We Ranked How Good Of A Side Chick You'd Be Based On Your Sign

Whatever your moral stance on mistresses is, it’s an undeniable fact that some people do cheat on their significant others. When these affairs are done long-term, often that’s when the idea of being a “mistress” comes into play. It’s a sultry experience that some people really, really love and some people really, really hate. Mistresses can be seen as dangerous, coy, secretive or romantic, depending on the person you talk to. We’ve figured out who’s best suited to being a mistress and who’s the worst choice possible. If you’re looking for a mistress or if you’re figuring out whether or not you could be a mistress, check out the points below. We’ve ranked from worst to best, based on personality traits and relationship habits. Go on… Are you a sultry siren stealing men’s hearts or are you the quiet homebody determined to build a healthy relationship?


15 Only At Home

And the worst mistress award goes to…. Cancer, our homebody. You’d think that Cancers, with their sensitive and emotional nature, would make one of the best mistresses. That’s absolutely not the case though, as Cancers are most happy staying home. They’re all about loyalty and the family, and aspire to one day have a nice family of their own-- Whatever that looks like to you. They’re not the ones to go out and get smashed, and are definitely not the best to sneak around with. They’re very sensitive to negative emotions like guilt, and knowing that they’re helping a guy cheat on a loved one, wife, or girlfriend is unacceptable for them. Cancer, you’ve got a big heart. Don’t let anyone waste it or sully it with guilt and shame. Don’t even try to be a mistress; it’s just going to make you sad, and you might miss out on meeting your future long-term partner!

14 Talk Intelligence to Me

What’s better than a girl who likes to go with the flow and take chances? A girl who likes to sit down with a glass of wine and talk about the future. Virgos are one of the smartest signs, and are definitely not party chicks like Leo or Sagittarius. Virgos would rather fall asleep philosophizing and cuddling rather than passing out after a quick and dirty bedroom session. There’s only so many guys out there that are looking for that type of intellectual passion in their mistresses. If you’re lucky, you might find one. But we don’t think it’s actually that beneficial for you. We think you’d be happier saving your love for someone that really wants to know you and be with you, rather than someone who’s just looking for fun. Trust us; there’s plenty of geniuses out there for you.

13 ...And Just Plain Stubborn

Awe, Capricorn. You’re stubborn, but not in the same way as an Aries (more on that later). You’re a cautious kind of stubborn, where you don’t necessarily like to take the chance that could lead to a new experience. You prefer to stay stable and on the right path. You have a near-perfect sense of right and wrong, and don’t like to break the rules unless it’s going to be better in the long run. You’re totally one of those long-term girls we’ve been talking about, which means you’re probably not the best mistress material. You’re classified as worse than the others just because of your cautious nature. Mistresses usually need a desire for excitement and rule breaking for them to be successful. That’s just not what you’re built for, Capricorn. But that’s okay! Don’t get upset; you’re going to have many long and fulfilling relationships, without the worry of another woman. It’s totally worth it.

12 Stubborn and Unstoppable

YES, Aries! You’re one of the few signs that are straight-up not interested in having guys pursue you. You’re all about living for yourself, and it’s super inspiring. You like to let yourself experience new things while still staying strong and believing in the power of hard work. You can do anything you put your mind to, including getting a guy to like you back. Very seldom are you the one being pursued; you much prefer to be the pursuer, which means you’re almost never going to end up as a mistress. Why? Well, your strong moral code and sense of responsibility to “do the right thing” means you’re almost never going to go for a guy who’s in a relationship. And it’s a good thing, too! Your power makes you almost irresistible, especially to someone whom you have an interest in.

11 Too Good For You

Another strong-willed sign, Scorpios are not the greatest mistresses out there. They don’t really like to be told that they’re wrong or “too much” or too distant. While it might seem counter intuitive, Scorpios are one of the most private signs until you decide to open up. And once those floodgates open… Man, do they open. Scorpios are always thankful to find someone to be emotionally vulnerable with, but it’s unfortunate that many people back away as soon as they start to experience it. Not to mention a Scorpio’s jealous tendencies. Overall, we believe that Scorpio ladies don’t make good mistresses. Plus, it’s probably not what you need right now. We suggest focusing on long-term friendships and relationships, rather than getting tempted by some guy who’s faking being emotionally available. Look out for yourself, girl! Being a mistress might be tempting, but it’s not the best for you.

10 Not As Easy As You Think...


Tauruses are tricky, because they’re both really good and really bad at being mistresses. They really appreciate commitment, and are stubborn enough to drop a man that’s not willing to do that, even if they really like him. On the flip side, they’re also really powerful and strong. They LOVE to be in control, and aren’t afraid to get frisky and dominate in the bedroom. This makes them a great mistress in one sense of the word! On the whole though, guys typically shy away from Taurus girls for their side chick needs. They’re looking less for love and more for a piece of action, and don’t really want to waste time with pillow talk, Taurus' other favorite bedroom activity. Taurus girls are just looking for genuine connection, which can sometimes be hard to find. Keep at it though, and don’t worry if you’re not down with being a mistress… It’s absolutely not for everyone.

9 A World of Your Own

Aquarius chicks are bada$$. Not only are you usually incredibly artistic, but you have a great sense of imagination. You take life as it comes and make the best of bad situations. You don’t know the meaning of the word “stress”, which makes you incredibly compelling for anyone who wants to hook up with you. Your biggest downfall? You get swept away in the fantasy of it all. Your creativity means you like to create your own little world, which isn’t always the best when you’re the mistress in a relationship. Guys tend to want a mistress that’s unattached-- Someone whom they can love and leave with no bad news travelling back to their girlfriends. Aquarius girls are the opposite. You get fiercely passionate about your romantic partners, and tend to succumb to the idea that every relationship is THE relationship. You start to build a world together, which can be heartbreaking when he labels you as a mistress or side chick.


8 Enough to Make Him Quit His Girlfriend


Libras make okay mistresses, but only because they seldom stay as mistresses. Libra, with your well-balanced, totally-collected attitude makes an awesome girlfriend. So much so that whatever guy is chasing you is probably going to want to leave his girlfriend for you! You’re just so incredibly attractive and funny, while still being really grounded and level-headed. It’s no surprise that whatever he wants to do with you becomes more and more over time. Libras are magnetic, with a quiet personality that still manages to steal the show no matter who you’re with. You’re definitely long-term material, Libra, which means you often won’t find yourself in a mistress position. Maybe a poly relationship, but even that’s pushing it. You appreciate tradition, to a certain extent, and will definitely tell your guy that you need it to be just the two of you-- Anyone else can take a hike.

7 Wild and Free

There is literally nothing more fun than a girl who likes to have a good time! Oftentimes we hear about Sagittarians not being good girlfriends because they’re too free-thinking and wild. We think that’s ridiculous, but there is some truth to it. Sagittarius girls are hard to pin down. They like to stay wild and free, being able to pick up and travel whenever they please. While this makes them good for casual relationships, rather than long-term monogamous relationships, it really makes them good mistresses. Now, if the guy is looking for a long-term side chick, he might want to choose someone like a Pisces or a Leo. Sagittarians are good for the casual, exciting, adventure type of hook ups… But try to keep them around for longer and you’re stuck with a restless girl and an empty bed.

6 Two Times the Fun...


Can you guess which sign we’re talking about right now? Who else is going to be two times the fun? We know what you’re thinking… “Uh… Do you mean twins?” Yes! But not the weird and uncomfortable familial kind. No, we’re talking about the twins of the zodiac! Gemini is a great mistress. While not as direct as a Leo, they’re definitely goal-oriented and ready to fight for what they want. They’re also not for the romance and love like a Pisces, but they can be soft and tender when they need to be. The best thing about Geminis is that they’re ready to be whatever you need. They like to help people, and have a malleable personality that lets them do that in whatever capacity is needed. Men love Geminis because they’re not only able to be the hot mistress, they’re also able to be the chill friend.

5 Or Double the Trouble?

BUT be warned. Geminis get attached really easily, and they aren’t as honest as you might think they are. They like to use their multi-faceted personalities to get what they want, usually through saying and doing things only as a means to the end. They are often known as being two-faced, which can be a benefit if you’re asking them to lie on your behalf, as sometimes mistresses have to do. They’re definitely worth taking a chance on though, as Geminis are more often than not cool and calm. Nothing phases them enough to inspire them to get revenge, which they’re very, very good at. Our belief? Geminis are the perfect mistress to write a horror story about, but they’re also the perfect friend-with-benefits to chill with on a rainy day. Take your chances or take what they say with a grain of salt… You’ve been warned!

4 Romantic Revelation

The second best mistress is the romantic Pisces. Pisces women are totally go-with-the-flow, while still retaining a sense of drive and motivation. They love their secret meet-ups, as it gives a sense of forbidden romance. Pisces are a sucker for that type of fairy tale love. They like to think of themselves as a little bit magic, and when they’re faced with a guy who’s willing to leave his girlfriend or wife for them, it’s awfully tempting to believe them and go for it. Pisces are very prone to being mistresses, as it’s the type of sign that gets swept away in things. They’re not ones to plan, which makes them ready and willing to go along with anyone else’s ideas. They’re smart though, and know how to dish out the love just enough to make their man want more… It’s awfully tempting, and they totally know.

3 Always Taking the Lead

A man wants a mistress who’s able to keep things going. Because you’re probably on the side from his main girl, you’re in a position where he’ll only pursue you when he wants to-- This means it could be a one night stand, or a series of party hook ups, or some other configuration that he wants. This zodiac sign is the best mistress because she doesn’t put up with that. She knows her own worth and value and isn’t afraid of telling people what’s what. She’ll reach out to her mystery man and get him to follow her own plans. This mistress is tons of fun in bed as well, which is part of the reason she’s usually one of the mistresses that gets a lot of repeat hook ups. She’s firey, passionate, and often doesn’t take no for an answer. Do you have any idea who this might be?...

2 It's the Luxurious Leo

That’s right, it’s all those Leo babes out there. Leos are notorious for wanting attention and affection, two of the main motivators for a good mistress. If a man is out there looking for a side chick, he’s either tired of his main girl or he’s dying to give his over abundance of affection to someone else. Sometimes he’s trying to fulfill a need, and sometimes he’s just looking for some sweet, sensual satisfaction. Luckily Leos are happy to help with any of those options. They like to be lavished with love, and are the best at keeping people interested. Leos will love you no matter what-- Whether you want to make them your main girl or keep them as your secret side chick, they’re content as long as someone’s returning the love. Leos will never be at a loss for love.

1 You're Only As Good As You Want to Be

In the end, you’re really only as good as you want to be. Anyone can be a good mistress. All that matters is that you have the love and passion for it. If you decide you’re not morally comfortable with being a mistress, you’re going to have some issues interacting even if your zodiac sign is one of the best. And if you’re supposedly one of the worst mistresses, with the right person you might be able to shake that judgment. The fun never stops when you’re with a guy or girl you’re passionate about, even if they happen to be seeing you on the side. While it’s probably not the best idea to pursue a mistress situation, you never know what might happen given the right time and place. If there’s chemistry between you two it’s hard to keep that spark from igniting. Go on-- Don’t let your sign stop you!


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