We Ranked The Most Positive To Negative Signs In A Relationship, Based On Astrology

When it comes to love, our mindsets often have more power than the relationship itself. Basically, if we're not able to keep a positive mindset when it comes to the future of our relationship, everything is guaranteed to fall apart.

There is no point in putting in the work if we're not willing to change our outlook on love. Even worse, there is absolutely no future in dating someone who isn't willing to look at our relationship in a positive light. This person is basically guaranteeing that things aren't going to work out. They're not going to put any effort into our relationship if they don't see a future.

That's why we thought it was only right to grab our astrology expert and rank the most positive to negative sign when it comes to love. Every sign has its own energy that influences their mindset. While we might like to think that we have the power to control our thoughts, it isn't exactly the case. Instead, the environment that we live in often influences our energy.

The people near the top of our list are absolutely amazing at staying positive when it comes to love. Even when things get tough, they're able to get through just about anything. The people near the bottom of the list are a completely different story and see love through a negative lens.

24 Gemini Woman: A Ray Of Sunshine


The Gemini tops our list as the most positive sign when it comes to relationships. This isn't because she views love through a bright lens, but rather is a totally positive person in general. She's always in a good mood and is ready to give her lover 100% of herself whenever needed.

Anyone dating a Gemini is absolutely the luckiest person in the world. The relationship is guaranteed to prosper because she's always looking for the positive in any situation. While the people around her might be stressing out over the current state of their relationship, she is consumed with purely happy thoughts.

23 Gemini Man: Always A Positive Attitude


There is nothing that we can do to change the mindset of a Gemini, and we wouldn't even want to. Any relationship that he finds himself in is always doing amazing as he is constantly spilling out positive vibes. We absolutely adore his constant positive attitude.

If you have your eye on this sign, we totally recommend jumping into a relationship with him. He always has a positive attitude and if you're a good match, you can expect amazing things. If you often struggle with holding onto hope when things get rough, this sign is definitely your guy. Grab him before someone else tries to!

22 Taurus Woman: The Inspiration We Need


A Taurus is able to get through any situation thrown her way. Even if it seems like the whole world is crumbling all around her, she is always able to find a way through the situation. She is the exact inspiration that we need to get our love life in check as she makes it look so easy.

A Taurus has totally figured out that a positive mindset is the key to making any relationship work. As long as you're able to hold onto hope when things get a little tough, you'll probably have what it takes to turn things completely around and make a major change. With a Taurus, you'll never have to stress over the negative again!

21 Taurus Man: Able To See The Bright Side In The Darkest Times


A Taurus man is definitely what we need in our lives. He's able to find the light even in the darkest situation. When it seems like the world is completely falling apart, he is always able to pick up the pieces and put it back together. Even during the darkest moments, all the Taurus sees is light.

If this isn't the most ideal person to end up in a relationship with, we're not exactly sure who is. This sign offers absolutely everything that we're looking for when it comes to love. Only the Taurus is able to overcome a difficult situation through his positive attitude. This sign completely understands that the power within is the key to making a relationship work.

20 Capricorn Woman: Never Willing To Give Up


We absolutely adore the Capricorn woman's constant perseverance. She has been through it all and now has the knowledge and strength to overcome anything thrown her way. That's why when she ends up in a relationship, she is willing to move mountains in order to make her lover happy.

This sign totally has everything that we're looking for when it comes to a relationship. She will absolutely never give up when it comes to love. If she's in love with a special someone, she will seriously give it her all. We adore her strength more than anything. If there is any sign that we wish we could be more like, it's totally the Capricorn!

19 Capricorn Man: True Love Will Always Win


The last thing that a Capricorn is doing is stressing over the state of his relationship. He knows that if he is truly in love with the person he is dating, everything will work out. As long as his lover puts in the work alongside him, their love will prevail.

You will never see a Capricorn freaking out over his relationship. He knows that things will work out naturally on their own and that the worst thing to do is to stress over the future. That's why he prefers to fill his mind with positive thoughts of what's to come. It's not like he's ignoring what's going on, it's just that he believes true love always comes out on top.

18 Aquarius Woman: Looks For The Light At The End Of The Tunnel


An Aquarius woman has been through it all and understands the power of hope. Even during the most difficult times, the most important thing that a person has left is their ability to hope for something even better. There is no point in freaking out over what one cannot change. Rather, it's best to focus on what one has power over.

Even if she feels like her relationship is falling apart, she will still hold onto hope. She won't blindly pretend that everything is okay, instead focusing on what she can do to make everything fall together perfectly. The Aquarius has the strength that we desperately need to make our relationships work.

17 Aquarius Man: Always Ready For A Challenge


An Aquarius isn't about to pretend that everything in his relationship is going okay. Ignoring problems is not going to work. Instead, the Aquarius prefers to put in the work and figure out the issue at hand. He thinks that positive thinking is often pretending that everything is okay when it's not.

Fortunately, he's willing to sit down with his partner and discuss all of the issues openly. Only then will he be able to figure out the next step and what to do. While most people prefer to pretend that everything will get better, an Aquarius isn't scared to make sure that everything will fall into place like it's supposed to.

16 Pisces Woman: Nothing Can Get In The Way


For a Pisces, absolutely nothing can get in the way of her relationship. She is willing to move mountains just to make things work between her and her man. That's why if she feels like someone is trying to get involved in their relationship, she will put a stop to it immediately.

Her fun and positive attitude is always ready for a challenge. She's not about to sit back and pretend that her relationship is working out perfectly when it's not. Rather she is more than ready to deal with any issues as she knows she can get through anything.

15 Pisces Man: Willing To Switch Things Up


A Pisces simply doesn't feel like stressing over his relationship. He understands that every romance has its issues and that it's a normal part of love. He's not about to lose hope just because an issue arises. Rather, he is always ready to deal with whatever comes up since it's a normal part of every relationship.

He's always ready to switch things up in his relationship to make sure things improve. A Pisces doesn't hold onto the comfortable and rather is willing to put in the extra work to improve. Most problems are small, and you two can work them out together. If you find yourself dating a Pisces, consider yourself lucky!

14 Scorpio Woman: Issues Are A Part Of Every Relationship


A Scorpio understands that a few conflicts are guaranteed to arise in every relationship. Rather than freaking out over issues that may come up, a Scorpio is ready to make some changes when it comes to her relationship. She has neither a positive nor negative perspective; she is rather realistic.

She is not going to live in a false reality that everything is going great when it's actually not. There is also no point in giving up on your relationship just because one issue occurs. Rather, the Scorpio prefers to stay in the middle and acknowledges that her relationship is going to require honest work.

13 Scorpio Man: Things Could Always Be Worse


A Scorpio knows what a difficult relationship is and doesn't want to be put in the same situation again. Rather, he is much more focused on figuring out a way for his love life to prosper, rather than taking chances. A Scorpio isn't about to rely on positivity all the time since he understands that his thoughts aren't strong enough on their own.

Rather, the Scorpio understands that he needs to figure out a way to actually deal with relationship issues when they arise. That's why he tries to remind himself that little issues aren't exactly the end of the world. Things could actually be a million times worse and he should appreciate what he has.

12 Sagittarius Woman: The Most Realistic Sign


A Sagittarius is definitely the most realistic sign of them all. She couldn't care less about relying on a positive attitude and instead prefers to be a little bit more realistic about what's going on. She'll take the time to analyze the current state of her relationship and figure out ways to improve.

She doesn't hold onto an ideal relationship in her head. She tries to be a little bit more realistic and acknowledge what's actually going on. She's able to inspire her partner to be a better version of himself, but she also doesn't rely on her man to take care of everything. She knows the relationship will take work, and she's willing to compromise.

11 Sagittarius Man: Neither Positive Nor Negative


When it comes to love, a Sagittarius man looks at his relationship the same as he does anything else. He doesn't put his partner on a pedestal and pretend that his relationship is everything he has ever desired. Instead, he acknowledges what's going on and either improves or accepts the current state.

It seems like each sign on our list is either always looking for ways to improve their relationship by integrating a positive attitude, or couldn't care less about their relationship since they see it as doomed. The Sagittarius understands what's going on, though, and isn't about to try to shift things in a different direction. If he's not happy, he'll either work on things or just leave.

10 Libra Woman: Whatever Happens, Happens


The absolute last thing on a Libra woman's mind is stressing over the state of her relationship. She isn't about to hold onto a positive or negative attitude as it's simply not worth it. Instead, she is going to become self-aware of her emotions regarding her relationship.

Everyone is constantly trying to push their relationship in a certain direction. However, the Libra woman couldn't care less. Whatever happens in her relationship happens. She's not about to waste her time and energy trying to push her love life in a certain direction. A Libra realizes that things just have to unfold on their own.

9 Libra Man: Things Will Probably Fall Apart


While a Libra woman is a little more chill when it comes to her love life, a Libra man isn't. He has a pretty negative past that continues to influence his current emotions. The truth of the matter is that he just doesn't see his love life changing any time soon. Things have been going so downhill lately that he just doesn't think they'll turn around.

This attitude is totally the last thing we need in a relationship. However, Libra is easily influenced and can be motivated to change his mindset. If you really want things to work with this special someone, then there's a fighting chance. Put in a little work and things are guaranteed to work out with this one.

8 Leo Woman: No Way Things Will Work Out


A Libra woman just doesn't even feel like trying at this point. Whenever her past relationships have begun to get a little difficult, they were usually about to fall apart. That's why whenever her current relationship starts getting a little stressful, she begins to see her whole world fall to pieces.

It's time for her to switch her attitude in a whole new direction. Her love life is basically guaranteed to not work out if she keeps stressing every time things get a little tough. Issues are a normal part of every relationship that must be overcome. You can't just throw your relationship away just because things get rough.

7 Leo Man: Not Willing To Even Try


When things get rough for a Leo, he simply gives up. He's not even willing to put in the effort in hopes of things working out. He is more than ready to throw away everything he and his lover have worked on just because something isn't going his way.

The truth is that Leo is too scared to work through problems. Whenever something difficult in his life arises, he prefers to ignore the issue. These problems only keep growing and growing until they take over his life. At this point, he's forced to lose everything he ever had just because he didn't deal with the issue initially. It's time for him to change his ways unless he wants to lose the people he cares about.

6 Cancer Woman: No Chance In Changing Her Attitude


When a Cancer woman is set on something, there is absolutely no way to change her mind. That's why if she feels that her relationship is just guaranteed to fall into a million pieces, it's because it probably is. The truth is that the mindset that you carry into a relationship will significantly influence the outcome.

There is no way a Cancer and her partner are going to be able to overcome an obstacle unless she changes her ways. If she is convinced that everything will not work out, it totally won't. That's why it's time for her to shift her thinking into a more positive direction. Only then will her love life stand that chance of actually holding on.

5 Cancer Man: Can Always See The Negative


While some people might always be able to see the positive in any situation, Cancer can always see the negative. It seems like his mind is programmed to always find the issue in whatever situation he finds himself in. While it's awesome that he's always ready to figure things out, this isn't exactly the best when it comes to relationships.

His partners are guaranteed to get a little annoyed with him always highlighting the negative aspects of the relationship. Once he's convinced that something is falling apart, it probably will due to his mindset. He's not willing to shift things in a different direction since he's convinced that things were destined to end up this way.

4 Aries Woman: Might As Well Give Up


If you find yourself crushing on an Aries, you might as well give up. A relationship with this sign is more than stressful. It seems like whenever she ends up in yet another relationship, she is convinced it's just not going to work.

Since all of her previous relationships fell to pieces, she is convinced it's going to happen again. While we kind of understand her point of view, we completely disagree. Every time we enter into a new relationship we have the possibility to create something new. The past is completely gone and doesn't have the power to influence the future. It's time to understand that your mind has the power to shift your relationship is a positive direction!

3 Aries Man: Sucks Out Any Positivity


If there was any positivity in the relationship initially, Aries is going to do his best to banish it. The Aries naturally has a negative mindset when it comes to love as he's seen some of his most ideal relationships not work out. While we completely understand that it's intimidating to jump into something new with someone since there is no guarantee things will work out, it's still a natural process in every relationship.

We have to be willing to put our hearts on the line in order for love to prevail. It seems like the Aries is simply too afraid to show his true self to the rest of the world. It's time for him to change things and offer his genuine heart to his lover.

2 Virgo Woman: The Worst Is Yet To Come


Every time a Virgo ends up in a relationship, she is waiting for it to fall apart. She has been so hurt in the past that she almost expects to end up hurt in every relationship. However, the only thing breaking her heart is this negative mindset.

If you go into a new relationship with the idea that it's not going to work out, it so won't. That's because your thoughts influence your words and actions. You're not going to be willing to make any changes to your relationship if you're convinced that things are never going to work out. While we understand that it's hard to open yourself up, it's time that you do!

1 Virgo Man: We Can’t Imagine Someone More Negative


This is probably not the best sign to date when it comes to their viewpoint on relationships. They're basically convinced at this point that all relationships end up in heartbreak. While they couldn't be more wrong, that's their mindset entering every relationship that they find themselves in.

We recommend finding another lover to date. There is a huge chance that a Virgo's mindset might begin to rub off on you. We can't even imagine a relationship with one negative mindset, let alone two. Do yourself a favour and find a more positive lover near the top of our list, rather than the bottom!

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