We Ranked How Likely You Are To Be Cheated On, Based On Your Sign

When it comes down to it, the zodiac might give you the clues you need to help you to keep this from happening again. We found which signs are the...

Picture this: you found the love of your life. You both seem so happy together, and then you find out that he’s found someone else. Wow. That is SO devastating, right? Let’s be real, no one wants to be cheated on. Think about it: You put your heart and soul into a relationship only to get your heart shattered into a million pieces. It just doesn’t seem fair. Has this happened to you before? Did you see it coming or were you blindsided? What was your relationship like? I bet you never thought about this before, but did you ever consider if your zodiac sign could be playing a part in this?

Believe it or not, your star sign could be part of the problem if you are facing this issue time and time again. It could be because you’re too stubborn, you cause too much drama, or even because you’re too emotional like some signs tend to be. When it comes down to it, the zodiac might give you the clues you need to help you to keep this from happening again. We found which signs are the most likely to get cheated on and compiled our own list. See if our findings can help you!


12 Scorpio: Extremely Likely Because There's Too Much Drama Surrounding You All The Time

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The problem with a Scorpio is that they focus way too much on drama and not enough on the important things in their relationship like communication. While a Scorpio is stirring the pot for the millionth time, their partner is probably going to find someone else to get hot and heavy with because they're over the drama. Can you blame them?

Of course, cheating isn't okay, but would you want to be tied to someone that is always making a mountain out of a molehill? Not really. Not to mention the fact that it’s in a Scorpio’s blood to cause riffs like this, so constant fighting over small issues is going to happen pretty regularly. You can see why someone would want to leave this type of situation.

11 Pisces: Extremely Likely Since Your Emotions Run Deep

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It’s okay to have an emotional day, but when every day is an emotional one, it gets pretty overwhelming for your significant other. Those emotions drive people away, especially signs that aren’t as emotionally in tune as a Pisces, which is pretty much every sign. After a while, the partner gets over the baggage and starts looking elsewhere.

A Pisces can be a lot to handle when it comes to the emotional side of things and not a lot of people can keep up. This is exactly why people have affairs while dating a Pisces—it just becomes overwhelming. They find someone who cares less about feelings and more about body language, if you know what I mean.

10 Virgo: Highly Likely Based On The Fact That Their Controlling Nature Drives Their Partners Away

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Virgos are control freaks. They have to know where you are at all hours of the day. They’ll impose things like check-in times or will text you all night long if you aren’t right next to them. They need to be the one in charge or it's over. You can see how this gets old pretty quickly. Who wants to feel like they are a teenager again?

In the beginning, this feels like positive attention—they care about you more than anyone else ever has and you like it. When this behavior goes on for a few weeks, it gets a little bit crazy. A Virgo’s partner doesn’t want to feel like a child, so they will likely start looking outside of their relationship to get some of their power back.

9 Leo: Highly Likely Since They Are Too Focused On Number One

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Leos fail to see that there is a life outside of themselves and that is their biggest downfall. It’s great that they know how to take care of themselves and that they are pretty independent, but everything always has to be about them. That gets old. There are two people in a relationship, right?

When push comes to shove, a Leo won’t even see that they refuse to look beyond their little world, which becomes frustrating for their partner. Even if you aren’t one who needs to be in the limelight, you still need attention sometimes. This is what causes their partner’s eyes to wander. Everyone needs a little TLC at the end of the day.

8 Libra: Very Likely Since They Lack Spontaneity

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Libras always think carefully about their lives, which is both a blessing and a curse. They won’t just jump into anything and they won't judge anyone without weighing out the pros and the cons very intensely. They always like to compromise and they want things to be fair. The problem is, this can come off as indecisiveness to some people.

When someone is looking to take the next step in their relationship and Libra is still weighing out all of the options, their partner could believe that they aren't ready to commit to what they are asking for, like moving in together or getting married. This might cause their partner to look for that commitment elsewhere.

7 Taurus: Likely Because Their Stubbornness Works Against Them

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A Taurus is very loving and loyal, but boy, are they stubborn. Good luck trying to get them to compromise on pretty much anything. They will say it’s their way or the highway. Imagine dating someone like that, day in and day out. It would get pretty exhausting, wouldn’t it? It’s one thing to argue and reach an agreement all the time, but to always be on the losing end of fights isn’t fun in the long run.

A Taurus doesn’t care about what their significant’s opinion is most of the time because they aren't willing to budge. Their partner just won’t want to stick around for these pride battles for a super long time because it’s just not worth it.

6 Cancer: Likely Because They Take Too Much Time Protecting Themselves From Cheating

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A Cancer might not always be the easiest person to get along with all of the time, but they are pretty smart when it comes to spotting a cheater. Because they wear their heart on their sleeve and they keep themselves in a safe spot, they can always protect themselves from being cheated on because they’ll see it coming.

They know when their safe spot is being infiltrated and when things are just slightly off. The thing that gets them, in the end, is their feelings. When a Cancer falls for someone, they fall hard, and although they might see the signs of a cheater, they might ignore them because they are “so in love.” At the end of the day, their initial feelings will always be the winner in this situation.

5 Aries: Somewhat Likely Since They're Always Conscious Of Their Surroundings

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One thing you have to say about an Aries is that they always have their eyes on the prize. They might seem scatterbrained and too fun loving, but an Aries always knows what’s going on around them, and that includes what’s going on within their relationship. They know what their partner is up to and if something doesn’t seem kosher, they don’t mind approaching their significant other about it.

Another great thing about an Aries is that they can bounce back pretty quickly. If someone doesn’t want to keep up with their active lifestyle and decides to pursue another relationship, they won’t spend too much time down in the dumps about it. They will pick themselves up and dust themselves off pretty quickly. Good for you, Aries.

4 Capricorn: They Maintain Themselves Too Closely So It's Only Somewhat Likely

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Nothing gets passed a meticulous Capricorn. Seriously, look at their professional life. Do you honestly think they won’t know that their significant other is up to no good? Oh, they’ll know. Like a Virgo, Capricorns are into control, but they control themselves much more than their partner. You won’t see many Capricorns hitting up drinks on a random Tuesday night, and for some people, that might be boring.

A Capricorn will be so in control of their life that their partner might be over the routine, and start looking elsewhere, but some of the more disorganized signs like dating someone who is the opposite of them since it balances them out. A Capricorn will know when things go awry, but it won’t happen nearly as much as some other signs because Capricorns usually hold things together in many relationships. Yay for that organization!

3 Gemini: Not Likely Because They Are Too Busy Flirting Up The Scene

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The Gemini is the flirt of the zodiac—everyone knows that. They are highly desirable and highly sociable. Everyone wants to hang out with a Gemini because they are a barrel of fun. Many times, a Gemini is pursued rather than being the pursuer. They just walk into a room and their aura grabs the attention of many onlookers.

This is exactly why Geminis don’t get cheated on all that often. In the game of cat and mouse, they are the mouse that is constantly on the run. They really don’t need to be the one to hold things together because they have a line of people pursuing them to fall back on at all times. The problem with this is, it gets hard to find that one true person to spend their life with because there are so many distractions.

2 Aquarius: Not Likely And They Are Too Independent To Care

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The thing about an Aquarius is that they are just so gosh darn aloof. You can never get a full read on them. They're so mysterious. This is both a positive and negative for this sign as it draws people in but it can also send people running after a little while. An Aquarian always walks to the beat of their own drum and when it comes to relationships, they don’t tend to stick around all that long.

An Aquarius doesn’t necessarily break up with someone because they are cheating because they just get over it. Before you even get a chance to cheat, an Aquarius is probably already taking steps to get the heck out of the relationship anyway. They are master manipulators too, so they’ll make it feel like it was all your doing. Crazy.

1 Sagittarius: Not Likely As They Are The Ultimate Cheater

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The Sagittarius is the least likely to get cheated on because they are the most likely to be cheating in the first place! Yup, a Sagittarius does not like commitment in any way, shape or form, and the second they feel like they are getting tied down, they come up with a plan to get themselves out and fast. A Sagittarius must always be an adventure and a trite relationship is not an adventure in their eyes.

Other signs should beware of the Sagittarius because they must be the center of attention or the life of the party, and they will prioritize these things over your relationship 100 percent of the time, no questions asked. Although they are unlikely to get cheated on, they will leave a trail of tears in their wake all in the name of having a good time.

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We Ranked How Likely You Are To Be Cheated On, Based On Your Sign