We Ranked The Disney Princes From Most To Least Lovable (Officially)

Disney has introduced us to a world of magic and fantasy, where everything has the potential to be perfect. While many of its characters are too good to be true, there are also those Disney characters who are deeply flawed. When it comes to the male characters, in particular, some are just more lovable than others.

There are Disney princes who would give their lives for the people they love, and then there are those who haven’t got an honest bone in their body. Some princes think about others before they think about themselves and have had to work hard to achieve anything they want in life. And then there are others who are as entitled as they come and need to be taken down a peg or two.

Just about all of these characters experience some kind of growth throughout their stories, which usually makes them more interesting, more relatable, and more lovable. Sometimes, though, those arcs just aren’t enough to save them from their flaws.

Here is the official ranking of the Disney princes (and a few non-royal characters!), from the most to least lovable. Check it out to see which leading men came out on top!

20 Aladdin: Most Lovable Disney Prince


Aladdin comes in at the top of our list for being the most lovable Disney royal. He’s definitely not perfect, but his flaws are what makes him so lovable. We also love the fact that he wasn’t born into wealth and privilege like some of the other royal men on this list, and instead had to work to get there.

In the end, Aladdin is selfless, choosing to set the Genie free rather than keep his new royal title and give his hard-earned bread to starving children in the street when he’s starving himself. But it all works out because by marrying Jasmine, Aladdin becomes royalty again anyway!

19 Prince Eric: Probably The Best Looking Prince


More than just looks go into making a prince lovable. But if we were going to base it on looks alone, Prince Eric would come out on top. Who can resist eyes like that? We love the relationship that this royal has with his dog, and imagine he’s a very understanding and tolerant person.

When he finds out Ariel is a mermaid, he doesn’t love her any less, which means he probably wouldn’t be judgmental about other things in life. He’s more animated and fun-loving than the earlier princes, but he’s still charismatic and agreeable, which makes us love him.

18 Prince Phillip: A Believer In Love


What we really love about Prince Phillip is that he’s a true believer in love. That, and he doesn’t let his father push him around. When the king tells him that he has to marry Princess Aurora, he flat out says that he’s going to marry the girl he wants to instead (not knowing that the girl he fell in love with in the woods actually was Aurora).

Phillip also wins points for slaying Maleficent at the end, although he couldn’t have done it without the help of the fairies. That’s no easy feat! So he’s good in a crisis, he follows his heart, and he doesn’t let people tell him what to do. Win!

17 Tramp: The Most Kissable Face Ever


Okay, we know. Tramp isn’t a prince, nor is he a human. But with a face like that, how can we not include him in our list of the most lovable? Part of Tramp’s appeal is his effortlessly cool vibe. He doesn’t try too hard and doesn’t get too worked up about anything.

But at the same time, he’s such a sweetheart, to the point where he’s willing to give up his last meatball for Lady. He basically changes everything about himself in order to fit in with Lady’s family in the end, showing just how far he’ll go for the one he loves.

16 John Smith: Much Better Than Other Men Of His Time


John Smith—also not technically a prince, but still lovable—gets a high place on our list for being able to go against the grain and see the world differently from the other men of his era.

In the beginning, he’s still closed-minded and doesn’t understand the ways of Pocahontas or her people. She gets through to him, though, and he ends up developing a real appreciation for this new culture he’s faced with. Not only is he a decent person in the end, but he’s a decent person despite his society telling him not to be (because his people just didn’t appreciate other cultures back then).

15 Li Shang: Tough But Fair


Li Shang is considerably less smiley and easy-going than the other men on this list, but you can’t blame him. The guy is dealing with Huns invading his country, for goodness’ sake! In the beginning, he has the same patriarchal views as everyone else in the army when he first finds out Ping is really Mulan, a woman.

But then he realizes that Mulan is just as good a fighter like everyone else and she deserves to be there. He gets over his views and allows Mulan to teach him something new: that women can do more than just parade around looking pretty.

14 Flynn Rider: A Strong Contender


Flynn Rider has a lot going for him. At the end of the day, he’s prepared to give his life to save Rapunzel. When Rapunzel tries to heal him with her hair after he is confronted by Mother Gothel, he quickly cuts it off just so she doesn’t have to be a prisoner anymore. To him, freeing Rapunzel is more important than saving his own life.

He also teaches her some great lessons, including that when you achieve your dream, you get to make up a new one. He ultimately helps Rapunzel to develop into a strong woman with her own thoughts and dreams and stop being a victim.

13 Kristoff: How Can We Not Love Him?


It might be because everybody compares him to Hans, and anybody is better than Hans, but Kristoff is another of our favorite Disney fellas. Thanks to his rough life as an ice-harvester, Kristoff is full of muscles and would be another good one to have around in a crisis.

He is reluctant to help Anna at first, but the goodness inside him takes over and he agrees to take her to the North Mountain. Bless! Unlike Anna, he seems to be able to see through Hans but still holds onto the hope that a kiss from Hans can save Anna’s life.

12 Hercules: More Lovable In Disney Than IRL


Hercules is another non-prince, but he is a demi-god. All we can say is that we like Disney’s version of this Ancient Greek so much better than the Hercules from mythology. While both versions of the character are brave and strong, the original Hercules (Herakles) is much more troubled and complex.

The Disney version is a catch, while the mythological version is just problematic and not as lovable. In the stories, he gets up to some of the things that other Ancient Greek warriors did back in the day, and not all of it is exactly chivalrous. But the Disney Hercules, at least, is lovable!

11 Dimitri: Not Perfect, But Charismatic Anyway


Disney only recently acquired the rights to Anastasia, so Dimitri has only just joined the ranks as a Disney man. He starts life as a kitchen boy at the Romanovs' palace and turns into a con-man who wants to find an Anastasia look-alike just so he can get the reward the Dowager Empress is offering.

So his intentions aren’t kind-hearted at the beginning. But he does have a significant change of heart after he falls in love with Anya and realizes that she is the real princess Anastasia. Despite not being perfect, Dimitri is still charismatic and proves himself at the end.

10 Arthur: A Promising Future


Arthur skips the whole prince thing and goes straight to being king. Most of our feelings about him are based on sympathy: he is born to such unlucky conditions that we can’t help but feel sorry for him. He’s basically a servant for his foster father and brother, and they treat him like he’s nothing, even giving him the nickname Wart.

He’s not respected until he meets with Merlin, who preps him for his eventual fate of pulling Excalibur from the stone and becoming the King of England. Little Arthur has a lot of courage and never gives up even though his life is tough.

9 Simba: Kind Of A Procrastinator


Non-human princes count too! Simba is a bit of a procrastinator, which is why he’s not as lovable as he could be. We get that he had a tough childhood, and thinking that you were responsible for your beloved father’s death would be hard to get over. But he takes so long to do anything about Scar!

He knows that his uncle wasn’t a nice lion, he knows his uncle is back there with total control over everyone he loves, and he just pretends none of that exists for all of his teenage years. He does prove to be super brave when he does eventually return, but he just takes his time.

8 Prince Adam: Better As A Beast


As a human, Prince Adam is far from charismatic. He’s arrogant and stubborn, and worst of all has a red-hot temper that would probably make him a huge pain to live with. In the end, he makes a character transformation just like all the other Disney princes and learns that the universe doesn’t revolve around him and his needs.

By letting Belle go back to her father when he knows she’s the key to ending his curse, he proves himself to be selfless and capable of real love. But before he becomes the Beast, we don’t want a bar of him.

7 J. Thomas O’Malley: Heart Of Gold


He looks like any other alley cat, but he’s actually the king of the highway and prince of the boulevard (as he puts it in his introductory song to Duchess). J. Thomas O’Malley has a heart of gold, which is clear when he risks everything to help out Duchess and the kittens.

He does mention that he thinks of himself as a rat, suggesting that he’s done a few things he’s not proud of across his nine lives, but overall, he’s a good cat. We just wish he would be more confident in telling Duchess how he really feels, rather than trying to play it cool all the time.

6 Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves


He might not be prince of any nation, but he is the Prince of Thieves. Robin Hood isn’t above breaking the law and isn’t afraid to rob people. But he isn’t a bad person (or should we say, a bad fox). He has a good heart and only wants to help the needy in his community. His methods are just reckless sometimes.

He isn’t the cutest Disney fox either—that title goes to Tod from The Fox and the Hound. But he is brave, noble and extremely loyal, both to those he’s standing up for and to his love interest, the Maid Marian.

5 Prince Charming: Just Not Enough


It’s not that Prince Charming does anything wrong in Cinderella. It’s just that he’s kind of boring. If your name is Charming, you have to go all out to match it with your personality, and he’s no more special than any other prince.

To be fair, he does come from the Golden Age of Disney, when most of the characters were paper thin. But we just can’t rank him high on the list because he doesn’t do anything that brings us to our knees. It’s admirable that he stands up to his father, and that he goes to such efforts to find Cinderella, but that’s about it.

4 Peter Pan: Still A Boy


Peter Pan might not be a prince, but he is the spirit of youth, according to some. There’s a lot about him that’s impressive, like his ability to fly with pixie dust and his confidence in the face of Captain Hook. Ultimately, though, he’s still a boy who has a lot of growing up to do.

We get that staying in Neverland means he’ll never have to abandon his fun, spritely nature and get a boring office job, but it also means he will never be mature enough to treat characters like Tinker Bell and Wendy with the respect they deserve.

3 Prince Naveen: Lucky To Have Tiana


Prince Naveen deserved to turn into a frog. There, we said it. Out of all the princes, he’s easily one of the brattiest and entitled. Growing up in the palace, he soon became lazy and incredibly vain, and honestly, isn’t good enough for Tiana.

Some would say that any girl who gets a prince to fall in love with her is lucky, but we think that Naveen is super blessed just for the fact that a boss like Tiana even takes a second look at him. He does change his ways eventually, but he takes such a long time to get there.

2 The Prince: Seriously Lacking Personality


This guy. As the first Disney prince, Snow White’s prince should be commemorated as some iconic character. But we just can’t look at him that way. For starters, in the credits, he’s only referred to as The Prince, with no other name. That doesn’t leave us with much hope that he has any kind of personality.

Then there’s the fact that his only role is to kiss a girl who’s not conscious. This is widely considered romantic but is kind of strange behavior when you think about it. He doesn’t appear to do much besides ride around and kiss people and sneak up on them with his booming opera voice.

1 Hans: No Comment


Ugh. Hans. Being the thirteenth Prince of the Southern Isles, he won’t inherit the throne from his father, so he plots to steal the throne of Arendelle. For most of the movie, he seems honest and noble, but he’s actually a master of deception. He makes promises to Anna that he can’t keep and truly takes her heart for a ride.

Unlike many of the other things that go on in the world of Disney, we can actually relate to boys who do stuff like this. Hans, and all people who pretend to be one thing and then turn out to be another need to get out.

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