Watch: Carrie Underwood's "Cry Pretty" Video

Carrie Underwood has released her new Cry Pretty video and it is a must watch, which you can do right here.

It is the first video she has filmed since her accident last November that left her with over 40 stitches in her face. Underwood pulls out all of the stops for this super emotional video, which goes along perfectly with her new song. It is almost a tribute to what she has overcome in the past few months, as well gives fans a little insight into what life has been like for the American Idol alum since the accident.

The video opens with Underwood crying in the shower before she returns to the stage to face her fears. She triumphs over dealing with the pressures of fame, as she is putting her life back together again.


There are a number of close-ups of her face throughout the video and she looks absolutely beautiful. The accident left her with a scar that runs from her lip to her nose, but it is not visible at all in the video. Seriously, you can’t tell at all that a few months ago she was dealing with a very serious injury.

Although the song was released back in April, right before her stellar performance at the Academy of Country Music Awards, the video has just now dropped. The singer chose to debut it during American Idol last night, which is perfectly fitting considering the show launched her career back in 2005. Back to where it all began as she makes her triumphant return to music.

Carrie Underwood gets emotional and real in her new Cry Pretty video. She literally puts it all out there for her fans to see.

“I apologize if you don’t like what you see. But sometimes my emotions get the best of me, And falling apart is as human as it gets, You can’t hide it, you can’t fight what the truth is,” is only one of the many amazing lyrics to the song.

Watching Underwood pour her heart and soul out in the new video has definitely gotten us all choked up. It has also left us with a sense of love and respect for the singer who has opened up about such a private battle.

Kudos to you Carrie!


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Watch: Carrie Underwood's "Cry Pretty" Video