The Youngest Mothers Of All Time


The stages of puberty, a process in which children develop into an adult by being able to sexually reproduce, usually happens for young girls on average around ten or eleven years old. Signals of this maturation process include breast development, menstruation, increased height and weight and the increase in hair growth. Of course, as most of us women know, this also produces mood swings that have our emotions acting like the Hulk one minute and zen-like the next. It also heightens our craving of chocolate, but there are no complaints here about that fact. Anyway, the process of puberty usually reaches completion around sixteen or seventeen years of age on average for females. However, there are rare cases when puberty can start even earlier.

Precocious puberty is the onset of puberty before seven or eight years of age. Sometimes this stems from a structural problem in the brain, brain trauma, a serious infection like meningitis or a problem with the ovaries or thyroid gland. For the majority of these girls, there is no visible medical reason at fault.

Not only is early development of concern to the mothers of these young girls, but throughout history early pregnancy has also been a worrisome matter. Disturbingly enough, the cruel intentions of some men and the early onset of puberty due to child abuse has led to the impregnation of girls who have not even completed elementary school. In fact, the youngest mother that has been documented was only five years old. Reports show in 2012, in the United States alone, that there are more than 600,000 reports of child sexual abuse every year.

How can their little bodies handle having an infant inside of them? For those that live, most births involve having a caesarian section to save the lives of both children. Some young mothers and their baby unfortunately don’t live through this traumatic ordeal. Their small bodies aren’t maturely equipped enough to handle the stresses of labor. The ones that do are likely to have health conditions and even suffer mental disorders like depression, borderline personality disorder and violent behavior.

The phrase “kids having kids” takes a whole new meaning after hearing the stories of the children featured in this video. These abused little girls had their childhoods ripped away from them and were forced to grow up with responsibility of being a mother before they even knew about the birds and the bees. Today you will be stricken with shock as we look at some of the youngest mothers of all time.