We Ranked The Zodiac Couples Who Are Most Likely To Elope

The idea of eloping may seem crazy to some, romantic to others, and affordable to… well, it probably seems affordable to everyone and that’s because it is seriously affordable. It’s no secret that the wedding industry is a real business. I mean, it’s also about saying vows and joining in the tradition of marriage in which your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents all (most likely) took part. However, your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents all paid much less for their weddings, even considering inflation.

Oh, and it’s not only financial reasons that may make eloping sound like a really good idea. The actual planning of a wedding is a very difficult feat to pull off. It sounds like all fun and games, that is until you’re stuck fighting with you future mother-in-law about the color scheme and your second cousin has issues with the menu. It’s a thing, y’all.

Though, some couples are more likely to elope than other couples. Because weddings are very much a representation of the couple, it doesn’t just take one person who wants to elope. It takes both parties being into the idea of eloping. With that in mind, we ranked the zodiac couples most likely to elope. And who is the #1 most likely couple to elope? Well, it definitely isn’t a Capricorn. No offense Capricorn, you’re just too… proper.

And now, we have fifteen zodiac couples ranked from least to most likely to elope.

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15 Capricorn and Aquarius: Responsibility And Independence Would Go Bye, Bye

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Of all the zodiac signs, the Capricorn is the least likely to elope. (Again, no offense, Capricorn.) The Capricorn is a sign that enjoys tradition and responsibility. So planning a big, traditional wedding is something a Capricorn has always seen in their future, whether the Capricorn in question is a man or a woman.

That said, the Capricorn is also a sign that expects the worst outcome all the time. The Capricorn isn’t necessarily pessimistic, they just happen to prepare for the worst. This mixture of characteristics would usually deter one from eloping, but a Capricorn could be swayed by the Aquarius.

The Aquarius is an air sign and a free thinker. The Aquarius marches to their own beat. Because of this, an Aquarius would be willing to jump head first into eloping and their progressive, active, and positive vibe would rub off on their Capricorn.

Like we said, it’s rare for a Capricorn to elope, but if they do it’ll be with the mindful, forward-thinking Aquarius.

14 Virgo and Aries: Not Wanting To Be Center Stage Meets Impulsiveness

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Like the Capricorn, the Virgo is also an earth sign. Earth signs are generally less likely to elope, as they are the grounded signs. They tend to think things through and really weigh the pros and cons. Earth signs also value tradition and hard work. However, the Virgo really, really hates being the center of attention. The Virgo is one of the hardest working signs. But when it comes to taking credit for the hard work, the Virgo would rather still sit in the corner.

That said, a Virgo may find eloping a desirable idea because it’ll keep them out of the spotlight. Much better to get married in a rain forest or mountain top than to stand up in a church in front of hundreds of friends and family.

With an Aries, the Virgo will usually let the Aries take the lead, which is truly what the Aries loves to do best. Because the fiery Aries is impulsive, action-oriented, and optimistic, eloping is an idea that already appeals to this sign.

In this case, the Virgo would love the lack of attention with eloping, but the Aries would love being that person that eloped. I mean, it's pretty cool to be that person who eloped, right? They may elope for opposite reasons, but the Aries and the Virgo would still totally elope.

13 Aquarius and Libra: These Two Talkative Signs Will Talk Themselves Into It

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Being that they are both air signs, the Aquarius and the Libra have quite a few similarities.

As already stated, the Aquarius is a progressive thinker, who loves to do things different than the status quo. The Aquarius values intellectual conversation, others who question societal norms, and having fun with friends. On the other hand, the Libra is not so much a question-everything sign. Instead, the Libra is cooperative and likes to go with the flow. The Libra is kind, peaceful, and values fairness above all else. The Libra will engage in some heated debates with the Aquarius, but the Aquarius must be gentle. If the debate teeters on the brink of an argument, the Libra will back down.

These two talkative signs will be able to talk one another into eloping. With the Aquarius hating conformity and the Libra being diplomatic, one heated debate about the pros and cons of a tradition wedding may result in these two eloping that very day, y'know if they can actually keep quiet long enough to walk down the aisle.

12 Capricorn and Sagittarius: Positive Attitude Of Sagittarius Rubs Off

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Capricorn, we already discussed how you’re not one to elope. Not only do you value tradition and responsibility, you’re also very disciplined. You’re not the type to just do something because someone tells you to. Nope, instead of taking that Jell-O shot, you drink water and make it to your spinning class the next morning. Way to be, Capricorn. But, of course, there are always people who can pull you out of this. One of those people is the Sagittarius, who is known for their good energy.

The Sagittarius is funny, energetic, and idealistic. Because the Sagittarius sees the world through rose-colored glasses, the Capricorn’s worst-possible-outcome way of thinking will be uplifted just by being in a relationship with the Sagittarius.

On top of that, the Sagittarius loves freedom, acting on their impulses, and new experiences. The Sagittarius is likely the elope with just about anyone, but of all the signs it’s the Sagittarius who can definitely shake the Capricorn from their traditional shell.

11 Libra and Leo: The Libra Will Follow The Leo’s Lead

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The Leo is the sign of the lion. Like the lion, the Leo loves to be the king of the pack. The Leo is a born leader – brave, strong, and confident. However, this type of confidence also makes the Leo love being the center of attention. The Leo seriously thrives when all eyes are on them. Of course, the warm, generous, cheerful nature of the Leo makes others forgive the fact that they constantly need all the attention ever.

While you'd think a Leo would never miss the opportunity to have a wedding and be the center of attention, a Leo will also love the idea of eloping because it'll result in weeks and weeks of attention. I mean, you’ll be the cool Leo who eloped.

The Libra is an air sign who hates conformity but loves harmony. The Libra may be swayed towards eloping for several reasons, one of which is that it means there’s no wedding to plan. The Libra will hate planning a wedding, as it will mean potential fights with their in-laws.

The Libra and the Leo are a good couple, in that the Libra doesn’t necessarily mind the Leo being the center of attention. The social Libra can thrive, even when their Leo lover is off rubbing elbows with someone else.

10 Gemini and Aries: The Indecisive Gemini Will Love The Aries’ Impulsive Nature

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Like many other air signs, the Gemini doesn’t like conformity. In fact, the idea of routine or repetition makes the Gemini itch. The Gemini lives for adventure, fun, newness, and challenges. That said, the Gemini is not the best at making decisions. Known as the sign of the twin, the Gemini often has dueling ideas and personalities. This makes it very difficult for the Gemini to actually come to decision or conclusion. However, the Aries is a sign that comes to decisions very easily. In fact, impulsive Aries won’t even think things all the way through before deciding.

This type of dynamic will work in a Gemini-Aries relationship, as the Gemini will be more than happy to jump into a new experience and the Aries will be more than happy to be the decision maker of the relationship.

9 Cancer and Taurus: Two Homebody Lovers Want To Be Married RIGHT NOW

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Both the Taurus and the Cancer have A LOT of emotions. Like, the most emotions ever.

The Cancer is a water sign, which are all known for their very emotional natures. All water signs, however, have different ways of showing these emotions. The Cancer is a sign that wears these emotions on their sleeve. They are emotional and sympathetic to others. The Cancer can also be moody, pessimistic, and suspicious. That said, the Cancer is a homebody, who wants nothing more than to Netflix and chill with their bae.

The Taurus is an earth sign, so a bit more grounded than the Cancer. However, the Taurus is also an emotional sign. The Taurus is devoted, loyal, and all-giving to their partner. Like the Cancer, the Taurus is another homebody. When a Taurus and Cancer pair up, they’re likely to be found getting very cozy on their sofa every single night.

With the Cancer and the Taurus, they are likely to elope because their emotions will take over. They both love each other so much and just want to be married RIGHT THIS MINUTE. They’ll likely get the wedding over with quick so they can get back to their snuggle session on the couch.

8 Aries and Leo: These Two Fire Signs Are Action-Driven

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Pairing up an Aries and a Leo is both a great and awful idea. While these two will experience a passionate love affair, they will also be a very combustible pairing. They can expect some screaming matches with each other, but also some sweet makeup sessions afterwards.

Both the Leo and the Aries are action-oriented signs. When they know they want something, they want it right now and will do anything for it. You could even call the Leo and the Aries a bit obsessive. Okay, they're a lot a bit obsessive. So, if a Leo and an Aries somehow decide eloping is the right decision for them, they’ll go do it right away and tell everyone about it after.

The Aries is a good mate for the attention-loving Leo. While the Aries is also a fire sign, their fiery personality is more goal-oriented. So, the Aries will totally be okay with the Leo being the social center of attention, as long as the Aries is crushing it in the career department.

7 Gemini and Pisces: These Flighty Signs Will Take The Leap Together

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The Gemini and the Pisces aren’t necessarily known as the two signs that follow through. If you’re friends with a Gemini or a Pisces, they’re likely the friend who you invite to brunch, but they cancel last minute because they overslept, they’re rocking a terrible hangover, or they just completely forgot. Though, you can also expect a Gemini and a Pisces to apologize about 64 times when they do bail on brunch. That's just the way they are.

Surprisingly, these two flighty signs oddly don’t have too much trouble committing to each other. Because they are both such gentle, friendly, intuitive people, the Gemini and the Pisces click. While these two won’t decide to elope in the same way the Aries and the Leo will – that fiery couple! – the Gemini and the Pisces will likely decide to elope, smile and just do it. That’s what you can expect from these two sweeties.

6 Scorpio and Aquarius: These Forward-Thinking Passionate People Are Down

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The Aquarius has ended up on this list quite a few times. This is because the Aquarius is a forward-thinking sign. The Aquarius doesn’t honor tradition in the same way some other signs do. This not to say the Aquarius isn’t fond of tradition. It’s just that the Aquarius won’t worship traditions – like the 9-5 job, a big wedding, or a college degree – if they aren’t necessary for them. This is why the Aquarius will likely elope.

That said, the Scorpio would totally elope with the Aquarius. The Scorpio is a sign that’s actions usually come from passion. The Scorpio is highly passionate about everything they do. Like, a Scorpio can’t even do the dishes without really, really caring about the dishes being cleaned a certain way. Because the Scorpio lives and dies for passion, the Scorpio will also do anything for love. The Scorpio is also one of the most secretive signs, so if a Scorpio and an Aquarius plan on eloping, you won’t know until they finally do it.

The Scorpio-Aquarius match-up is especially good because the Aquarius isn’t necessarily good at talking about emotions. Likewise, the Scorpio doesn’t like to talk on and on about the mushy stuff, but rather just emotionally expresses such emotions.

5 Pisces and Cancer: When These Water Signs Feel It, They Act On It

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Water signs are very emotional. Though, they all have different ways of expressing said emotions. The Cancer is very loyal, loving, and sympathetic. If you tell a Cancer you’re having a bad day, they will go above and beyond to make you feel better. That’s just a Cancer. However, the Cancer’s emotions can also go over to the negative side. They can be insecure, moody, and pessimistic.

The Pisces express their emotion through their wise, gentle, and creative nature. However, the emotion of the Pisces can also make them too delicate for reality. The Pisces will occasionally try to avoid the real world.

While they may express their emotional sides differently, the Cancer and the Pisces are two water signs who will let their emotions swim them down the river to marriage. They’ll opt for a personal, quiet, and sentimental wedding through eloping.

4 Leo and Virgo: One Likes The Drama, The Other Likes The Low-Key Factor

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The Leo and the Virgo are an odd pairing that also oddly works well together. On paper, these two signs seem like such opposites. The Virgo likes to keep their head down and work hard. They are practical, critical, and detail-oriented. Meanwhile, the Leo is warm, cheerful, and a superstar in their own head. They are arrogant, social, and born leaders.

These two signs do work together in that they are both obsessive perfectionist. Both will be completely devoted to a project until it is it’s done the way they want it done, including their relationship. So while the Virgo and the Leo seem very different in social settings, the two are more alike than many other people realize.

That said, they would probably elope for separate reasons. The Virgo may enjoy the quiet, sentimental idea of eloping, while also enjoying the practicality of saving money. The Leo, on the other hand, would like the idea of being that person who elopes and surprises everyone with their big news.

While these two have different reasons for many things, this odd couple does get along in private.

3 Taurus and Scorpio: They’ll Both Do Anything For Love

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Both the Taurus and the Scorpio place love above all else in life.

For the Taurus, their relationships are their most important thing in life. The Taurus is not necessarily known as the most ambitious sign. This is not to say the Taurus is lazy. It’s just that a Taurus doesn’t live to work in the same as a Virgo or an Aries does. Because the Taurus devotes so much time and energy to their relationships, they expect the same right back. The Taurus can easily become jealous and possessive if they feel their partner isn’t returning the same amount of love and devotion. However, a Taurus would never feel like they were missing out on love and devote if they are dating a Scorpio. As a water sign, the Scorpio loves and loves and then loves some more.

Because the Taurus will finally feel they are receiving the love they’ve always wanted, the Taurus will be down for eloping right this minute. And we all know that the Scorpio will do anything for love. That’s how these two make it down the aisle to elope.

2 Sagittarius and Sagittarius: A Sagittarius Will Try Anything Once

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There is no sign more likely to elope than the Sagittarius. This is for several reasons. First, the Sagittarius loves exploring. This sign loves new adventures and not feeling constricted. The Sagittarius is also a sign that sees everything through rose-colored glasses. They are idealistic and don’t necessarily consider the repercussions of their more serious decisions. Like all other fire signs, the Sagittarius is impulsive, impatient, and action-driven. All this said, a Sagittarius would totally be down to elope with just about anyone. And so, a Sagittarius-Sagittarius relationship would definitely be into eloping. Being that the Sagittarius-Sagittarius relationship is the joining of two fire signs, you can expect a heated and intense relationship.

Let’s just say that if your any sign dating a Sagittarius, eloping will totally be on the table, especially if you just so happen to be a Sagittarius dating a Sagittarius.

1 Aries and Sagittarius: The Ultimate Eloping Couple

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Ah, the ultimate eloping couple. Of course, it would be two fire signs.

The fire signs like to live life fast and furious. They devote 100% to whatever it is they are committing to, be it a relationship, a job, or a hobby. Fire signs face either epic success or epic failure, but that’s simply what happens when one commits to such big dreams and ideas.

The Aries and the Sagittarius are a good, fiery match. The Aries is extremely ambitious and determined. Being paired with a Sagittarius, the Aries will relax and be reminded that there’s more to life. Likewise, the Aries can help the Sagittarius stay focused, y’know because ol’ Sagittarius likes to commit to about 16 different projects at once.

These two fire signs complete each other for the better, and so they would likely be running down the aisle as fast as they can. That's just how those fire signs do it.

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