We Ranked The 20 Best Beards In Hollywood

It is no surprise that Hollywood is full of attractive men. Sure, they are all very talented, as they light up the big screen and cause us to laugh, cry, or both. But the fact that we can stare at them while they entertain us is a big plus, as there are truly some good-looking fellas out there!

We have all seen lists of the most attractive actors, and we all have our own celebrity crushes, but what we have here today, down below, for all of us to enjoy, is something bigger and better...

Yes, while actors like Chris Hemsworth and Jon Hamm are praised for their gorgeous faces, we all know there is a way to make these faces even more appealing: with facial hair.

It is true! There is just something about a little bit of stubble, about a perfect five-o’clock shadow, about a trimmed mustache, about a fun goatee, and definitely about a full beard. From bushy ones that could work on mountain men to trimmed ones straight out of GQ, we are loving the beard trend.

That being said, we present to the world 20 of the best beards in the business (thank us later), many of which happen to be on our favorite guys.

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20 Ryan Reynolds


Alright, let’s get this thing started... Ryan Reynolds is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. He is in hits like Deadpool. He is married to actress Blake Lively. Oh, and he is super attractive (and that is putting it mildly).

We have seen him in his younger days with a fresh face. We have seen him in superhero movies, with masks and burns. And we have seen him like this, with the perfect amount of hair on that sculpted face of his. Sure, we will take him however we can get him, but we definitely prefer him with a beard.

19 Chris Hemsworth

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Chris Hemsworth is another talked-about star who is also known for superhero flicks, among other things and other works. Plus, he has brothers who also act, but there is just something about that middle Hemsworth sibling... or maybe there is just something about Thor... same thing, though, right?!

Anyways, there is no denying that good looks run in this family, but all that can be taken up a notch by adding a beard to this man right here. It is almost not fair how amazing this photo is, but we will not complain... not at all! Congrats on a magnificent beard, Mr. Hemsworth.

18 Tom Hardy


Man, we didn’t even mean to continue with the superhero streak here, but the films these men are in are not really important right now. We would watch them in not-so-great pieces. We would watch them in super short commercials. We would be thrilled to see them whenever and however—as long as they look like this.

Tom Hardy is strong and talented, and he has truly made a name for himself within show business. And, of course, when hair is added to that face of his, he becomes even more attractive than usual, with one of the best beards in all of Hollywood.

17 Zac Efron

When Zac Efron was Troy Bolton in High School Musical, he had that iconic shaggy hair. After the internet went crazy seeing this young actor as Ted Bundy, his hair then went platinum. Through all of his phases of life, adoring fans have drooled over Mr. Efron— especially when bearded. And we get it—he is a total cutie who becomes that and then some with facial hair!

To some, he may still seem like that kid on the Disney Channel, but he is clearly all grown up, and we can’t wait to see more from him—especially when bearded.

16 Keanu Reeves


It is said that Keanu Reeves doesn’t age, and we are pretty sure we believe this. From his thrillers in the early '90s and on to The Matrix trilogy and the John Wick movies, he has been entertaining fans for years with action-packed work. And he looks as good as he did back in the day if not better!

And what helps make him look even better? Yes, of course, it is his facial hair. When combined with those piercing eyes and that chiseled face, it is almost too much to handle... almost. But we can handle it and will continue to stare at it gladly.

15 Antonio Banderas


In most of the movies that we have seen that star Antonio Banderas, he was beardless. Therefore, we didn’t even know that we needed to see him with facial hair, but now, we are so glad we know about this! He is clearly another hardworking and hunky man in Hollywood, and he transforms thanks to a perfectly manicured beard.

He becomes even more of a gentleman—one who is even more suave and more mysterious and more alluring. In short, we really like Antonio Banderas like this, and we are ready to see more of his beard in even more movies.

14 Jared Leto


Jared Leto is another celeb who fans have watched go through phases. He was the clean-shaven and fresh-faced star of My So-Called Life. He got all dolled up to play The Joker. But he is also a true rockstar, as the lead singer of 30 Seconds To Mars, and rockstars are sometimes known for their long hair.

Sure, he has been seen with short hair and a beard, but this is like a bonus entry! We are getting a photo of Mr. Leto, which is already exciting, we are getting him with facial hair, and we are getting him with those long and luscious locks—how exciting!

13 Idris Elba

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It is now time to talk about Idris Elba, who has the salt-and-pepper thing down! He is another man who is definitely admired for his movies, as well as for his looks, and he is another one who looks even more gorgeous with a beard. Plus, there really is something about a “mature” beard like this one right here, which gives us George Clooney vibes.

Furthermore, just imagine hearing his yummy English accent, and this picture then gets even more awesome. Yes, we are true fans of Idris Elba, and we are true fans of the hair on his face.

12 Jake Gyllenhaal

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Alright, we are moving on to another bearded beauty found in this business... Jake Gyllenhaal was just a baby when people fell in love with him in October Sky, Donnie Darko, and The Day After Tomorrow. Now, he is all grown up, and people still love him, and people are thrilled that over time, he got even cuter.

When one takes a cutie and adds a beard, everything changes. Everyone is in awe. And that is what happened here! While we loved baby Jake, we really love this Jake, this man, this talented and terrific actor with one super impressive beard!

11 Robert Pattinson


Sometimes, stars are only known for one role. They may appear in other shows and films, but people can’t help but see them as just one character, and that is sort of the case for Robert Pattinson. We know we have seen him in other stuff, but he is and always will be Edward Cullen, for better or for worse.

Of course, Edward Cullen is the vampire from the Twilight saga, and while he was certainly alluring, he did not have a beard. But Robert Pattinson does right here, and that makes him a huge star and huge success in our eyes!

10 Jeffrey Dean Morgan


Speaking of being known for one role... Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an actor who has recently been on fans’ minds since he plays Negan in TWD. And Negan is a character people love to not like... yet we almost can’t help but like him! It is very confusing and conflicting, but he has this charm and these good looks... just like Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Yes, this man is a family man, a friend, a looker, and another example of how the beard makes the man. He is already quite attractive, but with another gray-speckled beard added, we just can’t look away.

9 Donald Glover


Whether Donald Glover is making us laugh on Community or making us sing along with another Childish Gambino hit, we are taking him all in, admiring his work even more, and being so thankful that he favors facial hair. Without it, he is a cutie (which, yes, is still great), but with it, he is... more than cute.

He looks older and wiser and appeals to us in a new and deeper way. Who knew a little hair could do all of that?! We did not, but we for sure do now, so keep up the fab work, Mr. Glover.

8 Hugh Jackman


This would not be a best-beards-in-the-business list without Hugh Jackman on it. He may even have the best beard in Hollywood—just look at this thing! On its own, it is definitely impressive. On him, though, it is even more so.

Hugh Jackman is one of the most celebrated actors out there, and he has shown a wide range of talent in his acting. Plus, he can sing, and he is from Australia, and those are two points that make him even more attractive to fans. So all of that combined with this hair makes seriously one of the greatest gifts to mankind.

7 Chris Pratt


What makes a man stand out most within the world of acting? Are we drawn to someone who makes us laugh out loud? Is it better if he has pulled off both comedy and drama successfully? Do we like a star who seems down-to-earth and kind, even after the cameras have stopped rolling?

All of these are admirable traits, and they are all aspects found in Chris Pratt. But right now, the thing we would like to focus on most with this man is that beard. If he is entertaining and nice and hairy, then that is a win-win-win situation!

6 David Beckham


Up next, we have David Beckham, who is known for his soccer skills, for being married to Victoria Beckham, and for his sleek style. With Posh Spice in his life, it makes sense that this family would constantly be praised for their fashion sense, but it’s not just clothes that make them stand out... it is the entire package.

From his designer shoes up to that modern hairstyle and that stellar beard, David Beckham is another one who definitely belongs on this list. Whether he is photographed in dapper looks or sporty ones, his beard gives that little extra oomph.

5 Aaron Paul


Breaking Bad is one of the most-loved television series out there, and part of what made it so great was Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman. Though he has moved on from that role, he continues to wow fans in other works and in his more important role of a father and a husband.

So while we could go on and on about the best Jesse quotes or about how adorable his daughter is, we are, of course, just here to drool over this face: those sparkling blue eyes... that mixture of sweet cuteness and rugged yumminess... and that perfect facial hair… *Sigh*

4 Jon Hamm


Jon Hamm is another well-known celebrity who is loved for his talents and for his looks, and he is another guy who has been seen hairy and hairless. Sure, his clean-shaven face is nothing to shake a stick at—he definitely has amazing genes.

But that beard is really something to talk about, isn’t it? The color, the shape, and the length are all on point, and it really suits him. It takes his entire being up a notch and pleases us for sure, which is why we are definitely calling this one of the best beards in the biz!

3 Bradley Cooper


Bradley Cooper can obviously clean up nicely, but he has this edge to him; despite how fancy of an event he is attending or how tailored of a suit he is wearing, he has this rugged tough guy vibe that we just love.

That being said, longer hair and a beard go well with all of this! While we appreciate all versions of this actor, it is true that this mountain version is our favorite. And we know that there are so many great faces on this list, but we really do think this beard may fall in the top three.

2 Chris Pine


Let’s keep on keeping on before we reach the near end of this piece that highlights gorgeous examples of facial hair... Chris Pine is often cast as the pretty boy, the guy next door, or the Prince Charming of the group. While he has definitely played other types, he just has the perfect face for, well, a pretty prince.

But when a beard is added here... Wow. He is already one of the most drool-worthy actors in Hollywood, for obvious reasons. So we think that this facial hair should come with a warning of some type, right? We are just saying!

1 Shane West

Purse Forum

Last but not least, we have Shane West. People know him as Eli Sammler from Once and Again, as Landon Carter from A Walk to Remember, and as John Alden from Salem. People may know he is a punk rock singer. And people surely know how super, super attractive he is! He definitely has that bad boy thing going (right, Jamie Sullivan?) with those piercing eyes and those pursed lips.

And he definitely has that best-beard-around thing going with that beautiful facial hair there. While it may not be as popular as a beard belonging to, say, Hugh Jackman, it is one that deserves this attention!

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