These Waterproof Bags Are Stylish AND Actually Keep Things Dry

These Italian handbags are the perfect mix of style and waterproofing.

We take our purses everywhere, and for a bag that goes everywhere, they need to be able to survive everything. And especially in the northern parts of America, that includes inclement weather.

There’s nothing worse than taking a favorite handbag out into a torrential downpour with the full knowledge that whatever is inside is going to wind up soaking wet. Not to mention the fact that the purse might get ruined from the excessive moisture.

There are plenty of portable storage solutions that are waterproof, but unless we want to carry around a water-tight plastic box then we're stuck with the fragility that comes with most high-fashion items. If only there was a line of bags that combined the fashion of the catwalk with the durability needed for the real world...

Enter Save My Bag, an Italian purse maker that doesn’t stop at just purses. They’ve got a product for all our baggage needs. They have the Princess series of purses that range in size all the way from wallet-and-phone keeper to something that can carry a horse (just kidding - but we love a huge bag). They also carry the trendy Cloud backpack to help wearers fit in with a crowd of high-stakes bike couriers.


All of Save My Bag’s products come with pockets, zippers, and drawstrings that turn whatever bag you buy into a water-fighting fortress of solitude. Stow your cell with the confidence that whatever weather comes your way you won’t need to worry about shelling out for a new iPhone.

Best of all, these are not the utilitarian duffle bags that you’ve come to expect from something that can withstand the elements. These bags are both beautiful and functional and come in a range of different styles, colors, and finishes.

If there’s one thing you can nitpick, its carrying capacity. These bags are all made of a poly-fabric blend with Lycra, which makes them super soft and super light. But that also means that you can’t carry a bowling ball inside one without warping the shape or tearing a hole in the bottom.

Save My Bag has just released their Fall/Winter pre-collection, so now might be a great time to jump into a new purse!


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