We Can’t Keep Up With Kylie’s Hair: 10 Looks She Rocked (& 10 That Were Too Much)

Keeping up with the Kardashians is very difficult, especially when it comes to following the self-made billionaire who has surpassed her sisters in followers, Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner's transformation and hair evolution over the years have been quite intriguing ― hey, all she wants is to have a little fun. With Jenner, the mastermind behind Kylie Cosmetics, it is like following a real-life chameleon.

Following her on social media is quite the hefty task, as every week she steps out in the streets of Calabasas in a new shade of hair colour; one of her hobbies is definitely changing the hair on her head. The beauty guru loves being experimental, and has gone through some crazy hair colours, like blue and lime green, and we love her for being herself and not caring.

However, although she is quite the bold and daring woman, we must admit that not every colour and style has been flattering on the reality star. She has also rocked other drastic colours that not many of us would be able to pull off. Whether it is a wig, extensions or her real hair, keep scrolling to see memorable looks she arguably slayed and others that she should've skipped.

20 Rocked: Only Kylie Jenner Could Make Bubble Gum Look Yummy

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The girlfriend of Travis Scott has rocked an array of wigs over the years, but in September 2018 Jenner switched things up and dyed her hair a pastel pink ― this KarJenner sister is oh-so-daring. We'd bet all our money on the fact that the beauty mogul is the only woman who will ever be able to look super-sweet with pink hair.

Every time the self-made billionaire posts a photo of herself on social media, our eyes are immediately drawn to the top of her head, and this was one of those instances. Jenner redefined what it is to be pretty in pink, without a doubt.

19 Rocked: Kylie Made Her 21st Hip With Her Hip-Length Pony

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When doesn't Kylie Jenner shake up the world? Evidently, on her posh and exuberant 21st birthday bash, she had to make a statement.

Apart from her dashing birthday outfits that night, Jenner stole the show with a 30-inch platinum ponytail, channelling her inner Barbie girl ― or Ariana Grande.

Though some of us may spend years trying to get lengthy and luscious locks, Jenner, with the snap of her fingers, could magically get any length she desires, and she did. According to the DailyMail, the extra six feet of hair did not come cheap, but at an estimated $6,000 to $8,000. We do hope she rocks the supersize pony again, especially at that price.

18 Too Much: Not Digging Kylie The Walking Highlighter

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Stormi has the coolest mother in the world and she does not know it yet, but what was not-so-cool was when she decided to go with a waist-length neon pink wig.

From blonde and classy one day, to a colour we used to help us when studying, Jenner was proud of her hair choice, as she posted the above photo on IG with the caption: "I'm not a regular mom I'm a cool mom."

We do agree that the new mother has potential to be the coolest mother on the planet, but that was certainly not because of her striking pink pin-straight strands. The makeup mogul is no stranger to unconventional colours, but the waist-length neon pink hair she sported for Coachella was a rule breaker and she should never do it again ― our eyes are still hurting.

17 Too Much: Poison Ivy Just Ain't Her Thing

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The cosmetics queen is a show-stopper without a doubt, and though many women have tried out red, or have red hair, the shade was just too vibrant for the beauty with a perfectly structured face.

We are starting to think that Jenner is a walking miracle as in just one day she can go from platinum blonde strands to a fiery and vivid shade of red ― who else can do so? The bright red alternative was not one of our favourites on the reality star, though, as it was too harsh for her face.

Jenner shared a mirror selfie to show off her usual hair shenanigans to the world, and although we loved the surprising new shade for a minute, we were over it the instant we saw a picture of her in her pure blonde hair.

16 Too Much: The Bangs Are A No-No

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Jenner proves she's a hair chameleon time after time and uses her social media as a platform to debut all her new looks, but the blunt baby bangs were one of Jenner's hair fails.

Do not get us wrong, Jenner looked adorable with her fresh face, all natural and not dolled up, but the bangs took away from all the striking features of her face.

And, the bangs are not called "baby bangs" for no reason. With a short blunt bob and baby bangs, Jenner appeared to be much younger in this photo. Here, she does not look like the foxy Jenner we know, but an adult with a baby face. The choppy, uneven bangs did not last long, and we are so thankful for that.

15 Too Much: The Blunt Bob Shall Never Make A Comeback

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As for short bob haircuts, it seems Jenner likes to go there once in a while; she will go from shiny and long locks to short and blonde bobs like it is no biggie.

Evidently, as soon as Jenner stepped out on the red carpet for the Met Gala with this bob, it got worldwide attention and had a huge moment, but the blunt bob was just way too dull for a playful woman like Jenner.

Jenner has a thick head of hair, so the sharp and heavy look came off as way too much. Unlike the previous photo in which Jenner looks much younger, here the blunt bob aged her. The hairstyle and hair colour together gave off a flair of old Hollywood glamour, and was very chic, but the cut was too straight, thick and textured for her bold face.

14 Rocked: Hello Vintage Blonde Curls

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We are not saying we do not like short hair on Jenner, because if there is any star in Hollywood right now who can go from long to short in a New York minute and still look fabulous, it is the fashion influencer herself.

Whether with her real hair or with the help of wigs, Jenner switches up styles constantly, and this one is a winner in our books.

Jenner does not need XXL hair to look dashing, classy or chic, as exemplified here with a thick, wavy and blonde mane. She looks like an actress from the 50s.

Jenner knows that with her hair flipped, she looks like a sophisticated mother who is ready to take over the world. She has opted for this look for many photoshoots, and we do not blame her - she looks like Marilyn Monroe's twin.

13 Rocked: Nothing Looks More Fierce Than Kylie With Long Black Strands

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Jenner is gorgeous no matter what look she's sporting, but there is something about her long and dark hair that hypnotizes us each time. This is perhaps why women around the world want to steal this style.

In 2018, Jenner had a bunch of different looks up her sleeve. Like a wizard, she effortlessly appeared with various hair colours. However, since the beginning of 2019, we are seeing a more grounded Jenner who is going back to her roots. Yes, Jenner is going back to black, although lately she has blessed her IG followers with pics of herself sporting blonde hair.

We are so thrilled when we see Jenner flaunting her dark locks because the bold black is so dreamy on her. And seriously, the sleek and straight hip-length tresses are making our hearts beat uncontrollably fast.

12 Too Much: Silver Is Just Too Old For Kylie

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Although her hair here is full-bodied, the premature granny hair on Jenner, which she tried recently after her cool blue phase, was not her best look.

With a hair colour that resembled Elsa's from the Disney classic Frozen, the icier mane was a standout trend that did not last long, but we believe that is because Jenner realised that she could rock other shades way better.

Jenner dyed her hair this "chill" shade around Christmas, which is maybe why she went for an icy colour, but the pastel grey is not made for the young beauty mogul who is a rad mother ― it just does not match her personality or fashion sense.

11 Too Much: Neon Is Meant For Clothing Strictly, Kylie

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Leave it to Kylie Jenner to make neon hair happen!

Okay, so Jenner has walked out of her mansion with hues bolder than any celebrity's hair, and she has always proudly showed them off, but the highlighter-yellow was way too much for our liking.

While we were probably hibernating at home while binge-watching a show on Netflix, Jenner woke up and decided that she wanted to wear a highlighter-yellow wig to take a walk out on the town.

Jenner lives a way more exciting life than most of us, and attends prestigious festivals like Coachella yearly, so two years ago, Jenner stirred things up and dominated social media with neon hair, but it was not a winner. We give her props for attempting such a bright colour, and her wig looked super realistic too, but the transformation was too much.

10 Too Much: Kylie's Hair Looked Like An Easter Egg

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Kylie Jenner has styled her hair in a variety of ways, but there was way too much happening in this look.

Jenner should leave the rainbow colours to the sky, as that's where they belong. Although she's a champion at changing her hair, and started the trend of wearing wigs, the pastel-toned waves that Jenner donned made her look like a painter, especially with the LV bandana.

She went hard for Coachella that year, and fearlessly switched to a multi-coloured pastel piece (remember the hip-length colourful braids?), but the look reminded us of an Easter egg. Whether her pastel locks were faux or legit, the rainbow-hued 'do was daring but not a hit.

9 Rocked: Kylie Was Way Too Cool For School In Her Cool Blue

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To ring in the new year, you know that Jenner had to do something surprising and unusual, so she got herself some cool blue tresses.

The mother of adorable Stormi has not changed who she really is, and still finds a thrill in taking risks with her hair. The head-turning silky blue was a fantastic choice to start off the year. She'd already flirted with blue before, but this cool and icy hue was the right one for her.

We loved her decision as it looked soft and totally chill, which made for a sophisticated yet playful look. The beauty chameleon constantly changes things up, but we would not mind her going back to the blue bob this year.

8 Too Much: The Denim Blue Didn't Pass, Though

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Unlike the pastel blue above, this darker and more denim blue that Jenner opted for not too long ago was too harsh.

Fanatical fans of Jenner know very well that when it comes to Coachella, Jenner takes advantage and gets loose with her hair. Also, they know that Jenner is not your basic chick, so she will attend the festival with different and bold looks. Last summer, the reality star and beauty mogul made a bang and showed up sporting blue hair. On her IG she captioned the above picture with the words, "denim blue ok."

We know Jenner loves skin-tight jeans, and so do we, but a denim blue is reserved for denim. The faded blue wig was not the right hue for the queen of hair transformations.

7 Rocked: Her Shortest Look Ever, And She Pulled It Off

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It is quite rare to see the Lip Kit creator looking natural and not dolled up, which is why when we see a fresh-faced Jenner, social media platforms go bonkers. And you know what? Jenner looks flawless and stunning when she is her natural self.

If you're a fan of the KarJenner sisters, then you know that their natural hair is dark. They do not have raven-black locks, but rather very dark brown hair.

In 2017, the 21-year-old mother posted a selfie of herself looking like she just came out of the shower, with her dark hair looking wet, natural, wavy and lovely. You may have also noticed that the cut was one of her shortest looks ever, and we wish we saw more of this soft and laid-back Jenner.

6 Rocked: The Shiny Raven Locks Have Us On Our Toes

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Can we please have a moment for Jenner's thick, wavy, textured, shiny and healthy-looking mane? We were seriously taken aback when Jenner posted this fiery picture of herself on IG. We do not know if it was her raven hair of which we were instantly envious, or her fierce stare, but we fell in love.

The black-haired beauty knocked us off our feet with this look. Jenner has sported black locks before, but they were either in a lob, bob cut or swishing over her hips. These shiny black strands are dreamy. Why? Because they showed off her gorgeous facial features, like her hazel eyes. She nailed this dark, sultry and gorgeously glossy look!

5 Rocked: Princess Peach

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When Jenner decided to be playful for Coachella in 2016, we decided we'd nickname her Princess Peach ― sorry Mario, but this princess does not need any saving.

Because of Jenner, since 2016 we've known that peach hair colour is doable, and could look fabulous too. This might not have been a classic glam look, but the straight peach-coloured wig that Jenner rocked was playful and made us all want to reach for the hair dye (not all of us have money like Jenner to buy wigs in all the colours of the rainbow). Is there any hair colour she can't pull off, though?

Although we are not fans of all the bold hues she regularly rocks, this peachy colour was perfect for the Kylie Cosmetics owner's usual makeup, complexion and style.

4 Rocked: We Love Goldilocks, Where Are Her Three Bears?

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Although we have seen the mother of Stormi rock blonde a lot lately, her latest golden blonde is the perfect shade for the beauty mogul who looks like a goddess with her ever-glowing face.

We know that Jenner likes to have fun with her hair, and it seems that as soon as she is over black hair, she changes it up with a golden blonde hue, like she did for her OTT 21st birthday bash. On many occasions, Jenner has gone back to this golden blonde, and what is most striking about the look is the effortless mermaid waves in her hair.

She was spotted sporting this look recently at one of her rapper boyfriend's concerts. The warmer blonde is a winner on her and one of her style staples.

3 Rocked: We Would Surely Give Kylie A Rose For This Rose-Gold

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Whether you want to call this shade that Jenner donned powder pink, candyfloss or rose gold, she slayed it like it was nobody's business!

In 2016, Jenner posted a selfie of herself looking confident in a shade of pink hair that had rarely ever been seen. With just a hint of blonde peeking through, the shade that looks almost metallic became an instant obsession.

Funnily enough, Kylie's older sister Khloé, who not so long ago went platinum blonde, recently opted for a similar pink. However, Jenner owned the 'do that was somewhere between pastel pink and blonde. Life is better with rosé, right? We are still blushing over the classic rose gold in this pic.

2 Too Much: Is That Kylie Or Barbie?

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Jenner could sing "I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world" with this hairstyle and shade of blonde, and we would not doubt her for a second. She totally nailed the Barbie look, yet this look was just not right for her.

We are glad the look was not permanent because it was too artificial. The blonde drained out her face, made her look a little lifeless, and her eyes did not pop as much as they do with other hair colours. Also, the bangs hid her eyebrows that are always so defined and full, and it is a shame that we could not have marveled at them like we normally do.

1 Too Much: Got To Leave The Sea Foam In The Sea

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To end our list, a look that we did not fancy on Jenner at all was her mint green hair.

The hairs on our head stood up when we saw this picture because there was nothing flattering about it. Jenner seemed to be infatuated with her waist-length mint green hair since she made many appearances with it.

Her hair only made us crave sweets because it looked like something straight out of a pastry shop, and that is the only good thing we could say about this look. Seafoam green should be strictly reserved for mermaids.

We must hand it to her, though: her tresses were still glossy.

Sources: The Daily Mail

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