We Ranked The Zodiac Signs Who Are The Best To Worst On First Dates (His And Hers)

How do you feel about first dates? If you're like most people, the mere thought of going to a bar and talking to a stranger for an hour or two totally fills you with dread. You can feel yourself getting nervous already, right? First dates definitely aren't much fun... or at least they usually aren't. It's just not the name of the first date game. Instead of a magical evening where you meet your one true love and soulmate and love of your life, you usually find yourself in a bar or coffee shop and wondering what your date is even talking about. Most first dates don't end with anything even remotely close to a love connection. Both people usually just go their separate ways, wondering why they even bother. Yup, it can be pretty depressing.

Zodiac signs can tell you so much about yourself and your personality and the way that you live your life, and so of course astrology is here to rescue us when it comes to first dates. Are you wondering which zodiac signs suck at first dates... and which ones are the absolute best? We're here to help and we've rounded up the zodiac signs that are the best and the worst at first dates! Read on to find out... and you just might be one step closer to finding the person that's meant to be yours!

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24 Virgo (Hers): Best

The Virgo woman is really amazing on a first date. If this is you, you might not think that you rock at first dates because you tend to be shy and a bit quiet. Maybe you think that you never say enough or that you worry too much about the fact that you're not talking that much.

The truth is that Virgo women are amazing on first dates because they're so intelligent and are great conversationalists. See, you totally have a lot to be proud of, and you should be confident when it comes to your first date game. You can definitely win anyone over with your intelligence and you will, as long as they're the right person for you. If anyone has a first date lined up with a Virgo girl, chances are it's going to be awesome.

23 Gemini (Hers): Best

The Gemini woman is great on a first date because she's a fun, gregarious person.

You know those first dates where you both sit down and realize that you have basically nothing in common and, therefore, absolutely nothing to say to each other? What's even worse is that your date seems like the least fun person ever and they have zero personality? That's not going to happen if you go on a date with a Gemini woman. And if you're a Gemini woman, then rest assured that you're always a fun person to be on a date with. Don't worry about your dating prowess. Just focus on finding the right partner for you to share your life with... which is hard enough, right?! Sigh. At least everyone else is in the same boat as you.

22 Gemini (His): Best

Like the Gemini woman, the Gemini man is going to be a really good first date. He loves having adventures and having fun and always has a great sense of humor, which is always a key aspect of a good first date.

Think about the first dates that you've gone on. If you dated anyone who had no sense of humor (or a really weird one so you didn't get any of their jokes), the dates sucked, right? Of course they did. Humor is such an important part of a good date. If you're a funny person and you really value looking at life with a sense of humor, then you definitely need to find someone who is hilarious. And the Gemini guy just might be your match.

21 Pisces (His): Best

If you're going on a first date with a Pisces guy, consider yourself super lucky. Why? Because he's a hopeless romantic... and it seems like he would be a great person to go on a date with.

Romance is something that is sadly and definitely lacking from modern dating. It's all swiping and casual dates and wondering if you're even on a date because you both said that you were "hanging out" and it's impossible to tell what's even going on anymore. Sigh. Even if you don't find love on a first date with a Pisces guy, you can be sure that it's going to at least be a nice evening, and that counts for a lot when you're single and going on a lot of dates.

20 Capricorn (His): Best

The Capricorn guy is a great first date. When he likes someone, he wants to make sure that he knows what's going on and that things make sense and are organized. It seems like he would plan an awesome first date.

And, honestly, sometimes that's half the battle. Sure, just because a guy picked the place and wanted to make sure that you had a really fun first date doesn't mean that you're going to fall in love with him. It would be pretty cool if that was all it took, but of course love and chemistry and attraction are a lot more complicated than that. But when you're going on tons of first dates, it can be nice to have a decent date every once in a while. It gives you some hope and allows you to keep going.

19 Libra (His): Best

If you go on a first date with a Libra man, you can also consider yourself lucky. Why? Because he's going to make it an amazing evening.

The Libra man is looking for a serious partner to share his life with. He would definitely enjoy going on first dates and continuing that search, and that means that he would take his first dates really seriously. It's nice to know that some people do that, right? You've probably gone on dates with way too many people who put zero effort into the evening and acted like they didn't even want to be there. That's definitely a common problem. At least if you go out with a Libra guy, you can be sure that he wants to be there and that he'll do his best to get to know you and see if he wants to keep seeing you.

18 Libra (Hers): Best

The Libra woman is totally awesome on a first date.  She's got a great, fun personality and she's also really smart, so she would always have things to talk about on a first date. She's also got a curious nature and enjoys talking to new people.

When you think about it, going on a first date really just means talking to a new person for an hour or two (or maybe more if things go really well and there's tons of chemistry). If you're a Libra girl, then you know that you're a people person and that first dates are truly no big deal for you. You might have friends who dread them and can't believe how you can shrug them off, but to you, it's really no big deal. You can talk to anyone, no problem, which will make it easy for you to go on first dates.

17 Cancer (His): Best

The Cancer man loves romance and he really wants to find someone to share his life with. He seems like he would take first dates very seriously and want to make a positive impression.

How many guys have you gone out with who refused to have a normal conversation? It might sound weird because you would assume that people going on a first date with want to actually talk to the person sitting across from them. It's actually fairly common to go out with someone for the first time and realize that they're just not all that into talking to you. They just give you blank stares and/or stare at the table or their feet the whole time. So it's great news to know that if you go out with a Cancer guy, he'll really want to be there with you, and it just might be a good match.

16 Aries (His): Best

The Aries man is said to love the thrill of the chase, and first dates seem to be his forte.

You might not want to date a guy who loves chasing women because, well, it doesn't sound that great. What if he loves chasing women so much that he chases a whole bunch at the same time that he's chasing you? Yeah, no one would blame you for thinking that way. But it's also possible that if he likes someone, he only chases them, and he wants to make it a really good evening. So it's totally possible that you can have a great first date with an Aries guy and that he'll totally sweep you off your feet. And everyone wants that. That's basically the reason that people tolerate going on so many bad dates.

15 Aquarius (Hers): Best

The Aquarius woman is really good on first dates because that's just the kind of personality that she has. She's always up for meeting new people and trying out new things.

It's the relationship and commitment part of the equation that's not exactly her strong suit. If this is you, you might be able to relate. You might have awesome first dates and be really into the people that you're going out with, only to realize a few dates later that, oops, you're not actually interested in starting something with them. This is pretty frustrating for both you and the person that you're dating... and that's an understatement. But you're still good at first dates and can talk to anyone and make it a really fun evening.

14 Virgo (His): Worst

The Virgo guy kind of messes things up on the first dates that he goes on. He's almost too careful about who he gives his heart to. While it's totally great to not want to jump into anything too soon, you also have to be open to the possibility of new love.

The Virgo guy won't be super friendly on the first date. He won't be able to really be himself with someone on a first date and it would take him much longer than other people. He needs to be totally and completely comfortable. This doesn't make him a bad person, of course, but his date might not be that understanding and things might not work out. It would take a super compassionate person to look beyond how shy he was on the first date in order for there to be a second one.

13 Pisces (Hers): Worst

The Pisces woman has the tendency to be very sensitive and highly tuned to her emotions, and while those are generally really positive qualities to have, they're not awesome on a first date.

It takes her a while to really be herself around people, and according to astrology experts, she wants to make sure that she's not just being used for a hook-up. So first dates aren't her strong suit. It definitely sounds like it would be a lot better for her to date someone that she already knew (like a close friend, for example) since then she wouldn't have to struggle so much on a conventional, traditional first date. Of course, that sounds amazing and is totally what everyone wants, regardless of their zodiac sign.

12 Capricorn (Hers): Worst

Unlike her male counterpart, it takes a Capricorn woman a while to really warm up to someone, and she might be way too shy on a first date.

While being shy doesn't necessarily ruin a first date or make sure that there isn't a second date, it does make things a bit more complicated and a bit more difficult. The problem is that when you're shy, people assume that you're cocky or stuck-up or even super mean. They don't get that you're shy and that you might just need a minute to feel comfortable enough to talk to someone. They just want to believe the worst of you, which really sucks and seems pretty unfair, but that's the way that it seems to go. This might be what happens to the Capricorn woman when she goes on first dates.

11 Aries (Hers): Worst

Unlike her male counterpart, the Aries woman isn't great on first dates. She isn't big on chasing people... and she isn't even big on being chased.

How come? She wants to be in charge of her own life. Even if she knew that someone had a crush on her, she might not be that interested in getting to know them. It doesn't seem like she has time for first dates and she definitely doesn't have time for relationships. It's totally possible that a lot of Aries females don't date much because they're just too busy living their amazing, fabulous lives. Or if they do go on the odd, random first date, they don't enjoy themselves and wonder what the point of it even is. It might sound confusing to people who love the magical possibilities of a first date, but it's just the way that she is.

10 Aquarius (His): Worst

The Aquarius man isn't the best first date material. He's super stubborn, for one thing, just like the Taurus sign. He doesn't like to do things that he doesn't want to and really can't compromise.

You can totally see the problem, can't you?! First dates usually involve some kind of compromise. You can't always go to the bar or restaurant that you would love to because it might be too out of the way for your date or maybe they've got food allergies and can't eat at the place that you suggested. You're trying to put your best foot forward on a first date since you don't even know the person yet, so you want to make sure that they think that you're a kind, compassionate, caring person. It doesn't sound like this guy would be very good on a first date since he's too stubborn.

9 Cancer (Hers): Worst

The Cancer woman might not be the best first date material.

She seems like she would be pretty shy and quiet on a first date, mostly because she wants to make sure that the person she's with is looking for the same thing that she is, which is commitment. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that... and it's a pretty admirable thing to do, actually. Everyone should act like this zodiac sign and wait before rushing into something to make sure that they want the same thing and are on the same page as their date. Since she might be too shy and quiet to really be able to really chat and have fun on the first date, she might miss out on a lot of potential matches, and people might think that she's too stuck-up to really date.

8 Scorpio (His): Worst

The Scorpio guy is a bit of a tough person to date. This is mostly because if he likes someone, he doesn't want to make that super obvious. When he's got a crush, he plays his cards close to his chest.

Doesn't that sound fun?! Just kidding, of course. That sounds like the worst way to spend an evening ever. Instead of feeling like you were getting to know your date and maybe even forming a real bond or connection, you would feel like he totally hated you. If he likes you, he's not going to show it, so you would end up totally confused. You can definitely see how that would be frustrating, right? It's safe to say that the Scorpio guy might be one of the worst first dates ever.

7 Scorpio (Hers): Worst

One major trait of Scorpio signs is that they don't trust people very easily. This is a trait that a Scorpio woman brings to her dating life, particularly when she's going on a first date.

The Scorpio girl acts the same way as a Scorpio guy on a first date: like she can't possibly show her feelings. If she likes the guy that she's out with, she's not going to tell him or show him. She's going to sit back and wait for him to show that he really cares about her. of course, no one wants to be that obvious on a first date, since it's such early days, so this would definitely be a tough situation. If this is your sign, you might relate and you might realize that you miss out on the chance to date a lot of great guys because they don't think that you're into them.

6 Taurus (His): Worst

Taurus signs are known for being stubborn. They're famous for it, actually, which is why the symbol behind this zodiac sign is, of course, the bull.

The Taurus guy is not only super stubborn but he's also careful about letting other people get to know him. He might just sit there silently and refuse to talk on a first date, making him a pretty terrible candidate to go out with. If you've gone out with a Taurus man before, maybe this sounds familiar, or maybe you haven't but think that it definitely sounds pretty frustrating. Stubbornness honestly has no place in the dating game and especially in relationships since you have to compromise and communicate in order to make sure that things are going well and that your partner is also happy.

5 Taurus (Hers): Worst

The Taurus girl's stubbornness will also get in the way of a good first date. If this is you, maybe you know that you always ruin your dates by refusing to talk about yourself or by insisting that you always go to your favorite bar.

If you can learn to chill out a bit and become less stubborn, you'll not only improve your dating life (and have better first dates) but also make your whole life better. After all, no one likes someone who is too stubborn to ever have fun or loosen the reigns a bit. You might think that this trait is no big deal because it's just the way that you've always been, but it's probably ruining your dating life, isn't it?

4 Sagittarius (His): Worst

The Sagittarius man isn't the best boyfriend material ever, and that means that he's not great on a first date, either.

He needs to feel free in every part of his life, and loves adventures and travel. It seems like he would worry about liking a woman and feeling "tied down" so he might not love being on a first date. You know those guys, right?! Yeah, they're basically the worst. There's nothing more terrible than meeting a guy who believes that having a girlfriend is a bad idea because she's just going to ruin his entire life. You should definitely steer clear of someone who acts and thinks this way. You deserve someone who thinks that you're amazing and that you're worth dating (and someone who will be fun to go on a date with, of course).

3 Sagittarius (Hers): Worst

The Sagittarius woman would be a terrible first date... because she would herself hate being on a first date. Why? She gets bored really easily.

If this is your zodiac sign, then you probably already know that first dates aren't really your thing. Relationships and dating, in general, might not be, either, because you might only be interested in something totally casual. While there's nothing wrong with that if that's what you want, it might become more of a problem once you feel like you're ready to be in a relationship and settle down. You might not be able to help how bored you get all the time, but if you meet someone who fascinates you, that might not be such a big issue in your dating life anymore.

2 Leo (His): Worst

Oh, the Leo sign. They're known for being cocky, arrogant, and stubborn. Definitely not the greatest things to be, especially on a first date.

It makes sense that if you went out with a Leo man, it probably wouldn't be a super pleasant evening. Everyone hates being on a first date with people who have all of those traits. They're honestly some of the most negative personality traits that a person could have. Instead of a first date conversation that involves the typical give-and-take (you know, you each talk about yourselves and ask each other questions), you would be sitting there while your date went on and on about himself. That's no way to get to know each other or forge a love connection at all.

1 Leo (Hers): Worst

The Leo woman behaves similarly to the Leo man all the time, and of course she would act that way on a first date, too. If this is your zodiac sign, you might know that you're kind of arrogant but you might tell yourself that it's okay because you're confident and know who you are.

Sure, it's definitely a good thing to be cool with being yourself, and that's what everyone wants. But being too arrogant is no way to behave and it's definitely not the way to get a second date. If you can chill out and learn to listen to the other person, you just might save your dating life. Otherwise, you might be looking at a ton of first dates that not only suck but go nowhere.

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