10 Ways To Manage Pet Hair Around The House

We love our pets, but we can all agree that we hate the hair that comes with them. It sticks to everything in our home, has its own unpleasant scent, and makes us look untidy. The thought of it makes us ever wonder why we decided to have a pet in the first place, but we refuse to give them up because we love them.

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There are ways we can manage the pet hair that seems to accumulate in all corners of our homes. The tips we provide will help decrease your cleaning routine and make your home look as good as new. Keep reading to learn about ten ways to manage pet hair around the house!

10 Use Lint Rollers on Furniture and Clothing

It might be tempting to shave your cat, but instead, you should just buy a bulk package of lint rollers. You can use these on anything with fabric, like the hair-covered seat of your favorite recliner.

It also helps you with the hair on your clothing, because a few swipes with one of these and you are good to go for the entire night. It might seem too good to be true, but this is a method that works well for us time and time again.

9 Switch to Tile or Hardwood Floors

It can be a bit costly, but it is always a good idea to switch from carpet to hardwood or tiled floors. They are easy to clean, as the hair can be sucked or mopped right off of it, and you never have to worry about muddy paws again.

You should look into buying scratch-resistant and water-resistant hardwood flooring that is made for pets as it keeps your floors looking brand new years after its installation. There are so many different color and design options so you can match any decor, whether it resembles a backwoods rustic or is purely modern in design.

8 Purchase a Pet Vacuum

If you decide that switching your floors isn't an option, then you can buy a pet vacuum. These have special bristles and enhanced suction that was made to lift pet hair out of your carpet. You can even buy one with specific pet attachments so you can vacuum your couches until they look as good as new.

If a new vacuum is too expensive, then lightly dampening a mop and running it over your carpet is another option, as it will gather up large chunks of hair. You can then use your vacuum to pick up the clumps or just dispose of them by hand.

7 Utilize Couch Covers

Couch covers are entirely underrated as they were made for people with shedding pets. All you have to do is place a cover over your couch, and it's done. You might have a few stray hairs here and there to clean off the fabric, but generally, the cover does most of the work.

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The cover might look trashed, but at least when you have guests you just have to pull the covers and your work is done. Just don't forget to lock your favorite pooch in the other room, otherwise, your bright thinking will be for nothing.

6 Change Your Filters

Many pet owners forget that the hair will accumulate in their furnace filter, which is why it is important to regularly change it out. They will become clogged with hair and dandruff, which is never good for your filter or your home. The furnace will begin to blow around loose hair instead of the clean air it was meant to share.

These are relatively easy to swap out and they even make ones specifically for homes with pets. You should check it monthly to ensure it is not clogged and have one on hand in case it needs to be changed immediately.

5 Regularly Groom Your Pet

When it comes to bathing our pets, it is generally a hassle, so we try to avoid it at all costs. They don't like the water or trying to dry them just isn't working. No matter the issue, a regular grooming schedule can help keep the hair in your home to a minimum.

Bathing is important, but brushing your pet every day can make the problem virtually disappear. It can also help to have your dog professionally groomed around the time it begins to switch coats, as this is the period when they shed the most.

4 The Dryer Can Help

The dryer is a fantastic tool to use when your furniture or clothing is covered in pet hair. No, we are not recommending you put your dog in the dryer, but throwing your cushion covers into the dryer with a few tennis balls can actually remove a lot of the hair.

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This also works for clothing, but it is best to throw clothes in the dryer first before washing them to help minimize the hair on them after they come out. The difference will be astounding and you will never fret about how to remove pet hair from your things ever again with this simple trick.

3 Invest in an Electrostatic Dust Mop

An electrostatic dust mop is a great purchase for any homeowner with pets for a number of reasons. The first is that the mop itself attracts dog hair with its unique design, causing it to stick directly to the mop's surface rather than just pushing it around the floor.

The second is that many of these can be converted into wet mops, like a Swiffer, so it makes cleaning that much easier. You no longer have to switch between different mops, but instead, you can switch out the cover on its tip and cut your cleaning time in half.

2 Use a Microfiber Cloth on Wood Furniture

This is the same concept as the mop mentioned a moment before, as the microfiber cloth attracts the hair. This works best on wood and glass surfaces that can be otherwise hard to clean.

Some products exist that help pick up pet hair and keep it off of these surfaces with their specialty formula. You will never have to worry about pesky hair-ridden surfaces again by employing this hack at least once a week on your fussy furniture.

1 Buy Better Food for Your Pet

It has been proven that certain foods can help prevent shedding in certain pets. These foods might be more expensive, but your pet will be healthier, happier, and shed less in your home.

It can also be beneficial to buy anti-shedding chews that help your pet keep its fur on its own body rather than your home. This does not always work, and the effects may be minimal, but anything is worth a shot to bring your home from drab to fab.

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