Watch: Real-Life Rapunzel From Lithuania's Hair Weighs 4.5 Pounds, 7 Feet Long

Aliia Nasyrova's husband, Ivan Balaban can't help but laugh when he talks about his wife's hair. "For us, the braid is like one more family member and it has more space in the bed than I have. I always talk to the braid respectfully," Balaban says with a good-natured chuckle. "Sometimes I ask it to move a bit... if it is okay with it."

Nasyrova's hair is ninety inches long, which is longer than her height! She has to stand on a chair to have her hair measured. Hair care is no laughing matter, as it can take up to twenty minutes to properly wash her hair. If she doesn't use a blow dryer, it takes an entire day to dry naturally. Luckily, Nasyrova only washes her hair once a week. She says that she gets sent many hair care products from hopeful sponsors thanks to her social media account, which has helped her hair gain a healthy following of its own.

Nasyrova is known as the "Real-Life Rapunzel" in her hometown of Riga, Latvia, as well as online. Fans of the locks, that took Nasyrova twenty years to grow out, can't get enough photos of the girl who looks straight out of an old-fashioned fairy tale. For those fans, Nasyrova is very open about her hair care routine to help those who think they might like to grow their hair out to a length as incredible as hers. She trims her hair once a month just to get rid of split ends. At this time, she can't see a future in which she rocks a shorter look. That's just fine with her fans, who wouldn't have it any other way!


Weighing in at 4.5 pounds, Nasyrova compares the heft of her locks to her cat's weight. Can you imagine carrying the weight of an adult house cat on your head every day? As you might think, she gets stopped almost everywhere she goes. People can't believe that her hair is so long and that it's completely real. Not everyone is a fan or would want her hair for themselves, as it requires a great amount of care and effort. Everyone who sees Nasyrova's hair can agree on one thing: it's like nothing like they've ever seen before.

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