We Ranked The Zodiac Couples Who Are Most Likely To Divorce

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We Ranked The Zodiac Couples Who Are Most Likely To Divorce

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Sometimes divorce is inevitable. Maybe you and your husband fight all of the time and never leave each other a moment of peace. Maybe you no longer have a connection or you just heat your partner’s personality and want them to change. These things are all grounds for a split, but did you ever wonder why these things happen to some couples and not to all lovers? Maybe there’s something in the stars that keeps certain people together and repels other people apart… literally. The Zodiac might be the reason why some couples make it through the test of time and others don’t.

There are certain signs that work incredibly well together and bounce off of each other’s energy — like free-spirited signs Aquarius and Gemini — but there are many signs that don’t see eye to eye for a number of reasons. Whether it’s because one sign is too controlling, a homebody, too adventurous, or just can’t keep their cool, there are a plethora of reasons as to why many signs of the Zodiac end up with divorce papers. We found a list of the most likely pairs in the Zodiac to split. Now, go ahead and see if your relationship is in the safe zone or not!


15. Aries And Taurus: Expect Some Rocky Territory


Let’s start off by saying that these two are known for their willpower but in opposite ways. A Taurus is incredibly stubborn whereas an Aries is just going to do what they want without caring what anyone else says. These two ways of life aren’t very copacetic. When these two meet, the collision is pretty inevitable just like a bull meeting a ram. While a Taurus needs to know every step of the relationship, an Aries just wants things to progress without explanation. In fact, having their partner constantly explain things to them might even make them mad. It just doesn’t work out. Taurus is very down to earth and doesn’t like to color outside of the lines where the Aries lives life on the edge. How would these two make a life together living with those philosophies? It doesn’t seem like it’s a match made in heaven.

14. Virgo And Sagittarius: Things Won’t Always Be Easy

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Virgos take forever to open up to someone and they also have trust issues. Sagittarius wants nothing to do with a serious relationship. Honestly, putting these two together is a recipe for disaster. While the Virgo might want something more from the Sagittarius, the Sagittarius will be sweating bullets and probably wanting to run as far away as possible. In the meantime, the Virgo is probably getting mad that they don’t feel comfortable opening up yet and that’s understandable. These two will inevitably butt heads because their outlooks on life are just polar opposites. They both want completely different things. A Sagittarius just wants to party and have fun where a Virgo is looking for that special someone that they can trust. It’s never going to work so these two should find other partners.

13. Scorpio And Aires: You Might Want To Seriously Reconsider


This relationship is just a disaster waiting to happen. Unless you really love being part of a really dramatic relationship, then this is not the partnership for you. Both Scorpio and Aries have strong opinions and are very eager to be in control of the relationship, which means that there are going to be too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak. Somebody has to take a back seat from time to time. Little things will set both of them off and neither one is going to be willing to back down. Both partners will want to dictate the direction of the relationship and neither one of them will be willing to go along for the ride. They just don’t have a go with the flow type of attitude so it’s just not a winning combination. These two should stay far away from each other when it comes to relationships because it’s just not going to be a lasting love connection.

12. Gemini And Capricorn: Seriously, What Were You Thinking?


The Gemini and Capricorn are doomed from the minute that they meet each other. Geminis love talking and having a good time where Capricorns are serious, more industrious, and analytical. It’s not a combo that easily goes hand in hand. Geminis quickly get bored with what a Capricorn has to offer and a Capricorn gets frustrated with the light-heartedness of a Gemini, wishing they were more serious. These two star signs will bicker at each other to no end and will always wish that the other person will change and adapt to their own personality type. Spoiler alert: neither one will be willing to do that. They are polar opposites of each other and it would kind of be surprising to see them going out with each other to begin with. They are honestly just too different.

11. Cancer And Aquarius: Okay, Just No.

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Here are two more personalities that couldn’t be any more opposite from each other. Cancers are homebodies that need to have their own space in order to recharge and feel good about themselves. Aquarians, on the other hand, need freedom in order to feel truly happy. To top things off, Cancers need to feel loved and they require constant reassurance where Aquarians are critical and brutally frank, which can easily lead to hurt feelings. A Cancer will likely keep their feelings bottled up inside and get depressed when their partner isn’t acting the way that they want them to. An Aquarius will act out and spend more time away from home aka a Cancer’s safe spot. These two just won’t work out because their way of dealing with things just doesn’t mesh well and they will hurt each other in the process.

10. Taurus And Sagittarius: Polar Opposites

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A Sagittarius lives for adventure whereas a Taurus is perfectly happy at home. The energy of these two is just too different. A Sagittarius is never going to settle down and become a homebody and a Taurus is never going to walk away from their stubbornness and open their mind up to adventure. It’s just not going to happen. A Taurus might be the one to try and fix things first, but a Sagittarius won’t care enough to stick around. When things start becoming a little tense, which they will with a Taurus and a Sagittarius, a Sagittarius will bold pretty quickly. A Taurus doesn’t like to give up so easily, but they will find themselves in a one-sided relationship because the Sagittarius won’t have any part in fixing much of anything. It’s kind of sad.

9. Libra And Virgo: Don’t Even Think About It

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Libras don’t like to rock the boat. They want everyone to get along and they always want to keep the peace. A Virgo is constantly criticizing a Libra, which becomes a major pain for the Libra. After a while, the Libra will forget all about trying things peaceful and happy and will throw their hands up in the air with frustration. A person can only take so much, right? The Virgo won’t care about the negotiating ways of the Libra because they always have to be right. A Libra will get really turned off by how a Virgo won’t even attempt to negotiate. They won’t be able to understand how they won’t even try to see eye to eye. The Libra will just give up and the Virgo will fixate on the fact that they won the battle. It’s not healthy for either party.

8. Aquarius And Taurus: Just Quit While You’re Ahead

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Taurus seems to have a lot of trouble with a bunch of signs, don’t they? Well, Aquarius is another one. Some people think that the bohemian Aquarius is pretty weird as they don’t tend to color inside the lines on pretty much any occasion and they are proud of it. A Taurus is more conservative and follows the straight and narrow pretty much all of the time. These signs won’t see eye to eye when it comes to anything and everything in life. Because a Taurus is so stubborn, that will disgust the more open-minded Aquarius who loves to experience different ways of life. A Taurus is also more materialistic where an Aquarius isn’t very impressed by material possessions, so these opinions won’t match up, either. These two signs aren’t going to live happily ever after, that’s for sure.

7. Gemini And Cancer: An Extrovert And An Introvert = Divorceville

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The only way this couple could work is if both have a really easy-going and good sense of humor, which for a Cancer is a really tall order. A Gemini loves to have company and loves being out and about, whereas a Cancer loves being home alone. What makes this pair so difficult is that one is extroverted and one is introverted. They would really have to come together with their sense of humor and understanding of each other to make it work, which is nearly impossible with these two opposite signs. Most likely, a Gemini won’t have the patience to wait around for a Cancer and a Cancer won’t have the energy to keep up with a Gemini. It’s a tough thing because these two won’t necessarily be fighting all the time. They just won’t like the lifestyle the other one is living. And that is what will spell the end for them.

6. Pisces And Leo: Marriage For These Two Is Only In Their Wildest Dreams

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This one is pretty obvious. The Leo is a bold sign that has a huge ego whereas the Pisces is a more emotional sign that gets way too wrapped up in thoughts and feelings. Leos will say something that a Pisces will find hurtful, the Pisces will hold on to it, and the Leo will have no idea what the issue is while the Pisces just can’t let it go. This is going to happen between them all the time. To top it off, a Pisces will think that a Leo isn’t spending enough time or energy on them because they are too wrapped up in themselves. A Leo, on the other hand, won’t see it that way as every small gesture will be perceived as a huge sacrifice in their eyes. Neither party will understand the other side, and since compromise is important for relationships, this won’t be a good thing.

5. Sagittarius And Capricorn: Don’t Say Yes, No Matter What The Ring Looks Like


These are maybe the two most opposite signs in the Zodiac. A Sagittarius will always complain that a Capricorn needs to lighten up and have some fun, but a Capricorn will say that a Sagittarius needs to grow up and take on responsibilities like an adult. Neither one will get what the other one is thinking, which will lead to explosive arguments since both are so passionate about their lifestyle. There is zero chemistry between these signs as neither has the passion or desire to do what the other is doing with their life. Neither have ever wanted what the other has and neither wants to change to be more like the other either. Quite honestly, these signs don’t like each other very much at all. Since they don’t even get along as friends, they definitely shouldn’t be together in a romantic sense.

4. Leo And Scorpio: Your Love Won’t Be Unconditional

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Leo needs to feel good about themselves because they are number one and they have a big ego, but a Scorpio won’t feed into that game because they have their own things to worry about. These two signs will also be too busy playing petty games with each other to really love each other or have a healthy, happy relationship. This always causes some major drama between these two signs. Leos think they are irresistible, so they will be out and about trying to make a Scorpio jealous… and that always works pretty well. A Scorpio will take that as a cue to get back at them somehow and they will take some time to plot out something elaborate to hurt them, too. Thanks to all of the game playing, this is going to be a toxic relationship. These two signs should stay away from each other for sure.

3. Cancer And Libra: There Will Never Be A Deep Connection


These two won’t fight all of the time, but they won’t connect with each other. Cancers are moody and they need a lot of emotional support, but a Libra is much more interested in being fair rather than playing into emotions. This won’t sit as well with a Cancer who just wants to hear what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear. A Libra won’t know how to fix what a Cancer is feeling, but they will know how to be rational about it. Libras like to involve people with their problems and get someone else’s perspective on the matter, whereas Cancers like to deal with their issues alone. A Cancer will get turned off by a Libra involving more people in more private situations. In fact, they will feel violated when a Libra shares what they consider to be personal details with someone else.

2. Virgo And Gemini: NEVER A Good Idea

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The Virgo needs to be organized and in control of their lives at all times but a Gemini is a little more unpredictable. Virgos are also known to have trust issues where Geminis are known to be the tricksters or pranksters of the zodiac. Both of these signs might be good at communicating, but the truth is that they aren’t good at communicating with each other. That’s because they don’t speak the same language. Geminis think that Virgos are a little crazy because they are also known to have control issues, and a Gemini isn’t so keen on those issues because they like to be more free. A Virgo will never fully understand a Gemini’s need for freedom, and a Gemini will never understand a Virgo’s need for complete control. It’s truly a bad idea for them to sync up romantically.

1. Leo And Aquarius: Call Your Lawyer, NOW!


Although both of these signs are very passionate, they are also very volatile. Neither sign will nurture each other’s needs as both a Leo and an Aquarius are very interested in themselves. A Leo needs to think of themselves as number one at all times and an Aquarius needs unlimited freedom, and those things don’t go very well together. These needs usually make for a major power struggle, which creates bad things in this fiery relationship. It also stirs up insecurities for both sides, so it’s not incredibly healthy for either sides to be involved in this type of behavior either. Both sides need to be confident in order to truly be themselves, so this match really wouldn’t be in their best interests. They’re better off without each other.

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