Waking Up Is Hard To Do: Fight Tiredness Without Coffee

Drinking coffee is one of the best ways to help fight sleepiness. However, what is a person to do when they are sick of the classic morning beverage?

It is unimaginable that anyone would ever get sick of drinking coffee, but it does happen. Whether you are not in the mood for it or feel the need for something different, never fear! It does not mean that you will feel sluggish all day.

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Getting some fresh air, even if it is in a polluted city, will help you wake up. There is nothing like fresh air to brighten your mood. Go out and take a quick walk, even if it is only for 10 minutes around the block. Do not read text messages or emails during your walk, enjoy the downtime.

Stretch the sleepiness away. A good stretch will not only wake up your brain, but it will also wake up your body. Stretching will loosen up those tight muscles and get the blood flowing again, which will revive you.

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Breathing essential oils is another great way to kick the sluggish feeling, citrus and minty oils work the best. You can put the oils in a diffuser or better yet, set a couple of drops on your hand then place your hand near your nose and breathe. Both ways will work wonders for anyone who is feeling tired.

Dance it out while listening to music. While the later does work on its own to fight sluggishness, it is a whole lot more fun to do both. Although there are times when it might not be possible to do both, but when it is we highly recommend you take advantage of it.

Finally, getting a good workout in will immediately wake you up. The endorphins get ramped up during exercise, so it doesn't matter what kind you do or how long, just get that heart pumping. Honestly, working out is the best way to get moving in the morning! It gets the body ready for the day, and you will feel it.

What tricks do you have to fight the sluggish feeling besides drinking coffee? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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