We Don't Believe Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga Were Not A Thing (And These Pics Prove It)

Let's be honest, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are far from the first Hollywood co-starring pair that we have wanted to see get together. There is just something about watching two actors fall for each other on the big screen, that makes us yearn to see the same thing happen for them in real life. That being said, when it comes to Cooper and Gaga, they seem to want to fall in love with each other just as badly as we want to see it happen! What's the hold up guys?

Today we will be looking at 20 photos showcasing the love shared between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. We know, we know, they were never actually a couple, but who can blame us for wishing, right? After looking at these shots, we don't think anyone would be able to deny that these two are simply meant to be!

20 The Way She Looks At Him ...

Sure, Lady Gaga could just be posing for the cameras here, but look at the way she is staring at him! It's all there in here eyes. Her expression isn't just screaming "love" either. It truly looks as though she is so proud of him. Then again, why wouldn't she be?

19 The Way He Looks At Her ...

Now, we have a seemingly candid shot of Bradley giving Gaga the same adoring eyes. Anytime these two are seen together, it feels like they simply can't wipe the smiles off their faces. Ok, this could easily happen to friends as well, but his smile here isn't giving us "friendly" vibes ...

18 They're So Supportive Of Each Other

They might not have taken home the Oscar for Best Film that night, but Gaga did walk away with the award for Best Original Song. During her acceptance speech, Gaga said "Bradley, there is not a single person on the planet that could have sung this song with me but you. Thank you for believing in us."

17 A Shoulder To Lean On

When posing for photos with a close friend, one doesn't always decide to directly lean on the other's shoulder. BUT, that is clearly the pose Gaga chose to strike here while being photographed with Cooper on a red-carpet. Tell us they don't look like the happiest pair in town ...

16 The Love Is Written All Over Her Face

After looking at a few of their shots together, it certainly does seem like Gaga can't keep her eyes off of the handsome Bradley Cooper. In her defense, he is one of the most gorgeous men in Hollywood. Still, one does have to question if the love in her eyes is all about friendship, or maybe something a bit more.

15 Would You Just Look At These Two!

Even if these two never get together, we don't think even they would be able to deny the fact that they are downright adorable. Look at the way they are showing each other off in this photo. They are not only proud of each other, but they want everyone else to be too!

14 The Moment We All Knew They Were Meant To Be

This Oscars performance will go down in history as one of the most romantic events ever. Gaga has said since the performance that she and Bradley knew what they were doing, and that they wanted the audience to feel love from the performance. However, it would be hard to try and force the chemistry they displayed here.

13 Always Date Someone Who Can Make You Laugh

These two are always caught laughing when they are together. Again, maybe they're just faking it, but it is certainly more fun to believe that they genuinely find each other funny. After working so closely on their film, it would make sense that they've learned how to keep things fun.

12 "Tell Me More!"

In this shot, Lady Gaga looks totally entranced by what Bradley has to say. Of course, we may never know what they were talking about here, but it sure is fun to speculate, isn't it? Regardless of the topic, it's clear Gaga was eating up every single word he was saying.

11 His Smile Says It All

Maybe she was saying something amusing, or perhaps he just couldn't deal with her looking as good as she did here. Either way, Bradley was clearly very interested in Gaga at the time this photo was taken. We gotta say, we can't blame the guy, the woman's a goddess!

10 Even Irina Can't Get Enough Gaga

During the time this photo was taken, Bradley was still very obviously involved with long-time girlfriend Irina Shayk. While many rumours have spread about Irinia being jealous of Gaga's relationship with Cooper, none of these have ever been confirmed. In fact, in this shot, it looks like Irina loves her almost as much as Cooper does!

9 We're Sure They've Got A Ton Of Inside Jokes

This was obviously such a big night for the pair, so it makes sense that they spent most of it standing directly beside each other. Afterall, any win either of them got that night, would have truly been a win for them both. This pic makes us think they have a warm relationship filled with tons of jokes.

8 The World's Sweetest Kiss

Things are starting to heat up over here! Ok, so maybe this wouldn't be the definition of a "steamy kiss", but it certainly is all kinds of adorable! From her little smile, to his big one, this light peck on the cheek is giving us all life! We want more!

7 They Glow When They're Together

Doesn't this photo just scream "come join us at our wedding"? Whether they were trying to or not, in this moment, they absolutely looked like a couple very much in love. The light catching her highlighter just so, gives the impression that she is simply glowing with love and adoration.

6 Jackson & Ally Maine

Here we have our two love birds in a photoshoot for their film A Star Is Born. While we would obviously hope for a less dramatic love story for the two in real life, we have to thank the film for bringing these "friends" together in the first place. Without Ally & Jackson Maine, there would be no Gaga & Cooper.

5 They Can't Keep Their Hands To Themselves

We have already seen Cooper and Gaga demonstrate this in other photos featured in this article. When asked to pose for photos, these two almost instinctively reach out for one another. From adorable cheek kisses, to hand holding on the red-carpet, these two just can't resist the contact. No complaints here!

4 Talk About A Power Couple

Let's just for a moment think about what it would mean if these two ever did get together in real life. Simply put, they would be an unstoppable duo. With their combined talents and stellar reputations, it would be hard for any other celeb couple to compete with them. Of course, this is all just hypothetical ...

3 Always Cracking Each Other Up

Here we have yet another photo of these two cracking each other up. Oh how badly we would love to know what jokes were being exchanged here, but alas, we cannot. Even without having the context, this is the exact type of picture that makes us wish these two were a thing.

2 A Picture Perfect Couple

Putting their talents and good humor aside for a moment, these two really do look good next to each other. It is always a good sign when two people get together and actually look the part. With these two, the relationship photos would clearly not be an issue. Perhaps one day we may even get to see some wedding pictures ...

1 He's The Perfect Height For Her!

This one may be stretch, but look at how their heights line up! She can clearly rock her favorite pair of heels and still be the perfect height for Cooper. If that isn't a sign, than we don't know what is! How long are these two going to make us wait!?

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