This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Exercise


If you’ve ever been into keeping in shape, you may not be surprised to know that your body will go through many changes. Other than looking better, what exactly is exercise doing for your brain and body? Well, from helping you with your number 2 problems, to reducing stress, these are 10 things that happen to your body when you exercise!

Have you ever started a workout routine only to wake up the next day unable to move? There is good reason for this; your body is sore because it is trying to repair the tears you created in your muscles when you worked out. If you continue working out, this is how you will start to notice your body is changing and your muscles are getting bigger. Your muscles will form more tears, and your body will repair them, and that is how you bulk up! Yes it will be unpleasant for a week or two, but that’s how you know you got a good workout!

Have you ever noticed when you first start working out that your heart rate goes up really quickly? This is because it is a muscle and you have started to train it as well! Over time, and with more workouts, your heart will start to become more efficient and you’ll have more stamina. Exercise does wonders for your circulatory system. Working out stimulates growth of new blood vessels, which causes your blood pressure to decrease!

When you exercise you are actually helping your brain function and protect you better. During exercise your body is pushing more blood throughout your body, which means your brain has an increased blood flow. This is the reason you feel so alert during and after your workout. Over time working out can help your brain fight off serious diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and possible strokes.

Did you know that exercise can help you if you are feeling constipated? Well it’s true, working out speeds up your digestion system and can help you use the restroom! Because working out speeds up the time it takes food to go through your system, it means your body is absorbing less water from your stool. The less water absorption, the quicker it is to go through your system. Therefore, if you need some help in the #2 department, hit the gym and let nature do its thing!

Have you ever had the strange sensation that your ears are going to pop when you are going through a tough workout? This is one of the weird things your body does when you exercise. Sometimes you might hold your breath while lifting weights, and the air trapped in your mouth needs somewhere to escape! A way to prevent this is to make sure to breathe during your exercises! Another reason could be because your body is bracing itself for impact, which causes pressure to build in your ears. Either way, it’s normal, and nothing to worry about, just remember to breathe, and focus on doing your exercises correctly!

If you are someone who deals with a lot of stress, you may want to consider working out! According to research, working out large muscle groups just twice a week can help you manage your stress. Getting exercise can help reduce your stress, as well as being able to cope with mentally taxing situations better. It is thought that working out your body is a way to work out your brain, and make it stronger so that stress has less of an impact on it!

Of course when you work out, your body will start to change for the better. So along with forming new muscles, a better working body, and a better mood, you will also be doing wonders for your confidence. Not only are you setting goals for yourself and achieving them, you are also doing something good for yourself. Combine those together, and you have the perfect recipe for a better self-image and boosted confidence!