be frustrating for the guy that she's dating because he might wonder if she even likes him at all or if she's just pretending to be interested in him. If this is you, then you can relate. If you let the guy that you're into know that you really do like him, you just need to take things slow and be comfortable, he should be okay with it. If he's the right person for you, he'll get it.

12 Sagittarius (Hers): Fairly Intuitive

The Sagittarius woman isn't as intuitive as a Virgo or Pisces, but she's still pretty good at figuring out how other people are feeling, and that is a pretty good thing when it comes to her relationships.

She really wants a partner, which is a motivating factor in her life. Once she finds someone that she wants to call her boyfriend, she'll be the best girlfriend ever. She's a very loyal person to date and that means that she really cares about how her partner is feeling at all times. She'll do what she can to make sure that her partner is happy and won't mind making changes if he's not thrilled about something that's going on within the relationship. And that's definitely a great way to be, so she's got the right idea.

11 Aquarius (Hers): Kind Of Intuitive

On the one hand, the Aquarius woman doesn't like people who are very touchy-feely or who are too mushy. She won't want her partner to talk too much about how they're feeling about something... or even about her. She's not exactly a damsel in distress who wants her life to look like a romantic comedy.

But on the other hand, since she can tell when someone is being really emotional and that bugs her so much, she can definitely feel out their emotions. And that makes her kind of intuitive. She might not want to do much with that information and she won't be the kind of girlfriend who wants to sit there for hours and listen to her partner's emotional rants. But at least she'll know that he's upset.

10 Gemini (Hers): Kind Of Intuitive

The Gemini woman has some really awesome qualities about her. She's supposed to have an open mind and she's said to love meeting new people and trying new things.

That seems to suggest that she follows her gut instincts on a regular basis. But sometimes, she might be too caught up in her own life and what's going on to really tune into what's going on with someone else. And that makes her sort of intuitive but not as much as some of the other zodiac signs. Basically, if this is you, the guys that you've dated have probably been kind of confused because half the time, you seem like you really care about them and other items, you seem preoccupied. What can you say?! It's your zodiac sign.

9 Taurus (His): A Little Bit Intuitive

The Taurus man doesn't want to rush into anything romantic, and like some of the other zodiac signs, feeling really comfortable with someone that he's thinking about committing to is really important to him. He wants to feel safe and comfy before he can let someone see who he really is.

This makes sense and seems like a great way to approach a relationship, especially since rushing into something doesn't always end very well. Sometimes it works, but most of the time, it's too much. This seems to suggest that he's in tune with at least some of his feelings since he cares about his comfort level. He doesn't want to date just anyone and he wants to be sure. And that seems to suggest that he's at least a little bit intuitive.

8 Libra (His): A Little Bit Intuitive

When it comes to how intuitive the Libra man is when he's in a relationship, the truth is that he's a little bit intuitive but not a ton.

He really, really wants to meet someone that he can be serious about, and that's a big deal for him. He might be able to tell when something is going well and when he's finally found the right girl... or he might have rose-colored glasses on and he might believe that a relationship is good when it's not. He just really wants to have a girlfriend and, later on, a wife, so he could ignore some pretty big red flags and dealbreakers. Call him a hopeless romantic. He just would rather settle down as early as possible.

7 Aries (His): Not Very Intuitive

If you're dating an Aries guy, you should definitely know that he's not as intuitive as some of the other zodiac signs.

Why? It's mostly because he plays a lot of dating games, including hard to get. Yes, he really does play hard to get. It does sound pretty immature and like something that you do when you're in junior high, which is exactly why it's so annoying, but hey, that's the way that it goes with this zodiac sign sometimes. Feelings aren't really his thing, so you wouldn't exactly call him sensitive or emotional. He's not as in tune with his feelings as the other zodiac signs, and he won't be able to guess how you're feeling about something, either. And that won't be much fun at all.

6 Sagittarius (His): Not Intuitive At All

If you're dating a Sagittarius guy, you'll probably find out sooner rather than later that this isn't someone who has much intuition.

The Sagittarius man needs to feel free all the time and doesn't want to be tied down by a relationship. That's something that he might even tell you (and he might even tell you it a lot -- ugh). He's going to be kind of selfish and thinks more about himself than other people, and that goes for whoever he's dating. If you're in a serious relationship with him, you might wonder if he even has feelings at all or if he even cares about things as much as you do. He's not someone who is going to wear his emotions on his sleeve or anything like that, and that'll be pretty annoying after a while.

5 Aquarius (His): Not Intuitive At All

Dating an Aquarius man might be a bit tricky because he's not going to be intuitive.

He tends to think about himself a lot and has an active inner world going at all times. It doesn't seem like he's very tuned into other people's feelings. This is the kind of person that you could sit across from in a bar or restaurant and talk and talk about your feelings... and realize that he's totally tuning you out. He's watching the game on the TV over your shoulder and not paying attention to you at all. Sure, you can tell him that he's being super rude, but he's not going to think that he is. He won't even get that what he's doing is annoying or mean at all. That's just not in his nature.

4 Gemini (His): Not Intuitive At All

The Gemini man isn't very intuitive, either. It's definitely not a word that you could use to describe him?

How come? Because he needs to have fun and adventure in his life at all times. When someone cares about that stuff the most, they're not really the touchy-feely kind who want to talk about how they're feeling all the time (or ever). He would be too busy living his life and having fun to listen to his gut instincts. He would either ignore how he's feeling about something, including the girl that he's dating, or not know how he feels at all. He might be the kind of guy who tells you that you're just "hanging out" and "having fun" but he's not sure where he wants things to go. Groan, right?!

3 Capricorn (His): Not Intuitive At All

The Capricorn man isn't intuitive, either, and it's all a control thing for him.

He wants (and needs) to be the one in control when he's in a relationship, so he's not going to care about how his partner is feeling. He's more important, basically, even though of course he's really not. That's just the way that he feels. If you date a guy like this, it's only going to be a matter of time before he drives you totally crazy and you want to get out. If you've dated someone like this, then you know that he wants to be in control all the time and make all of the decisions. He won't care that you don't like his choices and that you're not happy, and he probably won't even notice.

2 Leo (His): Not Intuitive At All

Both Leo male and female signs are very arrogant and care more about themselves than other people. They seem to have a ton of negative personality traits.

If you date a Leo guy, well, watch out. You just might get bored of his constant need for attention and how he talks about himself all the time. Of course, you're probably savvy about these types of things, and you can probably tell when a guy is too arrogant when you're on the first date. It's not that every cocky guy is a Leo sign, but if your date is this zodiac sign, this is what you probably have to look forward to. When someone cares more about themselves than other people, they definitely can't tell when their date or girlfriend is upset.

1 Leo (Hers): Not Intuitive At All

Just like her male counterpart, the Leo female won't be intuitive when she's in a relationship.

Is this you? Does this become a huge problem for you when you're in love with someone? It probably does since, let's face it, relationships take a lot of communication and compromise and talking about how you're feeling. If you don't care what your partner is feeling, and if you don't want to hear how happy or miserable they are with you, it's kind of weird. And it's definitely no way to sustain a relationship. Intuition might be something that you either have or you don't, but you can for sure figure out ways to tune into other people's emotions more. It just might save your relationship. Just saying.

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