We Ranked The Best To Worst Girlfriends (Based On Astrology)

If you follow horoscopes and zodiac compatibility lightly, then you’re doing it right. However, all of this stars, moon, planets, sun, and so on aligning stuff should be taken with a grain of salt. In other words, horoscopes are not the end-all or be-all of relationships, but they can be fun to find similarities

With that said, have you ever wondered which astrology zodiac signs would make for the best girlfriends? Single guys, you mind that you’ve developed a hazardous dating pattern…but what if these women have more in common than you think? Maybe you’ve been fixated on pleasing a psycho Scorpio woman when you should have been wooing a wonder Sagittarius lady instead.

Because of the vast personality differences between each general sign, it’s said that certain zodiac signs make for incredible girlfriends, while other usually fall greatly behind. Truthfully, your heart and mind will determine who the perfect girl is for you, but a little advice from astrology experts could help as well. Enough with the swiping left and right based on looks. Look further than that! Does she seem kind, generous, fun, or adventurous? Perhaps she’s the life of the party, but partying maybe all she does. Do you really want or need a partner like that?

Here are the astrological signs ranked BEST to WORST in terms of girlfriend status:


12 Sagittarius: She's The Fun-Loving Life Of Any Party

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Sagittarius women are quick witted and hilarious. They are usually the life of the party, and they will definitely be the life of the relationship. There isn’t a dull moment with them. Although Sags are known to be really hard on themselves, that won’t fall through on you.

Sag’s cup is always half full, and she will always try to see the best in people. Which is why there’s a good chance she’s still friends with some of her exes. These girlfriends place trust in the highest regards, so if they can’t really trust you, then don’t expect this relationship to last very long. The joke is on you though. The Sagittarius woman’s devotion is in high demand. And if you can’t cherish her someone else definitely will.

11 Pisces: She Is Way More Of A Lover Than A Fighter


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It may be hard to pin down a Pisces at first. You may think she wants nothing to do with you, or that she’s not attracted. But Pisces women tend to be very shy. She may be guarded, but once she lets her walls down you’ll quickly realize that she has what it takes to be ‘the one’.

Pisces girlfriends are sweet, and will always have your back. They are a great judge of character, so they can smell BS from a mile away; don’t even try it! They are the most sensitive sign of the 12, but their love is unlike no other. They are so compassionate but beware. It isn’t rare for a Pisces that feels neglected to stray from the relationship…over and over again.

10 Capricorn: She Is Calm, Cool, And Mature

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Are you ready to grow up yet? If so, then consider a Capricorn girlfriend. She’s got maternal instincts, and she’s not afraid to wear the pants in the relationship if she has to. She is quite the responsible woman to have on your side, and can help keep you in check. Capricorn women are strong, so don’t feel bad if you feel left behind in the dust by them.

It can be hard to keep up with such a ‘grown-up’. They don’t need you texting them all day everyday, but it’s nice to hear from you at least once a day. Capricorn girlfriends can easily turn pessimistic as well. If you’re an optimist, it shouldn’t be hard to smooth her negative thoughts out. Don’t worry about the reservations for dinner, she’s already made them!

9 Libra: She's Totally Sensual


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Don’t be afraid to turn of the sexy with your Libra girlfriend. She’s always up for a good time. Libra girls are the kindest women of the zodiac. However, they absolutely hate conflict so you better hope she’s not brushing too much crap under the rug, or things could go bad. The Libra girlfriend will always put your needs first, so don’t forget let her shine every now and then too.

They tend to be social, so get ready to go out a few nights a week when Netflix and chill just won’t cut it. If you get her don’t let her go. Your Libra girlfriend is totally hot, but she doesn’t even know it. Let her know how much you admire her all of the time and she’s yours.

8 Cancer: She Can And Will Get Petty

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A Cancer girlfriend is feisty, and probably thinks you’re just playing games no matter how many times you tell her that you’re into her. Don’t give up, she will eventually come around. But if you don’t have the patience to woo her then move on, or this will become a vicious cycle.

They have a heart of gold, but they probably have been hurt so much that they’ve buried their heart under a layer of bricks. The Cancer woman will try to push you away, but this is just a test. If you pass, she will definitely be soulmate material. She’s totally fine for being along for the ride rather than having to call the shots. She will be tough on the outside, but a big mush of love on the inside.

7 Leo: This Is Her World, We Just Live In It


A Leo woman is a hopeless romantic, but her expectations of you can be totally unrealistic. She is the kind of girlfriend that will give you everything you need, and then some. She’s the star of the show…a show called life. And if you can keep up with that, and understand it, then you’re halfway there.

You will need to earn your beloved Leo’s attention, as the spotlight is usually shining on her. And you need to be okay with the fact that she may not always be in the mood to share it with you. Your Leo girlfriend can be self-centered, but if you’re ready to commit, she’s right there with you. Just make some room for her ego, and then a bit more to squeeze in her tiara.

6 Aquarius: Miss Independent Hardly Needs Anyone

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If you’re looking for an independent, hard working woman then there’s a good chance you’ll find her in an Aquarius girlfriend. She is usually quirky and used to taking care of herself. She doesn’t need a man, but a man would still be nice to have at her side.

There’s a good chance your Aquarius girlfriend has trouble loving herself, so you better be up to the tasl of making her feel like a queen. If you like your space, then she is the one who will be happy to give it you as long as you respect her need to space as well. She is loyal and supportive to the end. But be sure not to piss her off. There’s usually a one-strike rule before you’re out.


5 Gemini: She's Adventurous, But Impossible To Read


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With a Gemini girlfriend, you will probably wake up every morning wondering who she will be today. You may notice that sometimes she’s one way, and other times it’s like she’s a different person. Gemini’s tend to have two sides to them, which could be fun or terrifying. Usually, they hide their negative side in relationships but don’t expect her to hide it forever.

Gemini girlfriend is easygoing and super charming. Did she sweep you off of your feet? No surprise there. She’s confident and cool, and down for whatever. However, she can be indecisive. Do not leave the planning to her or you’ll both regret it. They will for sure give you nothing but loyalty and trust. However, if you cross them, then you’ll see that ugly side that you can’t unsee.

4 Taurus: She's Too Logical For You

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Taurus men usually make for great partners in life, but Taurus women are a whole other story. They are tough in all the wrong ways. They are stubborn and refuse to move at any pace but their own. When they’re not busy ignoring you on weeknights, they’re out telling their friends that they don’t want anything serious with you.

These ladies tend to be on the more cold-hearted side of the relationship. She’s mysterious and beautiful, and there’s a good chance she will also nonchalantly crush your heart. She can deal with a tepid romance for quite sometimes, but you better believe she’s keeping her options open. The Taurus woman is social, and she isn’t afraid to make you jealous by flirting with other guys.

3 Aries: She's Extremely Intimidating


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The Aries girl has no time for games, so she is often honest and to the point. She is her own personal brand, and there’s a good chance that she’s far more successful than you. She will never rub it in your face, but it is definitely something you will need to deal with. The Aries woman can also get moody to, dodging your calls for no particular reason at all.

There’s a good chance that you’ll hardly fight…because you’ll do everything in your power not to. Unless you enjoy and Aries woman teaching you a lesson or two. She can be savage, but not because she’s actually mean, it’s just because she’s honest and not afraid to tell you to your face if she thinks you’re a loser.

2 Virgo: She Puts In All The Work...And Hates It

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The Virgo woman is used to portraying perfection on the outside but is often a mess on the inside. She is devoted and giving, but often times she will forget to take care of herself because she’s been too busy taking care of you. She will put all of her time and energy into the relationship, but because of this, she will easily feel lost and like she doesn’t know herself.

Don’t get on her bad side because the moment you do you will see how critical and judgmental she can really be. They can be painfully insecure, and insanely jealous. She is also the self-destructive kind so watch out. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you aren’t careful she will pick you apart before you can start on her.

1 Scorpio: Prepare For The Lights, Camera, Action Because This Diva Is Bringing The DRAMA


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Are you falling for a Scorpio woman? Boy, are you in for a rude awakening. You can usually find her hanging out with the wrong crowd. She is always surrounded by people, and hardly ever alone. She craves the attention. Everything about her is intense. She is confident and usually makes for a very sensual lover.

If you want a Scorpio woman then you have to deal with the bundle of drama that comes along with dating her. She is like a fire, and note that you will definitely get burned. Her passion draws you in but her naive nature and drama queen antics will rub you the wrong way. It’s not that she’s cruel, it’s that she just doesn’t ever feel the need to hold back. Good luck with you feelings.


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