This Is Why It's The End Of Logan Paul


Logan Paul has said that he will do just about anything to be the biggest entertainer in the world. Both he and his brother, Jake Paul are continually pushing the limits with their crazy antics and jackass style pranks. But this prominent Youtuber may have just pushed things a little too far this time. He has recently come under extreme fire for posting a vlog about a recent trip he and the crew took to Japan. In the video, they stumble upon what appears to be the body of a man who ended his life in the Aokigahara Forest. While the Logang and Team 10 fans are still supportive, the fallout from the video has been catastrophic. It seems that sometimes even a Twitter apology just doesn't cut it.

Stay tuned to see what the response has been from YouTube and what his punishment will entail. How his clothing line, "Maverick by Logan Paul" is fairing. And what Aaron Paul has to say about the whole debacle. It will definitely make you cringe. We are gonna show you how the once beloved vlogger has prompted a public outcry of epic proportions and the aftermath that just keeps getting bigger.