Ways To Put Yourself Out There To Meet Mr. Right, Based On Zodiac Signs

We're basically done with being single and are ready to find ourselves in a new relationship. It seems like everyone around us is coupled up and we're starting to feel a little left out.

We've been single for what seems like forever and are so over it. It's time for us to find someone new to run off into the sunset with! That's why we here at TheTalko decided that it's only right to give each zodiac sign some tips as to how to find their dream lover. While we absolutely wish that Prince Charming would arrive straight to our door, life doesn't work like that.

No, we're going to have to throw ourselves out into the world in order to find our dream man. And each sign has one thing that they should totally do to increase their chances. We made sure to get some spot-on advice for each sign, and also their next move. While we can strategize all we want about how to find our dream man, we're going to have to put ourselves out there eventually.

While we know it might be completely intimidating, it's crucial to do. We can't keep sitting around and hoping that the universe will do the work for us. It's time to stop waiting for the universe to find our dream man and instead go after him ourselves!

24 Pisces: Let Go Of Any Fears


There is absolutely no way that you're going to be able to meet someone new if you still haven't let go of old fears. The last thing that the universe is going to do is hand you your dream man when you simply aren't ready. It's time that you figure out what's holding you back.

Whether you like to admit it or not, you're still living in the past. The same fears are controlling your everyday life as you simply haven't gotten over them. Rather than pretending that everything is okay, you're going to have to finally face these fears. Once you do, the universe will bring you a ton of romantic prospects.

23 The Next Move: Overcome Something Small


We completely understand that it's tough to face your fears. Pisces often like to run away from their problems rather than dealing with them head-on. This is the defense mechanism that you take on when things get rough. That's why we recommend that you tackle one issue at a time.

Pick something small that has been bothering you, and figure out a way to deal with it. Once you overcome even the tiniest obstacle, you'll be motivated to take on the next issue. If you push yourself to combat the largest issue you have, there is a huge chance that you won't be able to overcome it. Start small and work your way up.

22 Leo: See Who’s Out There


You're constantly complaining that you can't find your dream guy, but you haven't even tried. You actually have to put yourself out there before you complain that the universe is out to get you. It's time for you to change your ways and actually see what the world has to offer.

We recommend that you actually start doing a few more social activities. You never know where you'll find your dream lover. Maybe he's the waiter at a new restaurant you've been meaning to hit up. Maybe you'll bump into him in the park. The point is you have to get out of your normal everyday routine and get to know some new people!

21 The Next Move: Take Up A New Hobby


Sometimes it's hard for us to try new things. But it's time that you call up your best friends and take up a new hobby. It seems like shopping and gossiping with your girlfriends just isn't going to cut it when it comes to love.

Instead, grab your besties and figure out an activity that everyone can commit to. Maybe it's taking a new course, joining a sports team, or taking an art class. Whatever it may be, we're positive that you could find a potential lover in any hobby that you take up. The key is to put yourself out into the world and see what you can find. If you stick to your normal lifestyle, you'll never bump into someone new.

20 Scorpio: Jump Out Of What’s Comfortable


Before you find yourself in a new relationship, you're going to have to jump out of your comfort zone. While we completely agree that almost all Scorpios have their lives figured out, there is still something missing. This sign has gotten a little too comfortable since they think that they have the answer to any problem.

However, you won't be able to fall for someone new if you're not willing to change your ways. It's time for you to grow a little before you end up in a new relationship. You actually don't have all the answers and need to find a way to find them. Living in your comfort zone just isn't going to cut it if you're looking for a life-changing romance.

19 The Next Move: Try Something New


It's time for you to jump out of the normal and into something completely new. Let go of anything holding you back and get ready to take on what the world has to offer. While it might be absolutely nervewracking to start something new, it's exactly what you need to do.

We all need to continue growing. Once you find yourself in a comfortable state in life you actually stop gaining new knowledge and experience. It's critical to break out of the grind and instead face your fears. We guarantee that your future lover is much more attracted to a girl who is constantly willing to grow and evolve. No one wants to date someone who doesn't ever break out of their comfort zone.

18 Sagittarius: Be Completely Truthful


It seems like it's time to kick that old habit before it gets you into trouble. While you might think you're a master liar and can convince anyone of anything, you're more than wrong. Instead, it seems like your lies have landed you in a sticky situation here and there.

Rather than seeing where those lies take you, it's time to let them go completely. The universe expects everyone to be incredibly truthful, as it's the only way to form true connections. No one wants to surround themselves with people who are constantly lying in order to get the upper hand.

17 The Next Move: Ditch Those Lies


If you think that lying to your future partner will slide, think again. Take this period to really work on telling the truth instead of those lies. While you might try to argue that the lies you tell are only white lies, we beg to differ.

The universe simply isn't going to hand you your dream lover if you're only going to push him away through your old ways. Rather, it's time to come face to face with all flaws that you're holding onto and figure out what's going on. While you might be convinced that it's too late to change your ways, we would disagree. Self-improvement is going to be your ticket to a happy relationship.

16 Cancer: Become The Ideal Person


It's time to become the best version of yourself. While it's going to be the key to landing you your dream guy, it's more important to do it for yourself. Rather than putting on an act of the type of person you want to be when you find yourself into someone new, actually become that person.

The key to finding yourself in a happy relationship is becoming the best version of yourself first. We all want to date someone who is constantly striving for more and being their very best. That's why this is exactly the key to finding your ideal lover. Once you achieve your best self, a ton of potential lovers are going to be on the hunt to get your attention.

15 The Next Move: Make A Plan


It seems like becoming the ideal person is a daunting task. However, remember that this ideal person is based on your own personal perspective, not someone else's. Don't try to put on an act that you're someone who you're not. Instead, aim to do everything up to your full potential.

Maybe take a few hours to write down your goals and what you want to achieve. Then make a realistic plan as to how you plan on doing it. We promise you that you'll be able to achieve anything that you set your mind to. As long as you have a detailed plan as to how you're going to achieve things, you totally have what it takes to figure it out!

14 Libra: Go Somewhere New


If you think that the same commute from home to work/school is going to land you your dream man, you're so off. While there is a chance that you'll find your soulmate on the bus, the chances are slim. Rather, it's time for you to break out of your normal everyday pattern and head out into the world to find your man.

We recommend going out once a week somewhere fun in hopes of meeting new people. For example, grab your girlfriends and head over to a bar or cafe once a week. Make sure that the place you pick fits the vibe of the type of guy you're looking for. It's totally true that particular people are drawn to a certain spot.

13 The Next Move: Time For A Fun Get Away


If you really want to maximize the chance of meeting someone new, you're going to really have to change your ways. This means completely breaking out of your normal everyday patterns and trying something new. It's time to really see what the world has to offer and what the universe is going to give you.

Grab your girlfriends and go on a fun getaway. This could be going somewhere exotic, or simply on a road trip. The key is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and see what the rest of the world has to offer. While there is no guarantee that you'll find your dream man somewhere far away, you'll gain a new perspective on putting yourself out there.

12 Virgo: Be Open To Different People


The truth is that there are plenty of fish in the sea. However, you have to be willing to put yourself out in the world with the aim of meeting some fun people. Who knows, maybe your perfect lover is already a major component of your life but you just haven't given this person a chance.

The reason why we date for so many years is to figure out what we like in a person and what we despise. That's why the only way you're going to learn what your dream person is made out of is giving different types of people a shot. Remember that if you're not feeling someone you can simply call it quits.

11 The Next Move: Hit Up Some Parties


If you're open into meeting different types of people that you never really considered as potential lovers before, then you're going to have to go out into the world and find them. We recommend reaching out to old friends and tagging along to some parties. We're sure that you can find a mutual friend who might be the perfect fit for you.

While there is absolutely no guarantee that you'll be able to find your ideal lover, you will at least be putting yourself out there. Don't keep surrounding yourself with the same old people who just don't work for you. Instead, look for lovers with different characteristics that you never went for in the past.

10 Gemini: Don’t Rush Into Things


The absolute last thing that you want is to rush into things. The truth is you just might not be ready to jump into a new relationship. You have a ton of issues that you have to work out prior to ending up in yet another romance. While a part of you might think that your lover can help you fix your issues, that's risky thinking.

What's more ideal is to keep focusing on becoming the best version of yourself that you can achieve. You don't want to put yourself in a situation that makes you dependent on someone else for progress. Rather, work on what you're already doing. If you rush into a new relationship too quickly, things might turn chaotic.

9 The Next Move: Talk It Out


The best thing for you to do is to talk things out with your friends. As a Gemini, your mind is constantly filled with endless thoughts and ideas. You easily find yourself getting stressed and you don't know what to do. The best way to calm down is to open up to the people around you over what's going on and ask for advice on what you should do next.

While you don't have to take their advice, it's always good to let a new perspective enter your life. They'll reassure you that everything will be okay and that you will eventually find your man. However, for now, it's best for you to keep working on yourself.

8 Taurus: Make New Friends


It seems pretty obvious that the best way to put yourself out into the world is by making new friends. This way you're actually taking the time to get to know other people, rather than surrounding yourself with the same old group. It's time to jump out into the world and see what everyone else has to offer.

Rather than staying with the same people day in and day out, it's best to meet someone new. The truth is that maybe your new friend will have a mutual friend that will be perfect for you. When you make new friends, you increase your chances of finding Mr.Right tremendously. Also, who knows, maybe your new friend himself might turn out to be your soulmate.

7 The Next Move: Merge Friend Groups Together


We think it's time for you to hit up that old friend and see how she's doing. If you hit it off again, we recommend merging your friend groups together. For example, be open to grabbing your girlfriends and going out with some old friends that you became distant with.

The best part about this is that you'll have a great time with such a huge group. The other benefit is that you'll be more inclined to put yourself out in the world if you're going out together as a group. Don't just hang around with the same old people. It's time to make some new friends and see what they all have to offer.

6 Capricorn: Stop Hiding At Home


It seems like the Capricorn has given up on finding her soulmate and is hiding away at home. While we love spending our weekends watching Netflix and eating take out, it's time to change our ways. We guarantee that you will never find your lover by staying at home unless, of course, he's the food delivery guy.

Instead, get ready to break out of your comfortable ways and jump out into the world. You can't keep waiting around to find Mr. Perfect as he's not going to show up on his own. Every time you leave your home you're actually increasing your chances of meeting someone special. Stop pretending that you can't find him and just get out there!

5 The Next Move: Literally Go Outside


Your literal first step is leaving the house. There is a 0% chance that your soulmate will show up at your door, so you're going to have to go out and find him. This could literally mean leaving your house and going on a walk or run around your neighborhood. Who knows how many cute guys live within a mile of you!

The second step that we recommend is that you actually take on some other activities. Don't just keep going to the same places all the time expecting to see new faces. If you're invited somewhere new, make sure to say yes rather than constantly declining invitations. While you might want to keep doing the same old thing, it would be best to change your ways.

4 Aquarius: No More Self Pity


The last thing that you want to do is cry over how you have absolutely no luck in love. The universe only hands out soulmates when the person actually deserves them. If the universe gave you your dream lover when you weren't ready, you would only lose him.

The reason why you still haven't found him is that you're simply not ready. It's time that you stop crying over how you're single and get to working on what you have to overcome. Whether you like to admit it or not, you have a list of flaws that have to be worked on ASAP.

3 The Next Move: Acknowledge Mistakes


It's time for you to take the time and acknowledge all of your past mistakes. Don't just pretend that you're always right since you're not. Instead, get ready to do some major soul searching as you realize all of your mistakes. While this might be a stressful ordeal, it's key in order to move on.

Once you're able to finally acknowledge all of your flaws,  you're actually able to work on them. It's time to ditch this negative attitude that you'll never be able to find love, and instead get ready to become a person who deserves to have love. We all have something that we have to work on, and it's time that you overcome whatever is holding you back.

2 Aries: It’s Time To Step It Up


To put it simply, it's time for you to step up your game. If you really want to convince your dream man that you're his ideal girl, you're going to have to prove it. There are a ton of girls out in the world that he could choose from. That's why you have to make it known why you're better than all of them.

We recommend figuring out any areas that you have to improve on. You should constantly be working towards your goals and aspirations. Also, aim to be the best version of yourself. No one wants to date someone who hasn't reached their full potential. Once you prove to yourself that you're absolutely amazing, everyone around you will see it as well.

1 Aries: Upgrade The Wardrobe


Sometimes all we need to make some major power moves is an awesome wardrobe. This will give you the exact motivation you need to change your ways and take on something new. Buying a few new pieces will help inspire you to become your best possible self.

Everyone needs to ditch the old and take on the new. This way you'll be able to hold the confidence to go after whatever guy you have your eye on. Don't let anyone hold you back as you have the power to go after whatever you want. Adding a few new power pieces into your wardrobe is exactly what you need to show the world that you're ready to be your best self and find a new man!

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