Watch: Secret Deodorant's Newest Campaign Is Calling For Real Change For Women

Secret Deodorant has teamed up with The Wing and Ladies Get Paid for their a newest campaign that is calling for a real change for women. The campaign is created like a short music video, and the campaign aims to start a conversation about the gender pay gap and promote an actual change in the matter. Secret Deodorant's campaign is called I'd Rather Get Paid, and the music video features a bunch of female celebrities who have a strong opinion on the gender wage gap - and understandably so.

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The I'd Rather Get Paid campaign raises awareness of the fact that although society has come a long way in terms of feminism and equality, there is still a long way to go since at the moment women are still generally paid less than men. The music video is full of familiar faces, and some of the celebrities who are taking part are actresses Sophia Bush and Samira Wiley, soccer star Abby Wambach, journalist Catt Sadler, and the Olympic Gold Medalist Swin Cash.

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As reported by Business Wire, Secret Deodorant, The Wing, and Ladies Get Paid want to give women the correct tools to be able to work towards a more fair wage. They are offering women free strategies that can be used for salary negotiation, and they will also hold a number of workshops at several of The Wings locations where experts on the matter will talk to women about equal pay.

Based on the findings of the studies 'The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap Report' and 'Pay Equity & Discrimination', U.S. women are paid 20% less than men on average. In comparison to white men, black women earn on average 38% less, and Latinas 46% less, and this wage gap sums up to $513 billion in lost wages each year for women.

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This initiative by Secret and their partnering organizations is truly remarkable, and anything that is done in order to give women the confidence, tools, and information to be able to negotiate towards getting the pay they deserve. Research says that women and men are expected to be equally paid by 2059, and these organizations don't want to wait that long.

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