Wal-Mart Wants To Ban Them: 15 Of The Most Extreme Couponers

They are your neighbors, your family members, maybe even your friends. They are looking for the best deals out there, and nothing will stand in their way. Not even a dumpster or shame in some circumstances. TLC is known for their ‘out there’ series, and Extreme Couponing is just one of many.

The series has 4 seasons jam packed of some of the craziest people who are willing to do almost anything to strike a deal that will make their pockets happy. This show makes it seem like, in order to get a good deal, you also need be a little quirky. Some of these people have done things we wouldn’t have even though of to get their coupon collection stocked up. Others are simply obsessed with their stock piles that come from the excessive amount of items they need to buy to make a good coupon count.

I don’t know about you, but I use my Cartwheel app while roaming Target and make sure to carry drugstore coupons in my purse every now and then. That’s my extreme, and that’s still nothing compared to some of these stories. Many are entertained by Extreme Couponing, but hold on to the fact that it’s nearly impossible to get similar results of their own without having to seriously sacrifice lifestyle change and coupon collecting habits. What kind of efforts would you go through to save a few bucks?


15 The Mom Who Went Black Friday Shopping Two Days After Surgery

One thing these extreme couponers have in common is their intense desperation for catching the best deals out there. The series was following Katherine through one of the scariest days of the year for shoppers, Black Friday. Katherine managed to shock us all by revealing, “I had surgery two days before [Black Friday] and I still went”. She even talks her kids into following through on her military-like plan for the night.

Katherine goes to even more extremes when we discover that she uses her family RV as a “Mobile Command Center” for her ‘troops’. I suppose if you’re going to war on a day like Black Friday, you may want something comfortable to enjoy your deals in like a large RV. It pays off for her though; her stockpile was worth $300,000 at the time.

14 The Mom Who Only Budgets $10 Per Shopping Trip


If you know you need to go grocery shopping, you should probably at least set aside $100 or so. That is usually enough to cover the basics and then some at most grocery stores. However, Amy only budgets a mere $10 for her shopping trips. Does that give anyone else anxiety or is it just me?

If that doesn’t make you twist and turn, then this should: for Valentine’s Day her husband surprised her with a brand new 3-inch binder to keep her coupons in. So romantic. She really enjoys racking up the savings. In fact, so much so, that she buys one cow every year for the family’s meat supply. After doing all the math, she found out this method only cost her about $2 per pound.

13 The Woman Who Used A Robot To Sort Her Coupons

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Susan had been clipping coupons for over 40 years. That has got to be tiring. And in fact, it was. It was so tiring that she created an automated process to sort her coupons. At the time she had dubbed it the world’s only couponing robot. I’m sure that’s not the case now. It was a monstrous 8-foot by 8-foot, 200-pound robot.

She programs the specific coupons that she is looking for and the robot finds and clips them for her. This has brought Susan to have over 50,000 coupons. She has them on hand, all the time. God forbid there is a coupon emergency she is needed for while out. This is just one of many extreme cases of couponing. Then again, who are we to judge?

12 The Teen Who Dumpster Dove For Coupons


17-year-old high schooler Cole should probably be thinking of ways to start some teen trouble with his friends. Instead, this teen has opted for a very different lifestyle choice. He is living proof that you can still be an extreme couponer at any age. After school, instead of participating in any sports or activities Cole dumpster dives for coupons.

His most distinct quote from this odd episode was probably, “While most guys are out chasing girls my age, I'm chasing deals.” Well, I suppose this is a better way to spend time rather than losing yourself in video games or something. However, I doubt many of us would even dream of “chasing deals” at 17. I was too busy holding down a part time job and a 3.7 grade point average.

11 The Woman Who Risked Multiple UTIs

When you have dubbed yourself the “Couponator”, perhaps you’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole. Judy’s story is probably more common than we think. And like other extreme couponers, she takes her commitment to the hobby—or lifestyle—very seriously. She claimed that if she felt she was too busy couponing, she refuses to go to the bathroom until she finishes.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure this spells out the perfect formula for a UTI. Ladies, I’m not here to tell you to not take couponing seriously. But if you do, please at least allow yourself proper bathroom breaks. Your kidneys will thank you for it. One thing Judy is proud of is her stockpile of 120 rolls of paper towels. Her obsession is frightening than since she feels she needs to immediately replace a roll once it’s used.

10 ...And Then She Wrote A Rap About Her Love Of Coupons


If you aren’t moved enough by Judy’s story of finding her passion for couponing, then perhaps her rap song will do it for you. If it’s not enough that she refuses to get help for her perhaps far gone couponing obsession, she also deflected in her episode. She told producers she didn’t need to go to rehab for couponing because they were the ones with the problem…whatever that actually meant.

But on a lighter note, Judy wrote a rap song about her couponing habit and shared it with a friend who was at first shocked, but then hysterically laughed. However, Judy was very serious. She opened her rap with, “Bustin' out deals all across the nation”. If this doesn’t build up Grammy buzz, then I don’t know what will.

9 The Woman Who Gave Up Bed Rest For A Supermarket Trip


If reality has taught us anything about pregnancy, it’s that it’s hard and often unpredictable. And in comes Angelique from Extreme Couponing. Angelique revealed that her pregnancy had been a little tough, especially toward the end. However, she chose to go on a major shopping trip when she was a day away from bed rest that was ordered by her doctor. Apparently, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Instead, she spent the day at the supermarket with her husband and daughter stockpiling Doritos that would cost $.30 a bag with her coupons and a current sale going on. She and her husband took less than an hour to fill their cart up with over 20 bags of Doritos. Hopefully, they love them so much that not a single bag will have to go to waste.

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8 The Man Who 'Passed On' Couponing To His Next Generation


When a family member toys with the idea of handing something down to someone, it’s safe to assume that it’s an heirloom or jewelry. In this case, you should feel very unsafe. Jeff’s family has had the pleasure of couponing in his family for 75-years. Does anyone know when coupons actually came out?

One episode focused on dad Jeff, who was working on handing down the couponing skills and legacy to his 8-year-old son, Sam. In fact, Jeff helps his son study math by setting up equations that deal with the couponing world. In the episode, Sam even stated, “And once I see a coupon, they have a little party.” 8-year-olds celebrating the finding of coupons? This is strange and very questionable. But hey, it seems to be working for this family enough to go through three generations.

7 The Radio Host With A Bunker

Scott is a radio personality who’s bunker appeared on Extreme Couponing worried viewers after his wife confessed she finds him down there some night “just staring” at all of it. I supposed if you’ve worked your whole life to hoard certain items, it’s nice to look at them every now and then. But to disappear in the middle of the night and stare off into your stash of stuff isn’t normal. Then again, most of us don’t have bunkers so, maybe if we did we would behave the same way.

Apparently, the bunker has enough replenishments to last them a full year. That’s a lot of stuff! But the real problem here was that Scott wasn’t considering taking a break anytime soon. In fact, he wanted to continue to add to his bunker.

6 When ABC's Paula Faris Joined In On The Fun


Extreme Couponing had gained so much popularity that ABC’s anchor Paula Faris joined in to see if she could also get in on savings of her own. The coverage was popular, but I think it’s because we’re just mesmerized with the fantasy of paying a few dollars for a bunch of things. However, I’m not sure many of us are willing to dumpster dive to get these savings.

She went up against another couponer to see how she could go about getting more savings. We learned that couponing takes serious commitment, math, and lots of coupons. No wonder people go through extremes to gain and clip their coupons. Think about how many Sunday papers you need to buy just to get multiple coupons for the same kind of savings.

5 When A Man Decided To Propose At The Check Out Counter

On one unforgettable episode of Extreme Couponing Briana and Jose are smitten and focusing on planning their future together. They needed about $2,000 to buy Briana’s dream engagement ring. In a sense, you could say that they turned to couponing in order to pay for her ring. They were going to use the savings from what they would have spent on groceries to get it.

Or so, Briana thought. During a shopping trip, Jose took this as his opportunity to propose right at the checkout counter. And to our surprise, Briana said yes. Can I just say…never ever do this in real life. I promise you it won’t work out that way. In reality, this is very unsexy and totally unromantic. Luckily, it did work out for these two.

4 An Attack Happens If You Try To Coupon At The Wrong Time

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Have you ever finished your shopping trip only to find that the check out line is insanely long? We all have to wait our turn, but let’s just hope everyone rushes through so we can get done quickly. This was not the case. Couponers tend to hold up lines for over 20-minutes sometimes. It happens, but what do you do? You can’t try and come in between a couponer and their savings, can you?

Megan Wilson can attest to this. Her couponing ways have caused her to hold up lines many times before, and she’s not ashamed at being scolded for it. Apparently, this time a man yelled at her. She didn’t like this and said some harsh words right back before turning around and throwing her drink on him. He came back assaulted her.

3 The Woman Who Tried To Take A Break


Too much of a good thing can be tiresome, no matter how much you love it. In episode 7 of the last season introduced us to Jess and her husband. Jess has admitted to having a shopping addiction. And if that isn’t bad enough, she also coupons like crazy. She debates on taking a break but if you are a real extreme couponer then you must know that there is no such thing a break from couponing.

Her husband knows she needs to be kept in check, but Jess will not give up shopping or couponing. So he decides to join her on her shopping trip to observe. And then, she has to donate her entire haul. As you can imagine, this was hard for her, but it’s nice to know that her haul went to do good.

2 The One With The Couponing Birthday Party


The final season of Extreme Couponing wanted to shock us. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you’re still left stunned. Maryann is an extreme couponer, and apparently wants to make sure that this habit runs in the family. For her daughter’s 12th birthday Maryann decided to throw her a coupon-themed party. This was less for her daughter and more to cause her friends and neighbors to take her couponing seriously.

Mother of the year award goes to Maryann. The fact that she went out of her way to throw her daughter a birthday party is fantastic. However, the self-serving theme is a low blow to a 12-year-old who wants to celebrate their birthday. Hopefully Maryann has realized how selfish she was, but who are we kidding? Most likely, not.


1 When College Roommates Tried To Score Deals


Do you remember dumpster diving Cole who was 17 and chasing deals instead of girls his age? He’s now at Ohio University, and the thrill of chasing deals hasn’t left him. His roommates don’t believe that couponing can be so materialistically lucrative, but they’re about to learn a thing or two.

No dumpsters this time. Three college bros are out to get the best deals of their life. Don’t you remember being in college? And just being broke all of the time and not realizing exactly why you can’t seem to get it together. College is probably a great time to make couponing pay off if you don’t enjoy a ramen focused diet. Well, who does? Although, it’s great that they’ve expanded their flavors. You can get a good deal at any age.


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