We Ranked The Dirtiest Males In The Bedroom, Based On Their Zodiac

How can you tell if you are a downright freak in the sheets? It can be hard to determine, since it's not something that many people get to see. Being intimate is just that—something is done in private. But just like with all things sensual, we can turn to the stars to figure out how good or bad someone is in bed. And now, we can even turn to astrology to let us know what guys are the freakiest in the bedroom only based on when they were born.

It's natural to be curious about a new partner's ability in the sack. As women, we are curious by nature and need to know how things will be before they happen. Call it overthinking or just anxiety, but regardless of the phrase you use, it's totally okay to want to know how your guy will perform in the bedroom. Looking for someone who is a super freak? Or want a guy that is sensitive and sensual? Look no further than this list to help guide you towards finding the dude that will make all your wildest, passionate fantasies come true in between the sheets. All you have to do is know when he was born, and we'll take care of all the rest!


Here are the LEAST to MOST dirty males in the bedroom based on astrology, including bonus descriptions for the top three! :

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15 Capricorn Dudes Are Classy & Traditional In The Bedroom

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Interested in a Capricorn guy? There are a few things you should know about what he wants in the bedroom before you do it with him for the first time. Capricorn dudes are eager to be in charge when it comes to the art of seduction in between the sheets. The truth is, a Capricorn guy is not into spanking or anything remotely crazy in the bedroom. Instead, these guys prefer more traditional moves in between the sheets to please their partners. As a result, the love-making can end up being a tad sub par due to the more mundane aspect of making love with a Capricorn dude. Therefore, if you find yourself with a Capricorn guy, be aware that his love making may not be that exciting, but it will be memorable.

14 Sagittarius Guys Like To Take Things Outside The Bedroom

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Looking for some adventure when it comes to making love? Find yourself a Sagittarius guy who is known for leaving the bedroom to explore other areas where being intimate can occur. While there is no denying that a Sagittarius man is likely to rock your world in bed, they may choose to do so in some odd places. Depending on how you feel about rubbing up against poison ivy once in a while, a Sagittarius man may rub you the wrong way when it comes to how dirty he gets in the sack. In fact, they can be quite slow but extremely steady when it comes to pleasing their partners. Therefore, they want all of their fantasies satisfied just as much as they want to please their partners.

13 Taurus Men Needs Genuine Connection & Cuddles In Bed

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Got your eyes on a Taurus man? He is likely to be a master at seduction. In fact, a Taurus man will make sure you are taken care of in between the sheets. But he can be deeply emotional which results in a lot of cuddles pre and post the main event. Considering these are guys who need real and genuine connections before they can even make love to anyone, a Taurus man is highly likely to bring on all the romantics in and out of the bedroom. Therefore, if you are in a relationship with a Taurus dude, just know that the dirtiest thing he will be doing to you is bringing some whipped cream to the bedroom that he can take his time licking off you.

12 Aquarius Guys Thinks Outside The Box When It Comes To Doing The Nasty


Aquarius men are wild creatures in the sheets. In fact, it can be quite trying when it comes to seducing the illustrative Aquarius guy who tends to have a quirky personality. Usually, Aquarian men love to talk to their partners before getting to the nitty gritty. As a result, Aquarius men tend to lead with their emotions when it comes to relationships. This directly translates to what they prefer in bed. Typically, Aquarius men will often use their imagination when it comes to pleasing both themselves and their partners. Therefore, if you find yourself head over heels for an Aquarius guy, you should know that he tends to constantly think outside the box when it comes to bedroom behavior which can scare off unsuspecting women.

11 Leo's Want To Be The Star Of The Bedroom And Will Make You Take A Backseat In The Pleasure Department

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Have your eyes on an all-mighty Leo man? Although they lure you in with their confidence, they tend to only care about themselves when it comes to bedroom behavior. In fact, Leo men are notorious for striving to perform at peak perfection at all times. This can be a welcome surprise for a female who may not be used to such aggression or attention from her lover. However, Leo men also really want to be the star of the show which means that they may not care about how you are doing or pleasing you all the time. Since Leo men consider themselves as Kings of their jungle, they expect to be treated as such. Therefore, it can be daunting for a woman who also likes to be pleasured as opposed to constantly giving their all to their partner to be with a Leo man.

10 Pisces Men Will Spend All Day In Bed With Their Lover

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Got your eye on a Pisces man who charmed his way into your heart?While this list is a slew of generalizations, when it comes to Pisces, they will literally spend all their time in bed with someone they are into. Doing the nasty is not something that they are ashamed of or embarrassed by. In fact, Pisces guys love to make whoopie. As a result, they are always there whenever you are in the mood for some loving. Typically, a Pisces man will jump at any opportunity to get you naked and please you. Therefore, if you find yourself entranced with a Pisces guy, be aware that he will want to talk your ear off before choosing to nibble on it in the bedroom!

9 Aries Guys Are Always Looking To Be The Best You Ever Had And Will Go Out Of Their Way To Please You

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Got your eye on an Aries guy who brings passion and romance?Aries are notorious for their love of adventure and bring that with them into the bedroom. In fact, these are the guys that go out of their way to please their partners making sure that everyone leaves satisfied. With their willingness to always try new things, an Aries guy is always down for anything, at least once in their life. As a result, virtually everything is on the table when it comes to experimenting in between the sheets. The only thing that an Aries man hates is traditional and boring partners in between the sheets. Therefore, if you find yourself with an Aries guy, be prepared for some wacky adventures inside and outside the bedroom.

8 Libra Needs Someone Who Understands The Importance Of Teamwork

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The concept of teamwork is important to the Libra man. In fact, having a team mentality in the bedroom serves both partners well. THe Libra man will be a coach working to help his partner work with him to make sure that both people are fully and thoroughly satisfied in the sack. As a result, being in bed with a Libra dude is actually an excellent learning experience for any amateur woman looking to get more comfortable in her own skin and with her bedroom skills. Therefore, a Libra man will teach his partner all the different ways he needs to be satisfied and simultaneously show his partner how she deserves to be pleased.

7 Scorpio's Are Extremely Passionate And Looking For A Good Time In The Sack

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Scorpio dudes are notorious for being highly physical creatures who have high-energy which translates well when it comes o doing the dirty. In fact, they are able to feel their emotions and feeling intensely and make sure their partner knows how they feel about them by showing them all they have to offer in bed. The fire and passion that comes out of them when they really are into the girl they are with are indescribable. As a result, these fiery creatures bring heat and passion to the bedroom, no matter what their partner's sign is. Therefore, if you find yourself having feelings for a Scorpio dude, be prepared for fireworks in and out of the bedroom with this guy! In the end, the passion is completely worth it!

6 Virgo Guys Are Shy Yet Sensual In Between The Sheets

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Found yourself falling for the charm of a Virgo guy? Falling for a Virgo guy is inevitable. In fact, their appeal crosses all boundaries and borders. The fact is, Virgo men prefer actually to hear their partners voices and will often go out of their way to call someone they are interested in as opposed to texting. This translates to a lot of dirty talk in between the sheets for Virgo men. As a result, a Virgo man also needs his partner to be vocal about how he is pleasing her in bed. Therefore, if you find yourself doing the dirty with a Virgo guy, know that he wants you to express yourself verbally so he can make sure that you are utterly and delighted with his bedroom skills.

5 Virgos Need To Have Some Sensual Punishment In Bed Which Makes For A Super Exciting Time

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There is a dark truth about having sex with a Virgo man. In fact, being one of the most confusing signs of the zodiac, Virgo dudes are no frills when it comes to making love. Being intimate with a Virgo man requires a female who is up for anything and everything in the sack. This means that Virgo men can get really kinky in between the sheets and need a partner who is game for all the crazy ideas the Virgo man has in store for the two of them. As a result, the freaky Virgo man will always go out of their way to please their partners and want to know that they are doing a good job. Therefore, if you find yourself sleeping with a Virgo man on the regular, just know that they are into some dirty stuff in the bedroom.

4 Gemini Guys Are Always Up For An Adventure In Bed

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What's so great about the Gemini man in bed? First of all, unlike most other men of the zodiac, Gemini guys don't usually associate making love with a bedroom. In fact, they prefer to get freaky anywhere and everywhere other than a bedroom. Typically, they will be found doing the dirty in a car, gym, and cemetery. Honestly, whatever floats their boat, they need a partner who is always down for an adventure with them when it comes to doing the nasty. The Gemini man is adventurous in the sack which means he can tend to get a little inappropriate at times. This requires a woman who can tame a Gemini man without diluting his adventurous streak too much. Therefore, if you find yourself doing it with a Gemini guy, be prepared to rarely, if ever, do the nasty in an actual bedroom!

3 Gemini's Love Gadgets And Gizmos Which Can Be A Wild Ride

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Gemini men are ruled by instability and variability. As a result, when it comes to their moves in the sack, they need someone who can join them on their wild ride. Not ones to commit, Gemini men are notorious for sowing their wild oats as often as they can. However, Gemini people are also always keeping their partners on their toes in the bedroom. Being with a Gemini man means that there is a lot of action and romantic stimulation in the sack. The only thing that partners should be aware of is that Gemini guys can sometimes act impulsive and erratic in between the sheets. They need a woman who is along for the ride and won't put up a fight to taking chances and doing some weird stuff in the sack.

2 Cancer's Wild Imagination Reigns Supreme Which Makes For An Interesting Tryst

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When it comes to the sensitive Cancer dude, his imagination is essential for an epic bedroom love session. In fact, letting your Cancer man fulfill all of his dirtiest and freakiest fantasies is something that provides him with a release that is unlike any other. As a result, allowing your Cancer man to process his feelings through his imagination some incredibly intimate moments can happen which can be a great bonding experience for both parties involved in the romantic affair. Therefore, if you end up sleeping with a Cancer dude, allow him the opportunity to get deep down into his fantasies and explore all those deep dark ideas that he may be ashamed to share with others. Giving him the chance to open up about his role-playing fantasies provides both of you an opportunity to grow closer.

1 Cancers Are Lovers Of Role Play Which Makes For A Super Kinky Experience

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Fallen hard for a Cancer dude? Lucky you, hope you enjoy your fair share of role-playing. Cancer men love to get into role-playing with their partners. In fact, whatever they are into, they need a partner to get behind them and join in on the fun. For Cancer men, the only way to bond with someone is to allow them into their weird world of lust, love, and emotions. As a result, Cancer men will always have some outfit in their closet that they will only pull out when they find the right girl who they think can handle their deep, dark role-playing secret. Therefore, if you find yourself in a relationship or love affair with a Cancer man, get ready to invest in a ton of superwoman outfits!

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