‘Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen’: 20 Of Our All-Time Fav Moments

Andy Cohen is a reality TV producer, an author, a radio host, and the executive producer/ host of Watch What Happens Live. This series, which comes on Bravo, is the only live show in the late night television lineup—but that's not the only thing it's got going for it.

Since Andy is a big deal in the world of pop culture, and since he also serves as an executive producer for the Real Housewives franchise, his show is full of notable names and exciting moments.

The original show—Watch What Happens—started in 2009 and has over a thousand episodes already. But the show went live in 2016, so there's a whole lot to see, especially for fans who have yet to tune in during the original taping.

And while the show is recorded live in NYC, but in addition to live guests, it also features interaction with viewers via social media and live call-in. It's in the format of an after-show, but the 22-minute episodes are the main attraction for many viewers and Andy Cohen fans.

Yes, in The Clubhouse, fans, guests, and even Andy himself can never predict what is going to happen. Therefore, here are 20 of the best moments ever from WWHL!

20 Luann Sang "Girl Code"

Us Magazine

Many Real Housewives have ventured into music. Gretchen Rossi, Danielle Staub, Jo De La Rosa, Melissa Gorga, and Kim Zolciak are just a few of the women who have released a song or two after rising to fame through reality television.

But this little paragraph right here is all about The Countess: Luann de Lesseps gave the world "Money Can't Buy You Class" in 2010, and "Chic, C'est La Vie" in 2011.

While they didn’t rise to number-one spots or anything, they were fun songs that Luann clearly had fun doing. And then, in 2015, she gave the debut performance of her third single—“Girl Code”—live in Andy’s Clubhouse!

19 Sonja Did Burlesque

Bravo TV

On a similar note, we have another New York housewife performing... Sonja Morgan’s resume goes on and on and on, listing out projects relating to fashion, toaster ovens, Tipsy Girl, and movie producing. Fans of the The Real Housewives Of New York should also know that Sonja loves performing, so it should have come as no surprise that she would give a little burlesque dance while on WWHL. And maybe her moves and her outfit shouldn’t have been a big surprise either, because, well, Sonja is Sonja, and she owns it!

18 Kim Called In To Argue With NeNe


On Andy’s show, people can call in and ask his guests questions. These callers are usually fans, but sometimes, they are other reality stars. Yes, when NeNe Leakes was on, her fellow Atlanta housewife, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, just had to call and chime in on the conversation.

At the time, Kim was in The Bahamas when people started telling her about what NeNe was saying on Watch What Happens Live.

Therefore, she called in, but all it resulted in was a screaming match. The two went around and around in circles, saying more of the same insults.

17 Brandi Clapped Back At Joanna

ET Online

At other times, housewives from different cities get into it, which is also a little crazy and definitely dramatic. Joanna Krupa was on The Real Housewives Of Miami, and Brandi Glanville was on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. At one point in time, Joanna said “no wonder her husband left her” in a conversation regarding Brandi. And when Brandi was asked about this on WWHL, she was... Brandi; she said that she was told that Joanna’s... private parts smelled. Have we mentioned that anything can happen in The Clubhouse?!

16 Whoopi Taught Andy Something New

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Andy’s show is definitely unique, and one way he keeps things exciting is with fun segments. Fans are familiar with games in which guests have to plead the fifth and turn to the shotski, but when Whoopi Goldberg was on, he had a new game.

In "Teach Me Your Talent,” Whoopi had to teach Andy something, so she decided to teach him something that's not quite PG and also not legal in all 50 US states.

Was that expected? Probably not. Was that something he already knew how to do? Maybe. Was it an entertaining portion of the evening? Of course.

15 Shaq Revealed How Big He Really Is

Bravo TV

South by Southwest (SXSW) is an event that combines film, interactive media and music in Austin, Texas, and there have been times when Andy brought WWHL to this annual occurrence. One year, he had Shaquille O'Neal as a guest during South by, and of course, Shaq’s size came up. This ex-pro-baller is 7’1, and his shoe size is 23. So he was asked how big another part of him was. His answer? Well, he simply took off his shoe to measure with and replied, "Let me show you.”

14 A New Jersey Couple Got Married

Bravo TV

In 2013, Watch What Happens Live put on a contest in which the winners would be married at The Clubhouse, live on TV, by Andy himself!

Kristie and Matt, a couple from New Jersey pictured here, won.

And Beverly Hill’s Lisa Vanderpump and NYC’s Sonja Morgan were there, too, which probably made these fans even happier. They had to be Bravo superfans, right, in order to get married on this show? Because if not... That’s a little weird but definitely a good story and definitely a memorable WWHL moment for all of us.

13 John Legend Stole Back His Grammy

Bravo TV

WWHL is set in The Clubhouse, a cool spot that is full of memorabilia. Some of the knickknacks came from Real Housewives. Some pieces were gifts. Some of the decorations show off Andy’s love for the St. Louis Cardinals. And one item was a Grammy belonging to John Legend. And on one episode of this series, John Legend randomly showed up to take back his award. He has been a guest on Watch What Happens Live, but he wasn’t that night, so it was a neat surprise for everyone!

12 Lady Gaga Told Us About Her Time In The Lady Pond

Bravo TV

Andy is known for asking questions that go there, and he has a way with words and with people. He has been able to get some really juicy details out of people... like Lady Gaga. When she was on the show, she admitted to taking a few dips in the lady pond.

She went on to say that she knows some people think she says things just to be "out there."

Regardless of that, though, she wanted people to know that she actually does like the ladies (though, she stated this all with a Gaga twist).

11 Seth Rogen Discussed His Buddies

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Seth Rogen is a well-known actor known for buddy movies. In fact, his real-life friends are usually the ones who are in these movies with him. And Seth also has a known extracurricular activity that he openly enjoys and discusses. So when he was on Watch What Happens Live, Andy asked him about the buds he had enjoyed this activity with... and the list did not include James Franco.

Yes, scenes from Pineapple Express may seem like scenes that could happen in real life to these two actors, but Mr. Franco does not enjoy the same activity that Mr. Rogen does.

10 Matthew Perry Answered Personal Questions About His Costars

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“Plead The Fifth” is a common WWHL game in which guests are asked questions, and they can plead the fifth to one, choosing not to answer that one question.

Matthew Perry decided to plead the fifth when asked who he would marry, who he would want some alone time with, and who he would get rid of out of Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow.

His next question was about a specific clause that existed between the Friends costars, which David Schwimmer had previously said was definitely not kept (if it did exist). Perry said he didn’t think anyone was getting that close off camera... or that he was really missing out on something!

9 Lindsay Lohan Gave Us Her Housewife Tagline

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As fans know, each Real Housewives episode opens with all the cast members giving us a tagline. These little lines sort of sum up their personalities and their plotlines. So sometimes, on Watch What Happens Live, guests get to come up with their own taglines, and Lindsay Lohan’s was epic: “I'm done with mugshots, and I'm ready for an Oscar.” She’s back, she’s ready for her next adventure, and fans are totally into her comeback! From Disney films and teen dramas... on to a rough patch... and to the present day, with reality TV and who knows what else in the works, this tagline definitely works for this star.

8 Billy Eichner Met Meryl Streep

Bravo TV

Meryl Streep is one of the most celebrated actresses of all time, and Billy Eichner is an actor and the host of Billy On The Street. Another fact relevant to this paragraph is that there is a bar in The Clubhouse, and the bartenders used here range from celebs and friends of housewives to Billy himself.

Yes, he was the guest bartender when Ms. Streep was on the show, meaning he got to meet one of his idols, right there on WWHL.

Now, maybe she will appear on an episode of his show...

7 Anderson Cooper Dished Out Some Details About Andy

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Anderson Cooper is a journalist, television personality and author, as well as friends with Andy, who is also the host of a US late-night talk show. In fact, the two even have a traveling show together called AC2. That being said, Anderson Cooper has definitely been on Watch What Happens Live, and one time, he revealed an interesting little tidbit about Andy. Of course, the show isn't always PG with its discussions, and this was definitely one of those that made audiences' cheeks turn red.

6 Andy Took A Selfie With Kim Kardashian

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Having Kim Kardashian on a show is a big deal. Getting to take a photo with her is an even bigger deal. But getting to take a selfie with her greatest asset... priceless.

So, of course, that is what Andy wanted to do when Kim K dropped into The Clubhouse, so that is what happened!

Sure, other interesting and exciting things have happened on WWHL, including on this episode, but some moments were more notable than others.

5 Kim Kardashian Announced Her New Baby Boy


Recently, news surfaced that Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye are using a surrogate to have their fourth child. And even more recently, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe were all on Watch What Happens Live. Of course, Andy asked Kim about it, and she admitted it was true and even revealed the gender—a baby boy! She also did this all sort of nonchalantly, since she said she accidentally told a bunch of people at their annual Kardashian Christmas party, so it was already out there.

Congrats to the growing family—and to Andy, for getting this big news confirmed for all of us!

4 Joe Jonas Played A Game Involving His Exes


Joe Jonas is definitely known for being a Jo Bro, but he is also known for dating some of the biggest young stars in the business. Therefore, when he was on WWHL, he had to play a little game involving his ex-girlfriends.

Joe had to say who he wanted to marry, who he wanted to get closer to, and who he wanted to get rid of out of Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, and Demi Lovato.

And his answer may surprise some people... and before he answered he made sure this was all just a game, right?! He said he’d marry his friend Demi, get with T-Swift, and dispose of Gigi... Wow!

3 OG Housewives Discussed Old Housewives

Bravo TV

Alright, these last three moments are all from one of the coolest episodes of Watch What Happens Live, which recently aired. For this special series, Andy brought back the OG Real Housewives: Vicki Gunvalson from Orange County, Ramona Singer from New York, Teresa Giudice from New Jersey, Kyle Richards from Beverly Hills, and NeNe Leakes from Atlanta! And during this time, these ladies discussed housewives of the past—their thoughts on them and which ones they would want to bring back... all the good, bad, ugly and amazing details and opinions!

2 OG Housewives Asked Andy Questions

Bravo TV

While these veteran cast members surely enjoyed reminiscing on costars of the past, they seemed to enjoy this next segment even more... After each season of Real Housewives, there is a reunion. It used to be sort of casual, but now, it is a multi-part event with evening gowns and explosive fights—very fun!

And during the reunions, Andy asks the women super tough questions, so he decided to return the favor; on this episode of WWHL, these leading ladies got to ask HIM questions!

Most were about his opinions on drama from their shows, and he was sweating a bit, getting a taste of his own medicine.

1 Andy Announced That He’s Going To Be A Daddy

ET Online

Last but not least... the moment of all moments... Andy is going to be a father! On this same episode, he stated that he overshares and expects everyone around him to do the same. He said that after much deliberation, some prayers and science, he was going to welcome this child—a child a surrogate is carrying—into the world. It was an emotional and a joyous moment for those in The Clubhouse and fans at home.

This was before Christmas, too, which means... get ready... because any day now... we could get to see and hear all about Andy’s mini-me!!!

Sources: YouTube, Watch What Happens Live

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