We Ranked The Least To Most Opinionated Zodiac Signs (His & Hers)

In the wake of so many stories about people speaking up against wrongdoing, disrespect, and ignorance, there’s a lot of support being given to people who have opinions and aren’t afraid to use them. Speaking up is so important, no matter what situation you’re in. They teach us in elementary school to speak up against bullies, and they teach us later in life that every voice should be respected and heard. How many of us do that, though?

Unfortunately, we’re finding that there are still people who don’t want to rock the boat. That’s the only way to make change, though! How do you know if you’re more opinionated than the average person? Luckily the zodiac signs are here to help. They’ll be able to tell you if you’re the type of person who’s loud and proud with your opinions, or if you’re the type of person who’d rather keep things quiet. We’ve ranked from the least to the most opinionated, so you’ll know right away if you need to work on sharing your opinions. Don’t get us wrong, though; it’s not a flaw to keep your opinions to yourself. It’s necessary, sometimes. Just take a look at some of these benefits, both on the least opinionated side and the most opinionated side.

Here are the zodiac signs ranked from least to most opinionated:

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24 Gemini Women: She’s Got An Opinion, But It Changes With Every Whim

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The least opinionated of all is the Gemini woman. You might think that such a strong and passionate sign would have no problems with giving her opinion, but think again. Gemini women are actually some of the least opinionated signs because they’re so changeable. The fleetingness of their thoughts makes for an incredibly difficult person to pin down; you never know if their favorite color is yellow or blue, pink or green. They don’t do much to help you either! While Geminis are great people to talk to, and we’d definitely call them people persons, they’re too easily swayed by everyone else to know what’s going on. They don’t let themselves know themselves, which makes for a big lack of permanent opinion. But hey… They sure are passionate about their opinion of the hour. Just be ready for it to change!

23 Gemini Men: He Can’t Make Up His Mind And Doesn’t Want To Talk About It

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Gemini men are a totally different thing from Gemini women. While a Gemini woman’s opinion changes with her whims, a Gemini man can’t seem to form one at all. He’s stuck in his feelings of indecision, unsure of whether or not he actually believes what he thinks he believes. His mind is easily changed, but you’d never know. He doesn’t tend to talk about his opinions outside of his very intimate relationships. The people he trusts know his thoughts, and especially know how changeable they are. These are the only folks in the world who are able to see the Gemini man for what he is. Others see him as flickering back and forth between tasks and conversations, always searching for the next exciting thing. They don’t know that deep down, he really can’t figure out what he thinks.

22 Libra Women: She Likes Things Fair And Square, But Doesn’t Always Know What To Do


The problem with Libras is that they’re so dead set in their views of right and wrong, but they don’t always know what to do about it. They’re very indecisive, despite the fact that they’re so sure about what’s right and what’s wrong. This indecision is often born out of insecurity. They don’t necessarily know whether or not other people will agree with them, which makes them worried about speaking up. For a timid Libra, it’s a big step! Libra women are often worried about speaking up, especially if they’re in a male-dominated scenario. Libra ladies, we’re here to tell you to not be worried! Your sense of justice will always lead you right; you just need the vocals to make it heard, so other people can jump on board!

21 Libra Men: He Judges People Who Don’t Follow His Morals, But Won’t Say Anything About It


Libra men aren’t necessarily as gentle and sensitive as the Libra woman. While they both have a strong moral code, the Libra woman wants others to follow it… While the Libra man just judges when they don’t. Libra men believe that there’s one right way to do things, and that’s the fair and just way. While that’s true in a lot of cases, some people don’t follow that. The Libra man will never do anything to change them; he’ll just judge them from the sidelines. He’ll never let himself get pulled into something he doesn’t believe in, but he also isn’t the type of forceful personality to stop it from happening. The bright side? If someone asks for his opinion, he never hesitates to give it… But offering it is off the table.

20 Pisces Women: She’ll Hold Her Tongue To Avoid Criticism… Unless She Trusts You

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The Pisces woman is never going to hold back her judgments. However, she will keep them only within her close circle of friends. She’s the queen of making sure only the right people know what’s going on in her head, while everyone else sees her perfectly-put-together surface. She’s great at making people feel like she’s in control and calm even if deep down below she’s anything but. This is a talent and one that we wish we had. Unfortunately, it does mean that she tends to keep her opinions to herself. She doesn’t like the fact that she might have to give someone bad news, as she cares deeply about people. This all points to the fact that, unless she trusts you, you’re never going to know what’s really going on in her head.

19 Pisces Men: He’s A Know-It-All, But Doesn’t Always Trust His Gut


The Pisces man is similar to the Pisces woman; he never really wants to give his true opinions unless he’s sure he can trust you. The same thing can be said for himself, though. He’s never going to let himself be the know-it-all that he is because he just doesn’t trust the fact that he’s right. He tends to put other people before himself and thinks that other people will always know better than him. It’s a shame, really! Pisces men are smart. When combined with their sense of empathy and care it makes for a very observant, intelligent guy. If he does speak up and make an intelligent comment, you can be sure that he means what he says. It’s not easy for him to put himself out there like that, so you know he’s right.

18 Sagittarius Women: She Likes To Take Opinions In Rather Than To Share Her Own


Sagittarians are incredibly boisterous, outgoing, and LOVE to talk and adventure. They’re all about the freedom, and don’t like to be tied down… By anything or anyone. Sagittarius women live for summer and love to run around without having to worry about obligations. Don’t think she’s dumb or impulsive, though. Sagittarius women are very smart, even if they do like to live in the moment rather than think about what comes next. We don’t judge, though. The mindfulness of the Sagittarius woman has given her brilliant listening skills. She’s much more comfortable listening to another person’s opinion rather than giving her own. It’s not that she’s passive! She’s just so ready to consider another point of view; we call it empathy, and that’s never a bad thing.

17 Sagittarius Men: He’s Too Busy Experiencing The World To Push His Own Opinions


Sagittarius men are kind of similar to Aquarius men. You remember how Aquarians like to live in their own world? Sagittarius men are almost the same way, except the world they’re caught up in is the real world. They love adventure and love discovering new things. They’ll never stop wondering about what’s over the horizon, and they’ll never stop asking questions. While this makes them an excellent adventure partner, it doesn’t make them a great conversationalist. They have opinions, but they tend to forget them (or change them) the second something new comes along. While this makes them perfect empaths, it doesn’t make them great pillars. That’s not a bad thing, though! Sagittarius men are incredibly valuable to have in a group, as they’re very driven. And they’ll commit to any cause they’re passionate about!

16 Cancer Women: She Keeps Her Opinions To Herself

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Cancers are smart. They love a good book and tend to classify themselves as introverts rather than extroverts. This doesn’t mean they don’t have opinions though! Cancers are very home-based. They don’t like to tread too far outside of their comfort zones and prefer to keep their thoughts to themselves. Cancer women are very much the type who prefer to have a one on one conversation rather than go to a huge party. This can make it hard to meet people, but once you do get talking… Boy oh boy, you can keep a conversation going. You’re inquisitive, which means you’re going to like learning about people even if they have different opinions from you. You don’t show everything all at once though, which is a way to protect yourself and keep your gentle heart safe. Unfortunately, this means that your opinions often stay inside.

15 Cancer Men: If He Does Share His Opinion, He Makes Sure It’s Pleasant And Neutral


Cancers don’t like to get on anyone’s bad sides. Negativity is not a trait that they like to have in their lives, which means they’ll do anything to stay on the pleasant and neutral side of things. People like Cancers because they’re stable. They’re dependable, and they like to have their own sanctuary to escape the harsh realities of the outside world. It’s a way to protect themselves, as we mentioned in the Cancer women section. While a Cancer man is typically more upfront than the Cancer woman, it’s clear that he’s just as worried about getting on people’s bad sides as she is. He’s incredibly politically correct, and often will only share his opinion if he can spin it in such a way that it’s pleasant and not cumbersome.

14 Leo Women: She’ll Give Her Opinion, But Only To Get The Attention Back Onto Her

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Leo women are notorious for wanting the spotlight. Many stars are Leos, and many of the most popular girls you know are probably Leos too! They tend to stay front and center of any group, no matter how much people try to push them back. Leos are resilient, especially the women. Nobody keeps them down, though people might try. However, the luminosity of a Leo can fade over time. Especially when something new and sparkly grabs people’s attention. This is when the lioness banks on her keen mind to bring the attention back to her. Her brain is a whirlwind of ideas always, and often times she’ll secure her place in the spotlight by putting some of those opinions on display. Luckily she’s usually got some pretty good ideas!

13 Leo Men: He Likes To Talk, Whether He’s Got A Relevant Opinion Or Not

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Unlike the Leo woman, a Leo man usually needs to put some more effort into getting the attention on to him. He tends to use his mouth to keep all eyes on him. Unfortunately, that usually means that he’s talking for the sake of talking, without really saying anything. He certainly has opinions. Any passionate person does, and Leos are some of the most passionate folks out there. These guys will fight for anything and are often seen in the middle of a huge group. They tend to orchestrate and organize and keep themselves busy by staying involved in everyone’s lives. It’s not a bad thing! If you do find yourself in a group with a Leo man though, you should be prepared to listen to a million different opinions… And not all of them are going to be relevant.

12 Scorpio Women: She’s Opinionated With People She Knows Wants (Or Needs) To Hear It

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Scorpios are so caring, but not everyone believes that. People know that Scorpio women are more “sensitive”. They care about other people’s thoughts and feelings, and think the world is better if we all respect and love each other. However, the Scorpio woman has a tough outer shell. She’s not going to let just anybody in. She’d rather be a support than be supported, which means her help can come across as kind of… Rough. She likes the tough love approach because it means she gets to help people without seeming like a softie. Because she’s a little protected, though, her advice can feel more like judgements. Don’t be fooled! She really does care. The fact that she’s letting you in on her opinions is more than enough proof that she trusts you.

11 Scorpio Men: He’s Got Opinions, But Not Everyone Listens Closely Enough To Hear Them


Scorpio men are in a similar boat. They don’t like to be open with their thoughts and feelings, but they care about people enough to want them to be okay when times are tough. The Scorpio man tends to take the quiet approach. He knows that the people who are important to him will listen to what he has to say; everyone else will ignore him. And that’s okay. He doesn’t mind it because it’s proof that the people who want to hear will hear him, and the people who care, care. He’s sharp, with a keen intellect that can easily cut through the din. People value this in the Scorpio man, and those that are wise enough to listen to him will always walk away with some great advice. Don’t be fooled: it’s not that he’s not opinionated, he’s just not screaming about it like everyone else.

10 Aquarius Women: Her Independence Means She’s Always Eager To Speak Up

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While Aquarians don’t have the stubbornness that an Aries does, and don’t have the intelligence and quick wit that a Virgo does, Aquarians have something else. Aquarius women are some of the most strong-willed, independent people you’ll ever meet. We love how outgoing they are, and how they’re so quick to jump into all the exciting parts of life. You’ll never meet an Aquarius woman who’s afraid of adventure, and you’ll find that because she’s so impulsive, she’s always eager to speak up… Even if she doesn’t fully understand what she means. She asks more questions than she gives answers, but there’s never a hesitation. While she’s impulsive, she’s not dumb. She’s sharp and knows who she is. Her will has gotten her through everything, and it’ll continue to… Eager commentary or not!

9 Aquarius Men: He’ll Give His Opinion… But Only When He Gets Out Of His Head


While Aquarius Women are more of the adventurous ilk, Aquarius men are stuck on the other side of the coin. They like to adventure, but only in their own heads. Aquarians are one of the signs that are the most creative. They like to build their own little worlds and live in them until something better comes along. Sometimes this takes the form of a new writing project or a new video game. Anything they can get lost in. Aquarius men are particularly prone to getting sucked into this state, which is why he’s one of the lesser opinionated signs. He’s got thoughts, and he’ll speak without hesitation. But dragging him out of his world to have that conversation is difficult. He’d rather be inside something than inserting himself into someone else’s life, which makes offering an opinion difficult for him.

8 Taurus Women: Relaxed, But Opinionated, She’ll Speak Up Only If Something Is Wrong

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Taurus women know when and when not to waste their breath. They have opinions, obviously, but because they tend to be a little more relaxed when they go through the world they don’t always need them to be heard. While Taurus women know what’s right and wrong, they usually don’t bother adding to the din if they’re on the side of the majority. And if the majority is wrong? She won’t hesitate to speak up. And if they’re not listening? Well, she’ll just speak louder. If she knows she’s right, she’ll stop at nothing to make herself heard. She’s driven by a fire to improve people’s lives, and she’ll make sure that she’s always working towards it. Whether it’s better housing, better accessibility to services, or more justice in the world, she’ll only put her effort into the things that are right.

7 Taurus Men: He’s Got A Bad Habit Of Mansplaining, But It Comes From A Good Place

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You’ve heard of mansplaining before, right? The process of having something explained by a man, despite the fact that you’ve either already explained it to him, or he’s not giving you an opportunity to explain to the group despite you being the authority on the subject. It sucks. And Taurus men are the worst for it because of their stubborn type of intelligence. Luckily, however, you can write it off as him just wanting everyone to be on the same page. He doesn’t see it as “mansplaining”. He sees it as “reaffirming the communication that’s happened already”. Tauruses are ALL about communication. They like people to be open, clear, and honest when they’re talking. Unfortunately, it comes across as annoying and self-centered. He really does care, though!

6 Virgo Women: She’s Respectful, But She’ll DEFINITELY Make Her Opinion Heard


A Virgo woman is one of the most intelligent signs out there. Not only does she have a deep capacity for intuition, she’s also pragmatic enough to know when she needs to follow her heart or follow her head. Her mind is sharp, and her opinions are well-informed. Unlike the Aries and the Capricorns, she is willing and able to have her mind changed. She just needs to be presented with the proper facts and given enough time to consider all the angles. She’s not shy about her thoughts either. She knows the only way to learn is to put herself out there. She never hesitates to say anything, and she almost always gets people on her side. And if they don’t believe her? Her intelligence says to reexamine her opinion on something; sometimes it even makes her change her mind!

5 Virgo Men: He Thinks He Knows Best, And A Lot Of The Time He Does!


Virgo men are also intelligent, but they’re not as intuitive as Virgo women. Virgo men are more rationally intelligent than any other sign, and are often the ones who’ll be pointing out “this is a bad idea”. They’re not the most spontaneous, and they don’t really like to make change… Unless it’s for the better. Because Virgo men are almost always working towards the greater good (either for themselves or for the world), they tend to think that they know the best. Honestly? Most of the time they do. They’ve examined all the options and know exactly what’s going to be the best in the situation. Don’t worry, though. These guys aren’t like Capricorns. They know how to listen to the facts, and aren’t closed-minded enough to think that they’re still right when the world says differently.

4 Capricorn Women: She Won’t Even Listen To Another Opinion, Even If It’s Right


Capricorn women are known for being a little… Shall we say stubborn? It’s not that they refuse to listen to anyone else. In fact, Capricorn women are great listeners. Unfortunately, she isn’t the type to consider anyone else’s opinions. She tends to get stuck on one idea or thought and won’t budge from it. Capricorn women aren’t the type to quickly change their minds. This can get you into trouble when your partner wants to do something like take you to a new restaurant, introduce you to some new friends, or even start a new tv show with you. Your first reaction is “yuck”, and you’re not afraid to tell them. Don’t forget to keep an open mind. You never know when your new favorite place is around the corner!

3 Capricorn Men: More Stubborn Than Opinionated, But He’ll Still Tell You Why You’re Wrong


Capricorn men aren’t necessarily opinionated, but they’re certainly more stubborn than your average zodiac sign. Capricorns, as we discussed in the female section, react with opposition first and foremost. For Capricorn men, this means that you usually won’t take advice very well. You don’t tend to listen to anyone telling you you’re wrong because in your head you’re never wrong! You don’t hesitate to tell others why they’re wrong, though. Your opinions are based on your dislike of different things, which means you’re always going to be more outspoken about things you hate rather than things you like. Don’t forget to bring more love into your life, and let yourself glow with the positives as well as the negatives. And remember: If you don’t like being wrong, other people won’t like it either.

2 Aries Women: Good Luck Trying To Get Your Opinion In! She Doesn’t Want To Hear It


Aries are some of the toughest signs of the zodiac. They think they know right no matter what and are stubborn enough to stick by their opinions even if proven wrong. This isn’t a bad thing, though. Aries women are loyal, and you’ll find if you’re lucky enough to be with an Aries woman that you’ll never have a problem figuring out what she thinks about something (or someone). Aries women, you know you have more thoughts than the average person. You’re the most opinionated, even if you’re not super informed. You like to go with your gut and will cling to that no matter what the world is telling you. Don’t be afraid to loosen up sometimes. Opinions are great, but you need to be willing to hear what the world is saying.

1 Aries Men: He’ll Steamroll You On Any Topic… Even If He Doesn’t Know Much About It


Aries Men are tied for first in terms of being the most opinionated out there. While the Aries woman will tell you all of her thoughts about everything without giving you an opportunity to talk about anything, Aries men will pretend to give you an opening. He might not be the first to talk, but he’ll talk the longest… Even if he doesn’t know anything about the topic. He needs to be right, as it’s part of Aries’s zodiac qualities. He likes to know, even if he doesn’t really care about what the information means. Unfortunately, this means that he’ll talk, and talk, and TALK about information that may or may not be relevant. He might pause for a breath, but don’t think that that’s your opportunity to talk… He’ll just keep going.

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