TR_Rich Parents Of Instagram Are Putting Their Kids To Shame_SECONDCUT (1)


One of the hottest trends of social media is to follow some of the richest kids in the world. It’s amazing how the world is so fascinated at what these young people are doing with their parents’ money. Perhaps it’s because we’re living vicariously through these kids, or we’re wondering how to meet their same success. From poses with expensive cars, adorable shots of them with their friends, to candid shots making them look like models, rich kids are taking over the Internet. But, what we don’t know is that these kids learned all of their tricks from none other than their parents. In fact, if you want to see originality and who set the standard for these crazy social media posts, look no further than dear old mom and dad! From bathtubs of money to posing with exotic animals, these rich parents of Instagram are truly showing off who is the big boss in life!