The Worst Social Media Trends Ever


It has been more than a decade since the world of social media first began. Its evolution has led to easier and more convenient ways for people to share their stories of inspiration, success and discovery. Unfortunately, it has also led to the sharing of not-so-great moments. Head tilting photos and videos can now reach a little over 3 billion users with just one touch of a button. What is even more confusing, to those of us who are sane, is that some of this content actually becomes popular, and those who dare to be dumb can transform it into a viral social media trend.

Mirroring the structure of fashion, these half-witted attempts of self-promotion thankfully come and go rapidly, but they make sure to leave behind fragments of unforgettable stupidity that just can’t be unseen. Fads of memes, hashtags, challenges and music videos have drastically dropped our IQ and led the seemingly small logical population to believe that an apocalypse could happen at any moment.

Don’t let these seemingly innocuous trends fool you. When paired with disregard for any outcomes, these fads can turn fatal in the matter of seconds. Reports of injuries, hospitalizations and deaths shadow YouTube challenges like the Cinnamon Challenge and even the current craze of taking selfies.

In today’s video, we are taking a look at the things that make you go, “Hmmm?” These are the most stupid social media trends ever.