We Ranked The Signs Who Are Least To Most Likely To Be Anxious In A Relationship

When it comes to relationships, it's normal for things to be a little stressful. When dramatic or questionable events occur, couples can accidentally make each other anxious. If you're already an anxious person, then you're kind of stuck dealing with your normal anxiety that's now compounded by external stress. The way it works is simple: when you're in love, you want to make every moment meaningful and perfect, so the pressure is on. While everyone feels a certain level of stress, some are better at hiding it than others. Which of us are more likely to be in control of our nerves and which of us are more likely to give in to the anxiety associated with the numerous stressful situations love tends to throw at us?

The only way to find out for sure is to consult the stars. Answers are always there when you need them, you just have to know how to look. So, which of the lucky zodiac signs will be more successful in their relationships and which will need a little extra help? Here are 24 predictions of who is least and who is most likely to be anxious in their relationship, according to their star signs:

24 Aquarius Girls Rejoice! You're Least Likely To Be Anxious!


Aquarius ladies have a lot going for them and their ability to remain calm in what most would consider a high-stress situation is one of their greatest skills! If you're getting ready to go on a big date with a man who just might end up being "the one," you're not sweating at all! In fact, you're excited! You're getting ready and making sure you look perfect but you're not concerned with how well everything will go because you already know everything will be just fine. There's nothing you can't handle and you know it! Your biggest concern is whether you should put your hair up or down! When your date comes to the door, you're ready to have the time of your life! Congratulations Aquarius girls!

23 Taurus Men, You're Cool As A Cucumber


Taurus, Taurus, Taurus. Sometimes things don't go your way, but when it comes to anxiety in your relationship, you've got it made! There's nothing you can't do and you know it. When you're around your girl, she's loving everything that comes out of your mouth. You have her laughing, her eyes are shining, and that gorgeous smile never leaves her pretty face - and it's all because you're able to show her how confident you are. Women respond to confidence, in fact, your confidence, in particular, is like honey to bees. There's no need to freak out about anything - you're perfect just the way you are and your girl loves you for it! The next time you even start to consider the possibility of being nervous, toss it aside and stride forward, just like you've always done.

22 Capricorn Women, You've Got No Worries! Have A Great Time


All the beautiful Capricorn women are all set! You beautiful ladies are among the least anxious when it comes to relationships! Much like the Taurus man and Aquarius girl, you've got the least amount of relationship-related anxiety! Either you know what you want and aren't willing to give in to peer pressure, or he's just your perfect match because there's nothing that can ever happen in your perfect relationship to ever shake your confidence and comfort. Even when things start to get a little stressful, you don't let your emotions get the better of you and you're able to move forward, usually with a pretty good idea of how everything is going to turn out. Whatever happens in your relationship, at least you won't have to worry about anxiety stressing you out!

21 Virgo Men, You've Got It Made


Virgo men, you already know what we're going to say because you've been living the dream for years! You may have had a rocky start when you were younger, but now you know what the perfect relationship looks like and you're ready to make it your reality. You've already meticulously taken every possibility into consideration and you've come to terms with whatever happens will happen, so even when things don't go your way, you're not stressed at all! In fact, you're almost proud of having prepared for that eventuality. Instead of letting your anxiety get the best of you, you're able to work through whatever situation heads your way and you're okay with however it turns out. It isn't the future you're concerned with, it's the here and now, and really, that's all that matters in a stressful situation. You go, boy!

20 Gemini Women Things Are A Bit Tough, But They'll Be Okay!


Sometimes things don't turn out the way you want them to but you strong Gemini women know not to stress about it for too long. Sure, things cause anxiety in your relationships and yes, you sometimes give in to those crippling stressors, but you always jump back on your feet right away. You understand the importance of allowing yourself to live in the moment and give in to your stress for a bit in order to heal and move on. There's nothing wrong with how you handle anxious situations, in fact, it is perhaps one of the best ways to handle things because you allow yourself some time to acknowledge what's happening, think about it, then get over it. Yes, it freaks you out for a minute but then the minute passes and you're just fine.

19 Sorry Cancer Men, Things Don't Always Go As Smoothly As You Want Them To Go, But Everything Will Ultimately Work Out


When it comes to anxiety, Cancer guys aren't exactly strangers. Just like most people, Cancer guys fall prey to those moments that get their hearts and minds racing. The good news is they don't let themselves linger in that "what if" state for too long. They know things won't always be perfect and they're ready to shake themselves out of that stupor long enough to grab ahold of reality. Nothing can be fixed if you just sit there worrying about it, and Cancer guys know this. They're ready to take control of situations and make sure their relationship survives those rocky moments - and they do it with class and style. Once a Cancer guy recognizes the heart of the problem, he gets to work to fix it and things tend to work out just fine.

18 Sagittarius Women Should Keep Their Heads Up


When a relationship starts to go sour, it's really easy to give in to those negative feelings. While it's okay to think about what could go wrong, it's a lot more constructive, and mentally healthier, to consider the multiple ways in which you can solve the problem. Don't waste your energy on all the negative side-effects of a situation, lift your head and start using that noggin! Really think about what led to your issue and decide what you should do about it. Sometimes doing the right thing isn't easy, but if you take the high road, you'll see that there's no need to feel anxious because things will either work out or they won't, but sitting there stressing about it isn't going to help, so make a move girl and be the hero of your relationship!

17 Libra Men, Y'all Need To Calm Down


When bad things happen in a relationship, it's easy to give in to anxiety. The thing about being in love is there will always be those times when things start to shake a little. It doesn't necessarily mean things are over, or that the other person suddenly goes from being madly in love to hating you - it just means that life throws rocks and sometimes they're pretty sharp. The minute you give in to your anxious thoughts is the minute your odds of recovering in your relationship plummet dramatically. You know this already, but sometimes your anxiety gets the better of you and you stew in that horrible place for a while. Here's the thing, Libra men, you need to wake yourself out of that slump! Just calm down, work it out, and spring into action. Your girl needs you and you need her. Act like it.

16 Capricorn Men, Maybe You Should Try Some Breathing Exercises


So you've got a date coming up, but it isn't just any date, it's your one-year anniversary date! You know she's expecting something special and you've been wracking your brain for weeks trying to decide what the best way to celebrate would be. In fact, you went as far as buying her a gift, making dinner reservations, and have an extra surprise back at your place, but what if something goes wrong? What if she hates the gift you so meticulously chose for her? What if she shows up and randomly decides she wants to break up with you? Don't sweat the small stuff and just take a minute to breathe. You know how you feel about her and you know how she feels about you. Calm down, don't overthink it, and just be yourself. You'll be fine!

15 Aires Women Need A Little Help


You love your man and he loves you but lately, things have been making you wonder about the strength of your relationship. What's going on and what can you do to make things go back to when you were first dating? The stress is piling up and you're low-key anxious every time you're with him. You don't want him to know you're anxious so you just keep pretending everything is fine, which ultimately makes it a million times worse and now you're stuck in this sort of limbo where you're afraid to say something but also afraid to stay silent. Guess what, girly? That's how relationships fall apart! You're sabotaging your own relationship with unnecessary anxiety! If you stay silent, nothing can be fixed so open that mouth of yours and share your concerns! No relationship can thrive if only one person shoulders all the responsibility!

14 Just Take Things One Step At A Time, Taurus Girls


Taurus ladies, unlike your male counterparts, you're a bit more sensitive to anxiety. It isn't fair but that's how it is so what are you going to do about it? There are so many things you can do that even the options overwhelm you because each one can produce a different result and you want the best result so you need to figure it out but at the same time the more time that passes, the less likely you are to survive and omg your relationship is going to end.

Calm down!

Just take things one step at a time and you'll be okay! If he loves you even a fraction of how much you love him, it's going to be okay! He'll listen to your concerns and will even help you through them, so just relax and take things one step at a time!

13 Scorpio Ladies Would Benefit From Some Relaxation


Scorpio women, your time has come. You've been dealing with anxiety since before you even became a couple and you're in desperate need of some relaxation. It isn't horrible, you're just a little wound up. Take a break from work for a day or two, do something extra romantic with your man, try something new or maybe consider recreating one of your favorite dates with him. There's no reason to be so anxious - especially if he isn't showing any signs of anxiety. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! You should be able to relax in your relationship, even during the rocky times, and all that takes is a little change of attitude and a new perspective. Nothing in life is perfect so stop expecting it to be and stop freaking out when it isn't! You can do this! Be strong, Scorpio women!

12 Virgo Girls, Invest In Some Calming Candles


For all your planning and all your preparations, sometimes things go wrong. You aren't exactly surprised at this but it's definitely a downer and now your man is upset, which in turn makes you upset and a little anxious - what if he wants to just end things? Here's the thing beautiful Virgo girls, you can't control everything in a relationship. It would be great if you could, but you can't, so when things go wrong, don't just sit there in a knot of anxiety. Get yourself some soothing candles, invest in a relaxing bath bomb and step into one of the most comfortable baths of your life. Take care of your body and really make that skin shine because looking good and feeling good are the first steps to coming out of an anxiety issue. What will be will be, so try to just breathe and calm down.

11 Leo Men Might Get Anxious More Often Than Not, But They'll Be Fine


So you're pretty much anxious half the time and fine the other half. These things happen, it isn't so unusual, but the key here is making sure your issues don't interfere with the good thing you've got going on with one of the most amazing women you've ever met. While it's understandable that you'd be nervous around the person who drives you mad(ly in love!), it's also important to take control of your emotions and recognize that she's already with you! She chose you when she could have chosen literally anyone else, and she's happy with you just the way you are! While you're more likely to be anxious in your relationship, recognize that it doesn't mean you have to let it control you! Be strong, Leo men, you deserve to live in happiness!

10 Gemini Men Need To Clear Their Minds


When things go wrong, they go really wrong for the Gemini guy - at least, that's how they perceive it. There are so many what-if situations that it's nearly impossible to maintain a healthy relationship! What if my girl doesn't like the music I play when I'm driving? What if she doesn't like the restaurant? What if she hates my favorite movie that I'm about to show her? What if, what if, what if!? Listen up guys, you need to take a chill pill and clear your mind for a minute. Start small. Close your eyes and imagine an object. Really focus on it. What shape is it? How big is it? What's the texture like? Let your mind drop everything else so you can focus on this one object, and when you've finally let go of your concerns, try to look at them constructively - then work through your issues.

9 Scorpio Guys Could Tone It Down A Bit


Scorpio men, you need to tone it down a little bit - or maybe you should tone it down a lot of bits! Why are you so anxious about a relationship that has survived every single wave since its inception? There's no reason to freak out about the small stuff! So she canceled a date the other day, so what? Things happen! Life happens! You can't control these outside influences, but you can control how to deal with them. The next time you start questioning something in your relationship and you start to feel the anxiety building, remind yourself that you have an amazing woman and she loves you. Remember you're a great guy and all she really wants is for you to be comfortable being yourself. If you can work toward that goal, then you'll notice the anxiety slipping away and the confidence emerging. You can do it Scorpio men!

8 Sagittarius Guys Are A Mess


Sagittarius guys, you need to work on your issues. When your anxiety levels are reaching their peak, your relationship starts to suffer. It's sort of a vicious cycle when you start getting anxious about things because they make worst-case scenarios become possible, and when that happens you get even more anxious, which really deteriorates the relationship and suddenly you're stressing about the new developments instead of just dealing with them and moving on with your life. She sees you stressing out and it sucks because she can't actually help you with it. The only person who can break the cycle is you - so do whatever it takes to gather your issues up and deal with them! If that means you need to skip a date so you can work on you, do it! If not for your own frame of mind, then do it for the sake of your relationship.

7 Pisces Men - You've Got A Lot To Work On


When things start to go south in a relationship, it's the Pisces guy who loses his cool first. There are so many things that can ultimately lead to a failed relationship and he loves his girl so much that the level of anxiety starts to multiply until all he can do is stand there on the verge of a panic attack feeling like the relationship is already over! Pisces men, you need to get your head back in the game if you want to keep her by your side! Your anxiety is obvious and it only fuels her belief that this relationship isn't going to work out, so if you want to keep her forever, you're going to have to show her that you won't fall apart every time your relationship hits a speed bump! Do your best because your relationship literally depends on it.

6 Aries Men Are Too Anxious Too Often


Your relationships aren't always springtime roses, sunshine, and rainbows, are they Aries guys? Of course, they aren't, no relationship is, but when all you see is the lightning all those miles away and you fear the thunder that hasn't even reached you yet, you've pretty much doomed your relationship before any issues have even had a chance to hit! Why are you sabotaging yourself right now? Why are you worrying about things that haven't even happened yet? What you need to do is tell your girl how much she means to you and just set aside your pride for a second to explain to her what your issues are. She'll understand and if she truly loves you too, she'll do her best to help you deal with that obnoxious anxiety.

5 Pisces Women Need To Stop Overthinking Things


You've finally got your crush to be your boyfriend! Congratulations Pisces women! But now that you're together, you're feeling a lot of anxiety over all the things that could go wrong! You're so happy that it's only a matter of time before things go wrong and fall completely apart, right?


Stop thinking that way! You are a smart, beautiful, wonderful woman with so much to offer! It isn't about pleasing the other person and making them stay stuck in that honeymoon phase! It's about being yourself and letting him learn more and more about who you are! Everyone breaks out of the honeymoon phase every now and then but that doesn't mean your relationship is doomed. It just means there's room for maturing together, as a couple, so stop overthinking things and just be the best "you" you can be!

4 Leo Ladies Could Use A Little Help


Okay, Leo girls. You've got some major anxiety issues and you don't know how to deal with them. If you keep talking to your guy about your issues, you're afraid he'll start to get tired of how numerous they are and how constantly they interfere with your everyday life, which will definitely lead you to a bad breakup! So now you're even more anxious than you were and who knows what's going to happen, but you love him so much and you just want everything to be perfect all the time!

First thing's first: Just. Stop. It's normal to feel a little worried when it comes to relationships, especially in the beginning, but what isn't normal is obsessing about it all the time. If you can't even work on you, how are you going to work on a relationship? Perhaps consult a doctor because you might need some legit medical help.

3 Cancer Ladies Need To Calm Down


There are healthy relationships where two people love each other and they help each other through the tough times, and then there are relationships like yours. If you feel like you're the only one stressing about your love life, think again. Your stress is making him stress and now both of you are anxious. Are you happy now? Of course, you're not. Unless you're able to control your anxiety, your relationship is pretty much doomed. We don't want that, you don't want that, and he really doesn't want it, so if you need to speak to a doctor or get yourself some other kind of therapy, do it! No one should have to live in a constantly stressed-out state. Do yourself a favor and clear your head, get right with your man, and learn how to live without giving in to anxiety.

2 Lovely Libra Ladies, You Might Need Professional Help


Libra girls, we need to talk. So you know how you kind of make molehills into mountains all the freaking time? Well, sweetie, it's time to get you something more than just a little bit of therapy. There are some deep-seating issues that make you far more likely to be anxious in your relationships than normal and it isn't good for your mental state. Seriously, you might need to get yourself over to a professional, stat, to pull yourself out of this constant anxious state. It's not only going to interfere with your romantic relationships, but it'll interfere with some of your friendships and even familial relationships as well. If you really want to break the chain of anxiety, now's the time babe. Make some calls, get you an appointment, and take care of you.

1 Aquarius Men...We're So Sorry


Okay, Aquarius men. We know you've been looking for your name and now you're bummed to see that you're the most likely to be super anxious in your relationships, but deep down you already knew. That's why your last relationship failed, and it's also why you're so nervous about starting a new love. You crave romantic attentions but you also fear them because you know you'll ultimately be the reason she has to walk away. While you're still single, now is the perfect time to work on yourself. Get right in the head and in the heart so when the next woman comes along, you can offer her all of you, completely without (or at least a lot less of the crippling) anxiety. She deserves it, but more importantly, you deserve it. We believe in you, Aquarius men. You can beat this!

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