We Brokedown Justin Bieber's Hairstyle Evolution Throughout His Romances (25 Pics)

Justin Bieber has been the defining pop star for the modern generation. Getting his big-break style start on the internet is the stuff urban legends are made of; the fame and fortune seemed to be thrust upon him, and the rest of us were happy to watch his rise in the spotlight. We’ve also been eagerly watching his hair and fashion choices, as they seem to change more dramatically the more famous he gets.

We love the way that he isn’t afraid to play with styles. He’s always been so uniquely Bieber, going so far as to coin the name of a whole hairstyle. The Bieber Swoop (which we’ll talk about in more detail later) was where it started, but he’s definitely grown since then. While the Bieber Swoop was great when he was an adorable kid, it only makes sense that he’s shed the bangs as he’s shed his innocent image.

Growing up is full of all kinds of changes. Relationships, physical growth, fashion changes, and hairstyle switch-ups. Bieber is one of those stars who has grown up right before our eyes, from pre-teen personality to nearly-married man! Due to this recent engagement we’ve decided to look at all of his hairstyle changes throughout his life. Coincidentally, they happen to go along with his relationship changes too!

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25 The Pre-Relationship Bieber Looked A Little Windswept


Windswept and wispy, this is a young Justin Bieber rocking the hair that we colloquially call “the Bieber Swoop." This is a look that features all of a person’s hair pushed towards the front of the face and cut in such a way that it looks swoopy and wispy.

It’s a little windswept and requires constant cool-dude hair flipping to stay sleek.

Is it a great style? That depends. We’d be surprised to see it on him now, but on this sweet little face? It’s kind of adorable.

24 Then, He And Caitlin Beadles Gifted Us With The "Bieber Swoop"


Not sure who Caitlin Beadles is? That’s okay; we weren’t sure either until we got a chance to look at all of his past relationships. According to Us Magazine, Caitlin Beadles was one of his first girlfriends whom he met shortly after moving to Atlanta.

While his hair didn’t change too much from his rise-to-fame haircut, it definitely looks a little more shaped and styled. We can even see his eyes now. Talk about star material right there! While their relationship, unfortunately, didn’t make it, the haircut did.

23 And That Signature Style Continued As Selena Started


The Bieber Swoop lived on, even when Selena Gomez was first in the picture. Jelena was one of the brightest celebrity couples that were out there when we were young.

Watching them together quickly became the gold standard for all of our personal relationships.

While Justin Bieber ultimately decided that Hailey Baldwin was the one for him, we can’t help but think that Selena Gomez made for an excellent partner as well. After all, he was seeing pretty clearly with her beside him. Or maybe that’s just the lack of bangs.

22 Gomez Did Help Him See The Light (By Trimming His Bangs)


Yes, at one point in their relationship Justin Bieber decided to chop those signature locks. No longer stuck behind the swoop, he was ready to let his whole face shine. While the wispiness of the bangs framed his face well, it’s hard to look at him and see anything other than a sweet looking baby face here.

His style definitely improved from that preteen look he was rocking when he first became famous. Was it all thanks to Selena Gomez? We’re not sure. The important thing is that he rocked this look.

21 Let's Not Forget That One-In-A-Million Sleek And Slicked-Back Look

time.com (Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage)

This was also the era where his fame started to give him a little more bravery. He started to take a few more risks with his fashion here. As he got older and more confident he found the best way to express himself.

We seldom see Bieber wearing his hair slicked back now, but at the time this look totally rocked.

He’s tried the sleek and slick styles a few times as a fashion choice, and it very often works. We especially love the glamor that these two are exuding.

20 2012 Was This Spiked-Up Look, Styled Specifically For Victoria's Secret (Angels, That Is)


It felt like Selena Gomez was around forever, but they actually only lasted a few years total, according to Us Magazine. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber broke up a few times; Us lists the breakups as happening in 2012, 2014, and 2018, making the time they’d spent apart weigh in at much more than the time they spent together.

While relationships should be quality over quantity, it’s not always that easy. After their first break up Bieber did what many of us do: he changed his hair. This look was specifically for a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

19 The Hairstyle Stuck Around, Even When Relationships Came And Went


He seemed to be embracing his new fame and freedom and decided to keep sporting this spiked-up look. A dramatic departure from the low-and-windswept look of his initial swoopy style, we can’t help but feel that this style worked really, really well for him.

While it’s pretty much what all the 15-year-old boys were doing when we were kids, something about the way Bieber rocks it makes it seem oh so cool.

While he was connected to a few different flings around this time, the hairstyle saw a little more commitment.

18 Adriana Lima Might Not Be An Official Flame, But His Hair Is Officially On Point With Her


One name that was specifically linked to Justin Bieber was Adriana Lima. Us Magazine lists this connection as happening in 2014 at a Cannes party. We can’t really tell if it’s true or not, as Us Magazine points out that Lima eventually denied the claims. But more important than the relationship is the hair.

This is the first of his tousled looks, where he messed up the front a little bit more. It’s almost like the old Bieber Swoop and the new spiky style had a baby. It’s not our favorite look style-wise, but it’s definitely an influential point in his hair evolution.

17 He Really Embraced Hair Gel With Jayde Pierce


One model Justin was linked to back in 2015 goes by the name of Jayde Pierce. The Sun mentions how she ended up getting pregnant and subsequently enjoyed a happy and fulfilling life with her new beau after dating Bieber.

Us Magazine points out that they were never confirmed as “dating,” but they did go on vacation together.

She also might have been an influencing factor on this hairstyle, with gel that’s so strong nothing could move his hair. It’s a sturdy, bold style and one of the first longer ones we’ve seen on him in a while.

16 He's Always Been Blonde, But Solo Living Was When He Went Platinum

Picture by: Christopher Peterson/Splash News[/caption]

This platinum color feels like it came and went, but he’s definitely dabbled in it more than once. For someone who’s already blonde, it’s easy enough to get to this platinum shade. Those of us with darker hair have issues trying to get to a white-blonde level. Bieber didn’t have any problems with it, though, and actually looked quite good.

The shaved-on-the-sides-but-long-in-the-center was a very popular look for a while, and Bieber put his own spin on it here by doing a side part.

15 2015 Was A Transition For His Style And His Relationships


The blonde will never leave, and 2015 seemed to be a big year of transitions for Bieber. Not only did he start to get a little more experimental with his looks (as we can see from the above) but he also started to get a little more wild with his fashion choices.

Tattoos and Bieber started to become synonymous, and he began to pull off what’s basically the epitome of the cool kid.

Girls aside, Bieber’s got a lot going on with this phase of his style!

14 It Was When Hailey Baldwin Found Her Permanent Place In Bieber's Heart


Believe it or not, this transitional phase applied to more than just Bieber’s hair. He was also in the process of experimenting and changing his relationships. Bieber and Baldwin dated once in 2015. They lasted for, according to Us Magazine, about a year, with them insisting that the relationship was more casual.

Clearly, that’s not the case now, as Bieber and Baldwin are super serious stuff. These kids have known each other for so long, though, and we love the fact that she initially came in around the same time his hairstyle choices really started to get really unique.

13 Though These Dreadlocks Were A Choice None Of Us Can Forget


See why we had to say “unique” in that paragraph above? Bieber has made some style choices that only Bieber could make. He’s not afraid to be daring or to put himself out there; after all, that’s how he got his start all those years ago.

Unfortunately, it just doesn’t seem to work out sometimes.

We’re not big fans of the dreadlocks, but we know that he really liked them. We’re glad that his relationships gave him the space to experiment and find himself.

12 And He Then Decided Against Having Any Hair While Dating Nicola Peltz


Taking dreads out can be a tough process but it’s not terrible. Most of the time people choose to chop off their dreads, as brushing them out can be awkward to do and also takes up a lot of time.

Justin Bieber decided to shave his head and then kept on rocking it bald for a little while. This was back in 2016, which is part of the reason we don’t really remember this relationship. Nicola Peltz and Bieber were unfortunately not meant to be.

11 The Sofia Richie Phase Was Outgrown, Just Like This Short Shave


The short shave was meant to be, however, based on these photos. Sofia Richie was arguably one of Bieber’s most famous girlfriends. This might have been due to her age or it might have been caused by the fact that she’s absolutely stunning.

Regardless, Bieber kept rocking the short hair during the month he and Richie were dating.

Us Magazine says that there was drama during this relationship, but let’s be real: the only drama is how long it’s going to take for him to grow the sweet Bieber Swoop back.

10 Paola Paulin Was A Flicker Too But Helped Him Grow Out His Locks


Paola Paulin was a bit of a mystery. She and Bieber didn’t make as many headlines as Sofia Richie did, but she was still an important part of Bieber’s life. Us Magazine says that they “were totally smitten with each other” but that ended up not being as true as we thought.

They could have been head-over-heels for each other at the time, but it’s definitely not Paulin getting called Bieber’s fiancee. On the bright side, she did have one lasting legacy: supporting Bieber as he grew his hair back in.

9 Briefly Getting Together With Selena Again Prompted Some Other Style Choices


See what we mean by Bieber cultivating a unique style? His look has gone through so many different iterations over the years, it’s no surprise that he’s had this many different hairstyles. His versatility is huge, and it’s even reflected in his music (but that’s a topic for another article).

His hairstyle here is one of his more experimental ones, combining that bandana with his old spiked-up-front look.

We don’t love it, but we also don’t hate it. It’s a cool look, and one that Selena Gomez was there to witness!

8 But Eventually Created Some Good Hair Decisions


Yes, Bieber and Gomez did indeed try getting back together again after all those years. This was shortly before Hailey Baldwin became the permanent fixture that she is, which brought with it its own hair changes.

In this chapter of his life, we believe Bieber was looking to get back to his roots. He was trying to figure out who he was, which meant the return of shaggy hair and windswept styles. This looks to be the beginning of seriously growing his hair back out, even though it was the end of Jelena (forever).

7 2018 Rang In With This Messy Hair


All hail the messy hair! The perfect ‘do to wash and go, messy hair became a priority for Bieber. He’s going all natural now, and we actually kind of love it. Whether this is due to his own desires to get back to his roots as an artist or possibly gently coaxed along by Hailey Baldwin doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is the fact that Bieber’s got beachy waves and his laid back style back again.

It’s a good thing too, since Hailey Baldwin definitely comes across as a confident and relaxed woman.

6 Biebs And Baldwin's Relationship Has Been Fraught With Hats And Tidy Hair


Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s relationship almost feels like it’s come full circle. It’s not the first time they’ve been together, and it certainly won’t be the last. These two are linking together forever now, and we can’t think of a more appropriate pairing.

While Bieber had embraced tidy hair and oversized ball caps during adolescence, he’s since grown to expand his style choices. Gone are the days of shaved sides and big caps. He and Hailey Baldwin are on the casual and cool track now.

5 But This Time Hailey Baldwin Really Has Brought Out His Fun Side


See what we mean? Cool and casual is the name of their game, and we’re totally here for it. Bieber has been rocking the messy style for a while, which is a great contrast to Hailey Baldwin’s slick and styled blonde bob.

The hairstyles are so similar they could be twins, but each of them makes their own individual style statement, too.

Hailey Baldwin’s is more cool-girl chic, while Justin’s says “I’m easygoing and fun." We have to admit, it’s probably the most relaxed (and happiest) image we’ve seen of the two of them.

4 Except When It Comes To His Little Mustache

people.com/Justin Bieber/Instagram

Confusion about this mustache thing is natural. After all, it’s not fair for someone else to dictate what should or should not be grown on a person’s face. Hailey is NOT having that mustache at the wedding, as People points out in their article. They discuss the fact that Hailey Baldwin somehow convinced Bieber to shave his moustache off, making it official:

Hailey Baldwin is Justin’s true love and guiding light when it comes to fashion. Those are both excellent things.

3 We're SO Glad He Shaved The Mustache Off For Her


We don’t want to be rude, but we’re glad that she got him to shave the mustache off. It’s just too grown-up for our tween-crush heartthrob Justin Bieber.

We want to remember that Bieber Swooped kid that we were in love with when we were 11 years old.

While we’re so happy that he’s growing up and taking charge of his life, some things are sacred; some things like Bieber’s upper lip. Baldwin has the right idea this time around.

2 Overall, The Hailey Era Bieber Is The Style We Like The Best

people.com/Picture by: 247PAPS.TV / SplashNews.com[/caption]

All in all, we really do have to say that the Hailey Baldwin era of Justin Bieber is our favorite fashion choice. We really do like the fact that they not only look good together, but they seem to be super compatible.

People points out that they were friends for more than a decade before their adult dating and proposal phase. This is the best way to do it, we believe. They’ve supported each other for so long, and will continue to support each other. And we get to keep enjoying this confident, stylish, long-haired Bieber!

1 Thankfully She'll Be Around For A While To Help Him To Get Good Haircuts


One of the best photos we’ve seen of the two of them? Elle released an article that featured Hailey Baldwin sitting beside Justin Bieber while he gets his haircut. According to Elle, Hailey Baldwin was the convincing factor for him to go under the clippers. While it was “just a trim," Elle says that it looks so good.

We have to agree, and are pleased that Bieber is settling down (both in the haircut department and with a fabulous person).

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are adorable; we’re excited to see how his next hairstyle will reflect their new marriage!

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